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A Father Realizes His Son Is A Murderer

Apr 12, 2024
It was a guy who got shot, they crashed the car, the police were chasing them, they went in one direction, even another direction. When you watch that video, that's Hakeem Robinson on January 15, 2020, a police officer witnessed one of the most brutal and heartless. murders of the decade the killer was still unknown, however, the police had their suspicions in an attempt to obtain more information, they brought the


of rapper K Sue, where they gave him the news that his son was part of a murder . What followed is one of the most shocking and unexpected moments in the history of interrogations, they call it the stories in the shops.
a father realizes his son is a murderer
Abdul Robinson Sr. was the leader of a violent gang in Jacksonville, Florida, and brought his children with him. One of them was Hakeem Robinson, better known as kesu, a rapper who had recently been feuding with another online rapper Charles McCormick, also known as Lil Buck, had released a diss track on Hakeem. Later dash cam footage this week captured McCormick being shot to death by a man with an assault rifle and a men's hunting suit before Hakeem and three other men in total were arrested in connection with the murder. , later Hakeem's


was also questioned and told that they thought his son had brutally murdered a man and would probably spend life in prison, but what the police did not expect was the reaction they would get from his father ah sir Robinson again Joel I came from the state attorney's office um here to take a sworn statement from you yes please raise your right hand Mr.
a father realizes his son is a murderer

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a father realizes his son is a murderer...

Robinson do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing about the truth yes sir um you? You understand that the Earth you just took is like taking an oath in court and that if you lie in a material way, that is a serious crime, it is called perjury and is punishable by up to five years in prison. Do you understand that the detective asks Abdul a few more things? questions that confirm the oath and make sure he's not under the influence or being threatened, then he checks some details and goes on to discuss the murder of Charles McCormick.
a father realizes his son is a murderer
Today, obviously, he is familiar with a person as far as his case is concerned, yes, sir. and his nickname, are you aware of a song released before he was shot and killed in January 2020? Yes, sir, and what was your understanding of what that song was about? It was a deer song, so he said a disco song, yeah. The dead Hakeem Robinson knows the song, yes sir, did he ever talk to you about the video for the song and how he felt about the song? He didn't like it. Prior to McCormick's murder, there had been a long-running feud between the two gangs.
a father realizes his son is a murderer
ATK and kta with multiple bodies in his wake being the leader of ATK it's obvious he would have known from Parts about this but maintains he was never directly involved however as we get closer to McCormick's murder things become Cloudier for Abdul, he mentions that two of his children had shown him the song and neither of them liked it. What is worse for him is that immediately after the murder he received multiple phone calls from suspects directly asking to be taken away from the scene and now it dates back to January 15, 2020, that day, Abdul Robinson Jr called him, his son, yes, sir, and it was from a number that you recognize as belonging to him, yes, sir, what did you want?
Oh, he wanted me to come pick him up, with scars, did he get the phone too? calls from Leroy Whitaker yes sir and what did he want oh tell me uh where was he to come pick him up did he tell you if he was alone or didn't have anyone with him? No, he said it. Leroy Whitaker and Dominique Garner having direct involvement in such a high-profile case obviously doesn't put Abdul in the best position; In fact, police suspect him of being a direct accomplice to the murders, but Abdul has played this game for a long time and knows he must maintain his innocence for as long as possible, leading to his heartbreaking admission later in the case. , but while he is complicit in answering questions, the police decide to try to extract as much information as possible about this case and delve deeper into what happened when Abdul picked up Leroy well. he was next to a race, that car accident was on the street or in a ditch yard or you all like a ditch or something, it was near a house, yeah, like in the front yard of a house, yeah , a dual pickup from Leroy. next to a crashed car, the same car that had fled the scene immediately after the shooting, this vehicle actually turned out to be the undoing of the entire case after crashing.
Hakeem Leroy and another man named Dominique Barner fled the scene and two of them were captured. In security footage panning nearby gardens, Leroy and Dominique eventually ended up storming a couple's home before taking a woman changing clothes hostage and summoning him to a duel, but this is where they slipped up while As they made the call, the terrified woman managed to make out their conversation and got a perfect view of Dominique's tattoos, allowing her to instantly identify and select him from a line of suspects. This mistake caused Hakeem and each of his attackers to be captured, but they weren't necessarily related to the murder, that was until Abdul said this, what do you say?
Remember how they said they crashed? The call is a police chase. Loom and came and jumped out of the car. They went in one direction or even another direction. They said if Hakeem Robinson Kimi had something on him when he jumped. from the car yeah, he said he had a gun with him, huh? Leroy Whitaker and Dominic Warner mentioned to you if there was anything left in the car after the accident. Yeah, they said he left a gun and I grabbed mine. Let me rephrase that first. the car crashed Dominic Barner and Leroy Whitaker say nothing about what someone in the car was perhaps going to do while fleeing from the police and who specifically was going to be the one to shoot, although no gun was actually found in the vehicle hilly.
It is increasingly clear how little Abdul is holding back. Remember that Hakeem is his own son and is currently the number one suspect in a murder investigation. While he is under oath, he must tell the truth, that does not mean he has to answer any of the questions. However, they are the detective's questions, but he chooses to voluntarily answer each and every one of them, sparing no details so far, he has told him all the details of the day, the fact that he had a gun that day and that he planned to shoot him at the police while fleeing from them. but even after all this, he is still not done snitching, in addition to that information, did he find out that he was shot and killed, yes sir, and who told him that?
Oh, Scott, they explained to me that he was a guy who got shot, um, it was a bit. Whereas before this situation at a gas station that made the song, Leroy Whitaker was explaining to them that he was a person who had been shot once before, yes sir, and whoever shot him some time before, oh, he did it with Scotty Scotty and the reason was because of a song that he played, yes sir, and when he told you that information, did you know who this person was?, yes sir, Abdul is now confirmed, the motive for the shooting directly stated that the motive for the shooting was the song and a long-standing dispute. between Makim and McCormick and even claiming that Leroy had shot McCormick once in the past;
However, while it may not seem like possibly the most incriminating statement of all here was when he said he knew the victim before Leroy even mentioned him, it makes it clear that he knows about McCormick and possible plans to get revenge on him for a while. , which can easily be used as a way to argue that the murder was premeditated and if Abdul knew McCormick was the victim before mentioning it, it heavily implies that there were discussions about it before Hakeem's sentence was drastically increased, it seems like everything The respect he had for his son has gone out the window and he is fully confessing to the police on his behalf, this is when Abdul decides to completely seal the deal and makes a heartbreaking admission that would surprise the detectives, ruin his reputation as a gangster and seal the destiny of his son forever.
Did you see anything on social media submitted by his son Hakeem Robinson that concerned you, yes sir, and what was that specifically, all the stories about stores and murders? the toes were made, it was having Instagram on the Instagram store and it was something that Poe was posted by Kim Robinson, yes sir, when she saw that he was upset, yes sir, did you try to reach out and talk to IKEA Robinson, Yes, sir, and when did you talk to him? What did you tell him to learn? Let me understand it. Know? Did he deny being involved when you told him to write that down?
No, now as part of the discovery in this case, you had the opportunity with your attorney to see what I will refer to as a dash cam video, a video that actually recorded the murder of Charles McCormick is that correct and you have seen it, yes sir. Now when you watch that video, you'll be able to see what the shooter was wearing, yes sir. Could you see how the shooter ran? This is how the shooter moved. Yes sir. Did you also see the firearm that was used? Yes sir. Now, when you saw that video of the murder of Charles McCormick, did you recognize the shooter?
Yes sir, who was the shooter on that one? video his son Nikki Robinson without even a moment of hesitation Abdul deals two devastating blows to Akeem's case that would later be used against him in court to charge him not only did he voluntarily give evidence to the police that they had no regard for In the Instagram story , told them that Hakeem did not deny killing McCormick and told them directly that the man in the dash cam footage who shot McCormick was without a doubt his own son, since in this interview Hakeem was also accused of killing to a 16 year old boy.
An old man named Adrian Gainer, also known as Bibby, pleaded not guilty to both first-degree murders. Right now, his case is still ongoing, but regardless of the outcome, his entire life has been turned upside down, all thanks to his father for telling the police everything.

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