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May 29, 2021
hey guys this is just a typical day with Jade coming down all over the place this is some of my glasses some of my signature bags and some of my sneakers are my closet they're not done yet but whatever I'm gonna come in here for something later. that totally when i started filming but you guys want more vlogging more my daily life so im about to vlog im gonna go shopping


shopping um i got a break from Loyola so im gonna take this time to do things I love facials. I do my nails. These are personal.
a day with wayda quarantine edition
Do my nails. Do me sessions. hosting and stuff so i have to get some shots dying because it's about to be time to go back to work so yeah right now i'm about to go to the store. repeat myself even if it's in real life so excuse me if i repeat myself while vlogging oh look at these cute bits it's literally like metal it has a robot on it. I'm going to sit with my favorite and then spray some perfume so I can smell nice and all the guys try to jokingly yell but that's just the way it is. my daily visit every day everyone comes around me it's like they smell like me days later because that's my destiny I spray it every day on my bag in the car but i want to take a different bag because the other day i had in that purse .
a day with wayda quarantine edition

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a day with wayda quarantine edition...

I'm going to take this. This is my favorite. C'mon, I'll open my shell, but oh, what are the real ones? where's the other piece of my hundred dollar boom? I got excited. I'm going to say ding. tampon because my time of the month is coming up I just don't know weird I don't know and hope I put some brow gel one this is my favorite orite I love our brow gel I love my brows stick out like this then gel to help them this is all there is brow gel is from Gigi the lady who does my brows well so check this out here so I can talk to Dava for a sec hey guys im about to go to the grocery store I'm gonna run to Kroger and take aim because later I'm going to have to eat something I cook bleh I'm about to hook up my ps4 too and once I hook up that little break up and down that fado nothing else is going to matter to me so Wow , I have time and I didn't even download the game or connect it.
a day with wayda quarantine edition
I'm going to go ahead and go to the store to get everything I need. wrapping up so let's get in the car these are all my peanut butter chips i'm opening up i've got a lot of work to do my game system is here so excited it's so excited it used to be a crazy game ok and then um I sort of grew as I got older and became a girl because I used to be like a real tomboy so I stopped p putting the game on and I'm really about to play the game again which is why I made a post on my Instagram like you're looking for me for my friends and family.
a day with wayda quarantine edition
I'm going to play my video game but my skin is in a car it's not my guest room it's so cute no one really talks about it but yeah it's cute so she'll drive the car because she has the most games , so I have to change my bag because I had all my things in this when I went I did my hair or I just threw that in the back where everything else goes I put my little cash in my bag I already changed my car I don't have in this great aspires to go whatever i'm excluded being Ani i'm in a dog so biani her hair is the best that's what i have in my hair right now throw it back there - it's this new one don't throw it back there - trash throw it there back - ok let's put it here favorite gum they say you are what you eat and i'm great so we headed bye guys is this an in and out situation?
I'm NOT going to hold my camera while I'm in this store because yeah I'm just not, so I'll talk to you guys when I leave the store and then when we get back home, well I'll talk about what I brought to the store and all those good stuff but right now that's not my focus recording right now my focus is buying groceries for dinner tonight make sure you wear your seatbelts when you're biking around town because it's crazy here I just took my parking spot I mean really but I'll take it all good so I'm staying at Target super excited I don't even know what I'm going in here but I'm going in so I'm back home I stopped buy some screen I ended up doing all my shopping at Target because I needed a ps4 control controller um and I didn't want to have to go into two stories like I didn't have that power. all that is hoggy look at all my supplies so i'm about to get all this stuff into the house and we need to call here first okay put everything in the elevator we're going to be so glad we got that out of the way.
I will wash my hands very well. I had seen the tides and lights on my hands that I'm doing great before trying to eat tonight and had a nice resinous donut you know you still have to be very cautious if you say about washing my hair really good for 20 seconds or 20 Seconds I could cook tonight. I don't know, but the fact that I stopped and ate that is like a 12 count with the Arnold Palmer. I feel great with my I bought myself right now. You may not even have to. cook later we'll see ok to change my shirt took the hot air off just a wet shirt no I could just relax um I don't know if I'm going to cook or not I still have about 15 minutes to decide before the meat starts to freeze what I put in the freezer, so I might need to find out, but anyway, yeah, so I'm off to do my nails.
Although these cute press ons these are personal wishes but I cut them like my real nails of course they are coming off because I brought some weak glue but now I have the glue good so it should be good and I'm yeah so who keeps watching keep watching I don't know if I'm doing a good job at this it feels like I am so yeah everything is closed for the most part and I can finally relax and calm my nerves how about this? shorts i'm going to get my nails done and all that good stuff it feels so good to have some time to breathe like a charmer so right now i'm about to put on some press ons i bought at this store no I hear the instructions.
I just do my thing, but I'll always make sure I find my rhonu first so they can stay. That gluco really sticks and they supposedly have adhesive, but I don't trust it. I need my nails. gamble you know and don't be cheap it's like oh my gosh your real nails listen baby listen there's so many more ings in the world to be concerned about, okay, perfect, my business pressure cookies. I'll be sure to show you how my shrimp came out and just let me say thanks for looking. let me know if you love it if you want more of these types of videos make sure you like it comment like comment on the side and let me know what you see love you all so much

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