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9 Dark Wikipedia Pages to Creep You Out

Feb 21, 2022
learning to socialize as such, there is a wealth of information about her detailing her development from the day she was saved, luckily her condition improved by leaps and bounds, although she obviously never fully recovered from her ordeal in 1972, she had acquired enough language to understand and form simple sentences heard muttering to herself father beaten big stick father is angry this was the first sign that she could talk about her past life unfortunately her verbal communication never improved beyond short sentences and simple, although, in contrast, their non-verbal communication became excellent this time. she allowed him to express the thoughts of her that she could not verbalize.
9 dark wikipedia pages to creep you out
Over time, interest in Genie's case began to wane, and funding for research on her ended between 1978 and the early 1990s. Genie moved into at least four foster homes, some of which treated her. extremely badly she became withdrawn and uncommunicative once again by 1993 things seemed to have improved once again after she was moved to a better and more accommodating facility from this point on Genie remains a ward of the state of California , lives in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, a private investigator was hired to track her down and reported that she seemed happy and healthy now in her early 60s apparently still only speaks a few words but communicates very well in sign language This is actually a particularly long


article to read as it's been the subject of so much scientific analysis, so I haven't been able to cover everything in the Genie story here, but if it resonated with you I recommend checking it out now much later from the credits at least hey guys lazy here and thanks a lot for listening, big thanks to robin mickelson for doing the thumbnail. for this video he helps me a lot and he is a real talent so make sure you watch him through the links in the description below also a massi Thanks to all my followers on youtube and on patreon especially my biggest supporters Mark Furnish leonardo martinez hungry and hammered or a dragon ricky cohen jr the only dorita lord 210 azrael warakai silas geist alba madrano infamous emppy sieg carla decadent girl connor lothan kelly rocco nadine kelly rocco again sloan crawford sarah ramirez anime whim martin vatland gina valera procupidinenatta philip westra alex greensall tom king monica mendoza crawford k mcdonald hamish k phantom knight and alicia thank you all so much for your continued support it really helps the channel that wraps it up guys make sure you mash that like button or i will mash you and until next time it will still be


y and remind that the best things happen in the


9 dark wikipedia pages to creep you out

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9 dark wikipedia pages to creep you out...

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