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8 Times Judges Destroyed CORRUPT Cops

Jul 24, 2023
In this video we are going to talk about moments when


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. Let's get right to it: We're in Seminole County Circuit Court in Sanford, Florida, where Lisette Gonzalez, 46, was convicted of driving under the influence. But even though the verdict had already been reached, his lawyer made a final argument to judge Fred's shooting, saying that there was not enough evidence since he was never given a breathalyzer or blood drawn, and yet the police officer who shot him arrested was Michael Wagner wrote in his official report that his test exceeded the legal limit of .08.
8 times judges destroyed corrupt cops
The officer said it was an honest mistake, but he observed what he believed to be intoxication. This is exactly why the lawyer asked the judge to overturn the jury's verdict. Now one might think. that the case would have been closed at this point, but the judge had other plans, we learned that the defendant was ticketed for driving with a suspended license a few months after her DUI arrest, but the only reason it was suspended was because of the report fake from Officer Wagner. The judge is not happy with that at all, so he continues scolding the prosecutor who was defending that police officer's lies.
8 times judges destroyed corrupt cops

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8 times judges destroyed corrupt cops...

He says the officer lied on a sworn subpoena and that's why he dismisses the charge. 2. Next up is Denver, Colorado. For a first counseling hearing where the judge was supposed to explain to the defendant why he was detained and describe the upcoming legal procedures, the defendant is a man named Anthony Waller who was detained on suspicion of multiple crimes including false imprisonment and assault on a female victim at a local motel. Judge Doris Byrd explained that she would remain in custody while the case was investigated. Waller, who was completely shackled with leg shackles and a belly chain, asked the judge for clarification.
8 times judges destroyed corrupt cops
He then he can see the deputy. Brady put his hands more lovingly on Waller's back and then explained that he did it because he was directing Waller to go to the clerk to sign the paperwork. Waller didn't like that, so he confronted the officer and asked why he was doing that and then the unimaginable happened. The officer grabbed Waller by the belly chain and slammed him face-first into a metal window frame as he was dragged into the hallway. He can be heard saying that he is hurt, he suffered a head injury and his teeth were broken, but things are not over. there, after witnessing everything the judge filed an excessive force complaint against the officer with the Denver Department of Public Safety, the agency later found that Waller was not an imminent threat to the safety of anyone in court when Loveier used excessive force against him as a result, Deputy Love NGA was suspended for 30 days as Anthony Waller won a 50,000 civil lawsuit against Love GA and the city, but was found guilty of his original crime, third-degree assault , was sentenced to two years in county jail, three were in the Pike County Courthouse in Waverly, Ohio, for next, in the sentencing of a


Sheriff Charlie reader who pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery in charging and tampering with evidence;
8 times judges destroyed corrupt cops
He allegedly stole approximately five thousand dollars that had been confiscated in other cases, according to police he used that money to gamble. He was originally considering 18 different charges, but he pleaded guilty and that number was reduced to five at sentencing. He appeared before Judge Patricia Cosgrove. He was considering the maximum sentence of eight years for his crimes, the defendant asked the judge for a minimum sentence of community service. He was quite emotional the entire time, expressing remorse and asking the judge to consider the impact his prison sentence would have on his family once he was done with everything the judge asked for.
The reader explained to him why he took the money and then explained that he used much of that money to support charities in the community, but the thing is that there was also evidence that he accumulated a considerable gambling debt because of it, the judge He did not feel sympathetic in the case. The final reader was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison, but because some of those charges will run concurrently or at the same time, that means he will only have to serve three years in prison. 4. A police officer named William Meléndez was tried for beating a black man.
Motorist Floyd Dent during a routine traffic stop. It was all captured on a police dash cam where you can see a pair of officers pinning Dent to the ground and Melendez punching him in the head not once, not twice, but a total of 16


. Melendez appeared. in court before Judge Vonda Evans, whose passionate sentence went viral online and for a very good reason did not hold back during the sentencing, while Melendez seemed contrite as he addressed the court minutes before hearing his sentence, the judge was having none of it and reminded everyone that Melendez and his colleagues were actually joking about the man's injuries.
In the end, Melendez was sentenced to 13 months to 10 years in prison. 5. Breckenridge County, Kentucky, a former sheriff Todd Pate stands before Judge Janet Crooker. He has already agreed to change his plea from not guilty to guilty on charges of operating under the influence of criminal conduct and leaving the scene of an accident a year earlier while driving his personal vehicle, causing an accident that injured four people and fleeing the scene. of the accident. and when they arrested him later that night, his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. He was released under Bond and later removed from the Sheriff's Office in court.
All he has to do is confirm to the judge that he will plead guilty in order to reduce his sentence to 75 days instead of the 15 years in prison he could face if he is found guilty of all charges, it all seems simple enough, but he chooses to put it on difficult for the judge. um, I need to understand what we need to do. what are you doing here today Mr. Pate, she is quite patient with him at first and even asks him for a recess to give her some time when she still didn't want to say whether she would plead guilty or not, the judge accuses him of wasting her.
The time he's going to jail today, the thing is he doesn't agree with the assault charge and he feels like he's being bullied into doing this. At this point, the judge is fed up with his changes and ultimately accepts the terms of the sentence. his sentence of 75 days in jail with credit for time served 6. When a former police officer Newman Raja who shot Corey Jones is about to learn his fate, he was charged with involuntary manslaughter and attempted first-degree murder for shooting Corey Jones in 2015, who succumbed to his injuries. Jones was driving home when his vehicle broke down.
Raja, a Palm Beach Gardens police officer on duty at the time stopped to see what was going on. An altercation ensued and Raja ended up shooting. Jones expressed remorse during the trial, but ultimately Judge Joseph Marks sentenced him to 25 years in prison. 7. Here we have an excellent example of a corrupt and corrupt MP getting what he deserves. The deputy's name is Zachary Wester, who was arrested for planting illegal substances on innocent people. He was found guilty on 19 of 67 charges and sentenced by Judge James Goodman Jr to 12 years and six months in prison. Wester was charged with all types of crimes including official misconduct, fabrication of evidence, false imprisonment and possession of controlled substances.
The prosecutor found that Wester's reports did not match his body. In the camera footage, he often turned off his body camera and during that time he was placing illegal substances in the vehicles of people he stopped. Here we are at a trial in Orange County where former Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor thought the judge would have mercy on him and minimize his sentence as much as possible but in the end all his crying didn't help when he was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to eight years in prison. The jury took just over an hour to convict him and that included his lunch hour.
He was accused of lying on the stand during the trial of his friend Scott Bush, who was accused of assaulting two girls before being taken to jail. The sailor told his mother and his father that he loves them. Leave a like. in the video If you liked it   and subscribe to our channel to receive notifications so you don't miss anything until next time

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