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60 Minutes of INSANE NFL Highlights

Feb 20, 2022
crowd quiet now unlike when the saints have the ball oh look at this run what a run marshawn lynch still standing he has blockers now he is dancing his way for touchdown game action and manning is going to throw one is oh there is a flag thank you he catches one handed how in the world oh my god crazy how do you make that catch that may be the best catch I've ever seen murray shotgun out of pocket seven seconds six seconds murray heads d'andre hopkins miraculous it's murray's magic little thunder from the rocky mountains and then the shot under the hall boy look at him like a cat look at that's clear oh no what a brilliant play again that was art they're back he throws the pass it's not going to be intercepted james harrison got it he's running down the sideline 25 30 35 40. still standing at 45 and down no he's still standing here comes harrison jumping over people at 20 the 15 the 10 the five and that's a touchdown n on the way bounces off the cro ssbar and it's good oh my god oh my god with six different receivers and this time he lost one and he got intercepted on the goal line which is buda baker buda baker here he can't track it and metcalf just refused to let it go and it's a line drive kick jackson moves it and now he has to try to recover wish jackson gets a block are you kidding wish jackson is still not and now for the touchdown no flags brady awesome eventually coming back to moss touchdown patriots there are two great football players showing why they are great and brady and moss connect in a record sack game clock up three roger spins to his left he comes under and the pass is sketchy out of bounds now they say complete that's amazing amazing the throw rogers is able to make moving to his left is amazing 36 yards on third and 20 and inches the titans have a miracle in them if they need it now christy kicks it high and short he's going to be fielded by lor enzo neal at the 25. he gives it back to wyachek he throws it across the field to dyson he's got something he's got something 50. he's got it he's got it 20 10. he's got it touchdown titans from the end zone there are no flags on the field it's a miracle tennessee pulled off a miracle, a miracle for the titans in 17 seconds down the middle to the end zone and there's touchdown number four of the night for davis watching toward the end zone for the win he got for the ball game bosses the championship game gets in trouble again they're going to fire him doesn't run away runs runs away again goes at 40 runs away again at 35 trims in the 30 to 20 the 15 the 10 dips touchdown 49ers led this comeback from 15 down with 18 unanswered points don't touch your fingertips in the cradles you have to pick it up it was stuck just outside the goal line and the tightrope act by l a sideline didn't come out no sign came out has haydn in front of him the crips could take it all the way for the cleveland touchdown just a few seconds before unbelievable everyone away grows whats the deep shot and makes it to the zone score for greatness touchdown touchdown farm cena sanders look at this turns it on its head look at us here here bye hi where are you thanks long time i got it and it falls short and they're going to put it back this is for marty and promarty down the right sideline with steve's header to the 30 20 10 5 touchdown and hatcher kicks it a mile i mean a mile deon veers left brings it to 32 dropped it picked it up one man missed it another man missed it now veers right diana the 25th to the 30th to the 35th the 40th the 45th the 50th the 45th of 40. my god dion sanders is going to score my god thomas's pressure from the rim eli manning stays on his feet airs him down the field gets caught by tyree oh my god is hairy ota is thrown and tyree just goes up for he's like a basketball player harrison t trying to take him down manning loves him burris just touchdown new york stabler now sends left rama beletnikov right back straight back again straight drop back bombs once he goes medium safety to casper casper does it over the shoulder catching a tight end triple now for the raiders to take away fake steady play action wants to throw to the end zone casper is there touchdown oakland enzo crabtree broken picked up this game is most downed in the air intercepted by smith from the hands of richard sherman well i'm the best corner in the game when you test me with a repentant receiver as sly that's the result you're going to take back the blitz is on for dallas the steelers pick it up dude what up catching by lindsay and the colts have struggled all season covering kicks hester is trying to come back to the middle, the first wave passes and here it goes.
60 minutes of insane nfl highlights
Hester is within 30. Hester is going to take it all the way for a touchdown and there is no flag. 92 yards. What's next, Matthews. almer pulling away at first palmer extending the play no one crosses the field larry fitzgerald fitzgerald is going to take it into green bay territory larry fitzgerald inside the 30. the 20. that's crazy brown is the man of movement a little twist to fitzgerald scores and the cardinals win awesome game kick is on the way blocked bears block it chester picked it up chester run chester going to score and the packers win it won it with a field goal black holy cow wilson towards the end zone going to the super bowl jermaine cuss dante stalwart catches it stays in bounds going to have to score on this one and has a chance to get a couple of blocks scales michael lewis back to mcallister still alive oh and they went to work jerome payton with the 8,000 catch to the end zone for the touchdown to keep the saints alive pending the extra point of john carney and missed missed the extra point of swerved right hold your breath until the same end rivers open jackson drops it and polamalu almost makes the interception they play the field like he did i thought he hit the ground we've seen it this year and over the years he just makes some amazing interceptions shotgun snaps brady stands on shots up the middle for adam and the ball tilts and julian lunges at it edelman has to make the catch he made there was a bubble but he was able to catch it before it hit the grass second goal to get past the two sweeping pitches correct for james white tucks it under his right arm cuts him upfield driving forward touchdown and a title i cant believe it they have completed the greatest comeback in super bowl history one little pitch here comes a gizmo play randall l he can throw he was a quarterback in college and he threw a touchdown to heinz ward in the super bowl and blocked it will hill will hill runs down the sideline hill is going to get a block will hill is going to win the game on a blocked field gram oal amazing near the end zone interception by mcdougall and now seattle with carson oh my god he landed on his feet that it was crazy bradshaw pumping shooting downfield there it goes stallworth throws it at the 30 the 20 the 10 the five and it's a touchdown to pittsburgh on the hardcore bouncing ball placed at the 25. oh you gotta die oh look at this this it's dan connolly the right guard the right guard keeps going to the four yard line galloping willie gallimore one of the flashiest men to reach the national football league in years reverses his field tosses the ball catches it sweeps tackler after tackler and finally ends up in the end zone on a spectacular touchdown this has been a year about military and doing some great kicks here comes a bigger one if you hit it and it's just right or in the end it's good the shot bernard running to the right in trouble escapes from a tackle going the wrong way comes back with the 46 now move up the field to 30 on 25 on 20 third and eight can the defense of the Steelers leave the field?
60 minutes of insane nfl highlights

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60 minutes of insane nfl highlights...

No, what a move by charlie gardner, holy cow, he must have made four moves that just left people flat-footed on quarterback sacks. that's all these guys think about his career nine and a half sacks for sap paul williams still standing took one back last year against chicago and does it again hunty horshmeyer then takes lane pitch cuts between two defenders from colt arms stiff the safety the man waits for his blockers and, despite being hit from behind, goes on his merry way to rack up six touchdown points for the lions mark jackson draws biner ernest beiner rumbles the ball and denver gets has recovered oh my mccount takes the snap he steps forward he is alone shoots into the end zone caught namath touchdown stepping back to pass is looking going to throw for don maynard and matt namath looking for end zone throwing touchdown to maynard joe nam ath throwing don maynard it's a second down and three jackson takes it himself watch him dart back and forth oh he broke his ankles now he's got an entourage and t he's got a touchdown he's houdini i guess he's going in now here we go it was a run because he was passed through on the sideline he got caught he'll take it look this is going to throw touchdowns anderson is here for most field goals watch out a through a kickback from steve gleason is picked up and scored by curtis delos touchdown new orleans and pizarcik humiliates football is picked up by herman edwards 15 10 5 touchdown eagles i don't think so i don't think so everyone was in trouble newton running newton gets into corner cam down the sideline cam newton stay on your feet cam newton touchdown carolina what a play superman and rethrows again sets fires down the left side incomplete intended receiver bounced off john mackey's hands and he goes for the touchdown that he posted 3.8 and they're going to break it and it's trey burton who throws the trapped colts touchdown jerry rice is simply unstoppable the star starts the count he has chosen do in the end zone is bailey bailey takes off and walks away from the only man who had a shot at him running 100 yards before watson comes on in the last minute ben watson this is a great example play until the whistle ben watson shows that the hustle doesn't give up on the play and he hit champ bailey and looked at him as he was crossing the goal line going low for wallace francis francis jumps in the air touchdown jackson atlanta desperation passing they do frank is jumping on defense cunningham on game action look now starting to take off he's bouncing now taking off to the other side he's faking and then ducking and then crossing 40 to 45 and randall with a 10 yard gain I don't know how he did it from the gun down it's a touchdown martavis bryant this is amazing acrobatic effect ort behind the first down lions here comes taylor's rush y and you talk about strong you talk about athleticism look that defense had a three and rewards him for that intercepted intercepted from the right side here goes big sam on time fourth number two has time takes down phil smith at 45 to 40. 20 10 touchdown touchdown steve smith looks for cross and catches him after being camped and cross to the end zone victor cruz goes through the air he stays with it and is able to transport it in fake the rolls wilson has a lot and somehow paul richardson gives the ball to brown and they give it to him again he loses the ball and luck is there to pick him up and cross the goal line about dorsett and watch out uh oh this could be goodbye he's got great speed on the sidelines tony dorsett and look who caught him and tony dorsett goes down only one man on the field could catch him daryl green world class sprinter from texas a i he made up some ground food second and six kirby with lockers that's a five yard jump that's why they tagged him two yards away they faked it even though he's a center d straight and now a shot down and inside the 45 yard line is caught caught at the 40 -yard line there is a flag down trying to see who caught the ball it was jonathan ward shakes george nix and throws one flat Left to Marion Motley and the portly fullback strikes with the force of a steam engine as he bowls over the Steelers like ten pins in a bowling alley.
60 minutes of insane nfl highlights
Buckley dons his helmet on top before the crowd as he jogs over the goal line to give the Browns a 17-nil lead. Tomlinson from the left side. the second half starts and the ball bounces off the hands of a cult and it looks like the saints had it for a second and the saints collins football in the back of the end zone curry touchdown what an amazing play we talked about athleticism this i If this is the best catch you'll ever see from second to ten, it's that Tennessee's defense backed off so long and tried to do a toe-to-toe dive on my house inside the still-knocked-out ten.
60 minutes of insane nfl highlights
All the water ran out of this world. Barry. sanders outfield right midfield 45 breaks 40 very 35 free spins 30 25 midfield 2015-10 santa mackerel down and in touchdown lions what a barry sanders career that one can be one of the greatest of all time what will tom dempsey try for kick the longest field goal in national league history and this is the most exciting moment in saints history here's a snap the ball is down dipsy kicks it's on its way it's first in jacksonvillethey track 13 nothing the screen is intercepted big keith watch the trailer to him roar 40. watch out the earth is shaking he's on the third hand he's on the 20. he won't give up oh now trying to stop the fourth and 26 and in essence taking a lot of time in the middle is mitchell where they're going to see him they're going to get advance and a first down guy throws beckham a diving catch you gotta be kidding i mean this guy almost does it weekly they need two for first down with 37 to go oh hitting the backfield timing perfectly who else but the many times all pro ray lewis rogers in trouble gonna get there he turned 32 yesterday got a vintage? moment richard rogers with a game-ending touchdown for the packers garoppolo shoots is caught still standing is kennel with a great play and stiff arm george kennel between the 10 and the end zone alex needs to see him there is to pounce the whole squad around them the hill exceeds the standards impossible touchdown kansas city how did they do that that is not up in the air and is intercepted by gary and connor and connor is inside the 40 yard line. the 30 and tackles at the 16 yard line, i cant believe it this guy has a rocket booster strapped to his back which is one of the most impressive athletic feeds i have ever seen now with his back to the eye and a fast launch leans trying to get past the left side. lots of humanity there he invests coming back to the right gets a big comeback block builds up the field from 15 to 20 25 he's on the 30 he's on the 40 it's a foot race someone's gonna catch him he's in the cincinnati 30 the 20 the 10 is timed at the one yard line new home goes left pulls up wants to pass shoots deep for goalie richards contest down wade wilson runs back to shoot and is going to throw a long bomb and catch with one hand the last play of the game of ball craig back to pass derek thomas enters and craig breaks thomas' tackle craig throws in the end zone is caught touchdown seattle i don't think so direct hit henry jumpass oh hoax fourth down and six and right fumbles picked up by leon can go all the way way it's a 60 yard run he's chasing him bb what if he crossed no that's going to be a touch back don bebe rushing took it off and leah let her highlight play became a The horror movie scored 24 points with no answer difficult game here and here is rg3 he's going to run for the first try and still standing rg3 is going to beat everyone to the new ball that went down there he had no chance I don't think the second and ten go deep and it's one handed and caught by reggie wayne along the sideline tremendous catch this is the ball game for the browns and they give it to the veteran lewis it's down to 25 on 20 on 15 10. lewis will be denied the touchdown gain on that play second here's brock chasing third down mike put him down the ball is loose and the bears have it this is wilbur marshall with the ball marshall if he's still alive he's in the zone tried scoring here again and harrison can't retake yes he can hold control i would take marvin harrison on this play and only marvin harrison can make that catch gives the ball to jim brown hits left tackle on the dunk over play 3rd gets to 34 it's all slipping away at 40. jim brown at 50. jim brown going low at 30. jim brown is at 20 and another tou chdown for jim brown he can stop the clock and wait for a call from interference let him throw under elway shooting smith broncos play action and they flip murray murray jumps touchdown and they've run him barbara better watch out they got him in the end zone asani samuel got a shot now green how does he escape from marion barber's incredible run to save two points that go on the books it's a two yard run you have to keep him out of the end zone dennis picked the yard can you believe this no i can't and it really was ben roethlisberger with a sensational effort and he's going to chubb and he's gone yes he did yes he did chubby 80 yard touchdown this is over rogers deep for driver and a one handed grab from donald driver shepard at swamp five in the third second io and five all blitz back in the middle intercepted by sean rogers watch the big man run gets a block it's a foot run with sound and young 66 yards that's gayle sears at the 15 yard line can see him get away from that tackler and see the moves here gail's quick move says he went 85 yards for a touchdown looking over his shoulder his sixth touchdown of the game just broke the national football league touchdown record for one year here come the blitzers vince young on the run vince young within 30. leaving vincent within 20 the 10. it's over vince young has done it again first down other fake cousins ​​going all out deep far sideline wildcats catch throw is hitting inside out of bounds and hitting the pylon which is a touchdown hit and intercepted intercepted by jj watts 15 now on the 21. turning hand to lynch stutters steps breaks across the line makes a man miss cuts back right 30 35 40 along the far sidelines pushes defender still fighting still moving going down to 20 the 15 they're chasing 10. he dives are you kidding and that made the quake from the beast looks like a walk around the park k when they get to the line quickly doesnt brady go for the big ball moss rolls it up with one hand right on top of revis beat him this time i dont even have to save what a catch matthew throws the pocket for the bombs on the right now go back to the left facing the end zone wants calvin to be well covered he raises makes the catch are you kidding? oh megatron but he did it again and looking again and looking again throw the intersection derrick brooks thirty bucks for the twenty five derrick brooks by the way touchdown tampa bay there's the dagger inside let's win the super bowl fourth down here's your game here it's russell wilson back wilson lance caught hallister's punch on the goal line and went down for drake greenlaw he's short holy cow what a way the hundredth years end here's bradshaw upset from behind lin swan it's open got it steeler touchdown bradshaw he's down but he threw the ball about 65 yards and he threw it a ton that has to be one of the great passes in super bowl history is in professional football history.
Short Kick Dancer bounced off a pair and still bounces as Woody Dancer around the corner and eventually went out of bounds. No, he hasn't. He hasn't gone out of bounds. and ten warner has fought fitzgerald to steal territory 30 20 10. arizona has the lead i think mourinho says i'm going to nail it we're looking at another spectacular effort from mourinho shooting touchdown you know what the jets are thinking he's going to take him to the ground everybody stop catch the jets napping the cowboys and the tethered colts o'brien is ready there's the snap the kick is up it's long enough it's a jimmy o'brien 32 yard field goal it's good like that that he nails it deep over the head of harris to see if they can nail it within 10. as a good job for the coverage that you are in, harris says I'm going to play this because I can and look at the return that comes out what an intelligent play from harris like him g ets free how about the raiding nation throw deep into the near sideline going to be intercepted again at 40 45 at 50 at 45 saints the ball goes loose another ram has picked it up this is a l iniero this one is going to be seen in the best moments for a long, long time 28 looking to the sideline the ball comes loose and the saints have it is 4k has it at the 40 45 50 40 30 25 20 10 in the end zone for the touchdown here's bradshaw giving the ball to blair blair reverses it to swan throws it back to bradshaw bradshaw throwing for cunningham a pittsburgh touchdown how about a pittsburgh touchdown to win the game mariota ball gives it to henry henry bounces it out 5 10 15. stiff arm 20 25 30 40 jump arm 50 40. 30. he's on his feet big chase 20 15 10 5 touchdowns titans 99 yards culpepper with time running here in the first half all kinds of weather will throw him deep for have the moss throw him at the 10- yard line flip him on his head this is a touchdown and bo jackson at 20 and in front and just one man in between and he can't easily run him over he had the angle but there goes beau and nobody catches beau touchdown pu hope he doesn't stop tacoma resets starks they're going to push again rogers is going to roll throws it up in the air says a sentence and that's crazy oh that may be one of the best pitches ever thrown moving to his left falling and throwing a perfect pitch by mike dante hall backing up to the eight- yard line dancing middle brooks can't make it look oh now he's back within five but he finds a seam that's gone he has to beat the kicker and that's more, ladies and gentlemen, you're seeing something that has never happened before in national football league with the invisible wrapped in it from the seat of his pants lisk found young steve able in the end zone right next to he orton pumps back to the sideline hit oh god stokely down the sideline candy catch up stokely wow touchdown denver amazing end zone now three men run and young stumbles in r's path egress and shoot to the middle passes caught by owens owens made the catch beagles to let him feli kick pressure kick not even close and now pastor after hesitating is going to run is going to come out and hester is going to run him beyond 40 in giants territory is going to go all the way touchdown chicago two seconds here is the couch lightning long and high ball a lot of guys are going for it fighting in the end zone is hard for browns cleveland browns have won the game in 56 yards looking long has time this is like new orleans is like new orleans crockett hitting allen sending him wide left has to reverse his field but he and he runs away for a while back to half 30 45 40 low at 40. pick a great start for tony dorsett watch out he has great speed 99 1/2 yards dorsett down the sideline stays on pounds can you believe young pulls down comes back he's going to take off and pod laugh to do that steve young touchdown 49er guard every way he comes back look wait throws the pass and it's intercepted george 35-30 blockers on the 25th. he's running right on the 15th. he turns and goes down the goal line and he's ready for the pittsburgh steelers touchdown troy polamado with great defensive pick and this place is on fire two catches for 42 yards to randy morris here comes the run from the outside they go the fade route in the corner and moss catch the flag is down , but he held with one hand, well that's the matchup everyone wanted to see high hung, spiral punt, touchback, barnhart couldn't stop him before the end zone.
I assumed, wait a minute, what's going on here? They dropped the ball. This is going to be a touchdown. It's one of the most incredible plays I've ever seen. They never dropped the ball. I was in the end zone. in this no one is looking at him good protection intercepted by ray lewis and lewis is on his way going for a touchdown oh my overtime games this year they want everyone to catch him catch him at 40. it's thomas at 50. stiffer and released him at 30 at 20. thomas at 10. denver goes new england win him on first play in overtime victim on second and eight outside fake play has some room to run inside 30 inside The 20 Victim in the end zone The Falcons win in overtime A 46-yard touchdown run Throw of fame The football play that goes to Canton The watchman passes and it's Tracy Porter taking it all the way Touchdown Roger Craig still standing Keep Winning What directed by roger craig you will never see a better than that last chance for the steelers fratcha trying to get away and his pass is interrupted by tatum bounces off jack tatum and towards man of the year the hands of franco harris a here's the miracle of all miracles he's getting closer there's bledsoe downstairs he goes and there's reggie white white and that's that hump move that's the one he learned that from howie long back he pushed his hand away a legarrette blood hit with the guard right in packers territory dragging packers with him standing at 35 yard line runs over another guy deal blocked him right 20 15 10 5 3 2 1 touchdown tampa bay look garrett blunt refused to put bartkowski down to throw he's going long down the near sideline it's going to be a jump ball and billy johnson johnson knocks him down inside the 10-5 he's down giving it to him touchdown atlanta the falcons have won it they pulled him out of nowhere fourth and nine and chasing him mahomes in trouble throws it through his body came back that's why amazing play from boss that handoff smith coming just trying to outrun coverage makes a cut gets it oh still going 25 going to score got all five is a touchdown stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline towards the end zone touchdown jacoby jones and will add to that total by storming into theopen field and push away one push another and speed their way into the end zone to be part of a great team here's hilton jumping out of the slot again pastor hopkins oh my god he caught that he caught that that's the touchdown catch of the year yeah that's good that's awesome wow he leaves it for freeman and he's incomplete or he made the catch at the 15. what are they going to roll it he caught it touchdown he did what wow left arm get the ball up in the air amazing awareness buffalo ahead of miami in the east and now the raiders can keep kansas city and they can keep bo jackson the answer is no beau has another spotter to throw going deeper out of the field adjusting because it's isaac bruce and isaac bruce works his way up for a touchdown probably the last play of the game in regulation is caught by dyson can go in no can't t mike jones made the tackle and the rams won the super bowl mariotamariota to the d line e scrimmage maybe across the line if the flex comes back to him for a fake touchdown and they go first for harrison oh my lord one handed tuck him in and never used his left hand double tight end barry another time on the right side breaks a tackle at 40. wrestling is on his way 25 20 15 10 and scores a kick goes to desmond howard in which is what howard is with you better turn it on or desmond howard is gone all the way to Patriot's End Zone kick up to the end zone and we'll see what happens, can you believe it though?
Touchdown raiders and panthers have a third and ten here comes the pressure and they have reached it the ball is out the end zone and is recovered by malik jackson for the touchdown it was vaughn miller with the fake strip sack to martin then a dump and he's juggled and caught by jumbo elliott and walter payton who can carry the ball 30 times before the day is over that's awesome peyton watch out my wow look at that run. Peyton is going to take it for a touchdown. He has had many great races, nothing better than that. Gerard Steps Up Fires.
Mike Sims. Walker shot down. Mike. behind the end zone and it's tough for a holmes touchdown san antonio i don't know how he did it awesome awesome look at that special agility right there jimmy giles wide receiver cunningham of course hit by carl banks and should have been down ladies and gentlemen randall cunningham is a player ready for prime time and ready to shoot oh nice diving catch made in midfield by rob gronkowski gets up and going still keeps going down the sideline and finally tripped miami running circling around a lookout los angeles and here goes earl campbell robertson on his back beautiful shoulders on your chest newton leans down take the snap short drop is the quarterback somersault for the bunt no omg the legend continues and here's orton out of the shotgun Here comes the fast pass and that one gets caught. and look at this streak david johnson weiss just set a super bowl record with 12 sacks he's on the move montana touchdown john taylor ten seconds left ryan leads this has to be the alley-oop no time first play around 12 and there's vic when you talked about john rolling and throwing downfield for deshaun jackson who speeds up called the opening play and all the way for a touchdown 88 yards extra man in the blitz rogers puts a hand in the face the ball is out cardinals win arizona backs up to the top of formation stumbles as he comes back to pass low gets up and now spins up throws it deep in the bottom is down he comes out shotgun again this crowd Warren takes the snap prepare prepare spear s one on violence Marlin Jackson's interception I got it Let's go to the super bowl Mcnair breaks away Runs for first down and more Steve Mcnair to 10 touchdown Four-man rush Eli dives for l traffic on the sideline to get a manningham catch rule this is absolutely brilliant just remarkable so a grammatica 19 yard field goal is the snap the spot blunt can't get the spot down blunt lo going to execute, hit him, got knocked down, doesn't get it there's a good high kick peterson looks around the back pedals splits him in two trying to get outside goes up the field patrick peterson goes through the kicker semi all the way dr peterson he wins it for the cardinals well the cowboys need a miracle roger goes long down the near sideline for Draw Pearson Pearson makes the catch on the fifth touchdown what do you think? and at the transfer line Barry gets away from a tackle and cuts to the left side.
He's on the 20. He's on the 15 10. He's on the five bars and sanders a spectacular touchdown run gets the snap blitz he's on roger scrambles winds up rainbow he's got kyle from 10 to touchdown oh my god 26. don't hold out trying from sneaking out he goes outside look at those moves for the great man he is still smith on third down he'll take it himself touchdown the other way green bay packers advance touchdown harris bolts they're not a lightning team but i think they have to now it's scrolls scrolls inside the 10. inside the five and chargers win the game steps to it pass is caught dicks sideline touchdown amazing vikings win it brilliant 61 yards to stefan diggs and casekeenum just got the minnesota vikings into the game from the nfc championship down the middle to bovaro and the tight end breaks through someone is going to make a play and put his team in the super bowl werner deepening t ouchdown touchdown chiefs need some magical throws from mahomes down the middle hill open caught from the 18th box greeting devin hester in the open field and hester picks up another block devin hester the kicker to beat beat him devin hester all the way touchdown chicago is just amazing usa drives them best game ever played cobb throws and zone intercepted and reed has it 10 yard line returns he receives von cobb at 30 yard line throws attack from midfield interception returns for a touchdown listed at 107 yards is a new nfl record let's get out of stafford deep in that field he's got the cup again 30 yards to win the game matt gabe rips it through earl johnson here's the snap here comes the jailbreak blitz throw paul pass bounces in the air and unless blackwood can catch it and he can't on a wild scoring play ed brown's pass r he bounces into two giant defenders and into the hands of clinton thomas for a pittsburgh touchdown they don't want to take any chances oh paula malu again jumping the gun paul molo timed it perfectly the receivers to his left when cunningham is back he's pinned he d catch under three men he's looking he's rolling he's throwing a deep field for barnett who jumps and has it that's a 40 on the 35 30 25 20. barnett is going to score so now they have to start from deep on his end of the El field and the Hearst garrison takes advantage of it.
He takes the transfer. Sweep to the right. He gets to the 20-yard line. He's at the 30-yard line. He needs to step in. the 20. it's down to the 10. it's down to the five it's under the end zone touchdown touchdown you'll never see a better game than this ladies and gents i'm sure you'll agree almost offside but the packers are back on the way struggling looking to run dive inside the five yard line for a first down kramer steps back to pass goes deep on the right side and is scrambled for him and is down and over ivory side stepping stays on his feet ivory breaks another tackle chris ivory one a run with blockers driving off the gun manny let it fly thomas catches it there's peyton manning game action record since 18 i want it all in the backfield it's keeper by greg jennings the packers win over time awesome for the raiders jim harbaugh that's it and there will be a comeback run from nine deep for jacoby jones and look at him go jones is past 50 and he's flying inside 20 and a re kickoff return 109 yards and a touchdown an all-time game high I think a first for philadelphia but they give mccoy a big hole and mccoy move through the touchdown snow out of the way to get out of the right hand barry to the 45 and collides with the 40. breaks it 35-30 gone amazing touchdown lions barry sanders oh my god what a run six cowboys missed him you think you got him tackled some of those moves there's only one guy in this game that ago and you just saw that guy he's the first to try vance mcdonald and keeps his footing kenny gets there touchdown on second and four kaeperni ck keep fooling everyone colin kaepernick what touchdown game he's going to run it touchdown buffalo win in the last play in the ball game akoye up the middle and he ain't dead on his legs what a hit in the water wow roethlisberger throws end zone touchdown mike wallace out of time peyton another ar play te montana rice is open no flags down touchdown on a quick snap second down with daylight on time going all out touchdown green bay leads but first this is outstanding wanted to watch the ups on this guy then landing on him nails it and of course for the upstarts 49ers they are six yards away from pontiac third and three we'll see a selection of something on the right side possibly montana looking looking throwing end zone it's a madhouse in chandelier dwight clark is 6'4 about 10 foot tall in this crowd's estimate far side slot near side four man race this time russell is going to put him on top this time cur stretched out falsely hit caught him fell into his arms he was flipped upside down in the air and kurtz with his back at the 5-yard line you're kidding second and goal baldwin set up on the left sheet clock at five pass is intercepted on malcolm butler's goal line unreal

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