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7 Secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia?Sergio Fern醤dez, Pensamiento Positivo

Feb 27, 2020
Well, let's go for it and we are going to talk about a very important issue that is the issue of money. Look, when the energy of money fails us, the energy of health fails us, which are the two fundamental energies on which our lives are sustained. Otherwise it falls apart you tell a guy that he has a toothache we have discussed this here in a conference to a guy who has a toothache tell him to worry about the melting of the poles or tell him to worry about helping his neighbor He won't let him know that it will be the only thing he's going to worry about. a tooth you think of something other than your tooth you don't think hey let's be clear you don't think of anything other than your tooth when you don't have money to make ends meet you think of something other than how to get money to make ends meet is not the only thing that Your thinking is making money, therefore, when the energy of health or the energy of money falters, you become a selfish person and you become a person who cannot express what this world has come to be because they are worried about one thing that is survival so far we agree I know that this is not politically correct but here we have not come to say politically correct things but things that help us improve our lives because I say this because many people say I am not interested the issue of money and curiously they are the ones who have the most concerns about money and those who dedicate the best hours of the best years of their lives only to earn money and be from the 15th to the 20th of the month looking to see when it returns to enter the money the majority of the population in the West lives just a few months from the financial catastrophe most of the people and they will stop entering a salary they could not live go I don't mean indefinitely but not even a few months we agree on this when you are in a situation like this your salary is not well negotiated with your boss we agree on this when you are in a situation like this your mind is not on the creative because the creative you are when you have the bread solved if someone has doubts with this that you love them then it sounds more then this psychologist who spoke of the pyramid and pinal speaks the famous macro pyramid if someone does not know it to look for it later but basically what this is talking about It is that we can only go to those objectives that are more spiritual or of transcendence or social when we have the primary food, the house, the heat and the cold and all this resolved, so not having the issue of money resolved is probably preventing you from being able to access to what you have truly come to be in this life and that is why today we are going to talk about money, notice that even so, most people have observed it through the seminar river that we make of living abundantly for the hundreds of clients of the master's degree that people do not want money as much as time or power I repeat this we are not as interested in money as in time or power and what is power power do what you want with your life so why am I saying this because basically here we are not going to talk so much about money that we are going to do as about how to better manage our time or how to have more possibilities in life if you If you had all the time in the world, which by the way you do have, and if you had all the possibilities in the world, which you certainly have, you wouldn't really be so interested in money.
7 secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia sergio fern ndez pensamiento positivo
We also agree on this, that is, what we want is money as a means, money only. Let's go back with two ideas about money before starting the first one is that money is just a tool, it is an exchange tool, it is one of the best exchange tools, although not the only one that What is known today why I say this because many people have a lot of negative emotions about money and if you have a negative emotion about money you will not be able to get along with it if I have a negative emotion about a friend I will not get along with that friend if I have a negative emotion about something whatever in life I would never have a good relationship with it so I am one of the things that I would like us to take from here today for God's sake and forever it is that money is neutral I am going to repeat it again money is neutral money is a tool money has no more power than a pliers it has no more power than a vehicle than a car than a chair than a bicycle money is useful in so much so that you do something with it but money itself is nothing it is a tool that allows us to speed up this is the word it allows us to speed up what we want in life if I want to go from Madrid to Gij贸n I can walk then It takes I don't know how many months or weeks but if I have money and I bought a train ticket then it took five hours.
7 secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia sergio fern ndez pensamiento positivo

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7 secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia sergio fern ndez pensamiento positivo...

We see the idea is an accelerator allows it to be a tool that speeds up what I want in life to materialize and collapse in the plane of the physical before because we are in such a fight with money because many people have done stupid things with money but the problem is not what has been done with the money the problem is that we came from home already damaged money is like social networks you tell him you give a facebook with ten thousand guys to an idiot then there are 10,000 people who realize that he was stupid but before they realized 3 in the bar we see the idea so that since their radius of action was 3 only 3 suffered from it now one has facebook and there are 10,000 it is a tool that accelerates and amplifies now they realize 10,000 because the money and the same if you are the fool the people and you have ten euros nobody realizes but if you get ten million euros you start to do nonsense this idea we understand instead of doing nonsense that you make them bigger and also you do them before because money is an accelerator so the first idea is that money is neutral please you can't be angry with money because it is one of the most useful and above all most effective exchange tools that are known the second idea that I want to address before starting is that money is unlimited in the world I am going to repeat it again money on this planet is unlimited and there is a lot more money than yesterday and tomorrow there will be much more money than today please make a note in your notebook when you are not around and watch a documentary on youtube called zeitgeist spelling z and ips g and st zeitgeist and specifically look at number 2 of this documentary series I spell it again zeitgeist z and ig and it's already messing me up because this is the first time I said it quickly and it's going well and now z 76 days anyway even though you started it's a letter you're going to find it nter all nervous looking at the notebook next door please go back to the movie that is on youtube that you can easily find fake gays specifically number 2 of the film series I also recommend the rest by the way specifically number 2 something is explained that the first time I had contact with it opened my mind and I went from seeing life like this to seeing it like this and that is that the world has the capacity to generate unlimited money, that is, money is made by bankers out of nothing This has many political, social and economic connotations, but for what concerns us today, the idea that money is unlimited in this world and that money is created in the mind and that when I go to a bank and ask for a loan to buy a press the print button and generate money again, what we are going for today is so that if you have money it is not because you are taking it from anyone and this is one of the main ideas that we need to take with us s home because on many occasions many people that I have observed feel bad when they have money because they feel that if they have it it is because they have taken it from others and the film I don't know if unfortunately or fortunately I don't have it very clear yet but I do It is true that it does not work that way and money is unlimited in this world, they are accounting notes when you go to a bank, they print it and generate new bills for you.
7 secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia sergio fern ndez pensamiento positivo
This idea is understood later. If you have money, it is not because they have taken it from anyone. but because you have contributed more value to society and therefore you have received more because because money is an exchange tool if I give you something useful what are you going to give me in exchange probably money and I would love it that today when we left here we would take this idea of 鈥嬧媘oney as an exchange tool that there are people who abuse and go crazy for the exchange tool and that money spoils people not he already came home damaged we see the concept an artichoke can't spoil anyone in the same way that a 50 euro bill can't spoil anyone the problem is that when a guy sees a 50 euro bill and does nonsense he came home damaged We understand this so it is not that money does not have the capacity to spoil anyone nor does it have the capacity to give to anyone, the only thing it is going to do is amplify what you already came with beforehand, so today's fundamental idea in conclusion of these two is that money is created in the mind and this is essential to understand because if we continue to think that money is created outside or that someone has to give me or that I have to take it away or that I have to deal or I don't know how many I hear strange things every week about money so we are not going to have it because as energy it is it is going to go with those people with whom it gets along well if you tell a person hey you are not important to me and I give it to them You ask several times what that person is going to do, he is going to stay by your side, he is going to leave, he is going to leave if you tell money as many people do and I keep listening to this nonsense that is on the list of ten silliest nonsense that You can say in your life you may be in the 'top ten' that of money is not important to me well if I took and told a friend you are not important to me that I would do what this friend of mine would do he would leave if you told him you say to money you are not important to me that makes money go away so it is a mathematical law and where there is a person who says money is not important to me you know where there is a person who does not make it to the end of the month you have noticed Considering this is mathematical, note that there is a principle that says do not try to express yourself because your words will do it for you that there are more important things than money, of course, in fact, almost all of them, but what money allows you is to access some of those not even all or some of them so let's go with it well we need to learn to deal with money and there is urgency in this because because we are going towards a world I don't know if you have observed this but we are going towards a world in which the middle classes are ending let's go towards a world of extremes you have observed this we are going to make a world in which there are increasingly richer rich and in which there are increasingly poorer poor people that is why since last year in the institute positive thinking we are working very thoroughly on the subject of financial intelligence something that unfortunately still is not being explained by schools and many media in the media I believe that anyone who wants to move with some ease and with some success in the 21st century needs to learn at least the rudiments of financial intelligence and what This is learning to manage your income, your expenses and your finances, and what we are going to talk about today here are some ideas and some parts of the system that h We have created in the institute that is called living with abundance, do you want us to start, so let's look at the system that we have created to teach to transmit ideas of financial intelligence in the institute, we have called it living with abundance and it consists of two large blocks, one already Those of you who have been to the conferences here are familiar with the ten laws of abundance.
7 secretos sobre el dinero para generar abundancia sergio fern ndez pensamiento positivo
There is a conference posted on YouTube if you want to delve deeper into this subject and the second large block that we are going to talk about today is the financial intelligence part applied to this part. It's good, it's in this block of financial intelligence, we talk about various things, we talk about the differences in thought, I'm saying this in case someone wants to write it down and then go deeper or study more at home or I don't know or ask us for a bibliography or whatever, but the first block is the differences that exist in the way of thinking between the middle classes and people who have economic affluence, that is, r of people who have a good relationship with money today we are going to talk about part of this, that is to say, but what I am trying to say is that people who have a good relationship with money have a different way of thinking and that It is a different way of thinking is that when you are here now and someone, in this case me or a colleague who speaks or whatever, says something, the focus they have on that is different, but when they pick up the phone, the focus they have before doing the The call is different, that is, the way of thinking, the way of dealing with things on a day-to-day basis is different, and today we are going to see some of the differences between people who are well related to money and who are badly related to money.
The second part is the myths about money, notice that there are many myths about money that is money that is not money before, we have discussed two of them, one of them is that money is limited and another that money hurts people, there are many more but ultimately we need to understand the myths that exist about money and shell out and sit down for a while to reflect if that is true or if it is not true the third great block that this part of financial intelligence has are basic concepts basic conceptsWhat do you need to handle?
We need to understand the difference between an asset and a liability. We understand this or someone wants me to explain it. Do you speak Spanish? I'll explain it, some good ones say, since these have already left, please. This should be explained in 1st grade. Active is something that put money in your pocket passive is something that takes money out of your pocket for some reason that I don't quite understand the middle classes and who don't have an influx of cash love to buy liabilities they have 100 euros they spend 99 on a liability in the best of circumstances cases or 200 in the worst case and they acquire bad debt the first key concept active is what puts money in your pocket passive what takes money out of your pocket if you don't have assets that put money in your pocket your main obsession in the part Economic should be to generate assets, that is, things that put money in your pocket without requiring your physical presence and this is a world that exists wow hello I get up and on the 1st money falls to me and I have not done anything you have not done anything but money falls well this exists the problem is that we focus on buying liabilities a child turns 18 and what is the first thing his parents give him a car you have also been victims Because of the idea of 鈥嬧媗iabilities at 18 years of age in your families, well, if they don't only earn at 18, they give it to them at 20 and I say, and it wouldn't be much more sensible redd to give him that money in something that would allow the kid to have an asset and that would You will earn money every month that way instead of turning you into a person who already needs to start working to pay for your whims, it would have turned you into a mini-entrepreneur or an investor who would have assets that would bring you money every month, you understand the difference There is a type of people who thinks in assets and another type of people who thinks in liabilities and the differences in the long term, as you can understand, are significant.
There are many basic concepts that we have. You have to understand and in this block that we deal with in living with abundance we treat them this is just one of them the fourth block are ideas to improve your economic results that is to say what can I do in practice those of you who have been in this series of conferences will remember that in one of them we saw three of the tools that we propose one of them is to make a monthly balance I don't know if you are doing it or not but one day a month to make a balance and what is a balance is on the one hand to put all your assets, listen, I don't have any good ones, leave the gap in the excel that one day they will be, you act as if you already were, at least leave a gap there, on the one hand, put all your assets and on the other hand, all your liabilities, that is, everything you owe I owe 20 euros to my grandfather 100,000 to the bank at home A trip A consumer loan Whatever it takes to make a balance This is one of the tools One of the ideas that can improve your results There is another idea that is to prepare a budget This is to say, decide in advance how much your family unit is going to spend or how much your company is going to spend.
Today we have super young people. We have taken it to the letter what we have to teach young people. I have heard since I was little and the third tool that you should take from my point of view if you want to have the truth about your economy is a control of income and expenses on the first Monday or the first day of each month and what this is is to collect all the income and the expenses that you have had in the last month and write them down in an excel to know how much you spend on electricity how much you spend on the car most people do not have truth about their economy we agree with this if I ask you how much to earn last year with cents 99 9% of the population does not know it and why do they not know it because they do not take it into account and since they do not take it into account they are deceiving themselves that is to say the decision they have made consciously or unconsciously it's not going to tell me the truth about my life so the only way you have is to keep track I repeat a balance all assets and all liabilities a budget and control of income and expenses so this is what we talk about In living with abundance we are going with the first part that we are going to deal with today, which are the beliefs that differentiate people who have good results from bad results.
Let's go for it. Well, the first thing is that economics is a result and this is essential to understand because If we continue to think that the economic results we have in life come as if by magic, we will continue without being able to influence the causes. Everything we live in this world is a result, causes and effects, we live in a world of causes and effects, this is what we understand not me then your economic situation is also an effect in this case it is a result idea 1 people to simplify let's say how the rich think how the rich think Poor people, I don't like to label, I don't feel very comfortable with these two words, but it seems good that we reach this agreement so as not to use paraphrases or longer things all the time, as rich people think, people who do well in terms of what economically they play to win as the poor think they play not to lose and what do I really want to talk about here in this first in this first point of an emotion that many of you already know if not all of you and it is the emotion of fear without getting along with your fear You are not going to do well economically because sooner or later you are going to take you are going to have to make decisions with calculated and measured risks in which you may lose or spend yourself or there is a result in which you cannot affect the classic example the other One day I was talking to a person and I told him, well, look, maybe if you rent your house we could improve your economic situation because of this and that, he says expensive, but maybe they don't pay me, well, it could be that they don't pay you p But then you throw him out because there is a judicial system that, although slow, ends up working and then you return later to collect the rent for your house and he continued to require it, but if it doesn't do him good, then if they don't throw him out, you don't learn karate in three months and you throw him out.
I don't know, we'll invent something, what is the emotion that is dominating that conversation, fear, this person, in the end I have not spoken again, but I think the decision he made was that he was not going to rent his house, which in the situation he had was the best thing to do. I could do, I mean rent, pack up and leave and have someone live there paying because they didn't do it because the predominant emotion is fear and it is this first idea that we are dealing with and here it is not playing to win but playing to lose then the The first idea that I want to comment here is from where you are playing from fear, that is, focusing on what you do not want or from love, focusing on what if you want, this means that you are a unreasonable no undoubtedly I am not this means that they do not calculate the risks that it has at all calculate the but I say I am going to rent my house how much is the maximum term in which it is taking to kick out a person if they do not pay rent you make three calls and between calls he has it solved, the idea is understood, so the risk that I am going to run will be approximately six months in the worst case, well, it is a calculated risk, he foresees, makes you a provision fund, makes the decision that you want to make and then you act but the problem is that if we act out of fear as you don't want to lose anything because you are afraid of losing the little you have you don't make any decision it is understood so instead of playing to win you play not to lose and how do you play not to Losing, in effect, you don't lose, but you don't win either.
Second idea: People who are doing well financially understand the difference between two fundamental words, one is desire and the other is e. The commitment especially the first weeks of the year correct me if I'm wrong people say I wish and then they start putting things there I want to earn more money I want to double my turnover I want to have more health I wish whatever is great how much have you committed to and this seems like a nonsense but we spend the day in conversations we allow ourselves the free luxury of being in conversations in which we talk about desires but we do not promise that you know someone that happens to you in your environment the good thing these conversations after these conferences that one goes and he says that it would be good to hear this, yes, have you already thought of someone who would like to hear this, it always happens to us the same way, well, we differentiate desire from commitment, what is the key concept here is, whenever you want to improve a result, commit to something and this is fundamental to understand, we do not always do it, so do not allow yourself to wish without committing yourself, we see the idea, the compr Ignoring is something that requires us to give everything, that is to say, when we are committed, we are not in that thing that is very similar to it that is not commitment and in which we escape in which they tell you today that they have achieved this and then you have a perfect excuse, right?
You say no because the truth in commitment is not yet, but we see the difference, well, that's what I ask you to be in commitment. Third idea, this is essential, please, this was one of those things that when I understood it helped me see life in a different way. and it is one that I really believe is not socially understood and is not even explained and it is to sincerely admire and bless the abundance of others and do not even answer my question, you do it yourself when you see a person who cares it goes very well when you are talking to a person who is doing super well in a professional field in a family field in an economic field in the field that you sincerely want you are really happy from the heart don't even answer me if the answer and some who make faces if you don't rejoice in other people's abundance act as if you'll be glad to hear it is that it doesn't work out for me you pretend it you'll see how over time it ends up coming out naturally this is fundamental it's very important look at us we end up materializing in the plane of the physical in our life the plane of the physical is this that sounds like I don't know what you see in your reality that which has been previously created in the plane of the non-physical, that is to say in the mental world and in the emotional world situates in the mental and emotional world you do not admire and do not bless if you do not rejoice deeply and sincerely for the abundance that other people experience that is because you have a scarcity mentality and if you have a scarcity mentality what are you going to to materialize scarcity in your life, so even if it doesn't work out for you, be happy and I know that in a mentality like the Spanish one it is complicated because you put four guys together or at a table and he comes to one and asks the others Hey, how are you then he takes one and says I'm doing great, it's great but I'm scared because tomorrow I'm going to be twice as good as today and I still don't know how well I'm going to do and then the others look at each other and this is too much this we don't call him again it's like that I don't sincerely instead of and rejoice and ask him how he did it and say if I wanted it that would also be in my life because attention no one can take away your abundance not even the economic one except yourself, that is to say, if you are not enjoying economic abundance, it is only because you have not committed to learning, it is because there is something that you still refuse to learn, it is because there is something that you do not practice in your life, it is because when you are asked that occasion all this is assuming and supposing that you want to improve your economic results if someone says that I am not interested, obviously not but I understand that in this context in which we are if we want to have better results economic ults yes or no, because if you do not have the economic results that you think you deserve, it is because you have not committed to learning and putting it into practice, therefore abundance cannot be taken from you by anyone, you can only take it from yourself so when you see someone who is doing well, be happy and when you go down the street and see it is a person who drives the car that you want to drive be happy and when you go through a neighborhood like the one you want to live in, it happens and I love it jce I fall for you Well, we don't know each other yet, neighbors, but I already like you beforehand, we understand it, and so with everything, and if there is a guy who is dedicated to your profession and he is doing much better than you when he sees him, if you are his friend, he says or tell him how much I'm glad you're doing well I hope next year you'll do double the other has to be suspicious he has to say he wants to flirt with me what's wrong but really get used to verbalizing it's more if it doesn't come naturally ask him for permission tell him hey I'm going to to congratulate even though it doesn't come naturally to me, that is, I'm going to fake it and then you tell me and you've believed it or not, but pretend it doesn't matter.
We understand the concept. It's fundamental only when you live at the same level as what you want in your life you are going to bring that to your life and if you see abundance and you do not vibrate at the level of abundance whatever it is for you and abundance you are not going to bring abundance to your life and this is a budget like that, more or less than ontological and how metaphysical in practice it is hey man this how do you get on the day on the 10th when you leave home and they introduce you to someone don't see someone who is doing well be happy you understand this I have your commitment to those who do not come out naturally or pretend 'aces' to which radio to go to a conference that stings you and that they ask you to pretend in English they call it fake it and tell you make it or pretend it until you don't have to pretend you see it that is the idea some people when we talk about this tell me Sergio, but how am I going to admire that guy if he earned it dishonestly, don't worry, don't be the CEO of the universe, fortunately, you're not the CEO of the universe, if he earned it dishonestly, don't worry, because life worksAlways under the budget of abundance, it will take it away or make you have to do it in another area of 鈥嬧媗ife because an abundance that is not real and that is not global explained cannot be sustained in the medium and long term, that is to say, if You see a guy and he says I think he has earned it badly, it doesn't matter to everyone, look at him later, since he deals with life, he doesn't have to deal with you, you get rid of the general director of the universe, your only job is if you see the car You like it, admire it, we see the idea, I'm glad if it's really fundamental, it also excites me, but in the end I see a number of people who are working on the subject of abundance and I don't know what and who want to earn more money and pass the time car that is cool and cec they just messed everything up, that is, they are already doing the excel, they have been doing the excel for eight months, the balance I don't know what and they annoy it in a minute, that is, just at the moment the car passes, they don't know it you see wood but it is that yes of course it is not Hey, look, there are three types of issues, some are yours, others are mine, and others are those of life.
Rule number one, so that you do well in this universe, take care that your issues are yours, the other two issues are not your issues and each Every time we get involved in the affairs of others or in the affairs of life, we are neglecting our affairs, which is why it is so easy for people to start talking at a family or friends gathering or at the end of their master's degree or whatever. that of their affairs or of the affairs of others of the affairs of others we are going to leave instead of taking care of your own affairs do not be in conversations where the person speaking does not take care of their affairs then you will start what will happen to you you will start to love silence because in reality but it is really like that there are three types of issues take care only of yours note that there are three energies that destroy us in life we 鈥嬧媋re not going to talk about this now but as for us to have it one and s criticism another is envy another is fear when you do not admire another person it is because you are envying him and because envy is because you have a scarcity mentality it is because you think he has something or she has something that is yours but it is that this is so absurd in an abundant universe we live in an abundant universe that a person has does not mean that we apply things to money that we do not apply to the rest of the things we see I don't know what to say to two cousins 鈥嬧媤ho get along and you It makes you sad not because you know that the fact that two cousins 鈥嬧媑et along is not taking away your share of the good vibes of getting along with your cousin, the good vibes of getting along with your cousin is understood, it is infinite, it is abundant in this universe, well, money is the same if someone has something congratulations yes I am glad well now we are going to do an act of humility and we are going to write who we are going to admire and bless and rejoice that we are still not doing it for it 30 seconds itos is an exercise each one with himself it is who I am not yet admiring whom I still see and I am not deeply happy in what circumstance it still does not come naturally to me to experience joy 30 little seconds selling is not cheating is not cheating we have said it in this series of conferences until boredom selling is serving is I have a product a service an experience that can help another person and my job as a seller is to find that other person to whom this helps offers a service and to be able to make it available to them To be able to offer it to them to sell is to serve a solution to other human beings to sell ourselves to deceive ourselves to scam is not to abuse your position of power it is not I don't know if you have a higher energy level to take advantage of it to sell something is nothing like that to sell is to serve so yes you put your mind at the disposal of how I could serve more people undoubtedly the money will begin to flow to you because because one of the laws that organize this universe is balance and the law of balance says that this universe is permanently balancing the balance so that if you offer a lot of service to other human beings and to offer a lot of service to other human beings at least business-wise one of the easiest ways there is it is to sell but it is not the only one and even more so if you offer a lot of service through sales the universe is going to reward you and how it is going to do it through money so if you want to make peace with the world of money and if you want To really attend the first-class economic banquet, you need to love selling and it is one of the qualities that is taught the least in schools and that is taught least by universities.
We agree whether or not there are people who spend 25 years in the educational system and don't they have not even heard 10 minutes of sales conclusion they go out into the real world and the cookie they get is small so from now on lead your sales training lead your training on how to learn to better serve other human beings what is the sale definitively next idea that in this case would be number 5 let's go for the 5 of beliefs rich people don't say I can't they wonder how I could so my invitation It's that never again in a conversation say I can't but from now on say I don't want I'm not interested or how could we see the difference in approach it comes to you on vacation I don't want to do this I don't want to but deep down it's true it's I am not willing to commit myself to learn enough to put into practice what I need to be able to pay for that vacation is to say I don't want to and that's fine the other question is how could I but don't say I can't because I can't weaken your body weaken your energy and It weakens you even on a physical level.
You don't notice it when you're saying if I can do something, it's like your whole body is ready for power, like they have more energy, more strength, but when When they say I can't, it's like I tied you to Milan to this oops, it's that for a weirder one it's like you're breaking down, like you've noticed this, yes or no, you become weaker, so my proposal is don't say no again I can and I don't want you to notice that it changes it completely true today if you want to have to continue with the example I know that there are many more things that I am but I don't know if you want to have this car I don't want to just tell me I don't want at the moment I don't want when I want, well, I'll buy it for the moment I'm going to learn what I need to be able to want it in the future it sounds complicated but I hope you are understanding the underlying message to say don't say I can't say or perhaps today I can't because I'm learning what I need to tomorrow I can buy it if it's what I really want tomorrow and that changes everything so from now on nothing I can't next fundamental idea please me this meme when I discovered it anyway it was a change in my life it was a before and after hello story come attention there is no single answer once in a lifetime and we call this the multiple choice exam syndrome that happens when you enter an educational system where teachers have to correct many exams so it is much easier than there is only one useful answer to the fact that there are different criteria or different answers of course if this will only happen to you for one day nothing will happen but you spend years and years and years thinking that there is only one useful answer in life we 鈥嬧媢nderstand it then as you spend many years thinking that there is only one useful answer in life when you get older you are paralyzed because you want to make a decision to improve your finances and you think there is only one solution you say I am going to make a small investment and you are paralyzed you enter analysis paralysis Because because you say which is the correct answer and there is no correct answer, there are a thousand correct answers, some much more correct than others, and there are a thousand answers.
You are incorrect, some are definitely much more incorrect than others. We understand this because I insist on this point because when many people start in the world of entrepreneurship, we see a lot of this and in the world of improving their economic life, they are looking for the correct answer, so they call you and They tell you I have ten thousand euros that I invest in, I know they are looking for the correct answer, we understand the idea is that there are 50 ways to invest them well in this field, 50 ways to invest what is regular and 50 ways to invest it badly, the only important thing is that there are many correct answers and many incorrect ones, this relaxes me a lot because suddenly it was like I no longer have to find the perfect and exact solution but this applies to anything you are going to give a conference like me today then I years ago I would have said I have to make the conference great but now is how can I make it great a little less great a little less here that it is great but that it failed a little that it is all fail but that it is great here we understand the idea and a thousand answers for everything so from now on more relaxed because there is not a single correct answer in the next street concept related to this and with the years of education also the only place where they blame you and where you do badly for working as a team is called school.
Let me explain if I am in an exam that is already ridiculous formula but hey if I am in an exam and I work in collaboration with my class friend, well, we laugh, but it's like that or not, that is to say, if I establish collaboration with my best friend to get this project off the ground, the teacher disqualifies me and maybe even calls my parents to scold. surreal from my point of view in life the only way you have to carry out projects is by counting on your partner, that is, advising you well, working as a team and calling people who know more than you what is This is what happened to the teachers when they saw you asking for help from a guy who knew more than you, they disqualified you from the game, but in life it works exactly the other way around, you need to ask for help from people who know more than you what the problem is.
We arrived as adults and we have a problem and we all try to solve it and instead of using the phone and asking for advice or buying knowledge, reading, informing us and calling a guy who knows more than you, we stay and continue with the multiple choice exam syndrome, so we are there paralyzed at home and we say and what will it be and you say it is then I see a number of bad decisions made the other day they told me one that I say but for God's sake and if he would have called us so if we had said one thing he would have called us that it would have radically changed the course of your life with what you had spent I don't know what a phone call is worth but I think we already have two flat rates but if I would have spent ten million minutes of your time you would have taken advice, that is, you would have cheated on the exam, we continue with the metaphor with which you would have asked the guy in class who knows more than you, you would have passed the exam so from now on we have to understand that we need to work on team that if you want to do well financially you need to buy advice you need to ask people who do better than you do not need to ask people who know a very specific area of 鈥嬧媖nowledge and pay everything you have to pay or invite to eat here you find out what to eat or return the favor in the way in which you have to return it so that there continues to be balance in the universe but please ask the guy in class who is smarter than you, this idea is understood, whether or not it seems useful to us please do not make economic decisions but of any kind without consulting if there are people who know about your wii who know about you who know about him or anything more than you lu ego why not have their advice and normally we don't because we still think that we all have to know and what happens that we make deeply wrong decisions we follow the next idea the rich focus on creating systems the poor focus on buying liabilities what it is to create systems is to create things that generate income at the end of the month or at the end of the year or at the end of their life or at the end of whenever it is for you and note that having the focus on creating systems you say now but what systems I'm going to create, well, if you don't know how to create systems, learn to create systems, it's your first thing, the first thing you have to do, but focus on creating systems.
Once a friend told me something that changed my life years ago and he told me with that every year you create a single system that gives you money, just one, no matter how badly it works, no matter how peripatically it goes, within 15 years you will have 15 systems and 15 systems, putting money in your pocket every month, it's cool or not. Hello, that's really cool, so if we learn to play in the long term instead of making all the decisions in the short term, this is another of the ideas I wasn't going to comment on today, but I'll take advantage of it and comment on making all the economic decisions in the longest term. possible when we make economic decisions in a week we are going wrong if you take them in a month, which is how the majority of the population take it, you are fatal if you take them in a year it starts to be better but if you take them in a longer time it would still be better for you because then you can make a better distribution of your income for different concepts, the idea is understood or not many people say I can't buy a book but how about but no matter how bad your salary is or how bad things are going for you, you won't be able to spend 20 euros or 10 on a book a year, well, great, you can't spend a bus pass, the bus pass still exists, theron doesn't spend a bus pass and go to a public library but allocate a budget but allocate a budget to f training the idea is understood then and you are involved in your month in your week they say I don't have a penny left for training but if you look at a broader period you will always have the possibility of redistributing your resources much betterEconomic items, of course, as here today, we are not going to get too involved with the topic of how to make a budget.
It is a topic that we deal with in Living Abundantly. It is a topic that we have dealt with here on several occasions, but basically our proposal is intended for 10% a year in training look at my personal opinion is the following ideas expire and in the world in which we live they expire faster and faster if you are not constantly learning you are constantly losing health money opportunities this summer there is a topic that I naively thought I knew and then one day I said I am going to buy a little book about this plus and I spent 24 euros and it has changed my entire strategy in one field because I say the three books that have opened the book for me and it has been 24 euros I don't care anymore I say yes, yes, if you maintain this in the long term or if you go to topics that you know almost everything about, that is to say, for me, from my point of view, continuing to learn every day is one of the only bases. gone not only to have a good time because look, you have a great time when you go to a good course when you interview someone or me when I was on the radio for example or when you read a good book is that you have a great time at least I have peace of mind I don't know about you, I have a great time learning the things that I like to do the most, so I think that the ideal is that this budget should go towards learning, you say, they give it to me for free, well, if they give it to you for free, it's better to learn that way.
It is twice as fast as what I would learn in another circumstance. These items have their explanation and it is so that we cover all the areas that we need to cover in our development, which is savings, investment, quality, training, I lack one, luxury, and 50 per cent. cent of survival expenses or minimum expenses or what it costs you to live but this is another concept for those of you who have not come to the other conferences if you earn a thousand you have to live with 500 and the other 500 you have to do a pr It is supposed to start allocating part to learn more part to be generous with life now and open the channel of giving because the more you give the more you will receive you have to learn to save, to invest and to spend it too to have a great time and you need to make a budget in which there are items from these six areas what is the problem we earn a thousand a month and we live with a thousand so we don't spend it on luxury or on training we don't give anything to charity of course we don't save and invest or talk and what happens that our lives, well, they are what they are, this seems sensible to you, please make budgets for your family life of your personal life, no matter how little you earn, I mean the amount, do it because that in the medium in the long term will profoundly change the results that you manifest in your life because perhaps for the first time there will be order and if you don't spend it on information, what are you going to spend it on if you don't spend it on improving yourself as a person? na in which you are going to spend it if that is the fundamental in the minimum in which we have to spend it we follow the following concept well as we advance in the economic path I invite you to stop putting the Focus on salary Let's start putting it in billing and later on let's start putting it in assets Notice that when you don't have a penny the only thing you think about is a salary in which you get a salary in having something to eat and to make ends meet month when you start to do better you start to think about billing you start to think about how much I'm going to bill this year and when you start to do much better you are no longer so interested in billing what interests you is your patrimony which is your collection of assets that earn money every year, the natural evolution is understood, so why am I telling you this because if you are on salary, go to billing if you are on salary or since I am working for someone else, go to your boss and tell him that and You don't want the salary that you want to bill and now how are you going to do better but and they're going to fire me you're not going to fire yourself, it's much better of course but we see the difference because then you start to be your sl you start to be your limited company it starts then everything changes because then you start to think of yourself in terms of the company in terms of billing in terms of income from expenses you start to think in terms of direct results of the effectiveness of your work and not of a salary that does not depend on effectiveness of your work, but rather that it goes, that is, that the only thing that is needed is that you are there, so if you are on salary, it goes to this billing, someone panics this, fire their boss, some say without fear, yes, no, I'm glad, but what Be honest, I really hope that it is a good business, look fiscally, and for most people it is much more interesting to be self-employed than to be an employee, but much more interesting than any other.
No matter if I did the math, I wouldn't want to have a salary just for the perfect amount of money that would be saved illegally in taxes, so I won't tell you if you take the next step and ask yourself, instead of focusing on billing, put it on equity good next idea people who are doing poorly financially focus on entertainment people who are doing well focus on education period they will tell you what they tell you education by the way it was not just a course it is one of the best ways that There is from my point of view and where I have learned the most but there are a thousand ways to educate yourself read specialized press talk to the right people go to the right events I don't know how to read what you have to read about your sector about what you want to learn I don't know there is a thousand ways to learn and educate yourself but the people who do well have dedicated time formally or informally to educate themselves and you had a course in your life now but when you eat with a tip or he asks him to investigate he has an open attitude he has an attitude to learn we see this people who do badly economically have the attitude of having fun, that is, of spending time and this is hard to say but it is like that for anyone who is focused on learning and that he maintains it long enough and puts it into practice, he will necessarily do better so if you do badly in one area but in this one in any it is only because you do not know enough about that area or because you know it and you are not applying up to here we agree tell me in fact the time will be long we don't know how long but when you die well you leave this you feel guilty in what case but to see there is a while just as we have made the budget in economics you can make a budget temporary also say Monday Wednesday and Friday I dedicate them to learning or I dedicate x hours a year or I do it this way or that way why because then there is also a time to watch a movie if that's what you like the movies or to do whatever you want our life is only truly abundant if it is developed in all the facets in which it has to be developed so undoubtedly for me learning is a very important part but undoubtedly there are others there are also others just abundance It is abundance, so it is global, yes, only economic abundance is a poverty of abundance and in fact you will end up falling and if only that abundance of friends will end, abundance as such only works globally because abundance is one abundance is living in the world of infinite possibilities is to live in absolute love and it is to live in the world in which your ideas collapse in the physical plane faster and faster therefore true abundance also includes everything economic and if it is for you The cinema is important because true abundance also includes that you can go to the cinema to see it, movies that you consider when you consider it, what is it that i You are interested in learning and why don't you do it to see if I don't know if we are saturated with something pay attention to this if we are saturated with something it is because we are not doing it it is from love when one to see in life you can always be of two energies from love and out of fear when we are out of fear we get saturated we get tired we doubt we get tired when you are out of love don't get tired it doesn't saturate me when I'm studying this summer these three books that I told before let's go they had to take me away the ipad in hand you know and hide it because I couldn't leave us there was no fatigue do you understand that if you are doing something you like and you are doing it out of love not out of fear that is I can be reading this book out of fear As for how the number ends and I learn this, it's still bad for me, that's the energy of fear, I can be reading it from the energy of love, which is, I want to read it, I want to learn it, I want to put it into practice, and as for the garment, I'm also going to share in a course that I have already devised and that we see the difference you can work from fear or you can work from love you can read a book from fear or you can read it from love and if we get tired it is because we are not in love at love we are doing things to materialize what we want and in fear to escape from what we do not want go with what had happened to me the answer seems to be happy and heartbreak because you there is nothing to cover you are already abundance well continue yes last good last idea for the moment now we are going to do a little exercise but last for the moment which is the 14th leg and it is the idea that well I miss one but big there is another previous idea that I would like to share and that is that the The rich find what they like to do and they do it and the poor find something to do and with the time they have left they do what they like, he explains to me it seems silly but the difference is brutally different the rich say What do I like to do so they start doing it, listen, I don't get paid, it doesn't matter, I'll get paid, listen, I work many hours better if I'm doing what I like, I have a great time, the rich do what they like and then they earn money With this, the poor find something to do and the time they have left is dedicated to doing what they like.
He explains to me that there is a belief that I will be happy the day I disappear in our society because it is generating generations of victims in our society, which is the idea that you can't make money doing what you love and this idea is destroying the lives of millions of people I bought it when I was young and it's a good thing I had a lightening spell and I realized it when I was in my twenties but if there hadn't been ruined my whole life because I was convinced that work was something you had to do to earn money and then with the remaining time I would dedicate myself to doing what I like and this idea is so me tida in our collective imagination that even people who work in what they like say things like well tomorrow I have free time that not all your time is free you don't see it all your time is free from zero hours to 11:59 p.m. all your time it is free and if you do not agree with this statement you are deceiving yourself you are deceiving yourself because all your time is free then dedicate it to what you love and the natural consequence will be money is that it cannot not come we do not see it and today studying this conference here studying for free but why because I like to do this the money will come and if it does not come then I will dedicate myself to something else that I like and until the money comes the idea is understood until what you love is done what you cannot leave The problem is that we bargain with life and then we say no, no, I don't want to do it if they don't pay me enough, which is a lie, don't be fooled if you love doing that, the other day I was talking to a person who and he told me padlock I don't know how long he was looking for a certain type of job and I told him you don't love that it almost offends me I say because I say because you don't love it because if you really love it you couldn't stretch out a year without doing it I don't I would spend a year without giving a lecture or without doing it, it's something they put me in jail, I don't know, but I'll do it from there with Wi-Fi, that is, you understand me, if I learn something I have to tell it, that's what I enjoy the most, so I can't stop to do it, the idea is understood if they pay you well if they don't pay you you keep doing it the same and you find a way to do it then the people who do well financially find that they like it and then they do it and learn how to monetize it and learn marketing learn sales and it is inevitable that they do well because they have energy doing what they love and I think that you all know how to distinguish a person who gets up in the morning and does what they love and then earns money from someone who earns money and then does here what you love, we see the difference, there is no possibility and it is going to be more and more difficult and I am also glad for it, it is going to be more and more difficult for you to do well doing something that you do not love, that is, those who say today is not It's hard for me to find a job tomorrow, worse, it's not that salaries are falling, well, get ready for five years from now because next year they can't give you an idea. that it goes wrong for no one to understand me but what it is doing is that it is leading many people to exchange their time in exchange for a salary doing something they do not love, since they can no longer survive in this world, they are coming to the other world in which they say look since things are going wrong here well at least I come here and do something I like and that's when they come into contact come into contact with abundance they touch it with their fingertips and all the abundance and it begins to flow in abundance through his life and it is always in the same way, so if you want to do well financially, find what you love and start doing it, start doing it because since yesterday we see that pure abundance or we don't see it, he says if you know whatyou want and the thing is artistic for which you need to develop a certain excellence to earn money okay says until I'm good at artistic I need to earn money we have the solution for that also here for everyone someone is more interested in the answer to this question great my point of view view is the following I would go to that job that you are going to to earn money and I would do it too but I would do it so excellently that the day I left my boss would cry your goal with that job does not matter what you do because we think that there is work in this society in which we live we think that there are good jobs and bad jobs yes or no honestly we think it's cooler to be a company director than a waiter to say something good well I think it's not like that I think all jobs they contain a dignity and all the jobs and they exist is because they add value to another then that work that you are doing that if they pay you is only because it adds value to another we do not understand if someone pays you because you are offering a value, do it super well and be grateful to that work because because it is allowing you to set up your plan, go in the shadows, it is allowing you to start your other project that is allowing you to train to be excellent in your work, we as You know, we work with many entrepreneurs, many of them, I only say the first day of the master's degree in entrepreneurs, I always say it, if you have a job for someone else, start doing it at a level of excellence so that during the master's they promote you or they suspect you, but you understand the Why are you training for excellence?
How do you do something like that? You do everything. There is no possibility that you might go grumbling about that job. It's not that you don't even want to go to work and you go there angry. Today in the afternoon, well, now I'm going to flow with my artist is not like that possibility does not exist if you are not you are everything you are the least you do if you really are going to do that work of artist I don't know what what is it but whatever in the afternoon and you are going to do it with love you have to go to work in the morning with double the love because it is training to do the other one we understand the problem is that your ego tells you to know he sulks and tells you you are wasting time he is wasting time this is an I don't know how good maybe there are people who do people who don't but if you have to do that job to earn money do it with love do it with absolute dedication and take advantage of it as a training for excellence, which ultimately is what it is and worry about learning as soon as possible what choice that job gives you with your colleagues with your boss with your relationship with money with your relationship with that industry with whatever but I don't know you I believe that anything that is in our life is because it gives us an apprenticeship then I do not think that in your life that job has fallen and that it is not giving you an apprenticeship, he explained to me the problem is that when we do not want it has learning the learning of life puts it to us over and over again this has happened yes or no you refuse to do an apprenticeship and you leave it with a boyfriend with a girlfriend and another one arrives just like it so they say that is not the bone so what happens You get to another, maybe you leave a job and you say no, I can't stand these colleagues and then another job happens and you find the same thing.
It's mathematics. It's true that in some things, personal development is mathematics. You think you don't like it I would go there in the morning and say that I have to learn here I am going to do it too that the day I leave I will set it as a goal the day I go to the boss he cries but but physically as a goal and then he tells it yes You say he cried, you see, but normally we do it the other way around, we go there, we haggle, you arrive three minutes late, you leave two minutes early, yes or not, let's be honest, and then you miss training and how do you miss training when you set up your project? you give the cookie because because you are not trained in excellence, which is one of the first things that being an entrepreneur requires next idea rich people delegate poor people do everything people who do well financially delegate and poor people do everything and look what When you delegate to create jobs, you generate joy in other people because because money goes through you it goes to other people. later they end up coming to you but it's more by delegating you free up time and by freeing up time I'm going to free up by freeing up time you allow yourself to dedicate yourself to that in which you truly add value this has been understood calculates what you earn the hour and as soon as what you earn the hour allows you to subcontract everything you can in your life all the paperwork with the administration the housework I don't know anything is the cleaning I don't know any part of the vehicle that making the purchase is not delegated, that is, consider only doing those things that truly allow you to express what you are, by the way, one can express what it is by doing anything, but the truth is that there are some things in which we express it more and others in which we express it less so the idea is to delegate take out jobs stop doing everything you it is not that doing everything you busy is the same ruined it is not busy the same ruined the people who run the most from up and down and what are the worst schedules and what are the worst ones for them taking into account this, yes or no you need time you need time to think to go down to a park and sit down for a while to take a walk to take a sabbatical week or three a year the ones you feel like you need time to think to be calm you can't do everything you can't and shouldn't hear it's not good for me to take it from another place but it's like if If they gave you, we don't see, you have seen that the bundle is not valid for a whole torn and for a ripped one.
Good next idea: Invest in your area of 鈥嬧媍ompetence. Rich people are very skilled in a specific area of 鈥嬧媍ompetence and poor people are generalists, you know. a lot of many things example you that you can work I of anything you are doing badly we already know in advance only from the answer it is understood this is me you do not invest in an area of 鈥嬧媍ompetence many of the great fortunes that have occurred in history of humanity, by the way, the last ten years have created a greater number of great fortunes than the previous 200, we are already at a moment in history in which money flows with a speed that most of the great companies have never done fortunes, but not only of great fortunes of people who are doing well, simply who get up and are not concerned about the issue of money, who simply go and work because they feel like it and live faith lices started out as experts in a specific area of 鈥嬧媖nowledge because this allowed them to serve more and better people and therefore the reward that life gives you is given in the form of an exchange tool whose name is and money we understand it if I am a generalist, I cannot offer such a specialized response to my client, as if I have an area of 鈥嬧媏xpertise, as if I have an area in which I am truly an expert, therefore, if I become an expert in a subject, I can offer much more value to my clients. clients therefore my clients are going to pay me more or they are going to pay me more recurringly or they are going to recommend me better or something is going to happen that is going to make more money fall into my life so if you are a generalist sooner or later you will to go wrong the more concrete you are sooner or later you will do better this means that I don't have to know about anything other than mine you don't need to have an ocean of wisdom one millimeter deep but in an environment with Creto you need to be many kilometers deep, he explains to me above all to be an entrepreneur all the entrepreneurs in the room that I see many of us need to know a lot about many areas but there is one in which if they ask you you have to know how to answer you have to be very good You have to be able to provide real value to your client.
It has been understood, so if you do not earn enough money, ask yourself in which area of 鈥嬧媖nowledge you could provide a lot of value. We are going to leave a minute to reach a commitment. We are going to reach a commitment with ourselves In relation to everything that we have just seen, notice that we have seen a lot of ideas, review fabrics, fabrics, take a look and types, the one that I liked the most is this and in relation to this, this is going to be my commitment, as you know, a commitment always it takes a specific action at a specific time so a commitment is a specific action at a specific time in relation to something we have seen so far of attitudes to improve our economic situation to work if you liked this video you can do three things one subscribe to our youtube channel positive thinking 12 share it with your family and friends on social networks and 3 visit positive thinking punto o heretic and sign up for our mailing list to receive gifts and information that we are sending positive thinking point or heretic

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