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Jul 24, 2023
As for the school prediction, I think there are goals in this game and I'm going to go completely crazy. I want us to win this. I want us to rip Bright apart and I think Chelsea will win this game 4-2. I think I could. It's also going to be 4-3 yeah guys welcome back to another video. Welcome to George Benson's Football Channel for six


we learned from Chelsea, four, Brighton, three and before we get into anything, very few people make correct score predictions, but it turns out I get seven goals, Thrillers is right, we move on, what an incredibly entertaining game of football, but more so, it was a game in which, although we conceded three goals, you can expect that in a pre-season game the level of opposition would go from Rexham to Brighton Brighton one of the best Premier League teams will be playing European football next year and we looked really good, we controlled a lot of the game, one of the goals they scored was a penalty, the first was a brilliant move on the training ground, which again I think Chelsea need to see.
6 things we learnt from chelsea 4 3 brighton
This Pochettino needs to see that maybe we are susceptible to corner routines that are not necessarily the same corner routines that you are used to, trying to beat the first man in the hope that someone will hit you and after that moment Chelsea regained control, we were dominant. In possession it seemed like we were going four, two, three, one. I thought he was going to be a three-man midfielder for Santos Gallagher chukwomecca, but it looked like Gallagher was there in a pivot alongside Andre Santos chukwomecca. He's been saying in recent days what his position is and to me it seemed like he was trying to play like a 10 Advanced Eight role and I think Pochettino will realize this.
6 things we learnt from chelsea 4 3 brighton

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6 things we learnt from chelsea 4 3 brighton...

I think overall Chelsea's performance today is what an exciting football match if you enjoyed it hit the like button on this video and also if you want to see Chelsea's first competitive match in another Premier League season Chelsea vs Liverpool. I'm giving away two tickets in my telegram so make sure you follow the link above in the description, they're worth a thousand pounds each so if you don't follow them you can't win it. And subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any preseason content. Mason loves Six Things We Learned so much he's trying to turn around and escape into the living room with me, you're going for a walk, buddy, stand there talking about going for a ride, Derby, go down that tunnel, buddy, Talk to Moses and tell him.
6 things we learnt from chelsea 4 3 brighton
He, look, we get it, now is the time to get it right. Chelsea won in a friendly where we literally had a team that might as well have been at school and we still beat Brian. This is the exciting part of everything that is happening during this pre-season, our team is so young that we have the youngest team in the entire Premier League and yet, against teams like Brighton, yes, the game changed when van Hecker, whatever his name was, he was kicked out, but this is exactly what we needed. To see again, we can concede the goals.
6 things we learnt from chelsea 4 3 brighton
Cole Will concedes a penalty but we're not going to go into it too much overall, the patterns of play, the combinations, the mud trick goal is one of the best Chelsea goals I've seen probably since. 2021 was absolutely sensational Nicholas Jackson, we have the new Messiah, we have our new striker and he is a blue box, he comes in and gets another assist, but another two assists, sorry, that's what four assists and a goal are in his two first Chelsea games in which he is not. Even we played the entire final, we have to talk about the goal first because when you bring in a new striker you want him to be able to score your goals.
Chelsea have bought Nicholas Jackson to be the goalscorer he was. In the second half of the season for Villarreal, where they scored nine goals in their last eight games, the finish is incredible, but the most important thing is that Brighton are playing a high line that Chelsea rarely plays against, so when will we get the chance to see our The striker still has a third of the field to go and has that last run from the defender's shoulder. The shot is impeccable on Jason Steele in the top corner. The assists. Modric's goal. Nicholas Jackson's role in this reminded me of that Arsenal goal.
I think Wilshere converted where Olivier Giroud, I think Santikazola, everyone is doing all these little moves and tricks and then the finish is beautiful, but Ludric's goal is from outside the damn area, but Nicholas Jackson's awareness of being that player interconnected in the final. Thirdly, it's no coincidence that he got four assists and a goal in his first I don't know 90 minutes as a Chelsea player. Potchefino understands perfectly that many of the attacking players we have have the ability to work in the area. behind the defenders, this is going to be very important for the Chelsea we are talking about, should Christopher and Kunku be a shout for the Fantasy Premier League?
Nicholas Jackson if he plays like he has done in the first 90 minutes that we have seen. him as a Chelsea player, you have him in your Fantasy Premier League team, your captain, the negis, they are done, damn early, Hornland. I'm going with the flow because I'm absolutely excited about what we've seen from Jackson, the racing, the timing of the racing. and those little interactions in the final third the magnificent footwork between two excellent perfect start to his career at Chelsea for Nicholas Jackson box number two is green for mauve Taste first 15 minutes of the game vaca romitoma one of the best players in the Premier League starter to try to deal with him Pace surrounds the defense makes the block makes the tackle strong advances I think Malo Gusto is the perfect Chelsea signing when you think it's around 20 million, it's a fantastic price for probably the best minor right back 21 years old, maybe in The world could argue that I think Chelsea bought him looking at him with that kind of caliber positional awareness.
I think for Brighton's goal he was the man closest to the cut-back after Billy Gilmore put that beautiful ball into the box and I'm not going to criticize him too. It's largely a very well-worked goal, but in terms of that right-back role, what he did to stop Matoma, such a good player, I think Gusto deserves a lot of credit and he's also trying to start attacks. I have to remember that Pochettino has been here literally five minutes and you can already see an imprint, you can see that the work rate of the players has increased, even Raheem Sterling, he does not get a box today, but I must say that he worked hard, but, Oh! 'Reilly, can we just substitute ourselves to do the last pass for Sterling?
I could do it. Mate, Harry could do it outside. The dog could do it. My two cats could do it. But don't pass the ball to the defender. when you're in the final third I wanted to keep


positive because we won 4-3, but I have to mention Sterling, he's pitiful, absolutely pitiful, box number three is green for Levi Colwell, yes, give away a penalty, yes, Michelle Pedro. he will never win the ball from that position, no defender will win the ball from there, but generally the way we play now is to have a centre-half playing with the ball who can split the defensive lines and split all the lines throughout the field.
Chelsea will be I'm so blessed with this when it comes to those centre-backs who can play those long balls, see those passes, before you even play them, you have to see that pass. Levi Colwell, does Rudiger do it? He used to do it so well, but to have that. left foot guy similar to John Terry you would see him throw the ball 60 yards to the feet colwell has that ability he is happy to run with the ball he is not just looking to give it to Thiago Silva plays the easy pass and I am absolutely thrilled that the Chelsea win the soccer match with Levi Cole wearing a Chelsea shirt against the team he thinks should be there.
You, Brighton, sit back, enjoy your pre-season, enjoy European football because we will take that position away from you. this year because Chelsea are back, I absolutely think this number four draw, Conor Gallagher, is fantastic. There were a couple of brilliant defensive moments again when Connor, we know, last season, no one can doubt the work rate of him, no one can doubt how he runs down the field. A headless chicken you could say sometimes, but it seems more meaningful and what did I tell you this week? If Pochettino can find a role, not necessarily a position for Gallagher on the field, but a roll, then Gallagher evolves.
Gallagher becomes a high-quality midfielder. For Chelsea Football Club he also scored a goal today, which is huge for him because I think he works very hard all over the pitch trying to create things, getting into the box late and I'm not just saying a lot of things. I said this week that they have come true when I have seen Chelsea play, but I think Pochettino understands that with this pre-season it is about finding roles for the players. Football is changing. Football is developing. I watched a brilliant video of James Alcott talking the other day about the new number eight, what that really means and I think for Connor there is definitely a used role that he could be doing for Chelsea in a number eight role, not necessarily in a position .
I would go and watch that video if I was you if you want to know what I'm talking about in box number 5. Modric now I don't know about you but when you see his face after that goal it goes that by the way how good that goal was everything about that goal is superb Sensational Superfluous is the word I would use to describe something absolutely Magnificent before our eyes incredible his face afterwards it is as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders the pressure has been enormous since he joined Chelsea from minute one every Until the end of the season, where people are calling him a failure, people are saying he won't hit today's pace, the work rate, but that goal is all we have to focus on for Michaela Mudrick, the exchange with Nicholas Jackson is just phenomenal. and the way he takes it is also with his weak foot, you know he's coming in from the right of him, he's absolutely outplayed the Brighton goalkeeper and the confidence that will come as a result of this goal from Michaela mudrick can't have precedents.
I think he is one of those players who, firstly, wants to feel appreciated and, secondly, has unwavering faith in his own ability, but when the pressure is so strong because you are now at Chelsea, you have everyone looking at you. You call yourself a failure for the price and no goals since you joined us. Well, now we've seen it hit the back of the net. Yes, it's a friendly, but the pressure and the way he looked after scoring, that I think this could be a decisive moment for Chelsea to get the best out of Michaela Madrid, brilliant from him when he came in and box number six.
Here they give me a green box to check Cookerella and it wasn't because it was a perfect performance. By the way, he got a brilliant assist for Chelsea's fourth goal, but defensively he was astute, he was solid, he was making positional blocks, defensively he was very good, it's night and day when it comes to advancing on the bench. Orwell Matson Cookerella doesn't want to advance, but defensively he was solid and I want to say all I can criticize the players. I can say that they are not my favorite player. I think he should sell like I said in the tier list.
The video doesn't change that yet, but I thought. He played well. I think Trev came in and did a great job. Overall, yes, it's 4-3, it's a close win, but Chelsea are cooking. We are playing brilliant attacking football. We look good positionally defensively. Brighton are a good team, they scored three good ones. goals including a penalty, but overall we move, these are exciting times, make sure you hit the like button if you enjoyed the six things we learned on video, the series I film after every Chelsea game from subscribe if you're new, turn on the bell to notify you when I upload a video, come on, Blues.

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