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6 TRUE Online Dating Horror Stories Ft. Lets Read! | True Scary Stories

May 07, 2023
He told me that the guy who lived in this house had taken his mother. hostage and held her at gunpoint. He surprised me that they didn't attack him. He was the attacker. I ran back to my car. I closed the door and walked away as fast as I could. That really freaked me out that night and ever since. He would ask me what would have happened to me if she had gone to her house when she asked me to. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured and the police took him into custody after three days that he is in federal prison.
6 true online dating horror stories ft lets read true scary stories
Now it was hands down the scariest experience of my life but as bad as it was I still have a tinder profile i would like to start this story by telling you that i was always a very good kid growing up my name is mike i was always nice to people and i always followed all the rules i never drank alcohol i smoked cigarettes i took other drugs i never went to parties i never even had a girlfriend or did anything inappropriate with girls so when i tell you the story i want you to remember that this was during a stage of my life where I was really questioning reality and going through a serious identity crisis with all that being said. come in so i consider myself bisexual i like girls and i find guys attractive too i don't seem gay or girly or anything else and if i didn't tell you you probably would never guess and it's not all guys there's just a few i'm attracted to and then from


ing it


a couple of years ago i realized it wasn't a big deal that sometimes you're just attracted to the same sex a little i never had the chance to be with a guy i just thought about it i was pretty shy and had a hard time doing friends in relationships so i did what any sane person does i created some internet


profiles at first i was just looking for women i was definitely interested in


a guy but i really didnt want that much i knew i was going to there was a certain stigma attached to our relationship, it wasn't like we lived in san francisco or anything and had that social freedom, so i knew it. i was going to do myself a favor by just dating a girl after a few weeks of trying to find a woman decent.
6 true online dating horror stories ft lets read true scary stories

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6 true online dating horror stories ft lets read true scary stories...

I felt a bit frustrated. The women I met were horrible. I have uggos single mothers and thoughts. I remember having an attitude about it. The women


seemed like lesser quality people. As rude as it sounds and anyone who seems decent never messes back at me and I feel the need to point out that I. I'm not ugly or anything, I'm quite attractive, I'm not brad pitt, but I thought I was handsome enough to at least get someone with equivalent looks. I guess I was wrong. She went out on a date with me. She seemed like a real attraction and she was incredibly attractive.
6 true online dating horror stories ft lets read true scary stories
She wasn't great with kids, but then when she came in the night of the day, she told me that she was having car trouble and her mechanic needed 500. She wanted me to lend it to her. and she promised to return it. I blocked her and gave up on women for a while. That's when I decided to make a pinwheel profile. I mean she had nothing to lose and I'm sure there were plenty of decent guys. the area that could at least keep me company until i can find someone who would be a long term subtle partner the night i set up grindr i had a guy i wanted to meet up definitely he was my tall muscular guy and he wasn't afraid to take his shirt off we skipped everything the dinner business and we got right into the action.
6 true online dating horror stories ft lets read true scary stories
It was a very fun night and I enjoyed it much more than I ever thought. That's when I became semi-addicted to one-night stands with boys. Months went by and I was out doing this every weekend sometimes even during the week and I remember meeting one particular guy who changed everything his name was fred and for someone he might be the meanest person I've ever acquaintance had a very innocent attitude misnomer was one of the few guys who wanted to do weird things before they got into them wanted a lot of role playing which was quite unusual and unexpected was extremely manipulative and i don't know why i agreed to any of that for some reason i couldn't tell him i wasn't a domineering sadist he made me feel horrible about myself i ended up giving him my number and we started having regular hookups he told me he didn't want me to see anyone else he was just going to see him.
I couldn't explain it to you if she could. I've thought about this a lot in hindsight. All I can imagine is that he had been slipping drugs into my system somehow, which very well could have. been the case, whatever the reason, he always got away with it and then things started to escalate, foreplay got even more extreme, it started to look like the weird stuff you see on the internet, like the really weird stuff that you wouldn't even dream of doing. In your wildest fantasy, I remember being strangled once and passed out. He had something in his mouth to keep him from saying something or stop him in any way.
I could not resist. After that, I tried to tell him that I don't like this kind of thing, but he refused to listen to me, he told me that he didn't care what I wanted, as horrible as it seemed, I still didn't do anything about it, I just let it happen, things came to a head when he tried to force me to kill. I've al


y been psychologically manipulated by a dog in so many ways I almost did it was like I read a psychology book on how to program someone to obey because I'm not going to lie I came very close to doing it I remember punching him in the face and literally running away, i blocked his number and did everything i could to avoid him, after that he tried to contact me several times, he showed up at my workplace a few times, but now i have decided to stay with a company.
I told him that he wasn't bisexual anymore and that I didn't like men, especially him looking back. The whole experience makes me very sad. He was really traumatizing and I didn't even realize it until after it happened, but he was role-playing. as a way of conditioning myself psychologically and there is a part of me that is very afraid that I will do it to someone else. I tried to call the police and report it before, but I never had any evidence. I got a restraining order on him. month and I hope this is the last I hear from him.
I know everything went from zero to 100 quickly but it's been a while but I think after this I'll stick with just dating if I date anyone. when i was around 13 or 14 i was really into anime, one of the sites i had used had a chat box to talk to others while watching the same anime and the chat was sponsored by this dating website. I joined the website and was hoping to meet new friends because I had just moved and didn't have any yet as it was the height of summer so school was out by then I met some really cool people and I'm still friends with one of them. today at 20 and actually i'm about to attend his wedding and then there was timothy timothy claimed to be 16. he loved anime fan fiction art and he was into cosplay a lot and the same music i was into too we flirted endlessly and after about five months we decided to try a relationship late november early december timothy always asked me for pictures nothing inappropriate and just pictures of my face basically every time I asked him for them in return even though he said his camera was broken pretty big red flag But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
I learned a bit more about him, including his addiction to adult sides and his own pleasure, which I didn't really have a problem with and then he started asking me for really inappropriate photos. Initiating really detailed inappropriate roleplays, I didn't send him the photos or reply to the roleplays and only expressed my discomfort about it for a moment, he blocked me and about a week before Christmas, he started messaging me. Again, this is the first time I saw the man taking pictures of my house and I told my mom about it, but of course she ignored it.
I saw him again at Christmas and once again let my mom know but he was in a different car this time he took a few more photos and my mom called the police this time before they got there she had come into my room and she had seen me talking to timothy she quickly took my laptop away then grounded me then told me how dangerous it was when the officer came she told them what i saw and that she was talking to timothy online the officer took my statement and description and he said they would be watching the area where he came back for the third and last time a few days after that and i got a really good look at it this time my dad had woken me up the next day and made me look through this website full of all the faces of these men I got to the fifth page and that's when I then saw him my dad told the police and he told me he was on the list of registered offenders after a couple of hours another officer showed up he told us the man didn't He had access to the cars I described and would not be investigated further.
I swore up and down it was him, but the officer told me they couldn't do anything else without a warrant or probable cause. The next day, our dog was found dead on the porch. with a plastic bag around his face and neck completely torn, my parents still think to this day that it was a freak accident that he got into the shopping bag to lick up all the juices from the meat and then fell out and he died, I'm not too sure though we buried our dog and after about a week later the same original officer had come knocking on our door to later tell us that the man ran away, apparently he had illegal substances and the police were chasing him, They searched his house and then we found out. it was only a block from mine and they found the photos of our house, some of them were taken inside and one of them had been of me sleeping in my bed while he was caressing my face in another that he had partially put his private parts in my mouth the nylite in my room lit up everything around me my hello kitty pj is easily visible as well as the stuffed pig right next to me they checked his computer after getting another warrant and found the chat logs he was 57 and his name It wasn't Timothy.
I'm not going to reveal his name for the sake of my own privacy. He has still not been found and it is suspected that he left the country. I now live in constant fear and have PTSD from this. they tell you about strangers on the internet it's absolutely


please don't trust everyone you meet and never divulge personal information if you haven't seen them on camera before really don't nowadays it's so easy to connect with someone all you All you have to do is pick up your phone, download an app and boom, now you can see all the eligible singles within a close radius without even getting out of bed, but about a year ago something happened to me that changed my mind about dating in line forever.
I was 21 at the time and was getting a bit tired of the mundane life. I was browsing a very popular dating app and that's when I saw a pretty, tall, blind, blue-eyed smile, absolutely perfect. they agreed to have dinner and snuggle at his house yeah i know i never go to a strangers house on the first date but i was trying to hit a home run if you know what i mean i take a shower and throw my pair of shoes favorites. The shirt and shorts were rubbed down with my favorite perfume and he was walking out the door when I reached his three-story house.
I thought his living arrangement seemed to match his line of work so of course I had no doubt that he was who he said he was I walked up to his door and knocked about 15 seconds later the most handsome man I'd ever seen had opened the door almost instantly we hooked up we dated for about four weeks when one day he looks at me and then says can i tell you something of course baby what is it? I answer quickly eager to hear what he had to say, he looks me straight in the eye with a serious face and then says: when?
I saw you on that app, I actually planned to kill you, but then I changed my mind, he had said this while he was stroking my hand and chills from him ran down my spine when I knew he wasn't kidding, completely paralyzed with fear. I just stared at him I couldn't talk and I couldn't even move he comes a little closer and then he says oh baby and that's when I woke up I grabbed my bag I ran out of his locked house and I deleted his number and frankly he deleted the whole app, so to that really sexy psycho on the dating app, i hope i never see you again for the rest of my life.

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