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A Dinner Request! - My Time at Portia (Full Release) Part 48

Mar 17, 2022
Today I actually need to do it every


I go to the research center. I need to talk to Merlin. Soon he would have her at least at friend level. Jack is over here. Alice is not around. I don't want to go, it's scary, yes, it's scary too. I wouldn't go out with him if I were you. That's my scent. The apples are gone, man. I know what you know. Automatically ordered, but a lemonade or whatever, man, my lemonade, or there are terrible


s, I'll go. Give him martha's and bread that is always good when I do something and I'm not sorry I'm sorry it made me ha ha Oh some Chango bread I'm going to ask for another recipe please don't give me a tasteless broth recipe okay okay oh okay you already had one today which is ok ok now i'm sure i made it through the sand blockers right oh i have to install them all so that's ok we'll do that now while we wait for the assembly drawing for the machine sew Jia, I will talk to you even if I can't leave your presence.
a dinner request   my time at portia full release part 48
Did you know that eating mainly fish can maintain a slim body? Look at me yeah just eat 5000 calories of fish a day and don't exercise. This is how you look like this. it's the thing about eating any


icular food group by saying eat this and it will make you lose weight you can always overeat everything i mean it's really hard to do with broccoli but you know you probably could if you ate enough you could get nervous runny broccoli if you ate enough but it would be like a roo Alright, I don't have any gifts for you.
a dinner request   my time at portia full release part 48

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a dinner request my time at portia full release part 48...

Sound effects, but now notice all these little extra bits, I don't really need, I don't need to use that one, keep listening to a stereo because it's good for Albert's sake. in size when you install them the magic is build magic build a well magic builder magic little Pauly doesn't really call you little anymore build it too much so find a sack quick Oh done Oh tower city yeah I mean no more sand on your breakfast table oh no I want a new hat team and reputation plans my new hat gives me 320 max HP thanks a lot to my XP right now it's one two, four, one, two, oh, nine. yeah now back to how also the machine we had a commission also no commissioners have been done whatever there is nothing else i can give mint Now I need to buy more lemonade, although I can talk to Ginger less, even if it was one of the mines established during the Great Migration south of Etha, there are rumors that there are monsters there there are monsters in that hello there really are monsters in engels mine I'm so glad you made it out safely i want to hear more stories about your heroic rescue when you have time how the weather is corny now dad jokes all the time.
a dinner request   my time at portia full release part 48
I guess I'm the only person who finds them funny, so maybe I need to see Ginger when she's at her house again. You can sit and talk. I think that is perhaps the idea. I'm not sure. They might get another 20 socialization points with her because she's another person I'm trying really hard with. She's going down the list there because other people are starting to get through, but I only have about four hundred and seventy eighty. aim past the middle not w with ginger which is actually very good ok so now that i've done all of that is all i can do a final little review of all my


s here.
a dinner request   my time at portia full release part 48
I've actually completed the coal there, so Maybe I'll make a little more coal, you can never complete too much on the bronze bars. Now, let's take a look at what we've gotten in all. We have quite a few iron bars but if you get a good some bronze lead tin yeah probably copper and bronze and carbon steel right now multiple bronze I think I'll do 25 bronze bars on that definitely didn't hurt we all ran out on these the fuel ran out It runs out so fast on these but for the times I do remember it's definitely worth it ok wood balls are hard to make and I'll see if I can make more hardwood planks I never have too many of those either and then planks of bronze and copper and marble bench reinforcements maybe make another set of marble the blanks make a couple apparently okay okay we're up to nine o'clock to make dog food your fuel runs out Same here, I don't have enough power stones to refuel so I need to go mining, so out of all my metals, what is the least copper I have? clear winner there we go my son copper like my drill my lovely mint gave me good then she counted a little pop ya Ava let's go for it I don't want to restart the mine at this point as I give a big honeycomb so it might be a little easier if i just go to the exit and give it a quick reset yeah i hope you find big veins of copper here now oh well its a big sand deposit the crazy thing is its all sand oh OMG this is all grit it would be great if it really needed sound that's all the copper surely there's something about no it's not really it's just those two grits well that's really unfortunate leave some copper again but someone needs sand maybe the sand i need i just get it b y product of mining everything else and the whole city here too because like such a fast mine it's a generator of experience pretty good, apparently ok, stamina has run out, probably enough, I did get power stones though, that's what was here though. for oops, no, oh, that's all a copper, that's great.
I'll find or buy power stones tomorrow or just build another furnace. Another generator. I can't wait to have the factory. today's stuff that mint


was really really good i'm out social i got mint i'm super duper happy with makeups you love what's shit look a hug that's all you get just a hug so what we got today you could have big pickle old but a man here it looks so oh well a lot of people here is the diagram for the industry some industrial or industrial sewing machine as promised I did some tweaking to make it work better than what Carol had I also went ahead and removed the sewing head from Carol's machine and attached it here.
I don't think we can duplicate it, so Louise etc. they might be superstar photographers, you guessed it. I have more photos for you to take. It turns out that the Church of Light is a bit jealous in the research centers article and which of theirs here is the list of photos I need one the Church of Lights for Lee three Nora for peach Square Say hello I'm mint good thanks for that Sarah hey her love that's for your help in the tunnel I noticed the bulldozer dropped a large drill bit. I wonder if she'll be able to use that to help us build a driller that we can use to speed up construction of the attached tunnel. a diagram i found on vega five looks absurdly complicated and i've never seen anything like it at the time no one had the kind of drill bit needed to build this thing but now we've got good luck lovely mint so we've got the drill bit and we've got the sewing machine we can build today Wow Wow we pause that's the biggest part you haven't done the help box yet you know what I don't even care about the Commission we need this help box what do I need to make it?
I can do it and I'll leave it and I'll put some things in it to use like apples and things to feed the horse in the keys to your box that's yours in there yeah right so in the help of the box I want to put some apples if I got some that I'm not right come on go get a commission because it's almost time guys ok let's break this down before it goes so there's one for Mars 25 points but for 35 points for Isaac people's points, no matter who they are, I have to pick the one with the most social points because that's really important to me.
I have to keep those who protect them with my life rubber belts that I have not seen b Before I really hope that their thing can really do, I am terrible at trying to take Commission and then I realized that I really do Commission , but we will see the rubber belt now, let's take a look at the workshop table and see if we can make the one there I can as long as I have quality leather I need two pieces of quality leather for one I want to see how many you make I want I want three so I need six pieces of fine leather I can make nine will take me alone I need six.
I'll take eighteen hours so I can do it in the morning. That's not so bad. I love my pink lipstick. I only look closely. one day off ok sam and then i usually eat these yeah ok ten o'clock peach blossom that's not so bad i usually remember things at ten o'clock that's my normal dating time then i'll meet more dried apricots oh , I don't have enough sugar, oh, okay, it could be something to do, then have some sugar, you said, tell me you want chicken earrings again look for sure one chicken earring so I know I can't give you chicken earrings no I got well I could go and play mini games at Jango's until I have them but I'd rather give you a pumpkin pies ok man I'm lightning now let's put some dried apricots ok maybe I'll take a look at the vending machine too sew let's see what if only let's see what you need all see how hard these things are to make the driller see for example I need three jumbo wheels single seat top of the drill that I already have three industrial motors , of done, that's not hard, oh, and three steel casings, two rubber tires, two control panels, none of those are hard, I do. sorry i need four little silicone chips for him but if he gives me points with mint and maybe its ok to give him less dream lamps or more of those shoe things i made for him ok sewing machine i can i need to go to find the silicon chip for them to use for everything requires an advanced motor, bearings, two rubber straps no no I need to make them for my commission hard aluminum which I can't actually physically do and steel plates yeah , hope


y the electric furnace is the next thing to come from gasoline but I still can't physically do that if I do and I won't be able to do the perforator until I have more silicon chips so I guess what we'll do for the rest of the data and heads through the ruins to obtain silicon chips.
The space forgot that there is not much space. I need to solve this correctly. A metal cloth. inventory when they shouldn't be maybe that's not so bad I can probably get to the ruins with all this a momentary all healing healing stuff had a healing chest yeah lovely so yeah basically let's go through the ruins a few times and see if i can get the if silicon chips i need to ruin sample three seemed pretty decent because actually just constantly running level 3 or even level 2 might be better for constantly running the level with the least amount of time to traverse it, then you guaranteed the most silicon chips for the time involved I don't know, yeah, we'll try level 2.
You're wondering about using the hammer. It's great today. Your boxes belong to me. The Massa Moore engine, give me a silicon chip. on the wiki what's the best way to get little silicon chips actually oh this is


of poison come back here jump around here somewhere they were jump dancers they like to meet well i might just jump in the acid, actually, things are us. im just doing that now i can just keep going too see when youre trying to get around little bits of acid and stuff your sword pulling you forward its not a good thing though its new hat is helping its pretty good me I would have liked to co I totally missed that it also had a little circuit chip Wow my space bar apparently doesn't work today not because it doesn't work just because I can't press it yeah it died I jumped to die. like mobs so bad they ain't boss omg they ain't as good as a boss lube office guys that's pretty awesome yeah it seems like sometimes you can get lube out of tweezer rooms don't think you know when I need it. build those of the cranes.
You may have to go through here twice. I'll have to see. I need four of those little silicon chips. So if I have one, it's like two. I'll make it out of this race three if I'm lucky. I am very unlucky. I'm going to have to run it three times just to get four and that would be the driller pretty much done once I have the silicon chips to get the drill ready.lucky yeah I have a third one you definitely seem to get more at these lower levels well, maybe i'm just getting lucky again i'm not sure why people gave me a dry so i ran around here a lot and it's just they've been lucky with that particular item that wasn't smart it was alright so i'm going through All the poison, I just want to open this chest, that's all I want to do, I lied, it's a ship looking inside. a little engine is alright yeah yeah well i need them sometimes ah another how many look what now i might have fallen off a run yeah i'll fall off a run maze time I am terrible the moment I apologize I think I thought that at that moment they gave me that timesandra's legs while he's spraying it's done thing man not bad at all done yeah good stuff killcount 33 and for silicon chips just what i need let's do a drill too while i'm here i might go and see how i can get some tow powers because I always need those things at level 2 and 3.
I seem to be having a lot more luck than at level 4 for the silicon chip house. It's interesting, isn't it rude not to do this while I'm here? Basically a small group of rocks around here. it's back too I don't have enough space in my inventory for something. I'm always going to come back later for that, though it's okay. The main thing is that the topaz got in, so that's the main thing. You can actually unlock more inventory at this point though ten thousand gold but you need to unlock it all eventually oh that was the Topaz actually so I'm glad that was the only thing I came here looking for and you need to figure it out. my storage, but there's a part of me that's so boring to do that maybe that's what I'll do tonight.
I'll make some metal storage boxes and replace my stone for wooden ones and to be honest it's game over. so far without any metal storage it's great hmm big rock there you mine too big rock much better and Bloodstones a big cuz eat them for oh he ran out of power T I need to get on my horse and get out of here then yeah management of inventory for the night I think he did it like this one of those jobs like cleaning up you bother just do it and then next time we'll make the driller policy levers come with a couple of cool Decker paintings of my home and things like that.
I'm going to put some furniture in my house as well so if I quickly do the metal chest first I'll do two metal storage all of that will help and I'd say oh there are some things that completely fall apart though it could be that I don't have enough strength. and glass or something for me too many but you see ok downstairs you know what two of these at the end of my bed really looks like a third one should be there too but come on i'll just do with that for now now i'll which really was full meal chess isn't so bad right now f The gun chest is pretty full.
The cloth trunk was huge. Lost. It should also be updated. Metal. What you could do there is you could have metal and metal products. the metal storage is one of those it's going to be fabric but I have a lot of things that need to go in fabric just the fabric trunk is this nice chocolate right now because I just need to go in their respective trunks I think they run outside and then it should reappear metals then the old cloth chest get everything out of there right click right click I mean why do I have loads of Asteria and that's the ridiculous way that must be that miscellaneous chest? make it into a bigger chest because stuff like that will go there or maybe farming or something yeah the new cloth chest come on where is the metal storage cloth area?
So what I wanted is the wood cloth chest I need to rename to metal metro etal or something now I get all the SROs out of the metal chest I'll give it some breathing room lovely the metal will beat to all the other stuff like those pipes i need i need the other metal storage be with several you always have to have a myth i suggest you keep it try to keep it in one you have all my luck Harvest Festival Medals and such of stuff rackets a little bouquets fabric fabric fabric growing flowers maybe the farm chest is getting a bit of a chock-a-block, but what I do is rename something like the old misc chest.
I could turn that into seeds. I have seeds in agriculture or something like cows and stuff in there like ridiculous. Okay, so this was going to be seeds I think, and then we were a new miscellaneous metal chest. I find where there was a little misc storage, but there is some so you'll know where else to put them. Now the sulphate that I'm going to put in the stone chest actually the relics might need to be a big adjustment that mig It has to be a third one and one for the gems right? I'm sure I saw those knees go into cloth, really all these apples I'll remember, oh I had a room of apples like Jesus in the country, I don't know.
I'll stay with those industrial metals because they are a couple of paintings that I want to put in my neighborhood, so where is my house? We will be much closer to having that extra resistance. Apparently not in general now the washing machine that will do some little painting and that's very good ok let's see about this belt so quality skins are still being made for that. I'll put it together, so I need silicon chips. I just saved them, right? I literally stored them in rubber tires. Some jumbo tires make jumbo tires. Oh look at all this.
Whoops, I need control panels. I need control panels. I need to have two of those already. I can do two jumbo tires. s and I can do three and a party okay great and then oh we're waiting for rubber belts again oh that's going to be hard. I'll do the Commission first this no matter how long it takes three industrial motors for this is really crazy ok I have one you know okay steel shells Oh steel shells Jessica I need three steel J rods frames steel sorry I should be able to make them I guess I can't because there aren't enough carbon steel bars or a name they are probably once they pick them all up they still help you get through them fast good job I'm making so many this one till talk about one so just little shorts in the coal that's alright beast up shells which means three three steel frame a steel shell but I just had three iron fathers weld me up yeah well then what's the what do you mean?
Good enough, the words I thought I made made me three welding rods instead of brass bars. you get over them and just surprise tell me when they don't fit me let's find the silicon chip stuff not that man if these don't tell me i need silicon chips oh actually maybe not maybe i just need the silicon panels control yeah this is mostly for the control panels ok let's put the control panels here then also like it's just a control panel thing so looking forward to the big drill point steel casing and the tire jumbo, okay, I did the jumbo tires, didn't I?
That's with the Jumbo tires. So what is the tip of the drill and the shells of the seal? So the drill bits should be here somewhere or in my inventory somewhere. It's probably a tree. I'm sure I put it in and saved it there. do with these steel casings now oh yeah i haven't even picked up the globe and globe so i can actually make them yet. I see how many welding rods we have, they're pretty quick to find normally, but one too soon since we have three. we can make the welder's piercer think whatever area number three is steel shells and that's the piercer finished?
Let's finish. It's great, oh my gosh, we're doing a lot right now. I think your lab deserves bedtime or we can deliver it. Maybe we can. That would be great. Not happy apartments, yes I'm going to bed. mint out for a playdate mint already loves us so much and is already great so i hope you enjoyed the episode if you did leave me a like below if you want to see more


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