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A review of all of the books I got this year! (and also bullying myself and chaos)

Jun 08, 2024
Hi, my name is Addison and I'm clearly a reader and I was thinking that since I have so many


, why don't I show all the ones I bought



? Let's get into it, we're going to go from


book to this one. book, this is League of Liars by Astra Scotle and I just started this book, I'm the one who's been talking about it for a long time and yes, I bought it at the


tore in February, not at the book fair at the bookstore, so , the magic system is quite complicated and I hope.
a review of all of the books i got this year and also bullying myself and chaos
I'll be able to understand it the more I read, but yeah, right now, this is going to be a book that I'm not going to read for a while, but yeah, The League of Liars, so this is Cinderella, she's dead. Kayn Baron and I made a video about this book. I bought it thanks to a book talk. um um and yeah, this just wasn't for me. I felt the writing was childish. It was intended for a younger audience rather than an older audience, but I really liked it. the premise and has some mentions, um, of real life themes.
a review of all of the books i got this year and also bullying myself and chaos

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a review of all of the books i got this year and also bullying myself and chaos...

I don't know how to explain it, there are mentions that not all men and you know, that's how it all was and for me, I really, really like the premise. um and the system of this world is really interesting, I just feel like it could have been done better if it had been given to a better author um, but yeah, this was actually pretty good, this is Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bell and this is probably one of them. one of my favorite covers that I have, I haven't even finished half of this book and I love it, it's phenomenal, okay, you should, you should read this, but it's really great, it's a mermaid fantasy, um, and the world is really very interesting and character.
a review of all of the books i got this year and also bullying myself and chaos
I love the characters in this so much. Yes. I just love this book. The images are so good. My teacher Ela would be very impressed with this book because the writing is very beautiful. as a mermaid you like magic like going and you like dealings with gods read this is amazing read it this is like a love song by Gabriella Martins and this is probably one of my favorite books I've ever read oh this matches my pajamas, that's nice, but this is one of my favorite books I've ever read, you know why, because it's a sweet romantic comedy of friends to lovers, fake dating, like it's so cute and I love the characters in it, and yeah, this is really a really cute book, it's celebrities and this guy here, this is William Angley, like I love him, he's so adorable, the golden retriever energy, um, it's just a really cute story and the twist. of the plot was like yes, yes, but it was fixed, it was fixed. the plot twist was fixed although I was crying for a solid 30 page text messages and it's so cute just read it this is criminally underrated Hey guys I'm editing Addison here yeah right now like from right now and I start going downhill thinking I'm funny, so prepare to cringe or laugh.
a review of all of the books i got this year and also bullying myself and chaos
I don't know personally. I laugh while watching this. Yeah, so this is Shatter Me by Tahiri Tahira Mafi. I don't know how to pronounce that. but it's Shatter Me and um it's nothing phenomenal and it's not all that it's really not a solid three stars the writing is good people don't like the writing because it's all over the place but it's supposed to be a representation of the mind of Juliet in this place and she's a little crazy, so yeah, I read this book just for Aaron Warner. I'm thinking, oh, he's going to be so sexy and seemingly fine in this book, at least he's not, he's borderline psionic.
I'm so hot right now wait, okay, fans are like, um, we're good anyway. I read this for Aaron Warner and he is very psychotic in this book and it kind of ruined it for me, so if I ever end up reading the rest of the series if he is as good, as the book talks have found out, then maybe Maybe I'll forgive him, yeah, that was Shatter Me. I'm really excited to talk about this book, so this is Holly Black's Cruel Price, this is another very popular book talk book. This is damaged because I had it in my backpack for a long time.
It took me a while to get over it, but it was worth it. She's damaged, but who isn't? This is a political fantasy in the world. It's incredibly interesting. I want to live in an elf H I want I don't care how bad the f I want to live in this book I'm a star please I'm a star um I don't want to hit him too hard because he's already been through a lot, but this this is here this is good from anyway this is really good this is a really good series um although I haven't even read the other books but yeah you should you should read this for sure please I'm a Jennifer Lyn Barnes Inheritance Game and I love this book with every fi de my being It's actually one of the only mysteries I've ever read and it's so good it's fun, it's not just like. tension, mystery and everything, it's funny.
I'm just laughing at my previous version of The Inheritance game. I haven't read the other two books, yeah, and it ends on a cliffhanger, a semi-cliffhanger, I mean um, but it's really funny if you ask me team J Jameson or ch or team Grayson definitely team Jason Jameson no honey yeah please, brother hawthor is Nash or Xander, I love this book, I love it, so yeah, inheritance games are really good, go read it, this is the summer. I became pretty by Jenny Han anyway, this is the summer. I became pretty. I go a lot. I'm in high school and a lot of the girls I know have read this and I even met a guy who read this which is shocking.
K, we can all agree that the belly is the problem, but other than everything in the book, like the characters and stuff, it's really cute, it's a cozy summer read. I read this in winter and I'm sorry, but this is it. It's if you go on vacation, bring this, I should, I should finish the series, it's nice, it's a cozy summer, but it


has a lot of drama, and a lot of other things, team Conrad, okay, I won't hear anything, nothing. C cam is way better than both of them combined okay we have been trying to contact you about your extended car warranty um but I'm mad about it yeah this is a pretty good book perfect for teenagers of all Anyway, the Swiss, very pretty ladies. and gentlemen, this is the moment you've been waiting for yes, what's the greatest showman reference?
Yeah, get into this anyway um helpless by Lauren Roberts. I received this book exactly 5 days ago. I have 300 pages and this is good, this is worth it. this is 100% worth the hype, the jokes are as good as people say, it's like the archery scene where they are distracted. I'm not going to spoil too much. I found many correlations between the Red Queen, many more correlations between this. The book and the Red Queen more than the Hunger Games, yes, definitely, Peyton and Kai are a lot like Cardon and the whole premise with the tests and everything is a lot like The Hunger Games and the system of elites and ordinary people is It looks a lot like the Red Queen and some other things that I'm not going to mention but it's very similar to the Red Queen um a lot more than the others but other than that it's really good on its own um I heard the sequels are coming out soon but the list It's coming out soon I think it's a sequel, yeah, this is, this is, really, very, very, very good, very, very good, the things that Kai says.
I read this book just for a quote, it wasn't until I looked into a pair of ocean blue eyes. that I realized that drowning was a beautiful thing, that's the reason I read this book, honey, honey, I'm glad I did, I'm glad I did, this is caraval caraval I don't know by Stephanie Stephanie Garber um and this is like this is like willly Wonka my name is Wily Wonka and the greatest showman and that's why I said the best circus show this is I've heard good things um and yeah so I'll probably bring this on my cruise and read it on the cruise, but yeah, that's caraval, this is The Luminaries by Susan Denard, excuse me, and this book is good.
I'm saying a lot of bad words. I really shouldn't do that two seconds later, but I really like the magic system. I don't even know what I'm saying now. I really like the system here, how it's divided by days of the week and how the hunters go out and hunt down the nightmares. I have a theory, a game theory about it, that I could share it, do it, you know what spoiler warning, skip to any moment, this time, right here, this one over there, which I don't know yet, if you don't want to hear spoilers, You have a theory that what really killed Banshee is actually Winnie's father and if I'm right, I hope I'm right, but um, he's not dead, he's back in Hemlock Falls and he's terrifying, no. he's a werewolf, he's her father, spoilers, okay, um, so this is editing Addison one more time and I'm tired, it's like 9:40 um and I just don't want to keep working on this and it won't occur to me. more jokes I won't be getting any more videos of this.
I won't do it. anything, yeah, let's move on to the conclusion of the video, maybe I'll throw in a couple of jokes in there, but yeah, I'm not, I'm not doing this, thank you all for watching this bark fest. I don't know, I'm talking if you didn't already know, but yeah, that was a


of all the books I recently got this school


. I have all these books during this school year, yes. thank you all for watching me Yap for 10 or 15 solids. I don't know how long it is, these are just different videos put together and cut up by Cat, so yeah, that was my bark fest of going through all the books in my medium. shelf even if I haven't read them or not, even if I have read them or not, um, so yeah, again, thanks for looking and I checked it out today.
I have like 8:45 subscribers and that's crazy because it's been a couple of days. I literally hit 800 a few days ago so that's crazy guys thank you all so much and yeah let me know if you want more long videos like this preferably ones where I'm not barking the whole time but this one is on actually the end of the video and the end of this long wrap up so yeah I hope you all have a great day and this will probably be out in a day or two if I post it anyway bye.

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