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A Husband Realizes His Wife Is The Murderer

Jul 21, 2023
I can't see her doing something like that, she's super smart. I can't, this is the moment Zach realized his


Ashley was a secret


. Police found Taylor writing to a friend of his


that she was lying dead on her property. The police suspect that Ashley was the


. but Zach refuses to believe it. He didn't know that he was about to receive the shock of a life from him in the interrogation room. Can you tell me how you met Taylor? um, working on Pi cases. Okay, she came to our house every day. From time to time she met my wife, they became friends, did they ever fight or never because of doing this job for so long?
a husband realizes his wife is the murderer
I would just like to pick her up, pick up little lies from her, but things just didn't work out. It was starting to feel right, she would disappear for days at a time and you couldn't reach her on the phone. Greg and I were trying to call her. You couldn't reach her by phone. Taylor was known to disappear for days at a time, but this time. she was different, they hadn't seen her for over a month before they found her early. The police believed that her disappearance was nothing out of the ordinary, but she had left everything at home and the short text messages she sent to her friends were in a language she did not know.
a husband realizes his wife is the murderer

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a husband realizes his wife is the murderer...

I don't normally use it, I mean, I'm sure by now you've read the news and everything and you know what date we're talking about. Have you had a chance to go back and determine where you were on September 8? um, it's very, I don't remember, but I'm trying to do the best I can to be able to tell you everything as best as I can. Yesterday I went to the bank to get my account statement. I know I had lunch at a seafood place on Nine Mile in Pine Forest right there and I remember eating alone and I remember Ash couldn't make it because she was busy with work.
a husband realizes his wife is the murderer
Taylor was last seen on September 8, so Zach tries to tell what he was doing that day. Since he used her debit card to buy food in the area, her story is likely true. What's interesting is that he mentioned that she was alone because his wife was busy with work. It seems that he fully believes this to be the truth and although he knows that his wife has been questioned about the murder, he does not know that she is currently the number one suspect. The cops aren't trying to learn more about the case, they're trying to determine if Zach had anything to do with the murder. murder or at least turn him against his own wife, do you know anything about this money that Taylor had given you?
a husband realizes his wife is the murderer
No, absolutely not, she has never given me anything. I never got anything like that out of it. Not your finances, to be honest, I give it when I work on a case or something and I got a settlement for my lawyer which I gave directly to Ash, she takes care of everything, the money the detective is referring to here is a sum of thirty-four thousand dollars that Taylor had given Ashley to keep Taylor was going through a divorce and wanted to get the money out of her own accounts, but instead of putting it in a safe deposit box as the promised records show, Ashley put it in her own accounts.
When Taylor wanted it back, she had already spent it all. Coincidentally, Taylor only asked for it on September 8, if it's not already obvious. Zach is a very loving person who obviously trusted his wife a lot until now. solid answers about where he was when Taylor disappeared and his involvement in the couple's finances is next to nothing, but the detectives have to rule out any involvement, so they decide to discuss where the body was found, on the Britt Road property he owns. her. The last time I was out was when I traded in my four-wheeler for a side-by-side and that's the last time I was there before.
I couldn't tell you, but when was it a couple of months ago? Your phone number. the number 554, do you always carry it with you? Yes, I think you once lent it to someone. No, okay, would you ever lend it to someone or not? Do you remember Ashley ever wearing it and taking it? No, it's never right, did he ever get it? lost or stolen or anything and be replaced no it's not there at all okay this may seem like a random question but the phone records actually played a huge role in uncovering the truth in this case not only did they show to Ashley at the property where Taylor was found dead on the 8th, but they also showed Taylor's phone at a wedding Ashley attended the next day, but Taylor was never seen at the wedding or anywhere else after that date, detectives here are just trying to confirm that suspicious activity was discovered in Zach's phone records there.
There would be no way to argue that he wasn't the one in control of the phone, but remember that Zach still has very little idea about the true nature of this case. He doesn't know how much evidence the police have against his wife. All he's doing is defending himself and providing answers that will hopefully solve the case, so given his compliance thus far, the detectives decide to try questioning him about more physical evidence. I know when I have a lot of guns, a lot of, um, one, I think a Glock nine, uh, what model 19 19, do you know how Taylor died?
Ackerman told me the girl got shot and she got it. He heard it from Mulchand. so Ackerman told you and got a promotion, yeah okay, did he look into anything else? He just said they thought they shot the girl. Did you ever buy Ashley a gun or something like that? Man, over the years, um, yeah, um, I bought She's a PPK 380, one time, four guys, she's fine, and she carries a firearm? I haven't seen her in quite some time. Not at all, you have a 38 Airway, yeah, and I mean she was used to it, that's the last thing I have.
I remember seeing her with a 38 airway and that was it. I haven't seen her with that and I don't know how long you killed or participated, she's fine, but you killed or participated or have any zero knowledge Jason absolutely none. i don't want to be anywhere near it not at all involved with it nothing i don't know anything about it the detectives are now trying to turn up the pressure slightly zach has seemed extremely comfortable up to this point and they're probably just trying to test if that's due to nature most casual of the interview so far or if it's because he really is innocent, however, Zack remains calm and his body language confirms it as the pressure increases.
Zach doesn't lean back, cross his arms, or close in any way. like a guilty person, on the other hand, he leans forward, maintains eye contact and his statements are clear and concise, his posture here is one of trust and cooperation, his feet are supported on the ground and he leans towards the detectives, showing that he is He feels safe with them and that he has nothing to hide, in fact this is just one of two different positions Zach has assumed during the interrogation, the other being a more casual upright position with his hands and legs spread.
Zach is doing his best to appear innocent, and yet the pressure continues. Mt. What do you think he happened to Taylor? I couldn't tell you, Jason. I mean, no, I don't know, I don't know, I mean, no one, no one deserves something like that to happen to them, whatever it is. I know about him, I don't know what happened to her and you know I'm asking you for this investigation to continue, whether it's text messages, phone records, computers, finances, there will be something hanging or tying you up, absolutely nothing, well no . just being involved in the actual murder, but as far as you know afterwards, if any person in this world said hey Zach, come help me do something, I would run away from it as fast as I could, leave me, hell, it's all over the news, if you.
I've read it, yeah, I've read it, I'm and I mean, trying to swallow it and figure it out, I mean, it's terrible, but you've read it, so at least something based on that. and your knowledge of the work we do and the work you used to do, what are your thoughts, leaving aside your feelings? Logically, I can't, I can't see her doing something like that. I mean, she's super smart. You know she has a criminal. I mean a master's degree, yes, or a bat, it's a master's degree or not. I don't know either one and, uh, that's just sloppy, I mean, that's sloppy.
I can't see her doing that, there's obviously a lot of it. going through Zach's head right now, he obviously doesn't want to believe that his wife killed someone, but his years of experience as Pei, along with all the evidence against his wife, logically have to convince him otherwise, not only were they bank statements and cell phone records, but Ashley was even caught on camera at a hardware store buying the exact same type of cement that was used to fill Taylor's grave at this point, although detectives have seen everything they need. Zach takes a minute to discuss a few things. with his attorney and signs a search warrant that allows them to obtain all of his cell phone records.
Ultimately, Zach is cleared of any wrongdoing and is allowed to return home to his wife. However, it was a different story. We, the jury, find that the defendant Ashley MacArthur is guilty of first... premeditated murder with a farm as charged in the indictment Ashley MacArthur was sentenced to life in prison with a mandatory sentence of 25 years and is now serving her sentence away from her


, behind bars.

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