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$85 LIP GLOSS REVIEW! Christian Louboutin Loubilaque | Jeffree Star

May 01, 2020
How's everyone? Welcome back to my channel. Today we are going to do a first impression of one of my favorite designers. Christian Louboutin brought out the nail polish and lipstick. Was it last year? I think so and there was a lot of controversy about the packaging. It was dangerous, the price points were insane, and now they have a third product when I saw these lip


es that I am about to reveal right now. so many youtubers and many bloggers and the ranking on is Conti so that was ok let me get them for myself and let's give them a spin.
85 lip gloss review christian louboutin loubilaque jeffree star
Now I have to say right away that Christian Louboutin is the god of footwear. and if you've ever seen red pants that are a Louboutin, a staple shoe, I know most of you are rolling your eyes like we already know that, but they make some of my favorite shoes like sneakers. his men's sport. so hot i'm obsessed with these i'm just obsessed with anything mr. Ross skis and they really make heels like this amazing mu


d velvet he had to have and then come on guys let's get some funky boots. I love wearing weird boots and this, come on. just unreal one of my favorite brands they are called Lu black lip lacquers there are eight shades now they are $85 a piece which of course I think is a little crazy but let's remember you are paying for the packaging which is unreal, so it comes. in this big box that's pretty big for just one lip


and then you open it up and it's like ah boom if that doesn't make your head spin I don't know what they'll come in this beautiful clear packaging with gold it looks like a great Christmas ornament it could be a spear to stab someone in the eye it could be a butt plug you really know what you want to see so anyway it comes in this velvet case which I think is very pretty and then you can also tell if you feel up to it you can put on this your neck you can wrap it let's get this guy out he comes with a little rope type thread thing with the name of this just say the name of the shirt oh no good never mind it just says a little I'm missing a bit of lip lacquer and i personally like to wash them off with the lipsticks they came out with.
85 lip gloss review christian louboutin loubilaque jeffree star

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85 lip gloss review christian louboutin loubilaque jeffree star...

I also took all these off, it's easier to use, so this is what it looks like. with a little pouch that's under the velvet thing and I don't know this isn't really something I personally would wear but I guess if you want to put it on the go you can tuck it in it looks kind of condom and you can just send it as the waistband from someone on instagram and call it a day now i got all eight of these oh my gosh it's like rain love love tommy so i bought these with my own money of course i know a lot about you they were going to be like too much red lip gloss for Of course I'm testing these on camera and if you're a makeup artist and you do makeup for tax deductions I'm NOT going to do all eight in my mouth, it'll probably fall off, but I'm going to do five for you guys and there are different color palettes, some of them are like hot pink oh that one calls my name and then there are others that are more like dark burgundy there are nudes and then oh my red so I'm going to do five of the eight for you and I was doing some research on it s. so we can really know what tea is and this says its a transformative dramatic lip lacquer to create bright bold color with a high gloss finish so they are supposed to be like glass in the mouth, so let's put it on the test today this says this is mr.
85 lip gloss review christian louboutin loubilaque jeffree star
Christian Louboutin's most dramatic lip formula to date and she says they're bold and sexy and eye-catching she says they're specifically formulated to reflect light this lip color takes on a glossy dimension so I think we need to put them on give these a try today and see if these are really worth that much money and if they even work so if you want to see me sample all of these keep watching as you can see there is nothing on my lips i have prepared them with my own of the scrub lower lip scrub is just a sugar based scrub which is edible and removes all dry skin and anything else you might have in your mouth ok so let's dig in now all the shape names are derived from french and me.
85 lip gloss review christian louboutin loubilaque jeffree star
I'm going to put all the shade names at the bottom of this screen right here so if I don't say one you'll know why and you can read it later so let's dive right in now this pink is called bikini uh hi can know what that is i know what that means no bikini it's a really beautiful r soft as baby pink of course i haven't tried any of these yet so this feels very heavy and nice it doesn't feel cheap at all , feels very expensive, look at that detail, hmm, oh wait, hi kumusta, play games. the gold one is very pretty and it has the spikes like they have on some of their shoes and let's dive right in so let's see how long it is oh ok very cute and I love that doe foot it's flat so it really you can get the curves of your lips oh wow the fragrance is really strong it reminds me of a kind of floral like a YSL or D or lipstick it's not like crazy overpowering where i want to die like those liquid lips from milani oh my gosh it's a little floral e I'm more like the sugary sweet kind of person that's the sense I love but this isn't horrible now my fingers are really long so this Affleck hair is a little short , but I don't hate it, I'm checking if it's sticky, definitely not, which is a plus.
I hate when you go in and your lips are like sticky or feel really crazy, this doesn't have that problem, I love that it's not really sticky, that's a really good thing for me. it's not a product that dries like a liquid lipstick it definitely still smells strong so as i breathe in right now the fragrance is like actually no no yeah i guess it's bothering me. really real here i'm like oh wow so let's try a different color and see if it's the same right now the second one i'm going to try is this hot pink i'm like hey pink this one is called bengali and it's so pretty well let's give it a twist.
I love how bright it is. It is better to look directly on my lips. Oh wow, okay, so right off the bat it's very bright, but it almost feels like the lighter pink has more coverage. See if I would like. that oh girl that's fine by me this one is much harder to apply you see how streaky it is i know it's very hi. gh bright so im sure all my beauty lights make it look really crazy but like this is really spotty. I'm like oh no this still has that really strong smell to it so as it's sitting here in my mouth my nose is like oh girl I'm like I need to know something else for a minute oh I'm back it's okay so this is definitely Street here I'm looking at my monitor people always ask what are you looking at there is it my monitor and yeah definitely a little more bumpy than the bikini so ok great let's clean this one up and try a nude shade now before I try one I'll just tell you that in between swatches I clean them up with a wipe and then I take my Beauty Blender that has a little basic.
I just apply all over so there is no makeup remover residue left in my mouth. I don't think it's fair to try something when it won't work if you have makeup remover on. your lips are going to be such a pretty brown shade it almost looks like my celeb my skin is really beautiful and i am holding the light it looks like there are little flakes of glitter or shimmer on there. someone help me here it still has that really strong fragrance. I'm like a girl you need to tone it down ok so this one applies a little hard like the last one but not too bad.
I think also because it's a nude it's a bit. more unlike what you know it's a little bit more where the pigment is up here come on now okay this shade is really pretty but it's definitely a little streaky I'm like going over and over again. It happens sometimes I know it sounds so repetitive and annoying I really can't get over the fragrance I'm like I'm really tasting in my mouth It's like I'm thinking As I speak my tongue is kind of touching my lips and it's like taking a little bit off because I'm like I'm not i would like to wear it now there are a few shades darker i am like a wolf i really want to try this deep red it literally looks like the bottom of the sole so lets try the dark red on this burgundy and see if there is any difference.
Right now the hot red literally looks like the sole of one of the shoes and it's just called Rouge Louboutin, yeah it literally matches the shoot which I think is cool. The packaging is different from normal. It comes only in black and the side. it's red and the regular ones are gold which they did on the lipsticks too and I think it's so cute when it comes with a silver and gold cap instead of all gold so let's give this one a twist oh ok , red, oh, oh, I mean. I love a good red and it's already going well for me since I've been doing cosmetics.
I'm definitely intrigued by these because the first one I tried, bikini, that lighter pink, has the same consistency as this one, where there's a lot of pigment, while the middle two were a little more sheer, so for some reason these want have more pigment added which I'm not sure why the formula isn't consistent across the board but as you can see this one looks like oh my gosh it looks like a full pigment whereas some of the others were like eh that's right so cool wow i'm like oh my gosh this one is so pretty it makes my teeth look fierce this one definitely has a lot more pigment than the last two and if i had it i smell so strong.
I feel like Mike might be my new favorite red glow. I'm such a fan of red. This color is awesome. It seems that the red glass is sitting on my lips and I love it. This could be my favourite. so far, there is one more. I want to try like a dark burgundy, so let me take this off and we'll give it a spin. burgundy color this is called Casa novella and let's see how it works this one looks so pretty I'm like alright whoo yeah ok is it just me or is it not as pigmented as the last one that deep red is nice but it's a bit drinky this dark one is hard to put on it looks nice on my monitor not sure how it looks. for y'all but it's like streaking and all is well this color was a good idea but this one doesn't apply well the darker one is worse than all of them i think i don't know it looks nice here on this monitor here and in real life with my mirror i'm like i don't love it i'm like let's do final thoughts because i really want to erase this i never thought i would be disappointed in that


and beauty product but i have to say they smell so strong i know i've said it a billion times and they're all like, i'm sure, baby, i eat every time i breathe and i'm not over that taste, i'm like this is my wife but with all the colors i'm like i need to take this off I'm fine right now I had to take that out of my mouth it's like please help me now it's fine end All thoughts guys be ready for him now.
I am a fan of Louboutin in general. I already said it but i have to say this product was a huge disappointment for me for $85. I was hoping it would pay my electric bill and be the best lip gloss ever. on the planet and I just didn't like it. I think the fragrance is too strong, they need to tone it down. I definitely think you are paying for the name. This is very collectible. The packaging is amazing. I can never complain. them that's why it looks stunning there's nothing she's the packaging at all so I feel like if you want to buy some to try I definitely think red is the best and I think that was my favorite so I'm going to go to drinking a red bull and it warms up the feeling a bit and try to get this taste out of my mouth if you have any recommendations for something you want me to try bye bye guys , so let's try and i do it now this color is st unning i love you i see you that's all my - oh and the one on the back oh my god

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