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A Completely Typical Day In Stardew Valley Where Nothing Strange Happened

May 31, 2021
It seems we still have almost everyone. Some people might have left. Evelyn could be dead. Just do it. She's not even looking. Alright. I have other options. I'm not sure how receptive I am to this, but it's happening anyway. How come your husband leaves you? If I do this, this is going to get weird. Someone managed to create a mod


you can date and marry basically everyone. In fact, I'm already dating some of them. Pierre and Caroline, they are both mine. Robin, yes, they are just a married couple. Far from a life of servitude, the hardest part is that she will give them enough gifts that they love so that they love me too.
a completely typical day in stardew valley where nothing strange happened
The game will definitely break today, but we'll see how far we can go before we get there. Everyone there is great news. Hayley needs to go shopping, well, do you know what I do? If you were really in this store, you would be in the bargain basket. Okay, we have a wedding in three days. The only question is how many people there are. I'm going to attend this wedding you're at, aren't you already married? I don't think so, but to be honest with you, I don't really know at the moment, well you'll be kidding yourself, my grandfather did.
a completely typical day in stardew valley where nothing strange happened

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a completely typical day in stardew valley where nothing strange happened...

I don't want to get married, maybe I'm smart after all, wait a second. Oh, I see we want to get married. Alex George wants to get married at that time. Do we want to accept bets? No and if a wedding will ruin the game. No to be honest, Shane, now that I look at you, I think you're probably the only person I'm not going to include in this wedding. I have a wizard's hat at home. There will be many different hair colors at this wedding. wedding look how happy she is she has no idea she's marrying 25 people at once I know you're already married but I'm a much better option plus he'll still be married to you you'll just be married to all of us and everyone will be a lot easier to find when they live in my house before you get too far away.
a completely typical day in stardew valley where nothing strange happened
Have you ever noticed all the cobwebs that appear during the fall? I don't. I don't think I've ever seen it. I've seen a spider web in my life I'm not married yet I'm not getting married yet Maybe we just have to ask him at the right time We'll stalk him for a while to see


he goes Oh, he didn't get very far To be honest, he probably just wants his own separate wedding. Her father, on the other hand, would love to marry me. I'm pretty sure of that, I see that maybe now a salmon will still be interested in this, apparently, he is all that is needed.
a completely typical day in stardew valley where nothing strange happened
His father got engaged to me first, don't ask questions, it's just one of those videos I promise to feed you every day, suddenly no one else wants to get married because I think I'm already married. Definitely not, I just really am. engaged, I know I asked Eliot to really want to get married again, so yeah, he's fine, idiot, let's try this again like this, marry me in three days, I'm not married yet, well, you know, I don't love you anyway. I'm going to go find that everyone else would be very surprised if the game didn't crash overnight at this point.
No way sorry, we're still dating. I don't remember you wanting to get more serious. I want to get so serious that we get married. Look, he wants it technically, that means I'm going to be mayor of the city. I have a few candidates here, namely this dumpster fire. We are leaving? Still, it's perfect. Just what I always wanted. I have a cage set up in the basement just for you. Gus, is he giving me free drinks? Maybe I'll have to ask Scheana again. So it's guessable, marry me. Shane is interested. Bessie is playing hard to get.
Maybe we have to go back for him. You're too boring to say no. Yes. I want to get. more serious apparently she couldn't reach it we will have to take it manually marry me perfect another victim definitely losing track pretty quickly of who I asked to marry me and who I have it with that's where I left my horse talking about the things I can sometimes ride are: we're dating, we're getting married now apparently we were dating no, your husband thinks about it, what are you holding and what are you doing and when is the wedding?
I guess it will be between you and Pam to eat everything. the children running around my house Meiko happy is that you heard the good news that I am going to marry your mom and dad and if it doesn't seem very


to you you are fine too, she thinks it is a little


Sebastian on the other hand is I'm going to to end all this, sorry for the garlic, by the way, oh, he doesn't want to get married, none of the wizards will come with me. I'm not married anymore. There is a rumor that that is a case, but it is not yet Of course, we can't forget about Sandy.
I still hope you run the store in the desert. However, everyone who feels like everyone, of course, for the few who were hard to get to, Marnie and Clint. I forgot maybe the dwarf. I know these desperate idiots will never say no, what do I mean, he jumps right into my arms even though I've never talked to him at all. If I give you this, are you going to ruin my game? Well, he accepts or she accepts, whatever. I don't discriminate down there, don't worry, Marnie Lewis will be there too. I think with that we're ready to try for a wedding and then we'll pick up the stragglers after that, but first let's see how this goes.
I want to mention now that this is the first time I've used mumps since it was uncorrupted, so let's see if we can do it again right away. It was actually put away overnight. The game has not crashed yet, but the wedding day. It'll probably be the most important thing one more day here we go I hope this works my things never work in the phrase try I should probably have fun with frozen time or we just won't have a wedding that should have been on the wedding day we have a Hayley and no one, no, it's just Hayley, thanks for the fried egg, but where is everyone else?
Maybe we can only get one at a time. We didn't even see the wedding, although Haley just showed up. I'm still counting. This is a success so far, we have one married several days and several attempts later. I don't have anyone else married yet, thankfully I'm not out of options, it's just not the most exciting option right now. I have no idea exactly what it is. We'll do it, we'll go to bed and we'll just play this. I would hope there would be some company in the morning. If the game is going to crash, let's find out that it actually handled it very well, although the house seems a little fuller today. closer to what I expected I think we have almost everyone here.
They may have missed one or two, even the dwarf is here walking. I didn't even know you could escape. It's dangerous in the mines. Why don't you buy some things? from my tent no I'm fine I feel pretty safe in Haley's room everyone seems to be walking to wherever apparently everyone somewhere to be at the other time every time I've tried this before mostly stay in your bed, so this is a nice change even in the superior rooms. George right where you should be looking at the wall. Did I forget about Pam? I feel like I forgot about Pam.
Both Pam and Penny have been added to my collection. I won't be here tomorrow and since it's raining, I don't think anyone will be out of the house when I wake up. I heard a drip somewhere. I think your roof might be leaking. Now you're just old and probably a little crazy talking about crazy. I think Emily made it out, I'm not sure where she's going, but she won't stop for anything. Apparently you go say hello to Emily and she has


? Well, let's sleep and bring some more idiots. Everyone is so busy first thing. the morning moving to wherever they are trying to go.
I think there is a path entirely from Boches, the NPC, so they just don't know what to do. I seem to stay inside the house for the most part with the exception. From Pierre there Jodie and at 6:30 they are almost frozen. Sorry, we were never able to hold a proper ceremony for this. Well, let's go see what's in town if everyone is on my farm. What exactly happens here during the day. Honestly, it's a suitable replacement. To Pierre, you know how much I think I like things like this. I've turned it into a ghost town once again this year.
I remain in a slightly different shape except for this guy and that makes me wonder what exactly we can add to our marriage collection. I also haven't tried daddy Chromevis yet because he's always a little breaker Jodie, how did you get out and he became a dad? You have to leave your old lifestyle behind or you can simply hand your children over to one of the others. parents or one of the other kids everything is very confusing it seems like we still have almost everyone some people could have left Evelyn she could be dead somehow they are entering the basement and it has turned into a light and it is on the wall where they are peeking out his legs That could be because business has been pretty steady thanks to my regular customer, Pam.
Well, okay, since we got this far, let's go all out and see if we can add some really strange NPCs to this other corrupt file that shows up. I managed to get a few more for our collection unfortunately we couldn't add fan favorites like the governor or a grandpa or miss turkey's puppy. I'm supposed to change a lot today. We have Alex's room. Gunther is finally here. I welcome you to our family. here saffron means bridge crossing rate Robin yes please get out of my way I have other spouses to visit apparently Marlene here has an invisibility cloak because she's not always with you hello I'm surprised you want to be friends with a A veteran like me, no.
I'm trying to talk to Marlon. I think it's because they don't have a walking animation, so they just flash around the room, which is a cool trick, I'm pretty sure the magician does it. Just people watching Robin, thanks Chrome is here, legs over your head, good luck, having breakfast, now you little monster. I feel like every day we have a different room for the spouse. All these people, but no one makes me coffee or breakfast. Well, this is. It's been fun and all, but this will be the biggest divorce park in history. 50,000 gold. How many people will he throw out?
Who knows for sure. I want everyone to know that I like you as much as ever. I was having trouble walking. to my own house, so you have to leave and everyone is still here, maybe that wasn't the best divorce bargain. 50,000 gold for this, you know, I accept my fate, this is perfectly fine, link to this mod in a description below and if you need more junk in your life, click on one of these.

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