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7'7" Tacko Fall Gets RIDICULOUS Size 22 Customs! #1 Sneaker Designer In World Sierato GOES OFF

Mar 02, 2020
no one has ever asked you for this i bet a


22 you have something that is wild i don't know i have nothing close to it honestly it's fertile food i remember when i did those five minutes yeah what's up i'm serato me i'm a


customizer for the stars. I work with everyone from actors to athletes to celebrities to influencers. In this episode, I make shoes for my boy, the tallest player in the NBA. waiting for Boston splitting time between subject and the Maine Red Claws. I was about to be a force in the league so I need to cheat these 22000 socks on every other rookie ok ok ok who are your two favorite pairs?
7 7 tacko fall gets ridiculous size 22 customs 1 sneaker designer in world sierato goes off
I mean I don't know who's going to have two pairs it's a


22 but I'll do something fine I'll figure it out we'll try to do for those so maybe like the flag something like that okay bro I think I'll we have, I know. You're a busy guy so I'll let you get back to that, but I'll show you these in a bit and it looks like things are for taco. I am customizing the Nike in height. The height is a mid top shoe with padding around the ankle and plenty of cushioning under the forefoot for you that extra bounce, the shoe is mostly a mesh material with a standard phone glove rubber sole. of course, he asked us a favor for the second pair, so we're here at the mall here we're going to try and see if we can find something real quick.
7 7 tacko fall gets ridiculous size 22 customs 1 sneaker designer in world sierato goes off

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7 7 tacko fall gets ridiculous size 22 customs 1 sneaker designer in world sierato goes off...

I don't know if you are not buying shoes or it is not a challenge. but we are going to see what we do in some areas we saw a good, you know, the same day I received a request. I don't know if you can do it or not. I don't know, like I said, we never know what a size 22 will have. You have anything in a wild size. I don't know, I have nothing. g close to that honestly i'm not even going to lie like 22 we have an 18 so hear about squeezing another 18 do you have anything on let me know appreciate the sniff of course anytime in particular they didn't have the shoes, so now?
7 7 tacko fall gets ridiculous size 22 customs 1 sneaker designer in world sierato goes off
I'm going to try to call the homie it's got a factory plug so I think I can probably pull something out maybe in this size range we're trying to see what we can do and get some here for taco yeah it was good I'm outside I'm going to put a box what not you would be upset and it was sad I heard you worried about a very large order yes and you got the right suit he gave me a clutch so what you need these fools hey you know that cleats are going to drop 76. I'm wearing new cleats, well if there's anyone I know who can do it with this performance oh I appreciate you my boy anytime.
7 7 tacko fall gets ridiculous size 22 customs 1 sneaker designer in world sierato goes off
A lot of people think that larger sizes mean it takes a lot longer, but really it's all the same. Painting a bigger picture just requires a lot more stuff, so now we're taking care of the blending, so I'm going to go ahead and pull out the reference pieces to figure out what I need to put where these stencils out of the way. for the inside of the shoe and we'll be done so now we're going to go ahead and start painting this with a white base coat here doing the outlines of our characters and then doing the background we're just going with the red and black color because in right now its in maine red claws the shirts are red so just give it a look to match now we have line work on the characters.
I'm going to go ahead and start painting on the portraits and once we're done with these, we're basically done with the shoes. The Bernardo design is one of my signature style pieces so it's not a huge surprise to order one of these because you know the NBA rules are much more lax now. they're getting to express themselves a little more so naruto and anime st uff it's real you know it's very prevalent now that you know you spend a lot more on those designs it's big we're just one of those things that most is that you know they grew up watching so now if they're old enough and they can get this kind of thing and have this stuff made and use it and show it you know you're starting to see a lot of the childhood shows making a comeback you know a little bit of cutting edge of nba style so the other pair took a little bit longer than we thought it would take so if we need a little more extra time before i had to make this trip back to new york let the second pair so we need to knock them out right now we only have a couple hours to get this done before I jump on the train and go ahead so let's get this done pretty quickly we need to get on with it and then design so I need to figure out exactly what what I want to put here.
I know he mentioned a lot about something senegalese or something the line was there something with a line in it we're going to find look for images do the templates and go in ok we have one last template pulled here so I'll go ahead and finish the lightning bolts and then I'll put the finisher we just did on time so I'm going to take this train and a CV think about these studs and ask for a Naruto themed design so of course I had to paint my guide Naruto on the part outside of the left shoe and Naruto's image also curves around the back of the shoe. so even if you're standing behind taco you'll get that Nardone flavor in the right shoe.
I painted another notable character from the show Jiraiya as with the Naruto Art Drive curves around the back of the shoe which gives the painting a frenetic energy. I laced up the shoe by creating a sharingan eye pattern and overlaying it on the overall unpainted part of the shoe. I think the kicks came out great, they definitely capture the essence of Naruto. Capturing the feel of his home country Senegal on the heels of both shoes I recreated the flag of Senegal and added a more striking green light on the left side and a red lightning bolt trailing down the right side on the left shoe I painted the number cleats 99 right over the flag and on the right shoe I superimposed his initials TF.
I also made the solution on both shoes a vibrant orange so they really pop. Finally, I added my signature to the inner sole so people never forget who made them. These shoes are definitely more understated than the other pair, but I think they communicate the essence of Senegal and the heel, okay, New York stopped at the hotel in a bag set up with heels that I once needed for two pairs of shoes, so that you better enjoy yourself to the pain to get down here, i got a thing for so you know we had to make some magic happen and get you that second pair too.
I'm the pervert looking for which one is yeah yeah that's hard. the big ones had a little more room to work for one to make sure everything


smoothly and i came up with a cool one i haven't done jiraiya she's the next game man that's like what you do yeah stay a little bit cleaner with your old yeah i had to make sure you knew make sure i found everything will be really easy to read ya know from the margin so your real talk i appreciate it i appreciate you know thanks i know you got to get back to it so let's go get your hair i'm thinking about this downstairs right now i live you can't go buddy you know my vibe is so good i didn't see you there my fault i was just a little nervous check out the rest of the videos here and subscribe do that for us we are growing we do this for all of you

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