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A TINY CLUE OF LADY DIMITRESCU'S ORIGIN | Resident Evil: Village - Part 10

Jun 10, 2021
in all, oh, you're from the x-ray, I've seen your choices, I've seen your photos, oh, that doesn't look good, hey buddy, how are you?, your breathing doesn't look good, good, cool, I trust That, I trust that. 100 embossed guaumolde you're still there okay, yes, no, I won't stay here, no, no, I won't stay, okay, no, no, no, 100, no, what is this? What is this? You better hurry up with yellow cards Okay, cool, hey, what's up buddy, how you doin' buddy, how's it going buddy? Oh, let me put this in the mold. I'm going to see where the relief mold is.
a tiny clue of lady dimitrescu s origin resident evil village   part 10
Here we go, well, drop that. Okay, a little quick on this one. It would be great a little faster okay thank you okay thank you thank you thank you I have it I have a horse it looks useful sure it's not perfect ah oh oh I need to grab that oh I don't need it the other molds properly oh I don't have this yeah I know it's closed , yeah, I can see very clearly that it's locked, I don't have a key to any of that, okay, whatever it is, it's locked, oh, it's locked, everything is locked, magnum ammo.
a tiny clue of lady dimitrescu s origin resident evil village   part 10

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a tiny clue of lady dimitrescu s origin resident evil village part 10...

Take that, okay, I'll go to the scary place. This seems very scary. Am I supposed to shoot them? Oh yeah, you know I'm fine, no, who's growling? You really gotta cut the moaning, bros, hey, buddy, you shoulda done that from the start, oh my god, I think I got it, ah, damn, of course, oh, I hate you so much, I hate you so much, oh, I hit you, I don't like you very much, I don't like you very much, I don't like you very much, what I was going to do is I was going to use this to ruin that because I feel like it would be a better use than five, well, five bills probably would have been a trade. just for taking care of that, but I did it anyway, so it's too late now that it's clear, bam. no, it's okay, you want to go, you want to go, come on, okay, you fell, okay, this one has to stop, bam, okay, I don't know why I did that, but you, Heisenberg, that's why I did that, shut up and Go away, whatever your drill monster is, I don't even want to know what kind of fetish you're working with that thing.
a tiny clue of lady dimitrescu s origin resident evil village   part 10
Too mature for insults like that. Sorry, Heisenberg. You seem like a reasonable guy, except for the fact that it seems to me. You want to kill me, but even that's probably reasonable. Where am I in all of this? Seriously, where is Mia in all of this? when will mama bear come screaming oh no oh oh no oh no oh no no no no no no it's okay, it seems so? Like something pretty oh oh, that's good, now what do we do with that kind of darkness here? It's a little dark, I can't really see that I'm missing a gear, of course, it's crazy, I know the gear, okay, please give me a heads up. -Jeebies, it's the perfect opportunity for something to jump out of you, okay, a mechanical soldier sold that version.
a tiny clue of lady dimitrescu s origin resident evil village   part 10
A fully developed male cadaver was used. He took his heart out. Muscle stimulation was implanted using an electric shock. He succeeded in brain death, so there is no high cognitive ability. It only moves by destructive instinct. stops could simply turn a zombie apparently 1.01 attach a helmet to the skull electrodes stable brain wave experiment confirmed a werewolf fight was dismantled and devoured in three minutes problems with destructive and murderous capabilities yes 1.1 1.10 replace the lower arm with a drill there is not enough power for effective movement I need living bodies maybe one point one five implant a cadou reactor in the chest production increased considerably the experiment two werewolf fights destroyed three werewolves in one minute good results, but the problems with the durability of the reactor they can stop working if the reactor is destroyed that's good, that's good hint, friend, that's good, friend, well, yes, good friend, tell me more, friend, I think there's more here hello, oh, that's useful, thanks little thing, no, this, there we go back to the mold maker, no, no, no. don't do it don't do it don't do it don't do it don't do it right do you want to go brother can I hit that reactor I hit it oh damn oh you're smart aha oh there we go you no how are you no oh it's that come on you're going to get it bam like oh like oh god I don't need to fight you I really don't know I don't miss me that much my friend there you go that's what you get oh I'm fine I'm the winner you suck okay where was the gear?
I guess this is the gear. Oh yeah, I didn't do this, I don't have enough power and there still isn't enough power, there never will be. will be enough power, oh god, I'll go back to the guy, sell some of my skulls, talk to him, maybe get some emotional support about all this, hey duke, why aren't any zombies trying to kill you? Why doesn't anyone seem to mention your existence? are you okay buddy oh hello ah yeah okay sorry I bothered you I woke you up ooh that's the sixth oh my god this damn shotgun like that is so dumb but why do you get that good deal if I say so myself, yes, did you pay?
Yo, a lot of money, okay, let's move on too, what kind of super soldier program were they running here? This is clearly a super soldier. There is clearly some kind of operation going on here. How old is the umbrella corporation? How long have they been doing it? This is because those who like whether it's carved into the side of a mountain or whether there are granite relics that have to do with the damn umbrella corporation that must have been around forever, are trying to say that they are some kind of Illuminati all over. This is because if they are, that's great, but I'm still trying to understand everything that's really happening around here.
Do you know why Chris is working with them? No, I don't have anything here, oh, gear, gear, where was a gear? I know there was a gear I saw, I showed you my gear, please respond, yes, I'm still curious how Chris fits into all of this because it seems out of character for him to work for the umbrella corporation for any reason, like why? what would make it spin like that? I don't know, the gear has it, the perfect backup generator, let's do it, give me the power, baby, thank you, thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it, wonderful, I can really see it, oh God, no, oh. oh hey, okay, yeah, yeah, what a disappointment, uh-huh, uh-huh, tell me I thought about joining forces against that Miranda, that's right, she locked us in the


for decades of being forced to serve her.
Can you even understand that humiliation? In a way I can because it's pretty much the same thing you're trying to do to me, man, but you know, like my brothers, I want nothing more than to be free of it, so I need the power to destroy the weak, so It's how the world should work. I've never been rejected Ethan, oh god, damn, it's nice as clockwork now, although I'm running out of bullets, can I stab them? Yeah, hey, yeah, okay, what did that do? Why did I leave so many things here? I bet you let me go. here one more time before we move on, where is this going?
Oh yeah, I have a ton of craftable items. Whoa, oh, did that get you, ha, there you go, that's more like, where are you all coming from, can I get everything here? There's no more stuff here yet, man, I don't know how many things I went through while playing this game, but it must have been a lot, it had to have been a lot of things, I'm just not very observant. but I'm going to keep moving forward anyway because I'm ignorant hello ah thank you hmm that looks like something I could throw at someone oh hey what's up let me throw something at you come here I want to jump you yeah, come here come come on, yeah, come on, oh, over here, yeah, okay, yeah, just a little bit closer, a little bit more and uh, the spring has come up that didn't seem to hurt you at all, it's supposed to jump, turns out the only thing that came up was bullets from my gun which costs as much lightning bolts as it normally would who the hell go oh god no I know I take less damage from attacks now so I'm probably pretty beefy I'm probably pretty tough but pretty strong hello what's this about?
Would you only have one room here? You have to have a reason for this. Oh hey buddy, what's up, what's up buddy? Maybe I could drop a pipe bomb here. In fact, let me do that little pipe bomb preventative action. No, I do not have any. this round buddy, but next time I'll open a can of whoops on you, where the hell am I? Why is it okay, well, oh two, oh, interesting, damn, oh my God, are you kidding me, oh, he's got it on his back, well, this. It's very ineffective okay, well this is very inefficient can I sneak in here, buddy, could I sneak in, oh boy, really, really, buddy, hal, how about I just go, just go, I'm just going to, I'm just going to walk away, it doesn't work, it doesn't work, there you go, poof, big, long, well, thanks for that and what's here, shotgun, it's not enough.
I've had a surplus of sniper bullets and now I have a Definitely missing some thanks. I could have run. I don't know why I keep stopping and fighting everything I don't need and I still do it. Hello friends, how are you? It would be difficult to stop them all. Maybe this guy is. making all these soldiers just so he can fight mother miranda, whoever she is, whatever she can do, i'm sure her powers are very deep and interesting, uh, hi, um, okay, ah, no, no , no, no, and, can I, guys? What are you going to do?
Are you going to cut me off? Yes, idiot. Oh yes, where are you? Where is it? Let's hit me. I understand well. Thank you for the contribution. Oh, I didn't know that recharged thing or else I would have used it. I repeat, I still don't know where I'm going. I just hope I'm going in the right direction. I seem to be doing well. It's amazing how they build all these interiors to be perfect labyrinths. Very good planning. Shit. okay, yes, no, no, no, no, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, come on, come on, yes, please, and then close it, maybe you know, close, close, close it, oh no, I'm safe, okay, I'm glad I knew that without turning around.
I am safe? I am safe? Probably safe Hello, here I am, Hello friend, do you want to go up to the hallway of the a


ment. There was a door down there that I didn't open. I can't go back down. Welcome, welcome, I'm sure you'll find it. something new, I'm welcome, am I sure I'll find something new? It doesn't seem like it maybe some of this maybe one of these I can see why you would be interested in that can you but can you see why kids love cinnamon crunch toast? you that's why you think I would buy those things I don't know what a good deal if I do say so myself what is those are two things in conflict well thank you very much for your patronage and thank you all very much for watching I don't know if I've mentioned it already, but if not I've done it and I don't think I've done it, there's a link in the description below if you want to have a little laugh with Bob Wade and I.
You know, the series we do together, we've taken all of our craziness and put it into a podcast, which simply means we put it in audio format so you can listen to it on the go. The link is in the description. Check it out. link below description down there click on that link click on it now click on it now or I'll come after you and be in your closet tonight thank you, I won't, but maybe I'll thank you all so much for watching and, As always, See you in the next video, bye.

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