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A Glimpse Of Angeball | Tottenham 2-3 West Ham (Pre-Season: Asia-Pacific Tour) | Post-Match Analysis

Jul 19, 2023
I enjoyed it, I watched it with a smile on my face and that's all you can ask for is to be absolutely entertained. Rick is coming towards you. Look, if you take away the terrible individual mistakes on defense, you guys said it's a pretty positive start. and possible it was, I mean, we dominated West Ham for almost the whole game, we created a lot of scoring opportunities and kept possession, we put pressure on the opponent and again I will say this: that is what many fans would want. I'm not saying all fans, but a lot of fans would want to, I think when you see there's confidence in that the way we are.
a glimpse of angeball tottenham 2 3 west ham pre season asia pacific tour post match analysis
When playing, results would eventually come with that style, but there are obviously many positives to take. I think we know how we can solve the negative aspects. I think we all know this, based on the fact that the window is still here and if I'm in my opinion, if we buy a pair of genuine top-notch centre-backs, this could be one of the most exciting scenes we've ever had in a long time, so Rick, how do you reflect on it for your friend? You know it first of all. I know I totally agree with what you use, you just said that for me, what really impressed me was the speed of the game, how they went from defense to attack very, very quickly, especially in the first half, it was great to see Solomon on the field, um, and it was good.
a glimpse of angeball tottenham 2 3 west ham pre season asia pacific tour post match analysis

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a glimpse of angeball tottenham 2 3 west ham pre season asia pacific tour post match analysis...

To see, what I noticed about the highlights of him before he showed up was not so much the attacking and the dribbling, but that he was a great fighter, he was very willing to fight, he makes tackles, you know, he covers. the left back too and he was up for it, he was electric, you know, there were a lot of positives for me, it was like a totally new team with the amount of lone players coming back for me, there were a couple of shake ups. but for me it was good to see a regular return, you know, I always liked regularity as a player.
a glimpse of angeball tottenham 2 3 west ham pre season asia pacific tour post match analysis
There were some rash challenges yesterday and I think the only thing that really hurt him today was him slipping and when he was playing for us. He slipped a couple of times which left him in bad positions and we usually concede from those positions, so when he slipped today it also reminded me of those old memories of Regulon in these negative patches, but you know, he's strong on a ball, he's got a strong tackle. , it has a good center, you know, for me it was nice to see Tang angry too and I know there are a lot of fans who are going to praise me, but I can only go. through what I can I can only follow what I see and a bit like the coach.
a glimpse of angeball tottenham 2 3 west ham pre season asia pacific tour post match analysis
I'm giving everyone a bit of a clean slate. Do you know me apart from those who really have to leave the club? But they give me enough. A lot of 98 of that squad got a clean slate and I looked at 10 gangsters like, um, you know, especially when I was getting a lot better. A prospect never had a streak of games when he was in a negative patch. It's hard to get him out of that negative streak when we look at the style of football we've played with previous coaches and with Ange today was night and day, it was absolutely night and day, so to see Tang get angry. he takes a couple of risky passes, you know, most of them made it through, a couple of them got cut.
I thought he was positive, he looked stronger, he looked more athletic, he looked faster, he looks better at blocking and better at tackling, then Dyer on Long. Combined leg on my part and that was only half the football. I know it's only half of football, but I saw a lot of positives. You know, watching Basuma, the consumer, he looks like a totally different player, not only on the field today for 45 minutes, but also. I saw him in training and these videos of the coach that they've seen us and the little clips here and there he seems like a totally different player and I think we're going to be a totally different team with him being encouraged to play the way he wants to play um ya you know um I would have loved to have seen Kulu in the number eight position today.
I would have loved to see him where he was skip today just as an experiment. The wireless ones are friendly just to see um and see pore. on the wing, but for me it was a really night and day performance from what we've seen and yes, these are the first days, very, the first days of the second half 11 when I saw Davies and Sánchez as the pairing of central. I was like, but even that's what I'm saying at the beginning, even those goals that we conceded, the way we conceded them, I think they're all positive because this is where you make your mistakes, you make mistakes.
Now, for the coach to be very clear about what he needs to do and what he needs to achieve before starting the


, he is and many journalists have already said that he will take a little time to get into Ange Ball. but they've only been working together for about a week and we saw a lot more than I expected, you know, you have to remember that, West Ham, I think this was their third game in pre-


, they already have a manager and a system that they've been in working for years and that was probably the best West Ham will play today, but we are nowhere near the best we are going to do. playing that was the beginning and if the bar is so high right now I'm very excited for what's coming next so for me it was positive all over the park, even the goals conceded because like I said before it just screams at the board , get yourself a top defender and people will say we're not in Europe, people will say we don't have the Champions League, well you know what Chelsea isn't either?
And what Chelsea show us is that money talks when it comes to Big Boy Players, so if you want a Big Boy Player, go out and pay what you have to pay to go get him if he's going to transform your side, go out and do it. I'm a little worried about Vicario um, he looked very nice, the goal seemed like he swallowed it up a little bit, there were a couple of great shots that made saves, but my fear when we signed him was that he wouldn't look good in the crosses and you already know. once you shoot him he stops it back in the six yard box which you know for either side is an easy tactic whether you're taking a long or short shot just make sure there's a running back inside. there to start over, so I'm a little bit like it's just the first 45 minutes, but I'm a little bit like oh I don't know, you can't judge him, he doesn't have the center back in front of him. him yet and they haven't worked on a defensive system yet, so there's still a lot more to come, but I'm not judging him at the moment.
I'm not panicking, I'm just a little apprehensive, you're a Musa Rex, you're doing something like me, but you're absolutely right. I mean, I think what's interesting is that for the first nine minutes of a preseason with two completely different elevens, that's how we said it. It was definitely quite entertaining. I think it is just a case, as we have said here, not only do we need new faces in defense, it is also adapting to a back four instead of a five and also errors, another committee that advances will be a rural one. balance on how much possible glue will work in this specific system, but Pat is coming to you, however, for a prison friendly, we've said it's more entertaining than any of the competitive


es we've probably seen in the last six months of the last season.
I dare say you could go back further, so your take on this is really intriguing. Many want to know your opinion about the first 90 minutes of the


cogler era and, for example, the adaptability and flexibility of this program. my kids from the car and if I'm not back in time send your cookies they will continue to host this show in my absence that's the professional nature of this so Pat I'll stay with you and leave it to the trust like cookies who will keep us rolling here since I'll be back in a couple of minutes love you Pat, nice Ricky uh great um yeah my thoughts I thought it was um I was worried, not not worried really, but I was actually very intrigued and excited and Um, yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what would happen today. .
It could have been several ways. We're playing against a decent Premier League team who, you know, let's be honest, have just won a European trophy. I've had the same coach as Vicki said. In the last three or four years, almost the majority of the players are Frozen veterans and to be honest it could have been a beating and West Ham are always willing to play against us. We are a great explorer for them, eh, and in a way we were. quite vulnerable there, so to see us from the beginning play random attacking football, take the game to them, something I haven't seen us do in a long time, regardless of the opponent, we always seem to be on the field.
With the back foot defending the fields in our own field and you know, fighting and for your life, well, this time we were attacking, we literally were. It was very frustrating to concede the goals we did because, apart from shots on goal, they literally had nothing for us. nothing and every time they shot they essentially scored, so it's annoying and worrying because defensively we seem to tune out and always allow the other team to score, regardless of how good or bad they are, because West Ham shouldn't have won that game today I know it's pre-season, to be honest, I'm not too worried about the result, it's just about performance, if you see an attacking intent, if you see an identity, if you see a style of football, it's about making the players get energy. and, sorry, minutes in the legs to get the juices flowing and obviously just understand what the coach wants and I saw it from the first 11 to the second 11.
So 22 players it was good that Ange really had It's clear that you know he really wants to see everyone, which is great, he's giving everyone their fair share, given a more equal minutes, so at the end of the preseason and whether he decides who wants it or not, we all can. You say he's been failing given a more even finish, so you know you hate seeing in his preseasons where you take a big team or you take players and they don't wear out, and you're like, what was the point of taking? them, how is the coach going to decide if a player is good or not good enough?
They never get the chance. We saw Andrew give everyone a first chance, which is really exciting and encouraging. Yes, in terms of attack. We were brilliant, I know it's early, the first 45 minutes, you know for each player, but yeah, just defensively, same kind of thing again, um, for cardio, like you said, Ricky, for me. I mean, I don't know if you've seen the last one. word on the Spurs podcast I was on. I didn't love Vicario. I wasn't set on him at all. I wanted David's radar. My heart was set on Davido. We understand how good he is.
I think he is one of the best goalkeepers. In the Premier League it's only at Brentford that people were a bit depressed talking about him, when I understand it a bit better now, when you see Anana go for 43 million and they wanted 40 million for David Raya, I can understand it. Why maybe we didn't pull the trigger, but I also feel that David Raya is at the moment a better goalkeeper than Vicario, so when you change so much and you have a new coach, a new goalkeeper essentially we will have a new defensive line and everything that is happening, in my opinion it would have been better to have a more solid goalkeeper for this moment, but to be fair, I didn't see anything that alarmed me.
I thought he was really good. In terms of his reflexes, that Jared Bowen shot is incredible. He definitely he should have scored. I don't know how he saved that and to avoid it with such a solid and strong wrist that was very impressive to me, his reflexes look good. He is willing to do it. Passing the ball left me in a bit of a panic when it was almost caught when he played from the back. Some people on social media approached him about the goals we conceded. I don't think it was his fault for the first goal that was awarded normally one should have done a lot better and even for the corner uh it was that yeah Danny Yangs was in the first goal was it Danny Yings who scored the first goal?
I think it was yes. Very good, Legoland just ghosted him in front of him and he was very weak defensively, the second goal, we just turned it off and again two point-blank headers, you can't really blame him for that, so I thought he had a decent game again. 45 minutes in the tank for him, he looked decent and yeah the bassist looked really good, we're literally seeing a new lease of life for that guy and I think this season we'll see basically the player we thought we had signed initially. Brighton looks fantastic on the ball, he is one with the ball in all types of situations, he is essentially a pressure resistant midfielder, he runs towards players, creates a good angle to pass the ball and yes, he looked very good for me and for the man of Solomon.
Also, I thought he looked fantastic today, man, I know we only saw him in small periods, but he is very energetic and direct on the ball. He has a low center of gravity. I don't want to compare him to Hazard, but he has that kind of Hazard dribbled notion or style with him and it caused them problems as well, so there were a lot of positives in both halves and, yeah, I liked what I saw. I like that Ange was brave enough to play along and, yeah. He impressed me with what I saw as fair, yes, I agree with that, Pat.
WannaI mean, there was some very good football with points in that game and we have all made it clear that we know that the defense needs major surgery, but in your first outing, since all of you guys were alluded to the attacking game and the Patterns look a lot better than what we've been through for the last three or four years and there's a long way to go, it's a promising start, but if you ask the players. To place their strengths, even those players have been very maligned in the early days, of course, because, to be honest, we have been putting square picks around holes for the last two three seasons at least, so naturally , it will take some time for everything to settle and everything to come together, but just one piece of news we are getting tonight is that the Spurs are ready to capitalize. on Blackburn's financial cuts with youth deal, says prospect Ashley Phillips should be finalized tomorrow and of course, it being Wednesday, the startup will head to Asia immediately to be with the first Spurs team coming by James Nursery as part of the Daily.
Mirror, so I want to keep an eye on a center. It looks like the Spurs are ready to cross the line, probably one of the three mentioned that may not be at the top of the list. I think it's fair to say that Spurs fans are very excited. Eagerly, hopefully you're looking forward to the arrival, even Mickey Vandervin or Edmund are sober, but it looks like as of tonight Spurs are closing in on Blackburn Center back Ashley Phillips. What are we going to do? We're going to our first break from the show. Our listeners and audio secondly, you'll hear from the new Spurs head coach and Pasta Cogloo, and for our audience on YouTube, we have over a thousand of you here, watch this live again.
Thank you very much for all your incredible support. for the program, we join with the return of the annual taxes in the annual departure of Levy in Mr. Richard Cracknell. Oh, that's the new name for these lots and you'll leave it out and be with Evie and Ricky Norman's own British people. I think I have practiced often. I don't really know Rick. When we get kicked off the show, he'll be a Cullen. It's all about getting a Cullen, our new ladies, and when you get back, you won't want him anymore. He is a talent. I'm almost saying let you decide that and also feel my wonderful Patrick starring in this last one and the Spurs guys we're going to be talking about the team starting today so as always we'll try to share it with you before the show.
So this was the team that started the first half for Tottenham Hotspur, so Harry Kane James Madison Vicaria will manage his first Arts by Angie Postokoglo, of course, in his first game in charge and in terms of that starting 11, as we've said, Bakari Freshman Summer. move directly between the six, the back four were made up of Pedro poro Christian Romero Javit tangenga and Sergio regulon in midfield Oliver skip started after playing in the European championship just 10 days ago with E possuma and James Madison next to him, that The team was incomplete with Harry Kane as captain, flanked by new signings Manor Solomon and Diane Kulasepski.
It's worth noting that Sunyan Dombole, who appeared to need treatment in Monday's training session, and Hun Minson were not in the squad, as were Eric Dyer, Joe Road, Dane Scarlet and Jed Spence. who also missed out on being among the 14 substitutes as young goalkeeper Josh Keeley someone calls him back after an injury and also, as we have mentioned, it is a very, very big score to fit into the team and the assigned bench of the that obviously the Tottenham team is red. Of course, Coraline's goal poro Romero tanganga jump regular persuma Madison kulasepsky Kane Solomon with a bench in the moment of Austin Whiteman Emerson Sanchez adogi Davis saw white Divine hoibier perisic lesoso richarlison and let's think about this Pat has for you what do you do? of the team when he came out uh yeah, I was excited and I thought pretty funny, my friends and I picked or estimated or guessed the starting lineup and I pretty much got a spot other than Solomon.
I didn't think he would start. uh, but other than that, it was a blast of who I thought he would start in the first game. I like the couple of tangang and Romero. I know that tangango is someone who at 24 years old. Now he is not young but he is not old, we are all To where the fans thought he had been much further along in his career, but I want to see him if he stays with us and give him the right opportunity because every time he plays he looks good, but then He'll play two or three games and then he won't.
He plays for six months or seven months and then they put him in a deep part of the game and he's expected to perform and no player, no matter how good he is, can get a good run of pace for a moment, so I liked pairing him with Romero because um, I feel like essentially of all the components we have left is the strongest batting line-up, Sergio Regalon. I like him going forward, but defensively, like I said before, he's very weak and he needs to improve tremendously if he wants to be, you know, on the field. team into a regular component of our you know, first 11 or even rotating like the full-backs.
I feel like he at his age now is about 26 27. He needs to bulk up a little bit, man, he needs to get in the gym because like I said, going forward he's really good, but defensively he always seems to get knocked off the weak ball in the air, He always falls down too, which I don't know what's going on in this, like sorting out your


s or sorting out your balance, sorting out your core because you know Jared Bowen had it toasted for the first goal. He created problems and yeah, essentially that's where the problems arose and they just seem to attack that side of the field.
Pedro's power seemed decent like me. I said it before, but Zuma I really enjoyed his role today, Madison looks great, we all know his qualities. I feel like in the moments he was there he tried too hard, which is expected when you're a big new signing, your first game you could see it. A little bit at the beginning no, he wasn't as comfortable as he usually looks, we all know how good he is on the ball, how silky he is, but as the game progressed you could see that he was getting a little more comfortable. thought Oliver jump again I don't want to sound too harsh but I wasn't impressed at all with his performance.
I liked how anjid essentially pushed him forward as one of our advanced eights, so he was getting into the ball late, sorry. the box took a while making good runs but he just doesn't have the quality or the ability to finish or make that final pass and I think they were crackers, maybe he said it or maybe it's Ricky, I don't remember if we had Kudoseski playing in that position, you I guarantee we would have had a few more goals in that first half because Skip just doesn't have the quality and announces that he will either shoot a decent shot on goal or find someone to run behind them.
King didn't do it. a lot, but you know you know Harry Kane, all he needs is one of two good chances and he's in some good link-up plays. Madison tried to find him a few times and it didn't work, but overall I thought it was a Very good performance, very good first half, apart from a few defensive mistakes and like I said, I would rather not have skipped that advanced number eight role, but other than that , I thought it was a good


for us, uh Solomon. I was very impressed with being fair. I mean, he's someone who comes for free, a lot of people raise their eyebrows, we're just going for him because he's free and you know, if he was, if there was a fee involved, would we go for him, blah blah blah, who knows At the end of the day, I think he adds quality depth and is someone who, if someone gets injured or we need to rotate, provides very good depth and good quality, so yeah, I liked what I saw today.
My only complaint would be. Oliver jumps into that advanced role. I don't think he's suited for that and Sergio needs to do better defensively, but I don't want to go into it too much, it's just the first 45 minutes for these guys, overall a good team performance. Yeah, I think we're not going to cover that too much first, but unfortunately we'll have to review, so Rick is paying for the nature of the goals that we conceded, but before we did that, he said, actually, after the game, that thing got . A knock on the ankle during training yesterday, of course, being Monday, nothing serious, obviously kept him out of the game.
Sony has only done two sessions since he came to us, we made the decision not to use him, he worked hard training him and Eric. Dyer jet Spence and Joe Rhoden are guys that came in late and hopefully they'll be ready to play their part in the next two games uh there you go who says you can take down Eric Dyer, but I bet you can. happy for Sunday, Eric Dyer probably likes to fly, so what a way to get someone to come back outside or worry about everything positive, everything positive, right, um, I mean, I think you could see it from the beginning. of the game that you knew positive conscious instructions were being given.
We continued, we saw Pursuma divide the center backs to take the ball and set it up. a touch on the move and his shot was saved by fabianski but it was really good work alluded to by Solomon Skippy of course who also went close in the first interval so there was some lovely football from the start from Tottenham , who looked dangerous and had most of the ball, um, and this is the thing about Tottenham, what we know we saw in their initial exchange, is that Tottenham was definitely the team that dominated the game, so when West End finally scored on Rick, it was very against the run of the game.
Danny Yings headed home after the Spurs. I couldn't properly clear a set piece. I'm not sure how many times I've told you that in the last one. Spurs fade to clear a set piece. He was really poor defending Sergio Regulon, who tried to use his foot instead of chatting. the header with the Hammers man and he was simply beaten to the ball, not great defending at all. I think we all recognize that it's preseason. We're not going to exaggerate here, but Rick is already concerned that this is a team I can watch a lot of. gold last season, as you have said many times, we have to change here, right?
Yes, but you know, with that goal conceded, I think it is positive because when you play this type of football from the front, when you are always in the press when you are dominant, you dominate possession, shots and crosses and you are dominating the game . We will be the ones who receive the counterattacks and this is the type of goals. We're going to start granting well, so it's better. I'd rather we do it right now and fix the problem, or you know, do everything we can to work on fixing the problem and then go blind when the time comes.
Premier League, you know, or once we start the real business, so yeah, on a regular basis, you know he was in the hospital. I mean, Cracks could probably tell you a little more because of the whole Spanish connection, but he was in the hospital for a long time at Atlético Madrid. he barely had minutes um, I don't remember what pain he was in, but he was in excruciating pain. I remember seeing those Instagram posts and um you know it's finding its footing this is basically a new squad yeah there are some old faces that are still there but this is basically a new team it's a new way to play , you know, this kind of reversed left and right back, a new way of playing.
What I found really interesting about the boss was that he kind of took the blame. For the goals that were conceded because they haven't worked on defensive shape or where to be when they're on defense and he talked about positioning, he said you know the guys have been working well, they've been working hard. in training and have no choice but to work hard, but they are still working to determine where the positions are, when the full-backs overlap, where do the wingers go?, where does the midfield divide?, where do they intersect?, where is the link? playing there and considering they haven't fixed that yet, we saw a ton of link play, we saw a ton of link play and overlap with Solomon and Regulon on that left side, especially.
In the first half, look, some of the thermal problems are still there, but this is what this period of time is for, so that the great Ash can see who he wants and who he doesn't, now the two defenders that we have been. linked with tap over and Mickey Van Der vandervin totally transformed this entire defensive line by having someone who is at his peak, you know, and in Taps over and is composed, you know, and has speed, knows when to make the tackle, knows how to put your head on It's great to have someone like Mickey Vandeven, who is still quite raw but technically good, you know, but he is fast, that kind of pace will help us and I will take his memories, all the Spurs fans listening and look right now. your memories go back to the early days of Carl Walker where Carl Walker had a blistering pace, you know he still has a pace today but he was a bit raw when he came into the team, he had a loan from Aston Villa and you watched him build, he you saw score.
A couple andIt came back exciting, but once he got to the Tottenham side, it took a bit of time. A lot of the complaints I remember back then were that Walker couldn't defend, you know what I mean? But his rhythm caught him. out of trouble, that was the storyline back then, he obviously worked on it and got better as the seasons went on and obviously when he moved on as well, so when I go back to someone like Mickey Vandevin, who is the same kind of raw element but I can play as a central defender on the left side or as a left back, er, left back.
I think those two purchases, you know, could transform our entire defensive line and could transform the way we play in the future, so, for example, if we were to sell regular or regular and then become the third left back or whatever the case. You could put Mickey Vanderveen as a defensive left back and have Poro as an attacking right back and then like that when you have to move that movement and that fluidity of form and how to cover each other as well and I think that was another interesting thing about the starting lineups in the training the other day I don't know if you saw the Tweet of the starting lineups at training the other day, but it was basically the starting lineup in the first half, the first team was one team and the second team. what we saw in the in the Tweet or in training was the half that happened in this in the second half and I really liked that he had it like that in the uh with regular on the right regular is basically the most defensive left back and you're allowing let Poro leave and then when you bring your doji, your doji is the most attacking left back and Emerson is the most defensive, so right now we have options, we have options to play. with and now we have a lot more to find out about this side and um this, that's all I was actually also pleased with was that when we switched to the full 11 in the second half they continued to play.
In the same way, now again, some of them, you know, maybe their time at Tottenham is over, but all 11 played the same way. I thought HRH Papasar looked tremendous in midfield, you know, he looks like he's about nine feet tall right now. The Celso, who I never thought would kick another ball with a Tottenham Cockrell on his chest, looked like he was made for that position, you know, he looks very good. I saw more of him in those first 45 minutes than I did when he was playing for Us, you know, we also have um and Don Bella coming back, which I do know all the body language and we'll get into the crack like evaluation of his body language in a moment. , but other than that, we'll walk from the car to the right door they looked at him his body language in training he looked pretty good he's looking for it.
I've seen him running, you know, many times when he was at Tottenham before he used to run like that hat was very heavy. run like that all the time, all the time, but you know, he had his head down and he was running and he's focused and that's what encourages me, you know, no, I mean, I think he listens, I totally agree, I want say, I'm not. I'm going to get away from the fact that I'm still thinking defensively I'm very worried right, so he looks at it again today, the second one is gone, uh pakario scores one.
I'm already laughing, it's not funny, this is it. Vicario puts one back for a corner. Can. I can see where these shows are going next season. I kid, I kid, there are a lot of positives, it's real. The second girl from West Ham and Burma gets between pore and thong to get out from close range and the brightest thought we had was completely. undone in those first 25 minutes and yes, it's another corner goal, um Vicario, for some reason, I don't understand why he decided to pass the ball directly, but it's also short with Emerson crossing nodding and Bama um yes two. mistakes by two goals, we're lucky, it's pre-season and you'd feel cracks on the back of that game if we're not going to speed up our search for defenders and again I have to make that point, there's some breaking news on this.
Tonight, Tottenham are closing in on the signing of Blackburn Center centre-back Ashley Phillips, probably not going to be the name you all want to hear, but that's one that, uh, is because you would surely expect Tottenham to accelerate in this area . oh listen oh on the contrary Rick actually Philips is exactly the name I want to hear we've been we've been uh we've been after him for two years two years we've been tracking this six foot four lady he's a lump he's fast that doesn't mean that it's going to come in and be the first option, but if it appears as an option while it's being developed and then we bring in a couple of taylormades, isn't that where we want to be sorry to interrupt it? later cracks Do you think we'll generally do that?
Do you think we'll sign Phillips plus one or two experienced players? Do you generally believe that's what hope is? That's what we have to do and we're going to go up. And because of the circumstances, there will be a reduced rate a little bit like Jed Spence too, so there are two in a back line that are somewhere around there, so that's exactly what you want, but as long as the club don't leave, oh that. We'll include him because he won't be ready yet, but if you have Romero and Spence coming in and Phillips there or somewhere hot on the heels of the top options, that will focus the minds of those on those bottom three.
The back four we'll be playing, as long as we go out and get a couple of centre-backs ready to play, are exactly the type of leaders you want and if you can do it at a good price. Due to certain Circa circumstances, so Bravo to the club, to be honest, I'm not saying they are going to be the first choice. Spence is a fantastic player, so let's bring him back to the club, ready to go. playing in cup games is exactly where you want us to be if they come in and are their first choice then give the club a kick and wait a minute.
You've played low and you've played that role cheaply here, so Phillips is a player we've been watching for a couple of years. We sniffed it out a bit last year, didn't we to be honest? We've complained about players getting too comfortable in their positions, haven't we? You know there's no one behind them and if you're a 25 26 player and you have a guy from 1920 there ready too. hungry to go after your spot you're you're you're going to act Rick it's like when you said that like there's a young leg waiting to take the spot in the Pod since then I've become I prepare for every show and try to find some analogies, right?, no, no, I'm not going to give my place to a young snapper.
I'm going to agree with him, the truth is, well, he goes here and tries to stay. final word on the Spurs, but no, that's where we want to be. I can't give the club a kick to go out and get some young, raw talent who could really start and develop as long as they aren't first choice if we see them in the League Cup and FA Cup games, you know, with a rest of some senior players, maybe not this season because we don't have Europe, so I absolutely expect our best 11 to go out and play every round in those. cups in every round, there's absolutely no excuse, yeah it's not great, there's no baton in the dugout at Sheffield United this year when I fly here and come for a few nights, I'm not going to trudge to some northern town where They sleep on their side.
For me to see Kane sitting on the bench or Sunny sitting on the bench under the covers, I want to see them out there, you know, going for it, so look, there's work to be done on that defense, it's a guy's car. clown on fire, can we get? It's burning this season It's setting It might take a couple of seasons Can we just make the engine burn instead of licking the flames around the corner? I just want to pick up on that point and Rick will come back in. I just wanted to just want to say about the Ashley Phillips side as long as it's a player that's being considered for the future and not for this moment predominant at the moment because I look at Tottenham at the moment and you know, defending will surprise though. particularly to people today, unfortunately The same defenders are putting pressure on the regulon who scored 6.50 goals last season and has now been placed in a back four, so it will not change without additions quickly and I think the first 25 minutes today will have shown how much we need to fix the center so much. -Back number and I say even the left back number and that's why I will again implore the club with the fact that again I'm not saying sober tap and band be more midi, come in and get going, but as of those. being identified as two players, you can't tell me what would be worse.
My biggest concern for me is that these players have not been brought in or recruited during pre-season because now they have to adapt late to the way Pottery want to play and I think that is the key for any club and I think we are very critical of what happened with Kanté last season, but one thing we did see was that the Spurs moved pretty badly for several of their goals that I've made. The time they brought in Vicario to give them credit, they also brought in Madison. I think the thing is, if you told any Spurs fan this summer what are the key positions we need to strengthen, I think 99.99 of the people have done it. said Central Defense along with the goalkeeper, they would have said Central Defense Defenders and in fact we haven't, that's hugely alarming.
I mean looking in terms of the rest of the first half, as we said there were some interesting moments. of Tottenham, I think apart from the two West Ham goals, Spurs were quite dominant and our best moments really come when we draw West Ham towards us and play through Vicario and Basuma, work with Walter Madison who found Solomon and cut inside into a safe tent. On the edge of the Box I also believe that someone was a very determined player today running with a purpose that sought to affect the game. I think that's what we wanted to see at the top, we want to see players that really come with a goal that seeks to be really productive in what they're doing and Solomon showed that he wasn't afraid to grab the ball and with some beautiful things and Rick even continuous.
Furthermore, with these Spurs we had 23 touches in the opponent's area in the first half to West Ham's open bar in the two goals we conceded, I mean, look, we should have scored more than one chance in the first half, we dominated much of it. of the game. I think, again, you look back and think. That was a really positive first half even though we conceded two teams, yeah, positive first half, positive second half, bro, we scored two goals in the second half with our second team, you know what I mean? There was a comeback, there was a reaction um, I just wanted to jump on what the crackers were saying about this young Phillips.
Now, for me, this is the first time I've heard that we're related to Philip, so I don't know how I missed it, but maybe I just wrote him off, but my fear is that he will turn into a rodent, right, my fear is that he receives all the publicity and then never plays a game, how crazy you stayed here, that it will be like in the hills of Romero and whoever. They are going to be our first team central defenders. I just saw the Tweet. The message that came through is that he's 18 bro he doesn't understand that he won't get first team minutes at the moment so if they loan him back to Blackburn or if they loan him out to Luton um so he can get some first team minutes .
I don't see it getting 13 minutes unless, unless our equipment is sterile, you have another one. You have to remember that Dyer just said that we are not going anywhere and we still have some selling to do on that backline and some additions, we need some big boys there, you know, and like I said about the whole Chelsea thing, it's that money talks, so if the taxes are gone and Vanderbin is going to transform that back line and even if it's a kite in half, you know, those 63 goals, if they can take it to 31 goals with these two signings, go and go ahead and make that purchase and that's why I'm not too excited yeah Madison. it's an it's an exciting uh log in, but I'm not excited about our business yet because the things that we need most are those two center backs and those center backs that we've had that haven't been able to exceed expectations in a defensive formation. or in an offensive formation.
We have seen over the last three four years under Mourinho under Nuno and under Conte that many of them have not worked and today Push them to four back and that is why I was really impressed with Tang Anger, to tell you the truth, because to me it seemed the most comfortable. He looked better than Dyer and Long Lay combined today and that was only for 45 minutes. I could see a potential. I could watch it grow if I had the chance. If Tangles were our fourth choice, um uh, Defender, I'd be fine with that. You know what I mean?
So we had Romero and another and then we had another and Tang. Anger, I'd be fine with that, you know what I mean? Because I think there's something there, but this Phillips kid, I just don't see him gettinga shout out right now, you know, we only have league games and the cup games like you said his cookies, I was going to jump on that, but you said it anyway, but those cracks, those cup games are very important for us and we have a serious cut, we are actually going for something this year on a national level it is a big something for all of us fans this year and it will be big too, he will want to put his stick in the ground, he will want to show us that the times and the tide have changed and we're going to do it. we're going to compete and we're going to win one thing he said today after the post game interview on his first play and basically the interviewer told him oh well you know I know it's only three preseason seasons and the results don't matter he came back with every important result.
I'm really impressed with how we played today and if we hadn't tried to do the things we had implemented in this. In this last week I would have been very disappointed, so yes, there are positives in the way we played, but every result matters, which I loved. I loved hearing that from him, so someone like an 18-year-old centre-back I just don't do. see unless he's the center back messy or the center back mbappe, then I just don't see that happening, you know what I mean? I just wanted to jump on that so that again it's another kind of frustration, it's positive, but it's frustrating because we want the big two in the center in the Center, yeah, I just want to ask you very quickly if I talk about that again, yeah, just with a vengeance and talking about results being important, let's not forget that we have had four and a half years of managers who can be divisive, who have sometimes been a little egocentric, who want to be, there is a bit of ego that persists Now, if you want to be the star of the show, don't underestimate it. that when a coach comes in and the players accept him, there might now be some that don't quite understand it and then they'll fall by the wayside, but there might be players that come in and absolutely love it and suddenly Garden, you're getting another 50 60 percent of them than what you were getting from them under previous coaches, so we could have some players who were absolutely all over the place previously come in and absolutely tear up the football.
It is mainly played. Up here, not on your feet, if you are happy, motivated and love the coach you play for, you will give much more than what he saw today in Lesoso. I mean, you know the previous coaches couldn't get. a melody out of him couldn't get a melody out of him and today he looked like he was ready to rip it up now this might be fantasy talk but imagine if London Belly really likes him and really enjoys playing under him you have a monster on your hands an absolute monster look football knows football Gareth Bell said he was one of the scariest talents he's ever seen and we've seen him in flashes now I'm not going to say for a minute he's going to come in and absolutely Break it but imagine that if he does, imagine if he does, he's a terrifying prospect, absolutely terrifying, so you know a lot of this is going to play out this season and to see where we are, this is a real transitional season as it was before. season one, Potch, let me see who accepts the philosophies, let me see who accepts what I want to do, let me see who will walk through brick walls for me, so look, we only have one ape B and he offers something that looks like Tottenham Hotspur and it's already a better season, so look, I told you a few weeks ago Rick on another show, we as fans need to be patient with this too, maybe we'll just have to take a couple spankings here and now, um, while this is while this is being analyzed.
I know social media has no appetite for that. I've already seen things on social media today that say, "Oh, this is going to be a disaster if Kane leaves, we're going to be." like in the championship, we are not, we really are not, if this clicks, there is the staff, it is already there to do very, very well, okay, I just want to summarize, just come and send that first half. I think it's well done with the tip that we had to play some really good things. Multiple options were created again. I want to make that appointment.
It's worth noting that it was West Ham's third pre-season game of this season. They already played a couple and there were only legs in the minutes of those players. if there was no international for them and they will make it clear of course it is decton rice but again with the way Tottenham look we are starting it is a completely new system with a lot of players coming back into a team in terms very quickly only the highlights of that first half. I mean, ultimately, you'd probably say that Solomon man, that you know, was one of the standout players, really been a brilliant start in life and totally linked.
Well, he usually looked confident straight on the ball, he had a couple of minutes on goal and it's actually unfortunate not to get a penalty. I thought towards the end of the first half he talked about the fact that he wants to enjoy playing against Harry Kane, this is a great character, everyone wants to follow him, he is a great player and we look forward to playing with him. I'm very excited to play with such a great player like Harry Kane. It is an honor for me. I want to help him and I want to learn from him.
Also, James Madison, so let's not forget, a couple of nice James Madison tattoos sent a free throw to the wall, but get your preseason system out now and prepare, of course, for the start of the season. but Suma, who we've also touched up, looks so confident not only on the field but off it as well, now he's gone around the covers, um in terms of off screen, as we've seen, and he really looks like on home. We settled into the club, um, and again you know, defensively, we know where our problems are, we don't defend where our problems are, so I don't know if I could talk too much about that, but maybe I'll spend a couple of minutes on it. to Mana Solomon and how you.
I feel like he did it and also maybe what you think about Harry Kane because I think he looked a little bit off the pace for a lot of that game. I think you made that point before, if Kane scores a goal, that's really all he's judged on, which is why he stands out. You, Pat, as a player in that first half before we get to the second half. I think you took the words behind my mouth. I thought Solomon's man surprised me because, to be fair, I didn't really expect much from him, obviously others. The players have arrived with a bit more fanfare and you know, with the spotlight shining on them, i.e. goalkeeper Madison, so Solomon's man went unnoticed, a gift from Fulham, a bit obvious, you know , maybe you know Shack's bad taste at the desk saying they should have gotten some money for it, blah blah blah, but he looked bright and direct, looks like a typical old fashioned winger, wants to have the touchline, grab the ball, he doesn't hide and he will take man and do something with it, so I was really impressed with him, uh, like you said pursuma, I think he will show new life now this season, he will show the reason why we spent the money that we did on Brighton, he looks comfortable, he just looks it.
Sometimes it takes players a year to sit down and get down to business, so they surround their surroundings almost like a movie. Sometimes when a player comes in, they're a little afraid to be themselves because they don't feel like they've tried very hard. or you don't want to step on anyone's toes and I will see my looks at home like you said you see him in the locker room dancing singing you know Tunes Madison already said that he has told him that he is the DJ to leave aside the songs that Zuma has the cards under control , you just see him coming out of his shell and sometimes, maybe bass like kante, it's more like a, you know, an o or o right.
I can't even say the word authoritarian or however you say it. Yes, yes, the coach is like someone who leaves with an iron fist. Players may be afraid to be themselves. Now you feel like he is showing his personality. So I thought he looked really good. Solomon's man should have received a penalty. I know he's friendly, but Jesus, how come that wasn't a penalty? He took the shot and Jared Bowen cleaned them up. I've seen them given for less than that. I don't understand how that didn't happen, so for me again it would have possibly changed the game, uh, that should have been a pen.
Madison had a close range header and around the 37th minute she should have scored from there, but again at least she is making that effort to get into the box. I love that intricate play we did around it. the 37th minute 38 uh, it was a beautiful build up where Zuma should have scored, so I think Madison had the ball, a good touch to possuma brassumer, then he jumped, he jumped and then he touched it, pass it to Kane. Kane touched beyond the pursuma of him one by one. -one with the goalkeeper he had to go left or right he saw it straight at the goalkeeper he should have scored from there I mean we had so many chances it was criminal that we went into half-time down two nil I didn't do it I understand, I know It's preseason, so I didn't really care, but I still didn't understand how there were two of us and we didn't finish at halftime.
We absolutely managed that game and, as you said, I think the pass is 330 passes to those 127. 72 possession to that 28 possession possession touches in the rival area as you said 23 touches for us three or four for them yes, so, that type of football to change so much in one half is very impressive and yes, obviously I haven't been Angie's biggest fan, but if she continues to play like this, what can I honestly say? Yeah, it's crazy and it's refreshing to see because we've been playing such negative football for the last two or three years, so just to see him attack in 10 to see the guys come out of his program, even Oliver jumps, don't get me wrong, I don't think he's suited for that type of role, but to see him even try those things and go this far is impressive because "I haven't seen that type of player, you know his last team coaches, so there are a lot of positives there, um, and yeah, I really enjoyed what I saw today, yeah, totally agree on what we're going to do, we're just going to our next break from the show. our listeners and audio techniques that break down, you'll probably hear what I think, ya that we have all agreed here the featured pattern from the first half of the man of Solomon sharing his delight at putting on that shirt with spurs for the first time uh for our audience here we have about 1200 1300 of you watching us live again thank you very much for all your incredible support during the last game against the Spurs.
I'm not going to do what I did on the last break we bonded with. Richard Correctional, his own actor Ricky J North and the super-pathetic Tyrant, who are guiding you through this latest one at the Spurs now for all you bingo card callers, is also about to Ricky Rick's. I'm very aware of his timing, um, so we're leaving. To continue as we do in the second half, it was a complete change in terms of the second half for Tottenham, so we had a completely new 11, we had Austin in goal, we had Davis, well here we go again, Davis look for Emerson adogi hoibi Sala celso. peritaish Divine Charleston and I think, um, I think Pat said this before Rick said that Australia, excuse me guys, I'm not sure which one you said were basically the two teams from the open training, except that there were some changes due to son and The absences from Don ballet and to be fair we saw a little bit of play from the Spurs Etters in the half started uh got the ball out to Emerson who brought it in and then made another quick chance at La Salsa.
He had a few guys in the way of the charlapson but His shot hit the outside of the right post and once again Spurs really pressured West down with Paris curling up and Roshanison headed in but Tom finally got a goal in this game to get close to you and it was a Giovanni La Soso, how long has there been a final time or the last little show of the spurs Alfie Divine shot pushed behind Percy's whipped the ball Santa's header found the cell phone volleyed home a beautiful shot from the cell and Spurs, after all their chances, were finally a goal behind and I have to say the sales at the time of scoring were so good since it came to a completely different player than we have seen over the last year or two.
What was La Celso's overall contribution? cracks, do you still have a Smurfs run? He absolutely has it and is a player of great quality who works for the Argentine team. I mean, he's a good player, so this is what I say suddenly if in a system that suits him to play American football on the front foot to play something that he likes he comes back um infused with the desire to play uh then why not, why not? what not, it applies to all the players on that team, to all the players, if suddenly you're a square peg and square peg football comes up, you're going, you're going, you're going to fit in, then let's see if it does, then he is the player we bought under the previous starters, it may not have actually suited him so it could be It hasn't been a place you enjoyed being and now heIt does, no matter what level of football you play, if you are enjoying your football, you will play differently, you will play better.
My leadership last season won the league. had a coach, but they absolutely adored a brilliant season before two guys who ran the team no one really liked playing for him, they finished eight, so there you go, I mean, and we had no new players, this is football 15, 14 and 15 years old, but if you get someone that the players feel totally sold on, you're going to get a completely different tune out of them, so this is what I'm saying this season, let's see where we are with a lot of these players, but we have ruled out, there are surely some. that you look and go, I'm not sure, even if Pep Guardiola comes in, you know, you're going to break it, maybe a lot of this is people coming from abroad and just not quite settling in the country there's also a lot going on besides football.
I think maybe Brian Hill falls into that cat category a little bit on that front Rick. I'm not sure if he's really enjoying life in London, I think. he might be a bit of a home bird and maybe I'm just not suing him because he's a great prospect, but it's hard to move abroad, it's something I've experienced myself moving abroad, no matter how old you are, it's hard , it takes time. To adapt you need to capture the vibe of where you live. I am still learning. I've been in Lanzarote for four years and I'm still learning the cultures, customs, needs and everything. so now you amplify that by putting someone on a football team that is at the Telly every week and the press that surrounds it and the pressures that come with being a football player and there are pressures, I know they make a lot of money, but there are pressures there. , so you have a lot of elements that feed these players settling um, so yeah, let's have a fantastic and absolutely brilliant performance today as well, but it looks like he's having fun udogi.
I mean, he even absolutely served kante today, wasn't that in his post-match press? I'm playing football, I want to play this, this is what I want to do cracks, wasn't that a choice of words like you just said? I wonder if he knew exactly what he was saying, right, oh, of course. He knew it, he knew absolutely what he was saying, but he is enjoying his football, there is no division, there is no malevolence and I don't really like it when they take you out and I'm not going to play with you because you don't do it.
It doesn't fit with my system and the politics that are going on, so everyone in that team at the moment seems happy, but they are being given the opportunity, it seems like they are playing something that resembles the football they play. I want to play and that goes on a long way, so, like I said before, this is an interesting season, we may see some players at the end of this season, where we get sad, we wanted him to shoot, uh, at the end, at the end of the last one. season now his first name on the team sheet so yeah there could be a lot of that going on yeah definitely something to keep an eye on for sure Pat just to bring him back to Spurs quickly scores a second goal Pérez hit with the inside in the left corner and a beautiful fixed header from adogi and at that time all the goals up to that point had been caused by set pieces, a very clever header and I am not, although it is only preseason , believe.
We all enjoyed the fact that we are now back to level two, two and the way we did it so quickly. I think I'm telling you that you said at half-time that there was a reaction from the players, it was 11 substitutions in a row and, oh, I ask you, Pat went. You are calm, I would say again satisfied with how quickly those adapted players reacted. It was a new 11 and we scored two goals in space for a couple of minutes and we were level at that point during that game. Yes, definitely because my fear was. Even though it's pre-season, I didn't want to get smashed in our first pre-season game because that would have been the headlines that everyone would have made with Tottenham and the confusion, the new manager not being ready, you know, blah, blah, blah, and it's a difficult preseason.
West Ham are not stupid, they were a good Premier League team and they are always willing to play against us, regardless of where they are and what level they are at. West Ham want to beat us, that's for sure, so I didn't want them to beat us. today and I know it's pre-season but you don't want to start off that bad so the fact that we came out with 11 completely new guys for the second half I dare say probably the second row still has some good players there. but it's obvious that you could see that the quality went down from the first to the second uh 11, but we also scored in the 68th minute from Los and then we scored in the 70th minute through Destiny to doji and we continued to press continuously or constantly. they again didn't leave their field we just mowed them down and it was good attacking football you could clearly see the food a better team was the fact that that was our first game and the first 45 minutes of each team and we were way ahead above them and they have played two or three games before with a coach who has been there for three years.
A lot of those players are settled, they know their roles and they've been there for a long time, so it was impressive to see your doji looked very good, I was impressed, he was bombing that wing, he looks solid too, I know he's young but he looks powerful so I really like to see that and the sauce, I mean Jesus this is a guy we've all loved. No one really cared about him. What it is for me is that if he wants to be here, he's a fantastic player, especially if we're going to play him in that number eight role, where he can wander around and be creative.
That's the role, sorry, I might love it. I'm in that role like a glove but my only concern is because I see a lot of people in the comments saying you know he wanted me to stay and he's fantastic, but if he doesn't want to be here with all due respect then we have to leave. get rid of him because we don't want players who don't want to be here, regardless of how good you are, if you're not willing to accept the news team, the new system, the new coach and I really want to say right now I need a team that sings everyone with the same anthem or not fighting for the same cause, so if he doesn't want to be here, unfortunately, as talented as he is, we haven't seen the best of him, but it's time to you know, split up and get players that they want to be here, but if he wants to be here, then he's someone who I didn't even think could be a key player for us and it's the same with end on.
I am, I am an ultimate believer. I think people have a good season this season. I think he's fantastic. I think he's skilled, but again, if he doesn't want to be there, he's not willing to die from the shot. change, he's someone who unfortunately I'm not going to have to say, you know your time is up, but I think under an offensive coach like Ange you're going to see a lot of players that we thought maybe were on the way or coming out I really have a new life. which is not me, in any way, saying that the Defenders are going to get a second chance.
No, we need a completely new centre-back pairing for me, we need Mickey Van Der. Vern and we need to stay sober, we need them both, if we really want to break this Whip and push, I think maybe we can be in the top four if other teams fall, but I do think we shouldn't finish. any less than six, as long as we strengthen that defensive line, yeah, I think if we only go for one, we'll go with Mickey Van de van because I think he's a little bit more flexible and adaptable. If we just go for one, he's a little bit rawer than um Taps over, but I think he'll be just as good on the left side, you know, as LCB or left back, but obviously, if you pick just one defender, I'd probably pick him sober. , he is a better defender. but I think Mickey van dervin is a little bit more versatile if we're going to use him as you know on those two walls, but to me I think we need both of them and then you couldn't partner one with Romero, you can change things.
If Romero is injured because he is prone to a knock, then you still have another quality center back behind him. I think the left back, if we get me, Mickey van Devent is fixed. I think we have good options and then I think the rest of the team looks good, but we just need them to fix the center backs. We can't start the new season with Sánchez Langley, these types of guys, with all due respect, I don't want to. I would be horrible with anyone, but they are not good enough, they are just not at the level we need.
I think we'll see today, but Adam, well, you know it was 63 goals considered last season, the new regular Edge, and that too. Today I'm talking about Rick's, I have to be negative, you have to turn around early to grab this one. West Ham scores again. uh, Scameka gets behind Sanchez and goes to normal person four. He nails it and passes to Austin again. I think we've said this. many times and not to be personal with the players here again, it's just a friendly, but Sánchez, what is called absolute no man's land, doesn't know if we have to attack the ball or go back towards the player who was trapped.
I think that was the big The biggest negative takeaways, of course, were the weak defense. I think the biggest concern for me, Ricks, is that West was down, they really weren't even putting any pressure on us and I think you know it's going to be a completely different game in four or five weeks. We've got Brentford coming in with their set pieces, they're going to put pressure on us with a new Goldman Vicario, they'll be chasing every ball in the build-up and I think we've seen something positive today. we get a


of what we can achieve with the ball, that's certainly what we can see, we can see what we can achieve with the ball, but I think this is now.
I don't know if you agree. Rick is now in the football club. to give the coach the tools to finish the job he starts in terms of the rebuilding and recruiting model because we have all said here in cracks. I said you know Ashley Phillips, he could be someone that could work, you know, as a young player coming up. but certainly when you look at the defensive options we have at the moment and you look at the way we have considered goals today, we need to make the case for not one but two prominent defenders who are ready to step in in the Premier League. football and start working and that is my biggest concern.
Again I want to try to be positive, but my concern is that so far, during this summer transfer window, the players we need are not here yet and they are executing their plan a little bit. Get up to speed because ultimately you have players who, like ladies, when there are only a couple of games left in the preseason, they will meet their teammates and reach out to the goalie to think that Pat will too. before, so how important would you say these next four or five weeks are less than that? I even think there is less than a month left to incorporate these players so that they can work not only with a coach but also with the players who want to be here.
No, it's super important Rick, it's super. I would have loved at least one of them to be on the plane to go to Australia on Friday. You already know at least one of them. But yes, it is very important that they do it before. that later because again, like you said, in the integration, uh, to get to know your teammates, to get to know the patterns of play, you saw today that Aaron said, like I said before, that a lot of the players didn't know in what positions. be in once they started the transition, so the quicker you get these new defenders, the quicker they can bid, the quicker we can start moving forward, you know, it's great, like we've all said and like all Spurs fans They know you.
I know Mourinho after the screenyard didn't catch it and that was a defensive system. Conte didn't catch him either, Bestoni didn't catch him and it was supposed to be a defensive system to stop making mistakes uh and the backboard has the ball in any case yes yes the crowd, last year, who shouted at Levy and Enik last year, yes They make any sense, they need to stop making the same mistakes they've made year after year for more than a couple of seasons, so We all know, we all know, we talk about second chances and I'll give them second chances in a minute, but we all know that many of those defenders that we have all mentioned know that, for their benefit, they need to move. move forward and they need to move forward too for our benefit and we need the same kind of freshness, energy, hunger and desire that we saw today in Solomon.
We need to see that in two new Defenders that come in and cross our fingers, it's sober and it's Mickey van dervin because I think both of them together would be the pieces of the puzzle that we need to put together very well to almost complete it, yes, and you know, in a second chance before starting. 16 possibilities of what a crack said and what Pat said too, if anything, you know, I know a lot of us, if not all of us, have seen the documentary deli alley um, right? and you know that in his decline it was one of the saddest things for a Fanaticfrom Tottenham to see for me to see, you know, I love Delhi to pieces and all I could see him do was get bigger and better and be one of those players that wins in the world, you know, I mean, they were class players world cup that they earn well and when you see and when you hear the amount of things that that child has gone through and now listen, it may have happened in childhood, he may have had a bit of a career, but many of those scars, if they are very Deep, they don't.
No matter how much money you have, they will come back to the surface, they will come back to the surface, they will be things that you have to deal with, sometimes some of the scars are on the outside. under your control, you know we all know that we can't choose our family well and many of our families are good people, but you know there are some in our family that would be a little Come see Come see, you know what? I mean, or there would be some problems and sometimes you can't control that, especially when you're the one in the spotlight, especially when you're the one who wins the Bucks, you know, um, so lethal, with endon, especially because those Who He also took it away from me?
You know I wanted to. I thought Endon Belly was going to be the midfielder that would take us to a new level, new heights and I thought he was going to destroy the league when he first arrived. on that and it was a big disappointment not to see him do that, but with these two players we don't know what they were going through mentally, we don't know what was going on in their home or their family homes. I don't know what pressures they were subjected to, we don't know what kind of negative energy, um bits of energy, the managers who were in charge at the time subjected them again upon returning to Delhi, look what you said about the change between pochettino and mourinho Pochettino was interested in him as a man first and then as a player and Mourinho didn't have time for that, it's like you're wasting your time being lazy, you know what I mean?
And then we found out in that documentary, about a week later, he actually apologized for saying lazy, but we didn't see it as a fan base and we didn't see it as an audience man, so all those negative connotations that are then used in articles, blogs, written articles and tweets, you know what I mean? They become the truth and it was far from the truth, you know, and I will not stay in In the midst of your storm you must expose yourself and let everyone know what is happening in your life. You have to deal with those things in life and you have to overcome them and you have to exercise those demons yourself and watch. them in your face before you can admit it to anyone so let's keep our fingers crossed for a man manager like Ange poster cogley who looks like a person you know isn't just Jolly him.
I don't think you can get the birdies, no and get. and get his way, but at the same time I think he's interested in the man who plays on that field first and then the players second, and we keep our fingers crossed with these players that we want to give a second chance to or we want to take advantage his second chance. Hopefully he is the man who can guide him and help them reach new heights in the Tottenham shirt. Yeah, great, Rick. I know that we are very constant. I want to close it with poster quotes so we can let everyone go and before I do.
Again, there were standout moments in that second break in terms of players. In Paris, he is a man who has been linked with a possible exit from Tottenham. Terminator is coming back to Croatia again today, he is instrumental in terms of the two goals from set pieces and I think I have to say that I think he was really impressive on that left wing. It will be interesting to see a minor pasta cogloo if he has a future because I must say that he tried hard in that second half. Tottenham's of course it's just a friendly, don't get carried away but look I have to say their Deadpool delivery is incredible, you have to say that even though we were maybe disappointed by their lack of pace last time time. season and then productivity um again, I think today's program has that delivery, I mean, second to none, definitely Adobe, we've touched the attack up and down the left flank again achieved its goal, so it's really brilliant in its first exhibition. for Tottenham and I think Dr.
Paul before Pat matasar did a little display in a midfield three, he also advanced whenever he could uh PMA Today bear, of course, I think by moving away from the football club that of course he played for , I was more of a presenter today and used the ball well, won the ball back, but unfortunately he was involved in West Ham scoring that third goal in the cell, so as we've discussed, it'll be interesting to see how his future develops over the next few years. weeks. Talk about Napoli has been interested in him, but as we've alluded to, I think he fits that advanced eight roll like a glove, so you know it'll be interesting to see that today he completed three key passes and a goal in the 45th minute, It's very early but of course he's one to keep an eye on Alfie Devine, he's not normally a winger but he looked a lot brighter as we've seen him today he would have impressed I'm sure the poster cogloo and he's One to Watch look out.
I think when you look at what you're accomplishing, you now have a dog saw. Wow, there are some really bright spots to come in terms of the youth players that Tottenham and John Wayne would know. Of course, too much, White Rose Rushalison. I don't really want to be negative about a player, but he was struggling with offsides, wasn't he chatty today? And I wonder if it's a big season for him, where there's a lot. There is speculation surrounding Harry Kane and some are saying: well, Richardson is Brazil's number nine. Can he become Tottenham's number nine? I'm not sure it's a great role to feel if he has 30 goals in him.
I think that again remains to be seen, but maybe before we comment on Charleston, let's see how he does in, of course, these remaining preseason games and go from there, but let's close it out, guys, with some quotes from Andrew Potter and Pat. I'll start with you. um, after the game he said that we had been working very hard in training. I didn't expect the guys to be super ready because at this stage we are just getting into conditioning, we have been working on some things and we want to show something that is I think in both Hearts we are having the willingness of the guys to implement the things that we have been working; sometimes they look good but we are still in the infancy of trying to establish the way we want to play and our structures but for me the key is that they are trying and it is the guys who have to implement it and for the most part it was really good, so Pat to close this particular topic with you on zip code glue.
How impressed I was. How about today and maybe how excited you are to see what changes we might see for Leicester at the weekend. Yes, no, as I said before. I'm definitely impressed with what he's done considering he hasn't been here long. Some of the boys. "I've only been here for three or four days, I mean, Harry Kane came back last Wednesday, I think, and essentially that's less than a week, so it's really impressive to see what he's done in such a short time," he spoke at the Charleston and I feel like Charleston definitely has the ability to score 15 goals a season, but he just needs to relax, it's like he's trying too hard, he's taking those opportunities, he's obviously too far away for Advanced on the last shoulder, he's just overdoing it and You know he's talked a lot, he's given big talks over the summer saying he knows Spurs are playing a lot of money for him.
You know he needs to impress now. He also said that he went through a lot of things off the field. field and now he feels calmer and blah blah blah, but he just needs to relax a little bit, just relax, he's almost planting hard and you can see, I mean, he had a good chance where he hit it like wide of the crossbar of the post and another. The chance is that he failed again, his lines did not comply. I think he had a chance like in the 85th minute and he headed it straight into the key part, very tame and he should have done better.
I mean, we had a lot of opportunities. We should have stopped tying the game, we should have easily won that game, but that goes back to Ange's zip code glue, which essentially puts players in the right position. I think one of the main things for me is that it allows players to play where they feel comfortable, so perisicos, by not having to do without running up and down defensively and playing as a left back, when you can see that the guy can't defend and he doesn't have his legs, pushed him further forward, like Ricky said before, where we.
I have invited the full backs or well not the full backs, now they are the left back and the right back and one person will drop deep and defend on the opposite side and then on a flank and push them forward socially in their preferred position. I guess I see more natural pain in the preferred position, yeah, so you know be smart and use the tools you have to the best of your ability and you know I saw someone in a comment say about the first half. with me I thought it was a stronger team and in the second half it wasn't the weaker team but essentially players that you would feel wouldn't really start in our first competitive game if our first game was tomorrow obviously people like the cells it definitely gives a manager something to think about, but yeah, I mean, all I want to see now is desire, commitment, obviously, skill, passion, understanding and people really giving the manager something to think about and obviously , pushing for a spot, and I start at 11.
We all know what we need. I mean, I just hope and pray that Daniel Levy has a plan to bring in some centre-backs because we can't start our first game at Brentford with this with these centre-backs, um, but other than that, I mean, yeah, I'm impressed. I'm excited to see what happens next. It's annoying that we're playing Leicester now and they're a relegated team because if we crush them people will say, "Oh, they're shit, their relegation before they haven't blocked." I would have preferred. "To play against a Premier League team, but it is what it is.
I suppose when this was settled they would probably be criminals again. It is what it is now. Yes, they are asking you, Pat, do you think the Lion City Sailors are here?" I'll see all the things I'm working on on the podcast and stuff, so yeah, just interact with me online and then we can keep working, but yeah, it's a pleasure Vicky, it's been great to be on my first pod review . It has been possible. I don't think we haven't done it before and obviously crackers you're always a gene and yeah you're the man. I wonder if your Ricks will share the same desire depending on what you see in the drinks next year, Jesus Christ.
Our time is running out, but we will always bless you. Thank you so much for giving us so much of your time and Rex. I just want to pick up on a quote that came from an imposter called glue, um, and you know it's really It's interesting that in the last three and a half years we still haven't managed to take responsibility for actions and things that go wrong. They asked him today. You know you talked about things to work on. The defensive thing, in part, is that the objectives are considered holistically. Partly my fault, we haven't done a lot of work on those kinds of areas and defensive structures around set pieces and I can't expect the boys to take on everything.
I thought for the most part, defensively, the pressure was really good, so we did that. I won't allow too many charges like you said, but isn't it comforting for Ricks when we've been around for a long time with different managers who are very quick to dismiss any type of criticism and his zip code hits on the first day? his first Spurs game taking responsibility saying I was wrong I don't think I'm going to get used to this Rick so no I mean we have Louisiana for four years you know he's on a four year contract so we have and it's refreshing, we needed someone like that, I think we all needed that, I think, I think, I think the guys needed that, that would be on that team right now, I think we need that as a fan base, I think. the club needed it, you know, when Patrick spoke earlier about Basuma taking over as a speaker, you know he's been allowed to express himself and have a smile on his face without it being disrespectful to some people in the eyes of some manager, so than for a manager. coming in and taking responsibility for the things that he feels were on him, that's a beautiful thing instead of just throwing players out, throwing players out, you know they're not good enough, think about what was said after that Southampton game.
You know, I mean, we didn't really see much of that today. Know? I mean, yeah, we've only seen 45 minutes per team, you know, the first team on the quote-unquote second team, but it was there. It was really good to see him there and every time I listen to him and talk to him, I'm more impressed by him and I'm more in love with him, every time, man, and I hope they do the same against Leicester. 45 minutes a team 45minutes for the other team keep testing them keep pushing them those players who want to be there will show up those who don't won't be there those who can't last will stay training with whoever goes back wherever they are in any country, do you know what I mean, but Are good times coming?
I think these good times they have for Tottenham Hotspur and let's cross our fingers, we have more smiles in these capsules, you know, for the future and and the next games, you know absolutely Rex, it's always a pleasure to have a new one, let's try it and we will invite you if we can for more preseason games before the season starts of course we will share with you for sure uh Rick is anything that dies. is it worth coming in terms of auditions, anything you want to mention theater wise, to everyone we can find you at the moment or is it a case of just wait and see, yeah, so I have an audition right now. actually trying to study because it's an incredibly long monologue and that's just scene one, like three pages of dialogue without any interaction from another character, which is a lot, it's a lot of mental insanity, so I can't say about the auditions , but I filmed a little bit about two or three weeks ago again.
I'm not allowed to say anything about it, but as soon as it's over, I'm sure you all will know and it will be exciting times. Talk about it then, but yeah, good things to come, good things to come, brother and it's always an honor and a pleasure to be with yourself with Patrick for the first time and the man, the myth, the legend, the cookies, you know what do I mean? that and that and something else before. I also leave it, crackers was getting some crap online by the time he actually retracted some things he said about dele alley after that daily alley documentary um uh and people took up his case and I just can't understand it. right, you know, in life, right, Muhammad Muhammad Ali said in life, okay, if you believe the same thing at 30 and then at 60, then you've wasted 30 years of your life, so the fact that the cookies like a man like a man can conceive defeat and see, you know where I was wrong in my opinion at that time, and we will all be wrong in our opinion, especially when it comes to football, because it makes you right, he does it to you the fact that he could do that was huge and the fact that some people were getting him was just mind blowing to me so the cracks continue to be the great man that you are and continue to lead the way that you lead and Karen says in what you believe and if those things change, I love the fact that you can defend yourself. and admit when you are when you think your word was wrong at the time and then change your mind because that's what life is, it's not about staying in one opinion, it's not about just digging your heels in and waiting for your bias confirmation. so for something to go wrong for you to be right, it's life is not about that man, life is about seeing where you are wrong, seeing where you went wrong, seeing where you can improve and correct it without ego, cracks well made, we.
I have a lot of love for you brother, thanks Rick, that's very nice of you, yeah, that's very nice of you to say that, thank you, sure, I mean what a final episode it's really obvious, I mean, cracks, look, just I'll tell you. maybe they'll give us a rally and cry sooner than what we've seen at the back of today's 90 minutes from Pasta Cogloo's Tottenham, how excited we should be for the future, now cracks, you've been here for the last four, three, three, four years, the same. Like Rick, we have experienced a lot of negative football.
I think we've had some really tough shows. I had to cover the last one at the Spurs. Do you have a feeling now that the tide is starting to turn and we've got a lot of optimism, positive sign, I'm looking forward to the cracks, well look, one of my silly analogies, Tottenham is a beach boy, he's just a boy with long, messy hair, a pair of shorts and a surfboard, and for the last three four. For years we have found ourselves like we were in Iceland, Lapland or Norway, simply looking around with the surfboard under our arms.
I don't think I belong here and coming has put us somewhere near a beach, so like the sun is just shining a little bit, you can hear the ocean, you can see the beach, there are some seagulls flying around, so look, We're not on the beach surfing yet, but it feels like we're somewhere in the southern hemisphere now, a little warm and a little hot. of the sea can be heard in the distance, so look, we may not make it to the beach with Ange, but we are not in Lapland now either, just by having him we now look alike, but we are somewhere where we should be his. philosophies that won't change and his philosophies and what he wants to be uh um and the way he goes about it won't change and I think his philosophies fit with Tottenham Hotspur so look, he has half a chance to work, he really is. with a little buying from everyone, then we could have something in our hands, old and temporary, if we have it, will the board go with it too?
We would have given him the tools to work and I don't want Ange. fall into the same trap but pochettino yes of being a kind of bulletproof vest for uh for the bald ones you know the saying today look, I didn't really put it on the guys at the back to defend the set pieces and that depends on me um, you know, if they're not good enough and he's messed up, then he has to say that and he has to say, in a roundabout way, that these players are not good enough to do what I want and need the furniture in the house, so yeah, as long as he doesn't fall into that trap of continuing to protect bald people, then maybe we have something on our hands.
I'm more optimistic now than I have been for a while so It could be Rick, maybe just don't call us, sorry, to put you through this, yeah, and I miss Love Island, you usually finish that too and there's a couple tonight and we've had 30 possessions. We have been terrible, I miss love Island and I'll put you in for all this see you later at 8 oh my god let's hope there are more positive things cracks thank you very much for that analogy guys we were the last at the Spurs, I must say once again, the wonderful Richard Cracknell Rich, thank you very much my friend, you will be back with us very, very soon, the wonderful Ricky J Norwood, who I think will be a lot like Rick, very, very kind. words to send your crackling and more Ricks, thank you so much and the wonderful Patrick Tyrant on this last one on the Spurs, almost everyone, thank you so much for all your incredible support, as always keep the faith, thank God we have some things. wait and as always have a new one

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