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7 Pasos para alcanzar Independencia financiera ?Sergio Fernandez, Pensamiento Positivo

Feb 27, 2020
Let's talk again about seven steps to prepare your financial independence, which is financial independence, because it is the moment of your life in which you do not have to work unless you want to do it, as you know, I am not doing all these financial intelligence conferences so that nobody knows I was left lying in bed scratching my belly, this is understandable, that is to say, for me, financial intelligence and financial independence make sense as long as we are freer to dedicate our gift and our talents to the service of the world. I do not believe in being independent or in To be financially free to be at home touching your belly or to be silly or to do this drama that we have in the West with tourism and leisure, free time that we don't know what to do with them, given that we live in Madrid that we have the prado museum' and people from all over the planet come to see it, people who have not been to their local art gallery in their damn life, that is to say, It was the problem we have that we don't know what to do with our time when we have free time because we have a problem of mission and purpose, I want us to work on the issue of money.
7 pasos para alcanzar independencia financiera sergio fernandez pensamiento positivo
This perspective with the perspective of being at peace will help me in my financial life to be more at the service of humanity with my gifts and with my talents we agree on this perspective yes or no I think it makes no sense to be accumulating bills for bills if we are not going to know what to do with them later so let's talk about financial independence what is the problem with the main problem with not being at peace with the energy of money or not having worked a certain level of financial independence the main problem is the lack of freedom for me Freedom is one of my fundamental values ​​in life.
7 pasos para alcanzar independencia financiera sergio fernandez pensamiento positivo

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7 pasos para alcanzar independencia financiera sergio fernandez pensamiento positivo...

I don't know if it is among yours and it is among the top two or three, but for me it is fundamental, that is to say A life in which a person cannot be free, that is to say, that can be made to say and have what is truly aligned with their essence, is not a full life, so for me money makes sense as it helps us to be more free. look at the cynicism that there is about this in society, how many people who constantly say to me the issue of money who say no, I am not interested or I do not care, we even know it, it attracts my attention because to not be interested you get up early a lot just for money, that is, it seems that there is a small contradiction so as not to interest you, so I say it, I am interested in the subject of money, I am interested in the subject of health, I am interested in the subject of love, and I am interested in everything that has to do with being able to lead a fuller life, so this part of the money interests me insofar as it allows us to enjoy greater freedom for me the impossibility of wanting to do something and not being able to do it seems to me an anomaly in This planet, all of you who have come to the abundance conferences or the abundance seminars, know that this is one of the starting points.
7 pasos para alcanzar independencia financiera sergio fernandez pensamiento positivo
It seems to me to be a true anomaly and it also catches my attention and I am not saying it as something discursive but rather it is I feel inside of me that someone says I would like to do this and that I could not do it. I think we need to get used to showing surprise in the face of anomalies of abundance, that is, when there is no abundance, we must be surprised, we must say something is failing here, what we I don't know what is wrong but something is failing and in that sense the issue of money is an accelerator it is a means that allows us to accelerate the materialization in the physical plane of what we want but be careful because here I want to introduce a new concept and it is the issue of distinguishing the desires of the soul from the desires of the ego notice that each of us has desires sometimes they are desires of the ego they are the silly desires they are the desires that You don't really want them, they are the desires that you want to look better than someone to show off in front of another because you are distracted and when you considered the goal you were not even focused on whether it really was your desire, you are identifying this within each one of us and then there are desires of the soul that are the desires of truth that are the desires that give meaning and meaning to our life that are the desires for which we never have an excuse that are the desires for which we always find a solution which are the desires for which there is always a purposeful and creative thought and we need, before talking about the subject of money, to distinguish what desires we are working on today in our life I am working on the desires of the ego I am working on the desires of the soul and it will never influence what the goal is the goal of equal to the best for one person having a car is a desire of the ego but for others a desire of the soul e I was explaining, that is, it is not the object, the lifestyle or the profession or whatever, but how it fits with who you truly are, so I believe that the important thing is to learn to realize what the desires of the soul are, the true desires. the desires that are in your life mission and that we start working towards it, notice that with respect to money there will always be always a problem and we will never get rid of having a problem with money now you have to choose which one you want You have to choose between problems with little money or problems with a lot of money, but you are always going to have money problems.
7 pasos para alcanzar independencia financiera sergio fernandez pensamiento positivo
What you need is to have quality problems, the difference is understood. new that he had had and as I have seen his evolution in the last months I told him I say because of this problem it is brutal it is fantastic it is a problem it is a sir problem it is a very good problem I mean, remember the problems you had a few months ago and compare it with this problem months ago, you had problems of very small quality, it is understood that problems of small quality or of high quality, it is understood whether or not a problem of small quality is the problem that caused it. you solve it and you're still the same it's the problem you solve it and your life doesn't advance and the high quality problem is the problem that when you solve it your life goes to the next level and now you have good problems and this problem is great to solve but even if it doesn't solutions is already at a level of consciousness or at an evolutionary level in which you are having better problems because the same thing happens with money, you will have problems with little money, I can't make it to the end of the month, or problems with a lot of money, I don't even know where to put it. but you're always going to have some kind of problem some of them even giggle saying me and I ask myself that's the one I want well let's go with the solution hey what is the solution for There are three steps to start working on our financial independence.
The first is to become aware, as always, to become aware or, in other words, tell ourselves the truth. The main problem that human beings have when it comes to solving problems in our lives is that we do not tell ourselves the truth, we deceive ourselves. to ourselves then as we deceive ourselves there is no human way that we can solve that so the first step is to become aware of them and the second step is to say is to make the decision of how I want to start thinking from now on notice that all the results in our life originate from thought there is a sequence that is the sequence by which things are created on this planet in this universe that is the sequence thought emotion action habit result is understood thought the first thing there is thought thought created the world thought creates matter that depending on how you think leads you to feel in a emotional state or another, if the emotional state is the right one, emotion comes from moving and moving from Latin, that is, it makes you take action, so good thinking leads you to an emotion that leads you to take action when you repeat an action as Enough gives rise to a habit and habits are the ones that mark our lives, never a concrete action or normally a concrete action usually gives us the results we want in our lives, so everything originates from thoughts, that's why I said there are three steps.
The first is to become aware of what situation I am in, to tell myself the truth, and the second step is to decide how I want to think from now on, when I change my thinking, at the end of the day, what I am going to change are the actions and then the habits, and this is the third step. change habits, but you cannot change habits if you have not previously changed your thoughts, which is the origin of everything, note that sometimes we want to change actions, which is It's great and sometimes it's more comfortable, even more useful and more operative, to change the actions, but if there is no root change, if there is no change in thought, the fruit does not change, in other words, if the root does not change, the fruit of the the tree is understood the roots are the thoughts sometimes we see a fruit we see it yellow and we say I don't like it I want blue fruits we take out the paint can and paint it and then next year arrives and what color are the yellow fruits and then we We get angry and say I don't understand it, I'm going to remove two more kilos of paint and paint it blue again and you spend your whole life like this when the logical thing would be to change the roots, that is, plant new seeds, that is, have new thoughts, so three steps one.
Be aware of when I am telling myself the truth, tell the truth, look, even if you don't tell others, but at least tell the truth to yourself. We see the difference between telling the truth to others and telling the truth to myself. At least for you, it's true, hey, if you're not in the place where you want to be, really, tell the truth about money and about everything because the truth today we already know has been known for many years what is it that makes us free the truth the truth makes us free is so let's go with awareness with how to think go ahead and with the and with the repetition and why are we going to do all this because we want a better world for me There is a phrase that a friend told me many years ago and that left a mark on me and that I want to share it left a mark on me in a good way and that I want to share with you today.
The phrase is politically correct but that does not mean it is less true and it is that the best way to help the poor the best way to help the world stop being in poverty is not to be one of those people, this is understood, that is to say, if we truly want there to be no poverty in the world, we need to live lives d Abundance and lives of abundance, as you know, it's not that you ride your bike and your bills drop like uncle crook. A life of abundance is that you are at peace with money.
The best way to ensure that there is no world of poverty is You are not a poor person and when I talk about poverty I am not talking about poverty of bills and I want to insist on this I am talking about poverty of thought poverty of actions and poverty therefore bills in the end which is the result in the physical plane of all of the above let's go through the seven steps they seem to have any questions any doubts so far any comments let's go for it let's go back to step number 15 critical factors step number one is to become aware of the five critical factors in relation to money there are five factors that you need to master know and become aware of the first of them you need to know if you want to start walking towards your financial independence what is your current level of income and expenses I at the most er of entrepreneurs and in the seminars throughout the year last year I calculated it yesterday or the day before yesterday we had 880 students which are quite a few, that is, it gives me time to talk to a few people throughout the year and there is something that we fail, there is someone who beats you and says I want to be financially independent I want to advance financially I want me to do better and I tell them always take control of income and expenses and fill in the next two or three years oh my gosh I'm lazy but you're going to see if you are too lazy to fill in an excel with income and expenses, that is, when you are financially free and have different sources of income and companies and assets running, they will fall because if you are not even able to write down when you buy a loaf of bread in Excel is understood when if you are not able to take your expenses, how the hell are you going to be able to run an economy in which there are several assets, several companies or several, whatever you decide should be You will have to keep track of them.
It seems that you have control of income and expenses. It consists of writing down absolutely any income and any expense that each of your companies has and you have them and you as a natural person and when I say all I mean all because having control of income and expenses from accounts, right, and when I tell you the truth, you can make decisions, it is very complicated. From my point of view, maybe there is someone who has developed a method and I don't know it, but from my point of view and from my experience since I have accompanied Hundreds of entrepreneurs I can say that it is very difficult for me to tell you, it is true if you do not know your income and your expenses, so if any normal economy seems to you, it does it in a jiffy because success in the end you buy a trout and keep the ticket you buy a bar of bread equal to celtic that the electricity bill arrives and you keep celtic that you put everything in an envelope and once a month you take all the receipts from the envelope and you dedicate yourself to writing down the in excel any normal economy of a family of 14 members is done like this in a jiffy in one or two hours it is done if you are not capable of dedicating an hour or two to becoming aware of your current economic situation I definitely can't help you befinancially independent this yes or no so the first thing is to keep track of your income and your expenses be aware of where the money comes in and where the money goes the second thing is you need to start saving I am tired of saying in all these conferences in the seminars and in the plan that we give to the students of the master's degree in entrepreneurship the same thing over and over again and that is that you need to save regardless of your level of income what percentage 10% I am glad that we know it you already need to meditate it is not that it is indisputable then we will see what you do when you already have a mattress of peace of mind for 1 to 2 years then we will see when you no longer need to save what we do from there we will start talking but if you do not have a mattress of peace of mind and if you have bad debt Bad debt is debt that you pay yourself Good debt is debt that someone else pays Everyone understands the difference Bad debt is the one that you get up in the morning and pay the debt and the interest it is and a good debt is the one that you do not pay directly with the fruit of your work, everyone who understands the difference if you have a bad debt and if you do not have a mattress of peace of mind, meaning a mattress of peace of mind enough liquid money so that you can live from 1 to 2 years without having to work is money that optimally when you are going to touch when never optimally you are never going to touch it but you have to have it there it is like the airbag in the car or whatever the seat belt says optimally not I'll never use it but it's there, I mean, I need to have it, let's not say, saving by itself is nothing, I'm not going to get involved in this today, but much less with all the drop in interest rates in Europe and that looks like that it is going to stay for a few years because as you know, the more interest rates drop, the more money there is in the market and that makes inflation rise, since there is more money in the market, the value of money is lower, everyone understands that it is Every time there are more bills, the residual value of each bill loses, so if the residual value of each bill is lower, what happens when you save is that your money is there, everyone knows experientially, your money loses over time. value so saving by itself is nothing in fact inflation may be one of the most subtle ways of robbing the general public that have been invented in recent years inflation is directly stealing value from the savings of the middle classes and This is something that one day I would like to hear on some newscast apart from this with savings you just do nothing but without savings you can't start playing this is understood third step investment you need to generate assets and what is an asset is something that puts money in your pocket that is a liability something that takes money out of your pocket everyone understands this the middle class and the lower class who love to buy economically speaking is that they love to buy liabilities the child turns 18 years old you get your driver's license and they give you a car that is that 11 well debt does not have to be but it is undoubtedly a liability because you have to change the oil change the wheels park the taxes the insurance and everything else that is to say What is your life?
Do you think that if that kid, instead of turning him into a person who, as soon as he started the economic game of life, has a debt, you would have given him that same money so that he would have an asset, that is, something that would put money in his life? pocket every month you look at the difference in mentality that person would start life with, look at the fact that even if the parents don't give them a car, most of us are the first big thing we have bought, our life, which has been, and then a house, which is both liabilities like a house, never better said, wait, instead of buying a pass I did it too, that is, I don't have it at 18 years old and one week I had a driver's license and a car and at 24 years old I had a huge debt With Banesto, from an apartment in the center of Madrid, I can say that I bought the complete package.
As you know, I am humble and I admit it publicly, and I think that thanks to this I began to study all this so that today I can be in a radically different situation, but whatever. The important thing is that the first thing we do is buy liabilities and with that we are mortgaging our future, that is to say, our time, because you are here. Now I think about it and say how can it be legal for a guy like me, at 22 or 23 years old, I don't remember, I was very young, to sign At 35 years old, I was going to give money to Banesto every month, no one forced me, I am fully responsible for the decision and he is also proud of this because he has learned many things thanks to it, but think about it as someone with common sense could say that he is going to pay In 35 years, that is, when I was 56 years old, a certain amount was mortgaging my my time, my future, that's what you do when you own a liability when you own a liability. ace of an asset if you do it well what you do is put money in your pocket so my recommendation regarding this point is buy the assets and rent the liabilities I always say it and I say it a bit as a joke but I say a Seriously, I say the day I can rent my socks, total rentals, there is no sock rental store yet, but I love renting everything that involves an expense in my life.
I like to buy things that put money in my pocket and make me I like to rent things that take money out of my pocket and we see the difference, he says, there are very few things that really put money in your pocket, which shows that we need to learn more, that is, we live at a time with the greatest number of possibilities and opportunities to put money in our pockets, so normally, and this is another thing that we recommend in the master's degree and in the seminars, it is also if you don't know what to invest in, what do you have to invest in training if you don't have idea of ​​what to invest that 10% investment take it to training, that is, keep studying and keep learning until you know what you can put that money into, this is understood, you need to learn the difference between you and me, a person who obtains other results is that the other he knows more than you and you don't if you like the results better I mean we understand this so point number which is 4 you need to become aware and you need to specialize in the natural consequence of the above which is to have passive income you need to look even if it is that I don't know even if it's small, even if it's annual or all trian, but focus on saying what a small income what a great passive income I could have from today there is a passive income passive income is the one that does not depend on your work but depends on that the money is working for you - I tell an example that has happened to me these days with a student we were talking about this and it was that I couldn't find a humane way to do it and I knew that I had a van, I mean how many days a year to use the van I honestly have no idea about looking at the calendar and look at it and it comes and it turns out that he has finally used the van it has been 20 or 30 days a year I say you have money sleeping that could be working for you for 310 or 300 15 days or 20 a year in the garage the difference is that some people work to earn money and others put their money to work for them or for them we understand then if you that van is parked in The garage, which is a liability, if I rent that van, it has just instantly become an asset.
Hey, but it still cracks the upholstery. Of course, when you're an entrepreneur, you take risks, the other possibility is that you continue working. for money all your life you choose if you don't like it don't do it I'm not going to force you to any the van and maybe the solution is not that but we have to understand that an asset always carries a certain ideally small but a certain level of uncertainty is understood the only thing that gives you certainty no sorry the only thing that gave you certainty in the 20th century in the century in which those of us who are here were born that was a salary was the only thing that is Certainty, you said, every month you are going to earn a thousand euros, take gas, the spikes fall or the sun does not rise, it doesn't matter if you win, then that gives you certainty, but in the 21st century, certainty is very expensive, so you need to learn about passive income. and finally you need to simplify I am a fan of simplification in my life between two possible solutions always keep the simplest between buying and renting rent between two possibilities always take the easiest the simplest the most the one that simplifies your life is understood this if you are able to simplify all the processes in relation to your economy sooner or later you will begin to improve in relation to your economy so simplify everything you can days we are going to leave a minute to do something punctual from 0 to 10 in each of these five sections today I in relation to income and expenses as I am from 1 to 10 to score today in relation to savings how am I and you punctual from 1 to 10 etc. like this until the last one is hey in terms of leading a simple and simple life how am I but notice that when I talk about a simple and simple life I am not only talking about the economy I am making a general commitment to simplify your life look at Friday we started the master's degree in entrepreneurship and one of the ideas that we have asked the students is that they will simplify their lives a lot and there is an exercise that consists of emptying your cupboards of everything you do not use, empty everything you do not use in the kitchen, empty everything that you do not use the trunk of the car empty all the books that you will never read again those that are good keep them empty everything that simplifies your life empty all the subscriptions of things that you do not use empty all the s newsletter that you don't read and they keep coming to you the idea simplifies because when you have a simple life you spend less money and what is more important you live happier because you are less bombarded with noise and information so the exercise consists of first scoring In each section and second, write an action that you could do to improve a specific action in that section.
Do not tell me things like I am going to read more and I am going to read this book before Sunday at 7 pm, the idea is understood once concrete action what concrete thing could you do in each of these five sections we are going to leave exactly two minutes for it is an individual exercise and in two minutes we continue working for it well let's go with the point we said that the conference was how many steps today we are going with the step number 2 step number 2 is called aim for the four legs of your success aim for the four legs of your success draw as if it were a stool a chair you put four on it legs and I say draw what are the four legs of my success and what are the four legs of your success are the four talents the four gifts the four things in which you are an absolute crack is understood to advance in life against what They have been telling us for years that we do not need to focus on what we are bad at, that we also need to focus especially on what we are very good at, in fact, what is the problem that we say to a person who has ten things in which don't be competent and he makes a happy face he makes a wow face he doesn't take out his pen like that and says only 10 if it's not like that a truth and you tell the person hey tell me three things in which you are a genius and he says well me I think that maybe if I work at it, it will heal or work hard enough, right, or it's something like that, and we're afraid to say that we're good at, well, that's enough, today we're going to write what the four legs of our success are and I'm going to explain to you. why is it important with a metaphor so that we never forget when we are at the top of a mountain or there is a precipice are you capable of imagining that this is a precipice would you be capable if there were 800 meters of fall here would you do it like this or not no one no one would do it It's true, well, it's something that someone has suicidal instincts, but I don't know if someone with half a sense would not do it, right, but now imagine that you reach that same precipice, you are visualizing it and there is a railing, it is a railing, firmly, it has been strongly anchored to the ground. it's there the movement is like this and such then would you be able to yes here is the railing sidewalk yes yes well most of us would be able because because we know there is a railing to which in case something happens we can hold on well well our gifts and Our talents are the railing that allows us to peek into the areas that we need to improve in our lives.
What is the problem that if I don't have a railing and I peek into an area in which I have to improve in my life makes me dizzy because because I think I'm going to fall because I say I have to improve my savings because I say I have to improve my skills because I say I have to but of course each and every one of us has to improve in many things each one of us has one or several precipices as you have already realized whether or not someone is thinking my partner or my brother more generally we all have precipices to peek into us the only way to peek you and the only The way to not fall is to have a railing and what is the railing Your gifts and talents Those things in which you are undoubtedly a person who is an absolute crack and each one of us has several I the proposal that I make you now to work on is that we have those four qualities those four clear talents because we are going to hold on to them to move forward in life it is very difficult to move forward in life when we do not have something to hold on to is this understood yes or no the problems we don't know then when we reach the precipice we don't want to go we don't even want to look out we don't go directly but sometimes you have to look over the precipice no big deal yesthere is a railing we can hold on to so now write down four things that you are absolutely good at that are going to be the four legs of your success the four legs of the stool of your life that you are going to sit on to achieve success through therefore to four skills to four skills to four and four skills or four skills to which you say I am really good at this perfect it could be both of course they are things if you are very good at making bobbin lace you can probably assemble something around the lace of bobbins that will give you money that will allow you to leverage yourself to improve other things in your life because it will allow you to be a deeply happy person being very good at doing that and that will allow you to access other things in life noticing what most of the people you admire is for a reason they are very good at one or two things given this and a disaster at everything else actually as we all are no pass nothing, I mean, it's not even unique, but each one of us is very good at a few things and what makes the difference is that we know what we're good at and that we use it to leverage ourselves, everyone understands the lever what that it is a lever it is a lever it is used to move a lot with little yes or no good because we use our gifts and our talents our abilities our skills whatever you want but whatever you say I will use this to leverage with this I am going to move a lot with little is something that is always there that no one can doubt is something that even if someone tells you hey, it doesn't hurt to look at this and so I would say something weirder, we see it, we don't need to be clear about what we are good at, good to work on, four little things For this, look, there is something that I do not know why we are confused from my point of view in our society and it is that we think that when we shine we take away the shine from other people, it is exactly when reverse only when each one of us shines gives indirect permission to the human beings around them to also shine if there is someone around you who believes that they shine less because you shine the problem is with that person, you don't have it, I think that there are two ways to spoil our lives, one is by thinking that we are better than others and the other by thinking that we are worse than others, both spoil it for us, but if you have to stay with one, you already know which one because we definitely don't stay with it because we don't shine much none understand me but but sometimes I think we are confused with the idea that I am going to shine less so as not to support my co-worker so as not to make my brother, my sister, my cousin, my cousin, my friend, my friend appear less, it does not happen nothing because we shine when you shine you are giving permission to other human beings to shine or you do not feel inspired to shine when you are next to a person who is happy and who is doing what you have truly come to this world to do yes or no when you don't feel inspired to shine is when you are next to someone who is not shining because in the end human beings tend to do what human beings do around us if someone wants to investigate about this looking for this concept that mirror neurons are, you know it but google it and investigate about it human beings have a tendency to do what those around us do then if you shine you are giving permission to others others so that they shine so if you have children shine so that they shine if you have co-workers shine as much as you can so that they shine the idea is understood so that we will never be ashamed again to say what we are good at if the other is willing to follow the path, let him do it and if not, nothing happens because then he will end up doing it at some point sooner or later but you shine shine as much as you can I am looking forward to seeing your light because that makes us better I have become a bit ecclesiastical forgiving I get these things sometimes he says because that rare tendency of human beings to resemble the 5 people with whom he surrounds himself the most there is a As you know, there are a lot of studies that talk about this, which says that the average of your income today, when we talk about money, will be the weighted average of the five people with whom you have the most classes, the kind of attitude or attitudes that you have will be approximately the average.
Of the five people with whom you relate the most, I don't know, there are times when I don't know how to answer the question why, but I like the question better so that when asked why am I going to shine, the answer is so that others also shine, not that. I can't answer you I'm sorry well it's beautiful life is a great mystery I didn't understand almost anything if we are honest think about it your kidney is working now and you haven't done anything explain it to me that's true today h It's rained and you haven't done anything.
Explain that to me. Let's go I'll start like this and you get on the bike it works and I don't know anything about mechanics but there it works it's brutal I don't understand anything I think that actually assuming publicly and internally that one doesn't understand nothing is an important step forward in life right because it puts you in a position of humility well the ecclesiastical


has finished and I don't know why I have this roll and uploaded let's go with step number 3 what do you want the money for you are not going to improve your economic situation unless you are clear about why you want to improve your economic situation and most of us formulate it in the negative let me explain this to you why you want the money because I don't want to see my boss's scumbag again read them condemning these to see that man until I explain why today we know that he materializes in the physical plane what we think about the most, whether we want it or not, so every time that you express a desire in the negative, what you are doing is consolidating what you do not want, so when they ask you what you want the money for, you cannot say it, it is negative, I cannot say so as not to get up early because then you will continue to get up early, you cannot say so as not to return to see my boss because then who will continue to see your boss and so on write ten reasons why you want to improve your economic situation 10 things that give you joy of living to see more I don't know who to develop this activity to contribute to this noble cause with which I feel committed and with which I believe that the world should advance for what you want for what you want let me give you a little recommendation if the ten things are for you it will not work If the ten things are for others, it won't work either.
There must be a clear balance. If I say what I want the money for, I want to buy the big car, buy a better shirt, buy the best restaurant. rante and I don't know what and so you have that it is that I can not go well in life but if at the other end 10 things that I put I put them for others to save the arctic seals to avoid the melting of the poles to avoid How about in the trees of the world to remove pollution that in the end is strange there has to be a balance there has to be things for you and things for others it is understood so 10 reasons why you want to improve your economic situation well friends let's go with point number 4 point number 4 are beliefs about money you need to be clear about what your beliefs are about money why because beliefs are the basis of all the results you get in life what are the beliefs are the key ideas that you no longer question and that you take for granted because they have always accompanied you from time to time we would need to do as a kind of change of beliefs or at least as an examination of beliefs like saying today these beliefs continue to work for me let's see what a belief is with a metaphor so that everyone understands it well elephants were beaten when they were little and this in circuses they tie them with a lamb so they don't escape like the little elephant and the string is strong because the elephant begins to pull and it hurts its neck how it hurts its neck it generates a belief that at the time is functional it is a positive belief is as I keep pulling the string I'm going to damage my neck and I'm going to end up dying then the elephant establishes a belief that works at the time, in fact I believe another thing that is important to know is that all beliefs in origin are positive that there is not a single belief in origin that Originally it did not make sense and it did not have its reason, they are all functional, which is what happens when the elephant grows and continues in the circus with a little lamb, the elephant, let's just say that he told me take a rod that talks and I'm gone he could get out and break the string and that's it and he would leave and no one could stop him but he is anchored in the belief of many years ago that if he pulls he will continue to hurt his neck the question What I invite you to formulate is how many beliefs we have from when we were little elephants that are no longer functional and that are hurting us and with respect to the world of money there are many, we are not going to do the exercise here because to do the whole exercise completely We do it in the seminar of going with abundance, it's almost two hours, but I'm going to invite you, I'm going to give you homework so that you can do it at home.
If someone wants to come to the seminar, we'll do it, but if you can't do it at home to see how we can discover what they are. beliefs are worth the first thing we have to know is that we heard about the world of money when we were little what phrases were heard at home what phrases your parents said your grandparents your t los your tutors I don't know who you would have thought of what your teachers said what your neighbors in the neighborhood said what you heard what words were said the next thing you have to do is write what you saw regarding money no no what you heard now is that you saw that What your parents, your tutors, did in your neighborhood, in your primary groups, I don't know where you grew up from, and throughout childhood and youth it's exactly the same, that is to say, because there are where most of our beliefs are forged.
Unfortunately, many of us have not changed yet. the beliefs of when we were young and the natural consequence of those that you generate a belief like the elephant when you were little and you continue living with it all your life the proposal that I make is that you review if those beliefs today are functional or not the What I propose to you is that you say hey I am already an elephant and I am older I am interested in being in the circus point 1 and point 2 if I want to leave the circus if I shoot break the string That is what I want you to consider that you say today.
This belief now interests me. It is working for my new goals in life. It is functional for the human being that I am and that I deserve to be and that I deserve to become tomorrow. If it is functional, keep the work, many that will be. Functional by the way, but there will be some that will be a real drama for the objectives that you have today and the person who reviews our beliefs remains quiloso in the past, so the first thing we have said what we heard, the second what and the third are incidents Specific with respect to money, that is to say, what specific things happened with respect to the world of money in your life.
Normally, each one of us has several, two, three, four or five specific incidents that marked something. No, I don't know about my father, I don't know about my mother. how much my first salary happened that my first company I don't know what happened each of us has specific incidents that mark and well, the beliefs that have been generated clear if in your first salary in your first company something very strong happens to you how easy it is for it to generate you is a belief that is also logical and it is also possible to possibly continue to be functional to understand me but what I want is for you to do the real exercise, the awareness exercise, the review exercise, and for a quick version of this exercise, what I ask of you is that you write everything that comes out in these three blocks and then write, I am summarizing all the methodology, but the one that If you want me to do it at home, write down what those beliefs are and the last step would be to write a positive belief contrary to the negative one you have to start working on it.
Explain to me if you say you earn money to earn money, I need to work hard for you. Do you think that this is a positive or negative negative belief is negative and simas because if you have that belief there will be no human way for a euro to reach your account banking if you have not made an effort we understand it, all reality is generated in the mind and beliefs are like the set of ideas with which we move around the world so if you have a belief that is me I cannot earn money without effort or money costs a lot of effort to earn it, you will always earn money with effort, so the opposite positive belief would be something like how I can earn money easily and gracefully.
Is it explained to me yes or no this is the exercise that I invite you to do at home a very interesting exercise brings some impressive results good next let's go for it go for point number point number 5 is to be clear about the figures be clear about the figures you need have two clear figures the first is your peace of mind mattress number you need to be clear about your peace of mind mattress figure hey for me a car of peace of mind is and You are going to put it and the following ones you need to be clear about your financial independence figure, that is to say, what figure of equity of money from company shares, I do not know what you want, but what is your finish figure, that is, your figure, say that is my target meexplained not if you if you are financially independent it is because you have a series of assets that give you every month and passive income that everyone understands there are a thousand types of assets an apartment a book that rents you royalties a vending machine in the street a company in which you are not every day the rights of an insurance portfolio or I don't know what toilet that I can think of fifty thousand ways whatever you want but you need to have a series of assets of assets that each month or each year give you a series of passive income, what I tell you is how much is that heritage worth?
How much is that money worth? whatever you want I am not going to get into that in this conference but you have to be clear about what that figure is explain to me now yes or no if you are not clear about the objective you can never reach it this seems to make sense yes or no I'm going on vacation Ones, where are you going I don't know but I want to go on vacation right now but when you get to the airport you will have to know what plane you are taking you will have to go to a good place because we are in a conference of seven steps for financial independence what I tell you The first thing you need to know is what your finish number is, that is, if you want to approximate it, and we are going to give you a couple of minutes to say what my number is.
The first thing I have asked you for is him and the second is the financial independence figure how much the assets that I rent are worth x passive income at the end of the year everyone understands extortion at the end of the year yes at the end of the month but optimally at the end of the year to work well point number 6 you need to plan your route of learning and what is your learning path is to plan which paths you are going to take to learn what you need to learn, it does not seem suspicious to you like those of us who have talked about this so many times that I even get bored telling it It seems suspicious to us that there is no financial intelligence or health issues in most educational plans and definitely when there is something like residual, that is, we spend many years studying and nowhere do they teach us these things, it seems strange to us if or we don't spend years and years studying and no one talks to us about the most important thing we have to take care of in our lives, which is our health.
It seems very strange to me, so I invite you to plan your learning path, educate yourselves to learn To train you regarding today's topic, I understand that if you are here it is that you are interested in learning about financial intelligence issues and what are you going to do if you do not know where to start, it is as if you knew, but write to me, what is your learning path? look, I'm going to sign up for this course I'm going to read this book I'm going to talk to I don't know who I'm going to hire this advisory service I don't know what each person will have a case of iferent but plan your learning path of my learning path is going to have these steps that is to say I am going to learn thanks to these actions because you need to become your own minister of education each of us should always be his own minister of education we should never delegate our training in the hands of no one, understanding therefore that each one should lead their own learning process and logically we always learn with other people understand me and we always learn thanks to the generosity of other people who share what they know with us but I think they have helped me explained truths that you are the person who leads this learning process so write that route what roads it will have what towns it will have what stops it will have well I will make it easy basically there are four investment families in which you can to specialize the first of them are companies, that is, the fastest and easiest way, understanding easy not easy that it will be for tomorrow because in Spain - as you know 85% of entrepreneurial projects fail before how long of five years before five years 85% of the projects have failed, that is to say that the death rate business is very high, however, it is still the fastest and easiest way to access to improve your economic situation, so the first of the four families in which you can specialize is in companies, in setting up projects, in becoming an entrepreneur and in learning to being an entrepreneurial person the second family of investment let's say there are real estate there is a third family that is financial assets nothing to do with the stock market with futures with derivatives and all fishing and there is a fourth that is intellectual property all assets intellectual property books video courses I don't know everything you can think of that has to do with knowledge so a good idea would be to say today which one is For families, real estate companies, financial assets and intellectual property, everything that has to do with selling or offering with ozil or packaging knowledge, then you have to say, "Hey, within this I feel like it and then within each family you will have to see where you feel like it." pulling more is understood and starting to establish a path to learn in this sense there can be several what happens is that there is something that we know today and that is that when human beings take focus we materialize before the results the day has 24 hours I don't I know about you but to me the 99.9 newspaper of the days knows little how the night is and says already true not like willis and then yes look there is the night and it doesn't know little imagine if instead of a project it has seven, that is, at least start a hotel or run it and when it's running you set up others, it can be a serial entrepreneur, there are, but serial entrepreneurs at all times are focused on a single pr Normally good oject and point number tell me yes I don't know how to answer that with that attitude my point of view but it is a point of view is that I think it has gone more because as many people have launched it gives us undertake that they really did not want undertake but because they have done it because they had no choice or they believed they had no choice.
I think the failure has been greater but it is a point of view I do not have any data to support it it is an impression of being on the street I I think that the great question that could be asked, you know what the intelligent person says is the one with good answers and the question you know, the one that the wise person has is the one with good questions. I think the good question we could ask ourselves is how I do to be in the 15%, we see the idea, that is, to learn to formulate, not always questions that make us move forward, and in that sense, I would tell you that most entrepreneurs fail because they know about their area of ​​entrepreneurship, but They don't know how to undertake, explained to you, to set up a chair factory, you need to know everything about the chairs, the upholstery, the legs and the wood, but you also need to undertake, meditate, to know about money, marketing, sales, business management, management of leadership teams and everything.
This is the reason why entrepreneurs fail, from my point of view there are many, but an important one is because they only know about their area of ​​entrepreneurship. It seems to us that this makes sense if one says I already know a lot about shirts, but not knowing about shirts Enough, I know all about graphic design, unfortunately you can be the greatest graphic design genius and you can set up a company and give yourself a smackdown. I don't know if there was a question, it seemed to me that's right, that's very well thought out and in fact one of the keys Today we will not treat it so that you do well in life is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you I really love being around I promise I try to always be surrounded one of the best professionals that I can and the best that is within my reach to surround me but I also tell you one thing there is a moment in life in which you have to learn and an entrepreneur has to be a person who has an ocean of wisdom with a millimeter deep I don't have to know everything about the videos but when I talk to the person who helps us I have to be able to hold a conversation and know a little about it and when I talk to the manager I have to understand VAT and irpf and when I talk to the marketing person I have to know a little about design, that doesn't mean that I know the latest program and the latest update of the design program, but I have to have a structured mind regarding that, that's why the The entrepreneurial path is so exciting because if you take it seriously, it forces you to give the best version of yourself every day.
It is an exciting learning path. He says you have to be very convinced to say I start. Ende a project 15 years ago and we are still alive great 15% congratulations sorry but okay and it goes out look there is something we need to know and that is that we need to learn if we want to get ahead in life and we need to know what areas look how we are talking about entrepreneurs all the while look for those of you who want to be entrepreneurs but not now I'm telling you about the seminar so let me tell you something that was interesting there are seven areas that all successful entrepreneurs know the first is that they know what to do the second is that they know manage their time well the third is that they know how to manage their money well the fourth is that they manage their energy well, understanding by energy their health on the physical plane on the emotional plane and on the intellectual plane and on the spiritual plane the fifth point What all successful entrepreneurs know is that they know about marketing and sales.
The sixth point is that they know about business models and the last is that they know about leadership. I understand by leadership that they know how to generate systems and know how to delegate part of those systems to others. After years of researching what successful entrepreneurs have, there are people who like football, badminton or trading cards. What I like is seeing people of success, establish patterns and include them in training programs, having analyzed many cases of entrepreneurs, what I have seen is that these are the seven areas that successful entrepreneurs, whether they know it or not, are the ones they know, so for the that you want to undertake, here is a good starting point whether you come to the seminar or not, that is, I am going to become an expert in all these areas, tell me and I will go with you there, I will not forget you, yes, you know that a conference always has to have a Chinese proverb there is a Chinese proverb that says a long walk begins with a first step you have to start with something well look if I had to choose if I had to choose if I allowed myself Yes, I would start in sales and sales and marketing and I would start in systems and leadership after my personal career, after having advised many projects and businesses, I believe that the two fundamental areas are sales and sales and systems and leadership without those two things of these losses but of course without business models you are also lost and if you do not know how to manage your time and your agenda well you are lost but you are a little less lost is when you enter sales and while you have everything well organized and your leader is the project you are lost but not so lost we have the idea if you can't get lost a little more please talk to us loudly far from taking them forward at the same time if stopping to see if having them not to take them forward at the same time look when one analyzes biographies or talks with people close to you who have been successful in the business world if you look at it, look for example at virgin's medium head like this with what you can tell me about richard branso n you know there the eros in the biography that he has recently published is absolutely inspiring I boot virgin on disks and then he mounted virgin on planes and now he has 250 260 virgin but it does not boot 23 virgin at the same time he boots a virgin and when he has one mounted he starts the next one We see it but he didn't say I'm going to set up an airplane and record company at the same time and then while he was on the plane he listened to the next record to see if he liked it to publish it first it went very well on the records and when it went very well In the music industry he went to the transportation industry and of course a lot would have to be analyzed there in general there are or I can talk here about general principles later and to each one but in general the focus helps the projects go ahead at least you hardly look at yourself and you only had one you could study everything about that sector you could see what they are doing in other countries you could dedicate yourself to advertising to advertise and market it perhaps more i intensively than you do now, while if you are 4, well, in the end, the one who dedicates Mondays to one person and Tuesdays to another, in the end, look at what it is for anyway, the teacher says that it is the truth, he says what works because yes It works for you, I'm delighted, but I also think so, I think so too, it's that they are two different things for me.
The entrepreneur is the person who likes to start the project and the entrepreneur is the person who manages the project. In fact, there are entrepreneurs who are not. Good businessmen and businessmen who are excellent businessmen and entrepreneurs still have a long way to go. There is also another added problem in Spain and that is that since you cannot say the word entrepreneur that they throw stones at you, well now we have finally found a kind of synonym as well as that medium is worth everything and so instead of entrepreneur we say entrepreneur who is like a kind of guy in flip flops who doesn't bother anyone while now he is a bit like that yes or no Well, it's a bit like that, while in reality every entrepreneurial company that does well sooner or later will end up becoming an entrepreneur, but it's like the figure of the entrepreneur for a lot of historical reasons in Spain.Well, it's like I don't like it because I know very few people who say I want to be a businesswoman have you ever heard I want to be a doctor I want to be a firefighter or I want to be a writer I hear it every week I want to be an entrepreneur even I run a Master of Entrepreneurs I rarely listen to it, so I think this reason is also added.
Well, being an entrepreneur is a gamble for life, it's like being a rocker. night in a different truck not from tour well being an entrepreneur well it's your thing you have to learn marketing you get into trouble it's like a lifestyle well we continue point number point number seven at this point we are going to call him start telling you right start to tell you the truth, we in the system of living with abundance propose 14 exercises for you to tell it is true but here today we are going to do one of them only one of the c fourteen okay and the exercise are all exercises for you to become aware of your real situation what is your behavior what is your attitude and what are your results regarding money but today we are going to do one that I love because I have seen people cry with this but it is a delicious exercise in the literal background in the seminar I saw people with tears in their eyes with this exercise a super simple exercise on the one hand you calculate how much you have earned in your net life you say well look at me in 2004 more or less but in 2004 I won this more or less in 2005 grossomodo it is in 2006 grosso etcetera if all your working life then more year by year and you are putting it to do quickly it is worth not messing up and you are putting year by year and the figures and at the end You add them up and then in a column to the side you say how much I have conserved.
A nice exercise is one of the 14 of the system of going with abundance but I would love that at least quickly to warm up we would do it in one column you put everything you have earned and in another everything you have kept to work two minutes for it super fast ok good friends and friends we are going to do the following and that is we are going to write down what we have learned during today's day we are going to write down three ideas and a commitment three ideas and a commitment we are going to say and friends all those people For those who want to know more, we have three products, leave me a minute to tell you about it.
For those who want to know more, three products, the first, the seminar to live without a boss, we have brought out a new public, they like the one that is prettier than the one they had, well, the seminar, to live without a boss, a system. We have mentioned seven steps before, so I will not insist on seven steps for those who want to undertake, we will take a tour of each of these areas and now you will take p templates to apply in your lives for each of these areas, that is, super underground, and so that you can implement it on Monday, are you looking for a seminar to come dance the conga, jump three times and think that you are going to get rich on Monday? you have made a mistake if someone comes wanting a seminar that gives you a work plan for the next few months literally a work plan for the next few months that gives you readings for the next few months and that gives you the way to implement all this in the Actually this is his seminar 'the price is 500 97 euros and today the offer we have for people who sign up here is 350 euros with a free guest and with a total and absolute refund guarantee like everything we do at the positive thinking institute For those people who may be more interested in the fact that you have come today with the topic of financial independence, we have the live abundantly seminar, a seminar that mixes the spiritual laws of existence. ia a very spiritual part is to say what are the laws that govern this world and the 30 ways to implement them in your day to day a system with 30 concrete actions to implement these laws in your day to day and on Sunday what we will talk about will be financial independence we will do the 14 exercises that I have mentioned before analysis we will establish a plan to start walking in your financial independence and you will take three tools the balance the control of income and expenses and the budget and the way to carry them out in your day Every day I do the same as before.
It is a seminar that will require a lot of work for the next few years and we also give you the readings and the films that accompany you in this process. It is two and a half intense days. 597 euros with a total guarantee of evolution and the people. sign up today 350 with a free guest if you liked this video you can do three things one subscribe to our youtube channel positive thinking 12 share it with your family and friends on social networks and 3 visit positive thinking point or heretic and sign up for our mailing list to receive gifts and information that we are sending positive thinking point or heretic

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