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800hp Coyote Powered Hot Rod... on LeMans Wheels?? Mike Burroughs Ford Model A truck

Feb 27, 2020
come back with another bill biology and today's guest you've probably seen one of his creations for the last six years so let's see what special project you brought in today so Mike how you doing? No, thanks for coming first, come on. Talk about what you brought. This is my '31 Ford Model A pickup or at least what's left of it. Getting into the nitty-gritty, the kibble and the bits, which is good, yeah honestly, on what's left of it, it's really the only original thing is the cockpit and notepad. I guess everything else is custom built from scratch but makes it a 31 it's titled as 31 I call it one it's gone wrong looks like you cut it a bit yeah so the only thing I did to the cockpit it was a 3 inch cut at the top who knows how many decades ago someone put a tin top on it but otherwise left a cab exa Exactly how i found it it was important to me to leave it exactly as it was and it worked because i really wanted a Gray


that's what I pictured in my head got the pop up windshield which is really cool. detail yeah i held back when we cut off the top i wanted to make sure it still worked it still has a roll up function windows still seals for the most part you know it still works its a drivable vehicle i wanted something i could jump out to take when i wanted it's certainly not practical but it's manageable at best it was very important to keep that factor let's talk about another piece that is original it's still the grill cover yes the grill cover and then as the eight inch front end of our original hood the grille itself isn't actually a louvered setup I built you know I wanted something that they could give it a solid nose but then they could also open up and behind is the headlight assembly and heat e xchanger for the blower which is pretty good not going to lie the weight was kind of a focus for the build not the key focus not the lightest but It's twenty two hundred and seventy pounds so it's pretty light for what it is yeah so what's your overall theme?
800hp coyote powered hot rod on lemans wheels mike burroughs ford model a truck
I know he wanted something that he could drive. It definitely stops people. It fits below. Not your typical traditional hot. Yes Yes. I've built a million and one hot rods. I thought I would try to build something that wasn't like any other. I ended up building what I call, I guess, a race


. many of you know bits and pieces inspired by road racing some trophy truck inspiration in the back and then of course it also has to have some hotrod flavor to it yeah this definitely looks inspired by the trophy truck, yes it was a bit long.
800hp coyote powered hot rod on lemans wheels mike burroughs ford model a truck

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800hp coyote powered hot rod on lemans wheels mike burroughs ford model a truck...

The goal was to build something that had inspiration and design elements from trophy trucks and stadium trucks and things like that from the get-go. overs up high kind of have them you know in your face and to create a suspension setup that taught me something while I was building it to figure out the dynamics you know to make it work and work properly if you know half the fun of the build you had built all your two mythos right there yeah these guys here built solely in our garage that's a wild guy so you have a heat exchanger in the front this is your radiator your fans here exactly so There is an electric water pump that obviously runs water from the engine to the rear.
800hp coyote powered hot rod on lemans wheels mike burroughs ford model a truck
Now I was a bit concerned that it might have some airflow issues. channel it in but you know, driving down the highway even sitting in traffic everything normally revolves around you like a hundred and eighty degrees it's perfect it's been wonderful it looks like the frame is uh it's just rectangular yeah , so the base frame itself is 2 by 3 120 wall tubes are pretty typical like the double Zeid frame and then the type of cage frame in the back half is a 1:20 wall and three quarters. I give it some structure, some stability, it's confidence underneath. a really stiff frame given what it is it doesn't have any flex which is pretty good keeps it driving like a go kart because honestly that's pretty much what it is so we came here for your fuel setup it's for fuel pumps so trucks that run on e85 certainly overfueled but you know you wanted room to grow not have to go back and refine it so you have to lift pumps and then high pressure pumps on line and a 1.5 liter surge tank and then tucks away behind the radiator is also coolers for the transmission and for the engine oil so what is this finish?
800hp coyote powered hot rod on lemans wheels mike burroughs ford model a truck
Is it pain or is it yes, believe it or not? life well stuck with your


real quick because yeah they're definitely one of a kind you won't see them on anything else yeah the only other place you'll catch them is on Mazda's current dpi like the Lomov concept car that's it what they are. It's probably one of my favorite parts on the car so we did custom center lock hubs and then we mounted them there 18 by 12 and a half and 18 by 13 and then I wear waterproof Michelin P 2 L tires mostly just for the attitude of that look totally sick and then boxy suit no no its a little skinnier in the front which is funny everyone always asks is the front of the truck wider than the back no the tread is square and then the front


are slightly thinner half an inch thinner so let's get to the fun part of this build you actually used late


immigrants but it's a brand yeah I really wanted to keep the truck as far forward Possible, I wanted it to be a Ford, not really a mix of different vehicles.
So I actually bought almost a whole wrecked 2011 Mustang GT, but yeah, the Coyote has been an amazing rig. I have wanted to use it for a long time. I think it's great for a v8 top cam and then with the VMP blower. and the technology that these guys are putting into these things the power output is absolutely mind blowing you know the price per pony is insane how much drive there isn't in this and this is a brand right now it's running the pulleys are rated 12 to 14. psi which is obviously a bit of a range we haven't had it on the dyno yet with the latest exhaust and tune up and all we expect 800 on the wheels so your rear bench is 800 yeah and since it only weighs like a little over 5000 yeah it's right a thousand kilo rams and it's a rocket ship he's terrified to drive this exhaust setup it's crazy we built them basically to build something totally crazy kind of of swagger, build something crazy, something that sounds good, obviously wickedly loud and as a final part of that is to take a bow to censor after the collector has a way of seeing it underneath because it looks like it says yes this arm flap is on that side and vice versa oh yeah he's right just yeah cross over that's crazy that's there's a lot of spaghetti right there it's amazing though ok let's go see your office it's cozy in here it's tight It's not for anyone bigger than me, really, but it's not too bad, it's relatively comfortable for what it has.
Enough room to be in my first hot rod that I built. I made the mistake of making the interior too small and awkward so I really wanted to improve that this time, well you also know to keep the package small I wanted you to know that the engine is against the firewall so it takes up a ton of space interior and stuff like that but it's a good balance ok yeah you have the basic necessities here. I mean, you've got turkeys, oh, this is actually it. kinda nice yeah they do have some foam on them it's not too bad to sit down turn up all the switches here get your drum master which is on a unique looking shifter is that right?
Brothers of the ring yeah but how good he is as a man your seats are like the pedals yeah you gotta have little shoes and you know be careful where you place your feet it would be easy enough to hit the accelerator instead of the brake but it fits you, it's really not that bad. It has glass inside it's tinted glass instead of window tint on the glass that's what came on the doors of the truck when I bought it and this tunnel is huge the transmission in the truck is a Jericho WC for four so it's a four speed dog box right that straight cut obviously had to have f o clearance on all the shift linkages on the drive side, honestly the biggest reason I went with that drivetrain is that even though it's a sweet drivetrain, They can pack a ton of power and fun to drive.
I needed the space and the six speeds. that came with the Mustang, it took up even more space than that, it made it impossible to put the pedals on the truck, so that was the first thing that was done and then obviously all you know is hand-riveted aluminum and whatnot. I'm not looking forward to it. drill more holes or more rivets anytime soon how many hours do you have on this the truck itself took me five and a half months to start finishing what yeah and that was running only after hours so after work and maybe like the Last week I really put in, you know, a whole week of time on top of that, yeah, just after hours, you know, if you know what you want, you know what you're going to do, do it, man, okay, I think it's time of talking about the background, so w We should probably get on the lift and throw it down the front suspension.
I chose a double arm setup. I wanted something that they could handle very well. I wanted something that I could use the H&R coil springs with and really put them on. for the test they were the great partner with this build and when I told them what I wanted to do they were quick to jump in and say yeah let's bring that to life. Adjustable coilovers in every way. threw out all the old outdated stuff you gotta get rid of that's not going to work used the axles from the 2011 mustang but if you look closely they're heavily modified instead of being Macpherson's now they're ya know I said double arm it's got the big brakes , all the adjustable bits and pieces, everything is articulated with heim so we can know, align it, put it exactly where we want it to be, the geometry itself, I saw my own design so you know, I broke the calculator and spreadsheet and all that kind of stuff and written exactly where i wanted like you know camber bends caster bends you know instant Center a sway Center all that kind of stuff how did you get this rack here?
It's definitely one of the hurdles with such a small vehicle I think a lot of people when they see pictures or videos of it don't realize how small a really small car it is, so fitting everything in here, especially the rack and pinion, it was probably the biggest challenge of the entire build. You know? Sort of a chase for the steering column all the way into the car to dodge the pedals to get through the dash. a bit of effort to convert them, but yeah, once you move in, that's not bad if the shapes are cool.
I would. and uh you can actually see it from above honestly I would have to look longer to realize it was crossing yeah it's something not a lot of people realize right away as he said it gave us a chance to add something in length after the collector gives us you know better Oh to read and we had it initially and it sounds damn it's sweet it's loud as hell ok let's get on with your rear suspension so you're talking about this we were up on top how does this work really at its core it's actually a really simple four link triangulate so it's nothing out of the ordinary that you'd find on a normal car it's just that instead of having the shocks you know on low base there's push rides and bell cranks and engages high so it's really not too much of a hassle in the rear versus the front so you can adjust the ride height by adjusting the l pushrod lengths it can help balance out corners that way and then alignment is via triangulation four link bars if it's a vehicle that's just meant to bust tires and go real fast why not keep it simple, keep it bulletproof, and put nine inches on it so that's what you've got?
It has a positive back. Well it gears a 350 speed so it's well matched since it's a four speed but the tires are like a twenty eight and it shifts it drives good on the freeway but still has a nice kick it's a pretty traditional rear end just with some flavor added like i said i would love to see what it will do both in a straight line and around a circuit its not designed to go in a straight line but i know it will go fast and thats what do you know? That's what's funny, well we get it, we get it right, dude, thanks for bringing it up. do it just sayingI have always seen that it looked like this is like an interior like an interior component for a house like in Palm Springs exactly exactly

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