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83 Minecraft Experiments!

Apr 28, 2024
Can 1000 bees kill a guardian or what will happen if you turn on this portal? Here are 83 of the best Minecraft


. What happens if you light up an end portal with pistons inside? As expected, the Pistons are completely eliminated. The annals fall from the sky. will kill almost any player, so what will a turtle egg or an anvil gain? For some reason, the anvils are actually destroyed by turtle eggs, but if we jump on the eggs ourselves, they will break. I guess Steve's feet are stronger than a literal anvil, but what is it? Even stranger is that if you drop a feather on top of a drip sheet, he will collapse; however, if you drop an anvil on top of it, it will be perfectly fine, you can even jump on top of the anvil and the drip stone will still keep you upright.
83 minecraft experiments
You throw an ender pearl and go through a nether portal, will they teleport you back? No, but once you return to the world you will charge the ender pearl and be teleported, but how about in multiplayer where the chunks are still well charged if you cast? a pearl and then quickly enter the portal, you will see that your Pearl will simply land but will not teleport towards you. Unfortunately, the Ender Pearl can teleport you across Dimensions if you build two end portals next to each other and illuminate all the blocks in the frame. The portals activate when you place the final eye, only one of them lights up.
83 minecraft experiments

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83 minecraft experiments...

You can change which one activates by changing the orientation of the middle blocks. Which droplet do you think will do the most damage? A giant droplet or a small one if you drop the first one. Drip Stone, the villager survives somehow, but dropping the second one actually kills the villager. What's happening is actually quite simple. Stone drip damage is calculated based on how high it falls and not how long the drip lasts. You can spawn an iron golem upside down, but what? happens when you try to spawn two golems with a pumpkin, the top Golem only ends up spawning if you try to spawn two Withers at once, only one will spawn too if you place a bed underwater and knock down a villager, it can actually fall. slept here, but you can make it even stranger if you place the bed surrounded by lava, the villager can also get in somehow while the villager is sleeping, you can pour lava on his face and he will sleep like an angel, but once dawn comes, the villagers They won't be very happy, the final portal destroys all the blocks inside when you turn it on, but one of the villagers who is sleeping inside will also be eliminated once the final eye is placed, all the villagers and beds will disappear when we enter the end .
83 minecraft experiments
We will find the villagers and even some broken bedding items. You can send entities such as ships and sheep through the final portal. The dream even sent TNT primed through him to explode. Hunters. However, a projectile you won't suspect is a trickle if you drop a huge Stlagota like this at the final portal and go through it, the stalagota will charge up and end up killing you. You can make nether portals up to 23x 23 blocks in size, but what will happen if two portals intersect? Although it would be great for both of us. portals to activate Mojang covered it so only one of the portals lights up, the doors have small holes in them but trying to shoot arrows through them doesn't work, you can even see the arrow poking out the other side by trying it on fences and traps .
83 minecraft experiments
The doors don't work either, however, shooting arrows under the gaps in the beds and the space under the cauldrons actually works. There is a way to get through walls. If you look down and throw an Ender Pearl, you can teleport right through them. It's a useful trick if you ever get put inside an obsidian box or want to get through some iron doors. What happens if you shear a Jeb sheep? It constantly changes color, so it will give you a random wool color. When you try to shear it, it ends up giving you only the wool.
The original color of the sheep before it was named Jeb Dinnerbone. Name tags make mobs turn face down, but will they also sleep face down? If you name a villager and set them to night, the villager will just go to sleep normally, but once it's daytime again, the villager will wake up walking on their head, which must hurt if you try to spawn an Iron Golem. and a Snow Golem at the same time, only the Snow Golem will spawn. Powder snow will freeze you when you are inside it, but the strange thing is that if you put it inside a cauldron and go inside, nothing will happen.
Bedrock is impossible to mine, but if you throw bedrock at a cactus, it will actually destroy it. Netherite is also impossible to burn, but a cactus will remove it. The true strongest item apparently is these. Plants You may know that jumping on spikes hurts, but what happens if you reverse it? If you jump on a slime block and hit your head on a drip stone, you will not take any damage. My head hurts just looking at this, can you generate? an underwater pit withers when you try to do it you will see the bubble beams push the skulls even if you manage to get all three down fast enough it won't work you will have to build a small room to spawn the Wither and the Wither doesn't actually spawn drowns, so he will just swim and eliminate all the monsters in the ocean.
Lightning is known for burning precious buildings but it also has a strange characteristic if the bamboo is struck by lightning it catches fire but if the candles light nothing happens and if the bonfires light a block of fire is right above. What the hell are potatoes? They are surprisingly powerful. By dropping stalactites on them, they break. The animals will break. The dragon eggs will break and the sand will break them. However, you can just jump and stomp. crops, an unlit water bottle will put out campfires and candles, but for some reason if you throw a ton at a torch it will stay lit.
The lava in the abyss actually flows farther than in the Overworld, but that's not the only way. different, it actually also flows faster, but which one do you think is faster? the water in the Overworld or the lava in the abyss. I tried it and it turns out that the water is clearly faster. Wet sponges evaporate instantly into the abyss, so a fascinating experiment you can do is to use commands to set blocking water at the bottom on a sponge will make the water flow infinitely downward and the sponge will evaporate it when you try to sleep on it. the bottom, it will explode, but there is actually a way to sleep here, the players can not use the beds, but the villagers can sleep as usual if it is night in the Overworld.
Will a Vindicator run over magma to kill a villager? Surprisingly, he goes through it, but how about through fire? Yes, he really doesn't like the villagers. you create a barrier of powder snow that he will even try to pass through, but will fail tragically. The lava will stop The Vindicator from trying, but Drip Leaf is another story he'll come across to catch the Villager. What do you think mine is faster? 5 wooden ax or a Netherite axe. I tried it and the enchanted wood ax was actually faster than Netherite. It seems like wooden tools are good enough for me until they break.
Can a water pixel save you if you place chests enough for it to do so? So, only one pixel of water touches the player. So if you fall from the sky, you can live. Water can be swapped with a cob whip which can also save you from a fall, but how about a pixel? Honey Surprisingly yes, it almost looks like you are landing on the ground, although what you will gain is 1000 bees or a guardian, the guardian will attack the noisy bees first, which will alarm the rest, this will cause the entire hive to attack the guardian. which will overwhelm him after a while, the buzzing bees would have killed the guardian when a mob dies near the skull.
The catalyst causes the skull to extend, however most people don't know that the catalyst also works in the end if you set up a catalyst. and drop a ton of devastating using commands, you will quickly see that the end turns into deep darkness: stay in the water and lava, safe place in the water, lava and chests like that, when you let the water push you to the pixel of lava, We'll still catch fire, okay, maybe we'll need more water if we update our settings, so this will surely protect us, no, we're somehow drowning and burning at the same time, are you kidding me?
This is a new way to draw in Minecraft using Commands, you can make it so that different colored items are dropped depending on the item you have. This way, you can create a beautiful drawing. Do you like it? What will a maximum unbreakable shield or a maximum power skeleton win? Let's try an unenchanted shield first. and the skeleton breaks it in just two shots. Now let's try a maximum shield. The skeleton barely damages it, but if we spawn a ton of them, they will quickly fire and destroy the shield in less than a second if you drop anvils on an entire village.
Will anyone survive when you upgrade one of the animals? All the others will collapse in a waterfall. All the villagers outdoors will be crushed in the end, only the villagers inside the houses and the iron golem will survive. What happens if the Ender Dragon goes to the No It's a lot weirder than you think, if you place a bunch of nether portal blocks, the Ender Dragon will actually just walk through them; However, if you use the immersive portals mod, something crazy happens once the Ender Dragon enters the immersive portal with a ton of dragons. ends up being spawned, this is because every time the dragon is missing on the main island, a new Dragon is spawned to replace it, but here, every time a new Dragon appears, it immediately enters the abyss, causing a new Dragon will spawn repeatedly, which will move the diamonds faster and The Hoppers or water starting 32 blocks away, the water stream will arrive first, the hopper second and Los Angeles was too far to reach, however, if we start from 16 blocks away, LA is first, water is second and the hopper third, I guess LA is a useful thing - ice will stop the Ender Dragon.
If you fill the end with ice, the Ender Dragon will, as expected, go through all the ice, but how about water? Well, the dragon will just swim through everything and not even think about tasting the lava. because the dragon can also swim through it, what's crazier is that if you turn the entire end into bedrock, the dragon will still look through the blocks. It's unstoppable. You can create a satisfying arrow launcher, just shoot some dispensers down, break the blocks and let the arrows fall and once you move the lever all the arrows will fly up if you connect them to a redstone clock.
The arrows can even be juggled up and down; However, for added satisfaction, place a TNT and light it so that all the arrows fly away, which is faster. a brush with efficiency 255 or a normal golden shovel the stroke starts quite close however the shovel starts to move away but there is a twist the blade breaks and the brush actually comes in due to the wind this is a hydraulic press if you throw coal through the machine It will press it down and turn it into a diamond. This other machine compacts a Herobrine skull into the ground.
It seems pretty scary how much water is in a bucket. This YouTuber tried it by building a huge pyramid and then placing water on top. the single block of water was able to fill this entire area, which makes no sense. What happens if you make a drip? The blade only hums as soon as you spawn, you will cause a drip. The blade breaks, the fallen object will fall on other blades causing them to drip. to break, which will create a chain reaction, it seems quite satisfying to see the drip sheet collapse in your world if you shrink with the scale attribute command, will you fit under a fence block?
There is a large gap underneath but for some reason the game still can't get through, however there is a one pixel gap for the honey block and you can actually pass through the small gap. You can even go under Aelia's bush before 1.20 anvils were used to crush objects, but something less known was if an anvil fell. a shulker box only the box would break and all the items would explode outwards if you throw shulker boxes full of items down a pipe and then drop an anvil on top of it it makes all the boxes break and the items would explode outwards like a nice font Iron Golems will defeat the zombies, but will attack a giant.
The giants have no Ai and will just stand there, but unexpectedly the Iron Golem will try to kill the giant. This is because giants are classified as hostile creatures according to the game code. What happens if you throw an ender? Pearl before bed, will you be teleported out of bed or will you continue sleeping? I tried by throwing a pearl and getting into my bed super fast, however, when the Pearl landed nothing happened and I continued sleeping until morning, what's the way?slower? For traveling in Minecraft without commands, this is pretty close. Place Soul Sand on the floor.
Honey blocks on the side. drink a turtle master potion and hold your bow. You'll travel at a whopping 0.1 blocks per second. Zombies take damage from healing potions. Makes you wonder if an immortal totem will work on him. If we kill the zombie, the totem will explode and save the zombie. He hurrays. Eating a chorus fruit teleports you up to eight blocks away, however, most people don't know about that chorus fruit. In fact, it can be used to teleport outside the world border. You can even set the world border very small and you will be sent directly outside.
Can the world border stop the final portal? Let's try a medium sized border first and it still works. if the border is partially inside the portal, it works also finally, if the world border is in the portal. Let's try it, it seems that the final portal is stronger than the world border. Can you sleep in this bed? The bed is sticking out halfway across the world. edge, but if you right click on it, you can sleep, but will you be able to grow a tree here? Let's see and yeah, how about we use a dragon egg?
The egg won't teleport off the edge, but will go up vertically, that's a cool slime. Cubes and magma cubes can be any size you want, just adjust their size with commands and you can have one that is as big as your world, but be careful because the bigger they are, the more damage they deal. move and jump higher, run towards it, how much can the skull extend from a single skull? Catalyst When a mob dies near a catalyst block the skull will spread, so if you spawn a ton of ravagers nearby you will be able to see the skull spread and infect quickly.
The earth, my world is ruined. If you put a ton of skull sensors and iron trapdoors on top, you can create a beautiful wave. Throwing a single snowball downwards will create a ring of hatches that open and close when the hatches close, creating a reactivating sound. Initial skull sensors and creating infinite loot we ended up getting these crazy patterns. The nether portal can't be turned on at the end, which makes sense, but if you cheat a block in the nether portal it will still work when you re-enter. the portal will send you back to the Overworld.
This mod makes the water super realistic. Placing sand on top of the water will expel it. There are no infinite sources of water and the dispensers will only shoot a drop of water if I make a hole. The water from this dam will begin to gush and bleed the area, eventually the water level outside the dam and inside will level out. Sorry for ruining your houses. You may know that water can hydrate crops up to four blocks away, but did you know it can work through air? That's right, no matter what blocks are between the farmland and the water, it will still hydrate crossbows that take forever to reload, but if you constantly have a fully charged crossbow, you can fire them quickly like a machine gun, recover monsters if you enchant.
Your crossbow with armor piercing level 127 you can shoot through a ton of mobs just spawn a bunch of snow golems in a line aim with the bow straight and cut them all down. It is impossible to put water in the abyss in the new version of Minecraft psych just bring a cauldron to the abyss and place some water or if you catch fire just glow with a water bottle and you are falling in the air but you don't have a bucket , luckily you have a levitation potion because by perfectly timing the potion just before you hit the ground, you can save yourself nearby when you walk on the amethyst, a nice sound plays, it happens with every step, so if you speed up and run on it you will hear more jingles, but if you give yourself a speed force of 255, I'll zoom in on the amethyst crystals and play a full musical.
Well, this doesn't sound very good. Enderman hate water, but for some reason, if you put an Enderman in a cauldron of water, they don't care. What's even stranger is that you can put a lava coldron underwater and if you step into it, you will burn yourself while underwater. If a silverfish has poison, it will cause another silverfish to explode, so if you create a huge area of ​​infested blocks and throw poison and some silverfish. At the top instantly all the insects will come out and the huge cube of silver fish blocks will disappear in seconds. Everyone knows about blue, compact ice, but there is actually another type of illegal ice that very few people know about.
It's called frozen ice and it forms when you walk on water. using Frost Walker boots, but the crazy thing is that it is a real item that you can get in Bedrock Edition, you can just cut it and give it to yourself with commands and when you place the block down, the frozen ice will break and turn into water. make a Whirlpool item first break four blocks in the middle and then break seven blocks on each side to get something like this when we put water in the middle it will create a mini whirlpool pool just throw the items and they will start spinning in circles try to do it loyally It will always come back, however if your inventory is full the Trident will simply spin around you to take you even further.
You can do this with a bunch of tridents to become the Trident Master. The water changes color depending on the biography. but in Bedrock Edition it gets even stranger if you can glitch the water in the background it will be red this crossbow makes it rain TNT the arrows Will Rain bombs like a beautiful rainbow and it looks beautiful. I like to destroy massive amounts of drip using it. or even use it to kill a ton of gas. Forest trees normally stop growing after a certain height, but you can replace the chorus flowers with new seeds and the chorus tree will continue to grow.
Keep doing this until the choir tree is huge and breaks the lower stem will collapse the entire structure with a realistic physics mod. The braking seems quite realistic. This is a creeper converter. When lightning strikes a vine, it becomes a charged one, so if you build a chamber like this with a lightning rod in the middle, just throw it away. a Channeling Trident on this lightning rod and it will light up all the vines and if you cast the Trident again it will kill them. All poppers are awesome for transporting items, but they are very boring for a more exciting way, try using an ice popper. and ladder with bubble beams, the elements will slide along the ice and bounce on the bubble beams until they reach the top, the elements appear to dance upwards.
The easiest way to make a wave machine is to simply use some motorized rails and mine. cars, it's already quite satisfying, but you can level it up by spreading it out many layers. You will get a much better way to get obsidian, it usually takes forever to mine, but not with haste 255, you can destroy hundreds of obsidian blocks. It's also satisfying to mine a bunch of ore and then collect the items afterwards, the water usually extinguishes the fire well most of the time because you can shoot fire charges directly at the bubble columns and the fire charges will just float in the water How is this allowed?
Pandas will eat anything you give them. Normally pandas only eat bamboo, but if you summon one holding an object, it will chew it. This works with any TNT item to command blocks that should really hurt your teeth. Something very satisfying is automatic farms because they will work forever. Without you, this melon farm is very satisfying to watch the Pistons break the melons, the elements flow down and an eternal working totem on your head if you use commands to put a totem on your head and die, unfortunately it won't work. only activates if it's in one of your hand slots, if you create a copper only world and increase your random tick speed, all the copper blocks around you will rust super fast at the edge of your world, you'll even see a oxidized copper spreading like a virus to normal copper the gradient looks pretty this giant stalactite pillar can break in seconds if I activate this Observer the whole stalactite will gradually break until it reaches the sky this is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life is impossible to stack totems Well, there is a problem with overstacking almost any item in survival mode.
This happens in version 1.12. All you have to do is drop the item and click on the AutoCraft menu very quickly. Once you pick up the item, it will stack. The glitch works with all kinds of items like swords and even helmets when creating a new world, sand is sometimes generated floating in the air, but if you break one all the connected sand blocks will refresh and crash, it's especially satisfying when the sand is connected to large sections. There was no way you knew this if you drop an object in the ocean, the dolphins will start playing with it, they will hit the object with their noses and make it fly.
Too bad this only works in the Java edition. This item has a secret ability that you may know that You can use fishing rods on mobs like pigs and zombies, but it also works on non-mobs, you can fish things like shulker bullets, Prime TNT anvils and even the dragon egg, okay , Minecraft is not very realistic, there is a way to teleport thousands of blocks in survival. If you block a Ravager's attack with a shield, the Ravager will power up and knock down all enemies using this mechanic. Players can travel thousands of blocks almost instantly. Some blocks, like the bamboo, will collapse completely if you hit the bottom block, so if you swing too high. one and breaks the stem, the entire tower will collapse.
This can also be done with other blocks, such as cactus, sugar cane, and my favorite drip. Ah, so satisfying. I always thought the recipe book was just part of the GUI, but it turns out it's a real thing. can be obtained by simply giving a book of knowledge with commands. Something very cool is that you can also attach NBT data to the book, so when you right click it will add recipes to your recipes tab. Skeletons are one of the most annoying mobs, but you can get revenge with boots, just throw some Frost Walker boots at them and leave the skeleton on a treeless island.
Once it's daylight, the skeleton will try to run towards the water but will never be able to stop burning. This also works on other undead mobs. zombies you can take Skull Waves 3 dimensional, simply create a giant skull sensor cube, place iron traps on the outside and simply drop an object, it will create amazing 3D waves throughout the cube and the sounds of the trap doors closing are very pleasant In version 1.18.1, placing horses on top of turtle eggs will make them spin in circles. I have no idea why this happens but I guess horses love to dance with the scale attribute at 1. 120.5, you can shrink to become smaller than a button now you can live in small houses under cauldrons under beds or between stairs.
This just made hide and seek so much more fun. This is a pear spear. You can do it with just two commands. The truss bracket in the middle is rotated and the end. the pearls are summoned where you are looking once the armor stand ends you will have a floating pearl sphere but it gets even better if you light a TNT in the center all the pearls will explode outwards creating this beautiful effect, don't you break blocks well unless you want to be extremely satisfied, these amethyst blocks will regenerate instantly and with a peak efficiency of 10 you can break them very quickly, the sand usually falls, but if you put them on torches they will drop, you can stack them very high and a Once you have a pattern you're happy with, simply break the bottom torch and watch it fall apart as items get stuck on the ground, they float to the top using this mechanic, we can also create an item, simply point a dispenser at it. up and place it. a pillar of glass blocks, any dispensed item will travel down the glass like a working tube, what happens if realistic water collides with sponges, let the water flow down and it looks like there is still some water left?
How about a spherical ball of water versus a sponge ball? It looks like most of the water was taken out if you place a lot of lovely tables, all the books will keep looking at the tables from above, you can see a nice pattern, a single bucket of water can hold enough water to flood the whole world. Placing water on top of a large lava road will turn all the lava into obsidian, just a single bucket of water can do all this, what's even more satisfying is this automatic cobblestone farm. The cobblestones will be formed continuously and will be pushed by pistons once it enters the explosion radius, a TNT will explode the cobblestone, which will then flow into the collection system, the machine will run forever and generate infinite cobblestones, what would happen if the Could projectiles bounce off slime blocks?
Well,This mod makes it work, you can bounce arrows off corners or even throw ender pearls against walls, but what I like most is bouncing snowballs off nearby walls, they will bounce back and forth quickly. You can also throw a lot of potions to create these amazing curves. Silverfish love to be annoying, so I caught a bunch of them. this obsidian box and pressing this button will explode them. All these plagues are the worst if you store a bunch of netherite in the shulker box and throw it into the lava the shulker box will be destroyed but all the items will float back to the surface except for some.
Which is why if you throw it at a cactus, the items are simply destroyed. My Netherite crops take forever to harvest which makes this automatic farming machine much more satisfying, the water will flow crushing all the crops layer by layer and the elements will be carried to the bottom. where you can collect them, what happens if you light an end portal with a bedrock inside? End portals usually remove all the blocks inside, but Bedrock is special and should be impossible to break. It turns out that the final portal is stronger and destroys Bedrock Redstone. can be surprisingly satisfying.
This is a mine car corrugated machine. Use slime blocks and repeaters to bounce the mine cars in a beautiful pattern. What's even better is that you can swap the mine carts for the villagers and terrorize them. Water is special because when it collides with other water. block, it will create a new source block, so if you create an ocean-only world and raise a large section of it, the water will regenerate super fast and it's great if you get three stacks of bottles and place them in single row, one by one . one in a brewing stand like this, you can click on the first, second and third stack to get 190 items in survival mode.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't allow you to store all 190 bottles in your inventory, so it's mostly a fun trick, but if you drop it. the object on the ground, a crowd that can pick up objects, can actually pick it up. Have you ever tried sleeping underwater? Because it is actually possible if you swim to the bottom of the nearest ocean and place your bed, you can achieve it. a good night's rest while all the floating mobs can't touch you, it's always satisfying when K lets a bunch of mobs use Edge Sweep, but if you use commands to spawn a bunch of mobs in a single block and kill them, they'll make beautiful patterns.
When they die, how do you make a wave of sand? You can do this by creating a large area of ​​bubble columns and then stacking sand blocks in a similar diagonal pattern, like on top of the signs, once you break the bottom block all the sand will fall out. on a bouncing wave It's like a sand jacuzzi. TNT is extremely dangerous because it can destroy your entire structure, but if you place a falling anvil on top of the Prime TNT, the TNT will explode inside the anvil and no block will break the good luck. Catch Snow Golems Snow Golems in Minecraft will actively try to catch Snow Golems. get out of whatever confined space they are in, they check the exits every few seconds and get out, too bad the villagers aren't that smart.
Gravel can be very annoying when removed, however, a torch is placed underneath. Gravel will turn into objects. Wait, how does this continue? Ships travel extremely fast on ice. Some players have created dedicated ice surfing tracks where you can glide to the finish line. There are all kinds of tracks like flying through mountains, underground caves and even a rainbow path it's super satisfying floating on the ice look at this new block if we lean correctly this tunnel looks like a strange alien block but by flying around it we can see clearly the tunnel using this illusion perspective we can also create small diamond blocks So cute, how do you die in spectator mode?
Mobs can't attack you and TNT doesn't move you, so they are in two directions, if you fly to below the void, you will meet your end, but so will you. I can only use the slash kill command but that's cheating this is a TNT slide click this lever to generate a bunch of TNT the TNT is special because it will never light up it will just gently flow down until it starts bouncing up and down the wave It almost looks like a very long snake and when the TNT reaches the bottom it will fall into the void as the skull breaks, drop some experience orbs to break it instantly, use 5 ho efficiency and you will be able to destroy it. everyone and experience these satisfying sounds.
Boats are designed for water, but I personally prefer them on top of cows. Ships can travel on top of entities, so if you gather a group of cows and mount a ship on top of them, you will be able to travel. They are like a wave just remember to hold a piece of wheat or they will leave you behind this is the most inefficient staircase that has ever existed it takes 18 blocks to go up just one block and although it is not very practical I think it looks very cool Goat parkour happens from time to time, the goats jump and can easily cross four block spaces, but what is even more satisfying is that you can build an entire grid of goats and by running this command all the goats will jump and keep jumping in this desert desert.
The earth is lifeless, but if you place a single block of grass, it will gradually spread throughout the world, but to make it more satisfying you can also place a mycelium on one half and grass on the other half, the two blocks will have epic grass. . vers mycelium War particles are beautiful, but you can make them much prettier. You can generate all kinds of particles like lava drops that weep obsidian or even block markers. My favorite is to summon a lot of cherry leaves because they will form a nice cave by throwing a snowball towards a group of guards, they will all crowd towards the sound and form a circle with their antennae lighting up in a wavy pattern.
I think they may be upset about dispensing diamonds on Honey's wall, they will fall in slow motion. The diamonds can then be routed again with Hoppers to make the items rain forever. Just watch out for those pesky thieves, hey those are mine. This crossbow takes 70 years to reload, that's because the reload time starts to reverse with any quick charge enchantment above level five. and this crossbow is enchanted with quick charge level six, good luck trying to shoot me, Pillager, well those are the best Minecraft


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