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8 Actresses Who've ROTTED in Jail (and the Reasons Why)

Apr 24, 2023
In this video, we'll look at eight


who have been or are serving significant time in prison and why Abby Lee Miller was born in Pennsylvania in 1965 to parents who were dancers, dance teachers, and dance studio owners. Abby Lee Miller started dancing almost before. she could walk and at 14 she considered herself mature, knowledgeable and skilled enough to choreograph and manage a dance competition team. In 1995, she took over her mother's dance studio and, to signify the change in ownership of her, she renamed it Rain Dance Productions. 2011 was the year that Fame and some Fortune smiled on Abby Lee Miller and the year marked the beginning of her appearance on Dance Moms, the show she would forever be associated with.
8 actresses who ve rotted in jail and the reasons why
She was on Dance Moms during Seven Seasons with the goal of laser-focusing on rivalries, competition, anger, jealousy. and bile is common when she rounds up young girls, ask them to compete against each other in a dance studio setting and force them to work together to put on sublime public performances in dance competitions and the like. Dance Moms had three spin-offs with these keeping Abby Lee Miller busy in 2014, everything I learned about myself in dance class was published. She opened a new dance studio in 2015. She left Dance Moms in March 2017 and returned the following year before finally throwing in the towel in 2020.
8 actresses who ve rotted in jail and the reasons why

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8 actresses who ve rotted in jail and the reasons why...

Now we did say that Abby Lee Miller spent a little over a year in prison, well, the Taxes were what it was all about in 2010. Abby Lee Miller, who owed the IRS more than four hundred thousand dollars for her Pittsburgh dance studio, filed for bankruptcy, but a Lifeline made its way when she was cast by Dance Moms in 2011 and the program drastically improved his financial health, he should have given the taxman his due, but failed to do so, diverting funds to places where he hoped no one would find them. In October 2015, the Justice Department issued a fraud indictment accusing her of operating a secret bank account to hide her income.
8 actresses who ve rotted in jail and the reasons why
She was charged with bankruptcy fraud. she eventually accepted a plea deal and in May 2017 she received a sentence of one year and one day, she was also fined nearly two hundred thousand dollars and ordered to forfeit her DNA sample. Her prison sentence began on July 12, 2017, and she was released early. her on May 25, 2018 and the early release was attributed to her classification as a model prisoner and her diagnosis of spinal cancer, even though she was in


for about three years. Abby Lee Miller is still very angry that none of the actors and the parents of the children she taught on Dance Moms visited her in prison sent her a card or publicly offered their support these sentiments were expressed in an April 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight with Miller stating that those she worked with and helped on the set of Dance Moms should be shamed for abandoning her in her time of need make sure you stick to the ending to see the actress who




for lying to a grand jury shooting if you thought Abby Lee Miller's story was crazy wait till you hear the next one and don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more amazing celebrity prison videos Skyler DeLeon Skyler DeLeon is the only one in this video that she has been sentenced to death and could disappear permanently from this planet once the governor of her state decides to stop funding her stay on death row and carry out her sentence born as John Julius Jacobson Jr.
8 actresses who ve rotted in jail and the reasons why
Skyler DeLeon appeared a lot on commercials as a child and was able to promote herself as an actress after appearing as a teenager in a single episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Skyler joined the Marines at the age of 20, but was soon kicked out for going AWOL. She later married and met an adventurous couple who wanted to sell her yacht and plant roots near her grandchildren. We left the ship with friends, and on November 15, 2004, Skyler, his pregnant wife, and two associates, went on a cruise with the yacht's owners, presumably to see how the vessel was handled on the water and to discuss further business.
Late that night, the yacht returned to the key for but its original owners were never seen again. Eventually, it was revealed that they had been roughed up and then thrown overboard. Concerned family members lobbied the police to launch an investigation, and Skyler was questioned. She told police that she had bought the boat from the owners. The documents to that effect seemed like the whole case was hopeless until March 2005 when an associate of Skyler de León returned from Mexico, where she had initially sought refuge and enthusiastically sang like a canary to US police officers. Testimony of this type was so powerful and incontrovertible that Skyler Deleon's lawyer refused to mount a defense and focused his efforts to get his client not sentenced to death, but failed in October 2007.
Skyler Deleon's wife was sentenced on two counts of first degree murder and received two life sentences without parole in April 2009. Skyler DeLeon was sentenced to death for the murder of the boat owners plus murder of another kind and has been calming down ever since in San Quentin the state witness received a 20 year sentence and in May of 2009 the other guy who had been on the boat with daily about his wife and the future state witness received a death sentence many people feel what Skyler DeLeon is going through in the present is well deserved and let us note here how well deserved is the name of the yacht to which Skyler DeLeon felt impelled Kill for talk about Poetic Justice Teresa Giudice Donnie Brasco Who Wants To Be A Millionaire the fashion show and Good Morning America are a sample of the TV shows and movies that have kept Teresa Giudice busy over the years.
She is most remembered for her acting and appearance. on Real Housewives of New Jersey, a show that ran for 12 seasons and proved successful enough to inspire the creation of spin-offs like Teresa Checks in Teresa Giudice was born in May 1972 to Italian immigrants, she swung the baton in In high school she studied fashion at Berkeley College, worked at Macy's, and then focused on the show that would make her famous and in demand. She has been on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since season one and has used her exposure to success and its commercialization, as well as her cooking skills to co-write a trio of highly successful cookbooks, she also penned a memoir about her experiences in prison and another more comprehensive memoir titled Standing Strong which was published in October 2017 and no, she is not on this list because the food detailed in her cookbooks does not taste as good as advertised in July 2013, it is imposed a 39-count indictment on herself and her husband charging them with mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud and lying on their loan applications.
Teresa's husband was also accused of not paying income. taxes from 2004 to 2008 after fiercely asserting her innocence, husband and wife Duo reached a plea deal and in October 2014 she was given a 15-month sentence serving less than a year with her husband, who received 41 months and finally deportation to Italy. they were also fined $414K with the trial judge outraged that Teresa and her husband engaged in shady behavior and did not fully cooperate with the law after their plea bargain agreement it was this shady behavior that caused the judge to give him to the mother of four children one year. more in prison instead of the parole she had been considering Teresa Giudice has given interviews since her 11-month stint on The Slammer criticizing the conditions of the jail in which she spent her offer and insisting she was innocent, complained about the lack of hot running water showers and central heating in the prison and went as far as to describe her prison experience as living in hell hearing her say that she says she is innocent as a lamb and all she did was put her signature in some documents that her ex-husband had pushed her way, it's a shame the man is now in Italy and not available to tell his side of the story.
Allison Mack Smallville launched some characters into the spotlight and some others into the stratosphere and Alison Mack surely belongs in the latter category in the show that she perfectly played the role of a city reporter who regularly befriends Superman. and occasionally witnessed her exploits and adventures with her acting and mischievous smile as something fans of the show can remember hard and over the years. but Smallville marked the pinnacle of her career and she had been completely forgotten by most of the world until she was recently in the news for all the wrong


. Allison Max's troubles began in 2006 when she was introduced to Nexium, a group that was supposedly all about oneself. -executive aid and coaching, but in reality it was a cult of remarkable depravity. before long, she was a deputy in Nexium and taking orders from the leader himself, though sadly these orders involved the acquisition of slaves who were then starved to make their figures match an unrealistic ideal, the acquisition of incriminating materials in these slaves, and Branded with her initials, as well as those of the boss in the flesh of these insiders, the two-time Teen Choice Award winner in April 2018 has been charged by the FBI with sex trafficking and forced labor and faces up to 15 years in The Slammer.
Allison Mack chose to save her skin and become a state's witness her testimony resulted in the Nexium leader getting a 120 year sentence and she has gone on record as her involvement with Nexium was the biggest regret of her life, she pleaded guilty of revised charges and in June 2021 he was sentenced to three years and fined twenty thousand dollars Amy Locane Amy is best known for Melrose Place, but she was also in crybaby and School Ties, both massive hits in the early 20s. 90. Got Her On Camera Amy began her Hollywood career with a role in Spencer and was soon cast in films alongside future Heavies like Matt Damon and Johnny Depp.
She later left the Hollywood side of life. Married in 2006. couple of children and seemed to be living the dream life of a stay-at-home mom on the night of June 27, 2010, extremely drunk Amy Locane crashed into a car that was turning into a driveway , killing the passenger and nearly sending the driver into the afterlife, aside from Amy being drunk with three times the legal level of alcohol in her system, she was going almost twice the legal speed limit at the time of the accident and reports say she was she was laughing when paramedics and law enforcement arrived at the scene of the fatal car accident that failed to sway public perception of her in a good light in November 2012 she was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and assault by Otto and the following year he was given a three-year jail sentence which he served in the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey which should have been the end of the matter, but an appeal court ruled that his three-year sentence had been too light and subsequently she was given an additional six months which she was however not required to serve in February 2019 Amy Locane received a new five-year sentence. year sentence, but it was later canceled and an eight-year sentence was imposed.
She is serving that eight year sentence right now and is due to be paroled the day after her birthday on December 20, 2024. Zara python Zara pythian first came to the attention of the public in doctor strange and she played the role of the brunette Zealot in that Blockbuster. She got Out Alive and reportedly has a net worth of over three million dollars. Zara and her husband, a martial arts instructor, are rotting in jail in May of this year. hard enough to end up in another dimension her husband was found guilty of the same crime plus indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl he was given a 14-year sentence and was described by the court as the driving force behind the abuse Shannon Richardson Shannon Richardson is a striking redhead and her biggest claim to being an actress is an appearance on The Walking Dead as a more accurate extra, she played the role of a zombie in two episodes of that show's first season and played the zombie herself. she part in The Vampire Diaries Shannon Richardson never landed major roles in any TV show or movie and if she hadn't had the nerve to send rice and bound letters to some powerful men in the US they would all have flown under the radar. and friends Shannon had been married three times when the letter-writing incident for which she would forever be known occurred.
What pushed her to send death letters was an immense desire to get her third husband in trouble with the couple in the midst of a messy divorce and Shannon, pregnant in May 2013, sent a letter to President Barack Obama, another to Michael Bloomberg and thethird to mark delays by mayors against non-profit guns. Fortunately, the rice and the bound letters were intercepted before they could reach their assigned recipients. Shortly after sending the letters, she called the police and told them that she suspected that her husband had sent letters to eminent people in an attempt to harm them. The poor man was quickly questioned, but he kept his answer clear and everything he said.
Digging deeper, investigators discovered that he could not have done what he was accused of at the time and suspicion centered on Shannon. She changed her story and said that her husband had forced her to mail the letters, but she didn't add that. top inIn November 2013, she accepted a plea deal and the following year she received an 18-year sentence for Fork plus $367,222. Shannon Richardson is due out in November 2028. Lil Kim Kimberly Denise Jones was born in 1974 in New York with her father being a Marine this boy was separated from his mother when Lil Kim was just nine years old he kicked Lil Kim to the sidewalk when he was a teenager because they were always fighting and didn't seem to agree Eye with the problems of not having a place to stay, she dropped out of high school and made the streets her home, sleeping on her friends' couches whenever she could and having a hard time when circumstances made it necessary.
It was during Lil Kim's difficult teenage years that she met many of the characters who would help shape the course of her life. Chief among them was the Notorious BIG, who counseled her and got her pregnant when she was 18 years old. He also put her in the Junior Mafia, a hip-hop group of talented teens whose members were childhood friends of hers. of him with the group losing its way and imploding after Biggie's death in 1997. In 1996, Lil Kim capitalized on the successful death of Junior Mafia to begin his solo career with his hardcore debut album, setting a record for the album with the highest charts for a female solo artist, other albums and broken.
Records followed and soon Lil Kim was known everywhere and not always for wholesome things, for example, she was often in trouble with the law and infamous for feuding with other artists, from Eve to Nicki Minaj, her song lyrics have been criticized for being too much. graphic when it comes to individual affairs, but on the other hand, she has consistently been cited as a positive influence on the rise of the new generation of female musicians, from Stefan Dawn to Megan the stud music, plus this cup of Grammy winners has been in movies like Gang of Roses. You Got Served and Zoolander and she tended to play herself on the big screen anyway, we put Lil Kim on this list because in March 2005 she was found guilty of lying to a grand jury about a 2001 shooting in front of the Hot 97 radio station in Manhattan. seemed fine after her grand jury performance during which she had been less than honest when questioned about the whereabouts of two of her friends with video evidence that later exposed her lies and subjected her to a sentence of up to 20 years.
Lil Kim readily admitted that he had thought it was better to maintain his street cred by not ratting out his friends, but he finally realized that was wrong in July 2005, he was given a year in prison with the diminutive rapper doing his offer at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia now some actors actually commit Grievous crimes but are never sentenced as they should be click here to see 10 actors who should be rotting in jail see you there

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