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$6 vs. $100 KOREAN BUFFET! LOBSTER All You Can Eat in Seoul

Feb 27, 2020
hey guys mike chang here in


south korea of ​​course in every city i go to all over the world i really look for certain foods i love and when i cant decide what to eat i look for a Fame because only out of one faith there won't be any food regrets and food regrets as you know it's probably one of the worst regrets in the world that's what makes my face so magical Getting to one of the most expensive


s here in Seoul is a all you can eat



it's about a hundred bucks a person it's pretty fancy but the great thing about this city is if you're looking for all-you-can-eat options there are a ton of super inexpensive options from all you can eat what is this look at this this hasn't opened yet and people are lining up i'll look into breaking news look at this it's like full people why is everyone here?
6 vs 100 korean buffet lobster all you can eat in seoul
Mike Chen, food journalist, what I was able to find out without any Korean f. My friends near me finally found someone who can speak English and he told me that it is a special soup, the taste is really unique and different, that's why so many people are lining up, let's try it sometime because there are a lot of people that you saw that it was crazy but lemme lemme back to this very cheap all you eat which is the point while I'm here anyway turn this oh you can clean Korean buffet 7,000 Wong $7.00 all you can buffet eat come on check it out i got it a man seven bucks not a bad spread I have to say hello to a couple people who told me about this place I'm going to meet a couple of fans when I was walking down this street right outside this buffet they were like you know you should try that buffet it's only seven bucks .
6 vs 100 korean buffet lobster all you can eat in seoul

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6 vs 100 korean buffet lobster all you can eat in seoul...

I did not understand that they are bad, so I am very sorry to the two lovely ladies from Australia. there are too many bugs place thank you very much you are my food angels who are divacious fermented beans very good tofu good vegetable so in the book they fade that is a lot of things there is fire around four meat related items one of which is the jo jungmin I tell you guys this is not bad since John is there when I'm in Josh. It is not expensive in this country. You can usually find it for three or four dollars. fermented bean sauce noodles originally is a chinese dish and is one of my favorite things in the world usually i am in korea it is cooked with potatoes which i think is a far superior ingredient than onion and potatoes grow so much better with it delicious fermented sauce than onions personal opinion you don't have to agree but i think this is delicious in part because of these big chunks of potatoes nice seaweed salad i know i'm praising things that may seem pretty ordinary but it's a bit spectacular to you sprinkles chili love for crunch love the aromatic sesame seeds its a rare occasion congratulations to the salad so you know it has to be better take out the store mass trade bulgogi a little too sweet for my taste but juicy and tender i think so you are a vegetarian you would love this buffet i mean all the salads i have ever mindlessly eaten nothing this is a fish fry but remember treme nding hit on that dish, everything I've had so far, seven park quality, you know this dish in New York. alone would have easily been 15-20 bucks like the omelet, I also think the menu here actually changes yourself, this might not be the same as what you see when you come here, which is good because we can come here multiple days in a row.
6 vs 100 korean buffet lobster all you can eat in seoul
I'm going to try new things, so it's very fast. We arrive, we pay them. You should amend or take your plate. Start to eat. I mean, if you want something fast and efficient. Extremely affordable, satisfying, and quality food. This is a good place. 7,000 tests included. ed no tip that's the final pressure try it let me know what you think it has the only non


name on that list i have to try it as i think the line grew someday cook


sausage soup with rice oh there are other things boiled meats assorted slices someday fix cut stuffed with pig's blood noodles the mystery has been solved it's a sunday soup place sunday if you don't have something before it's basically korean black pudding it's yummy it's rustic it's delicious nothing like a bowl of piping hot soup in ax for the cold air, wow, all the different cuts of meat inside this bullet shoot tons of chili flakes, onions at the bottom, oh man, this shoe looks like it's been around for a while.
6 vs 100 korean buffet lobster all you can eat in seoul
This is not a small restaurant, it is a huge restaurant. All they serve is On Sunday, the black pudding in this soup, that's all they serve. I love restaurants like this. Meat is so specialized. OMG this soup is amazing. completely unique to any soup i've had before from any korean soup i've had before and i've had many over the years it's so almost indescribably good but i'll do my best the soup tastes slightly thick it tastes like there was about a billion different spices here and lots of chilis and just a ton of new flavor is a lot poured from the super fatty chunks to the belly some see a little bit of head meat but besides the cut of meat the soup is a whole. different level, first of all, they are so rich that they can afford a house in any lost city anywhere in the world.
I mean, if this thing wants to live on top of the Empire State Building, it could afford it when you're eating a dish that you definitely have. to pound it with some kind of acid because there's a lot of greasy bits of pork in here you also give the old man ears and we're supposed to add some rice in your broth because omg this is almost for flavor boy needs some kind of absorbent and the hop rise that's why they give you a full plate of choice oh run drink a soup you're begging put some on something crunchy refreshing yum you know a car that could be Too fast, what a girl, my flesh would be pretty if such things existed. this could be too much flavor it feels like you throw a huge stone in this bowl after about 20 minutes that stone will taste through some cuts of meat they are unbelievably bland and everyone you take that kind of mixed to get a difference in the texture with every spoonful mmm this is the gut is the good thing here definitely not for beginners but i like it i have to have bites of kimchi or Chili's between bites of soup but i added a little release here and some bell peppers make this even better, feels unbelievably comforting a homey burger and i guess i don't care if it's like arctic blast out of a plate bowl you can walk out dressed in these shorts and a t-shirt it will be s until you're sweating this is the Sunday Wow or Sunday, so mmm, what I love about blood sausage because there is rice and you would like it this time. that big rock inside you take a bite mmm it goes everywhere ray zee well i'll definitely shave this ain't sure entry level korean food but if you're open minded you love soups you love stews are you up to try a little and there's some head meat and if you love black pudding oh my gosh come and get this big eight dollar bowl of soup don't be intimidated to come here like when I came out all the Corian people no one was talking English so you get any hero but super nice people we have an English menu for you guys they don't look after you and you should definitely eat in but there's a ton of locals waiting outside I did and I'm very rewarded right now by far one of the best boats I had in this country. oh my god myself oh i had no idea what this rant restaurant is called even at this point.
I will try to investigate it. Ask mom so my friends where she is. I'll link it below, but come try this place. I mean the locals won't like it because the lines will be even longer. but guys this is cool its a lollipop vending machine i think i need some watermelon sorbet cookies and omg cookies a cream animal Chuck, what is it? I do not want. that milk strawberry no animal chocolate let's do it how does this work what takes my money take my money i have never been anything to take my money so bad my broken life this is how the world will end it starts with a cup of coffee something innocence good that buffet of hundred dollar seafood is telling you i'm here right now i'm in this is lotte tower and vikings wharf now i've been to many seafood buffets in my day i don't think i've ever seen as much seafood as this place has here it's kind of crazy let me show you the surroundings so right behind me this is the jewel in the crown everything you can't get Lobster so the


mountain is here on the other side we have some salad fresh fruit they cut up for you all this whole section here goes to be cooked seafood dishes you need to grill some traditional korean meats desserts cakes sushi bar I'm not going to touch that as they have fresh seafood tanks they cook work oj os of sashimi or eyes of sushi for you in the place that is a lot of seafood I mean different varieties you have abalone giant clams live octopus this station will probably be one of my favorites grilled seafood you have lobster or stuffed shrimp there are clams ribs let's get started with this once you order you get a bit alarmed so make sure you know your table number while we wait we'll take some random dishes these are the things you get all over your body oh my god yeah and all that tamale, all that goodness is here, there you go, oh that will be amazing, okay? this buffet is pretty crazy like i said i have never seen so much seafood so dizzying right now like its the same feeling as when i was little and my parents wish once in a blue moon they would take me to toys r us its that thrill i just pure joy i experienced this is how i feel now god what do you start with?
I have three dishes from the start let's start with this this is just the tip of the seafood iceberg I know I have chicken nothing kind of chicken nothing real salmon I saw this thing sizzling in the pan oh yeah Kendra it tastes smoky like it just came out from the grill, which I used to do. I love short ribs and bought some because I have to make this is Korea so this is just a must have. it's a mummy poke tender wonderfully strong smoky sweet taste oh my gosh it looks I think it tastes like it's from the ocean tastes like it grew there like a sweet river or something it's just ah it's like having dessert early I don't know I just want learn one of these i need to d there one of these as soon as you bite into it just kind of a powder explosion with sweet juices all over your mouth and then all you're left with is cuteness so the lobster here isn't just lobster steamed a boiled lobster actually make different kinds of lobster and this is the baked one oh this is delicious crispy bits on top of sweet tender love to me a little mayonnaise bits of lobster mixed in here i hate boring lobsters i don't like them when it's boiled and just dipped in butter like that it's so typical i mean it's still good because it was last year but it gets so boring i think i love to drill see the best pl antilles of skill, sizing up the sweetness of it all is a boom just to be able to stop fire.
I'm stoned, this makes everything so much better. I love this lobster bisque. don't sleep on the spices he's setting off this day makes me wish i had some rice with him oh this is really delicious kimchi is great lots of heat lots of flavor man this place ain't just for show you got tons of substance for my lobster bisque definitely smack that up I feel like this little lobster cake though the culprit has died the buffet lamp of death the vulture driver oh I get your garlic shrimp oh energy the whole thing she'll surprise such a nice day at this point or just a chicken shrimp dish this is what i've been waiting for i usually use some buffets they don't give you the body of shit ok but tell you this is where the essence is the flavor the best crab which is the tastiest part right here that's Molly the people want i know this is what they eat here they need all these things if you never tried it before in chinese we call it ship womp or crab yoga yeah this part that's why they call it crab yoke almost looks like an egg yolk alright nice orange color i chased crump ly almost like a dry egg yolk but had so much more flavor making the cook perfectly a little sweet offsetting umami oh man really they left everything here, well, how many things are here, the dip also got a part of the joint.
These private ones are I stuck I just called the brown crab I was told this crab is covered in super spicy sock and slightly sweet but even with the sauce you can see how unbelievably sweet this meat is I honestly don't know if Arielle and Sebastian's friendship with a lasted just as long. if she knew how good you taste shit it's the first time i'm having this crime i love them so i do good this round we have three plates let's go for the second round alright like thiswhich here with the fresh seafood a lot of this is just a cut sashimi style like they're doing there so we can point whatever you want to say to this gentleman here and they have to prepare if we're on a beautiful tre also all the beer and wine and oh, I love that cider.
I'm going to get some, okay, let's go for a regular lobster. Please, here you can get a lot of americano or espresso, whatever you want in the cider. I love it as much as I find it this way. kind of boring eating lobster you're still lobster I think I definitely like big lobster better still pretty good I've been fined for knowing since I was born it's you for the first time in Japan I'm still going to eat a lot of raw stuff but I'm sure you guys will be able to get much more out of that raw bar than I did which was fresh and good though short ribs with walnuts and some herbs and jujubes omg this is tender but it has a side of the cae here too this isn't just me it's going to have a tendon hopefully some narrow bars is where oh wow something a little sweet the street is definitely from Judy be check this out its so much better than even ribs on the grill.
Street gang look at this this is something I love mmm with cold nuts inside some seafood Wow they might just taste like pudding oh look what just arrived. first it gets to your table you're like oh my god look at the size of this damn scallop again i just got the abalone and scallops or sea snail there's so much more you can get you can get the octopus you can get a sea squirt that's it what i'm saying and the amount of selection at this seafood buffet is unlike anything i've seen before this is crazy charcoal tempura shrimp tempura the octopus is so fucking good oh that octopus is so redhead on tongue ash from coal girl for you don't listen to Santa we want some color alignment these came right out when I put them on the plate they were extremely crispy so you have to eat them right away if you want to get the most flavor out of them my shrimp are a great tempura Wow let's skip our Center the outside did you hear that crunch listen again Oh light and airy batter nothing not to like about this Wow anything with short ribs in this place you have it's to go for it I mean I know it's more and more of a seafood buffet but don't ever sleep on the shore I think I'm delighted with the low peace of course it sends you good though mmm run flavors take a little sweet and fruity nice spicy mushroom come here honey wow if you love seafood thats where you should be.
Hanging out all the time you had this propane sweet fresh abalone the texture of fresh seafood I like anything else it has such a refreshing quality to our plate you can eat as much as you want I think it's the best abalone I've ever had anywhere my life has been in korea ok let's go in and see put some sauce on my scallops this time yeah put some of that in the middle as they call it cut it ain't ketchup it's some kind of Korean sauce, put that on your scallops I'm going to show you if I'm better if you want to eat more lobster and go for the steamer if you want to eat better Lobster go for the big show good time to see what they have for dessert for SIRT they cut you a fresh mango i have black cumin ice cream and strawberry cheese on this earl gray cake.
Cool mango just makes everything better. It makes life better enough. Apparently what they do here is they don't make their own dessert but buy it from really famous bakeries. In Seoul, that's one of the most ridiculous cakes I've ever put in my mouth. I'm about to go buy a whole one and take it back to my hotel because I don't want to experience the end after leaving this. restaurant and the cake is just the softest cushion most airy cloud like cake we tasted that distinctive Earl Gray flavor not too sweet just sitting in the cushioniest area SHhhh I feel like a saint a cake will insult him because he is majestic little gentle cloud that was ridiculous beyond words btw that black sugar ice cream dessert is ridiculous too.
It's not about quantity. I'm going to try some of the other cakes, oh oh good, now you can walk out of here with just a piece of this cake. I never want this feeling. in closing this is a slice of cheesy apple pie as its very different to earl gray angelic pie light and fluffy that breakthrough just wins it over for me this is good if you like something that is a little warm and heavy it's kind of like a cross between an apple pine and a cheesecake we have nothing wrong with that just I don't eat angelica li beautiful and light and can't do anything wrong Earl Gray cake last bite of the Earl Gray cake I don't want it to be inside the same time I was the perfect ending to this amazing meal, let's recap, as I've said many times, this is probably one of the most intense seafood buffets I've ever been to. no tip here so that's all you're spending and what you're really paying for is amazingly fresh seafood now this won't compare in price to some of the seafood buffets in the philippines or vietnam which are $50 maybe even $40 30 bucks but the price is when you would expect here in South Korea and it is similar to what you would pay for a seafood buffet in Hong Kong or Singapore in terms of seafood it has the widest selection of seafood of any buffet I have ever been to been I mean I've never seen a seafood buffet which is like that just a seafood rosé sitting there now, granted to the lobster it's not a live lobster and I didn't expect it to be because there's lobster in the first place from Canada or the US I mean there is no way you can have live lobster from the US on a buffet in South Korea there is no way but if you ever stop by a seafood buffet in Las Vegas , all those frozen seafood, so pa It really didn't make much of a difference to me, mainly because I feel like when people come here the blobster is g great, but I feel like the other fresh live seafood outshines the lobster, please clean up, you'll probably spend a lot more time in the sashimi bar with a sushi bar, we are those crazy sea poutine for the massive clams than you. on the lobster and i concede lobster must taste very good especially baked lobster lobster bisque that's a good thing personally i think this is a pretty good buffet especially if you love seafood i love buffets , this is a good place because most of the stuff i had the regular stuff the taste was on point so its not like they are just focusing on seafood and neglecting everything else everything tasted good here i want Say, I've been to live lobster buffets, many of us like the Nordic Lodge in Rhode Island. it's over $100 you get lobster which is basically all there and haagen-dazs ice cream because those are the only two good things on that buffet the steak was tough all the other sides were kind of gross I would much rather spend my $100 here, but because this buffet is far superior to Rhode Island, in short, this being South Korea, this buffet is definitely worth it.
I mean all the amount of seafood and attention and quality here like amazing cakes. from famous bakeries and so they don't skimp when it comes to food here, service is great, fresh juices, fresh fruit, try to distract yourself. I definitely recommend this place. with that for a great all you can eat seafood experience i ended up in korea this is the place to be and that wraps it up for my fun little day of buffet food here and all the info for the place i went listed below thank you all so much for watching until we see it again see you later

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