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6 Small Teardrop Campers - Some with Bathrooms!

Jun 04, 2021
Are you looking for a super


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trailer Hi everyone, I'm Mike front to the camera and Susan behind the camera and if you have seen us before, welcome back to the channel and if this is the first time you see us, welcome On board we make tons of videos about RVing and we also have our website called where we literally have hundreds of articles about rving and if that's not enough we also have our facebook group called rv camping for newbies we invite you. to join, join the group, ask questions, learn from other travelers and have a lot of fun today, although we have


amazing teardrop


that we are going to tour, so without further ado, let's get started right now.
6 small teardrop campers   some with bathrooms
This next teardrop trailer is by Sunset Trailers and is their 109th Sunray model and although it is not technically a teardrop trailer, it meets all the criteria we use to determine what a teardrop trailer is, e.g. , the weight, the basic shape, things like that, so this particular trailer weighs a The dry weight is only 1,280 pounds and the gross vehicle weight is two thousand pounds, so it's very light, very easy to tow. You'll notice that inside this particular trailer it has this vintage theme which we think is really cool. the light wood finish, the accompanying red and white seats and it has that vintage feel which we think is great.
6 small teardrop campers   some with bathrooms

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6 small teardrop campers some with bathrooms...

Many people like the vintage look. You'll also notice that it has a vintage look on my left side. uh propane heat built into this trailer as well and then you'll notice above me here there's a peak air vent right in the middle. Now the bed in this particular camper I already measured previously, it is 74 inches long and this bed will pull. outside and these two cushions become the top of the bed here so it's 54 inches wide so it's the same size that you would find in a short queen bed and in a lot of larger trailers that are out there and then on my right side you will see notice there is a location for the tv with cable tv hook up and a receptacle above and then right next to it you will notice the air conditioner with a little bit of storage underneath so when we leave This little teardrop trailer, you will notice that it also comes with a roof rack, it has a 500 pound capacity on the roof rack and then when we walk to the back of this trailer, this is where the loading area is located. the kitchen, the first thing you'll notice is this really nice big refrigerator that I love and it's one of the best teardrop refrigerators I've ever seen and it also has a little separate freezer area but it's a good size refrigerator for a teardrop camper, that's for sure and you have a microwave upstairs, it's not a convection microwave but it's the perfect size to cook whatever you need to cook in here, then you have a single bowl sink, a two burner stove and then we have


storage upstairs and there is also some additional storage under the sink and now this camper also has a really cool feature around the front so it can be a full size trailer or you can add this, this trailer actually It has a front toy hauler option that is also available, you could call it a flatbed but there are two different models of the 109 for the sunrace sport, the regular 109 is 12 feet long, it doesn't have the toy hauler part and then the 109 and includes this toy hauling platform and that brings you to a total length of 16 feet 6 inches, so it's an incredibly versatile and really small teardrop trailer, but it's very unusual to see a teardrop that You have the option of placing a toy carrier in the front.
6 small teardrop campers   some with bathrooms
This teardrop trailer is the intec luna rover and it's 15 feet 5 inches long and the dry weight is about eighteen hundred pounds, the gross vehicle weight here is two thousand two hundred pounds so it's nice and light , easy to tow behind a lot of different types of vehicles, now you'll notice that with this particular caravan. It has a door on each side, Susan is standing on one and I'm here on the other and when you first walk in towards the front of this caravan, the first thing you'll notice is this giant window now that we're inside a building.
6 small teardrop campers   some with bathrooms
At the moment of recording this video, it is a little rainy outside today, but normally this would be a large window where you would have a nice view of whatever is in front of you, so you will also notice that in the front of the caravan there is a lot counter space for you to use relaxed and under all the counter space there is also extra storage space on both sides and even in the middle. Now this middle compartment is quite large, I would say it's two by two by two and there is a door. that you can reach this from the outside you will also notice that up here there are a couple of cup holders and on one side of this area there is a receptacle and then on the other side there are two USB ports that you will be able to access as well, you will notice that the camper in It does have this large sleeping area here, the width is 60 inches wide and its length is 80 inches long, so it's a very good queen size bed here for you to sleep in and as we go around the camper, You'll notice at the top you have this really cool storage area with accent lighting, there's another one of these on the other side of the caravan.
Also notice this window here, there's also one on the other side so you can get good cross ventilation. Here there is an air conditioning unit in the front, radio and CD player and then of course the location of your television and above the television that you have. you know these drawers or doors that open for extra storage and then there's another really cool feature that you're going to want to check out next this camper has a built in fireplace which is really amazing and I mean it's just beautiful and this puts out some heat let me tell you I'm surprised at how warm it is with the hot air coming out of here it has a built in fan to blow the air out now it has a few different color settings so you can it had everything orange then it turns orange and blue then it turns completely blue, so you can set the lighting however you want.
Can you arrange the height of the flame inside and then of course you can set the temperature? also, but what a really cool little feature to have inside your caravan, in the back of this teardrop caravan, we have our kitchen set up and this is a nice kitchen setup on the left side here you have a two burner stove, there's a little bit of storage space under the stove area and then upstairs you have this storage compartment and also storage all the way up the top, then we have a very, very large hill with a single bowl sink here in the middle that It's really unusual for a teardrop caravan, but it's a very, very good size sink that will make washing dishes very easy and then you have a little more storage under the sink area and finally we have more storage above the colder area and then this Coleman cooler opens to the right.
Above is an electric cooler that you can plug in and this will keep all of your chilled items nice and cool. This teardrop camper is the boondock label and is 13 feet 7 inches long and the gross vehicle weight is 2200 pounds, so it is a pretty small trailer, but it has a lot of really cool features. First of all, you have a very large sleeping area here and I've always wondered how big it is in here, so I'm going to find out that it's about 70 inches wide and about 78 inches long, so I wouldn't say it's as big as a king size bed, but it is certainly larger than a queen size bed so there is a good amount of sleeping space and it also has some receptacles and USB charging ports that are built into the headboard, it has some extra storage space behind here, it's got some reading lights shining at you and then some extra storage upstairs, it's also got a really nice big window here that you can open and two other windows. on the sides so you can have a nice cross breeze here and it also has a fan on top that will suck the air in here and keep things really nice and airy and breezy, but if it's really hot outside you also have air conditioning.
Inside too, along with all the extra storage that goes in the front, including a radio and even a small heater. You will notice that on the new camping varieties they have these amazing window screens that offer a privacy shade or you can lower a screen so that way you can keep the bugs out when you have the windows open. You may have noticed that we were missing a kitchen inside this trailer, but that's because it's on the outside and the back of this teardrop-shaped trailer opens up. So you have kind of a cover over the top of your kitchen and then starting on the left side, here we have a single bowl sink with a good sized faucet on top of a couple of little hangers here to hang things and then you have a decent amount of storage space under the kitchen sink and countertop area and as we move to the right here we have a small two burner microwave oven and it doesn't actually have a refrigerator but it does have a cooler really nice so you can keep your cool stuff nice and cool, you'll also notice extra counter space outside, another little drawer up here and then you've got a receptacle and more USB ports.
This teardrop camper trailer is the little mini max and measures 17 feet. It is 2 inches long and the gross vehicle weight is 3,500 pounds, so again it is another lightweight teardrop trailer that can be towed by many vehicles. When you first walk through the door you will notice that I can actually stand up, there is enough head room. over my head now I'm 511 and it's probably two inches above my head, so if you're taller than six one you're going to feel pretty cramped in here, but the air conditioning might catch you too, but anyway, it's a good amount. of headroom here, the kitchen is at the front of this camper and features a fairly deep single bowl sink and then of course you have a two burner stove right next to that good amount of headroom. the countertop for such a small trailer.
So you'll notice that it only has a little drawer here for sponges and you know microwaveable things at the bottom. It has a drawer under the microwave. I guess you could have little mini cookie sheets or whatever and then you'll have more storage space. under the stove area and a nice deep drawer for utensils. Now these drawers and doors and really all the wood inside here is all real wood or plywood. There's no particle board here that I've seen anywhere, which is really nice and all the drawers. the runners are very very smooth and solid so the very very high quality fit and finish that they have above the kitchen counter area also has a little bit of extra storage up here and when you walk in the door through first time, one thing I also like that it has a very nice screen door set up so that when the door is open and we keep it closed to reduce glare and road noise, but you can know that you have a built-in screen that just it slides back and forth so it's very very convenient and then of course you have built in mosquito nets on the windows or you have a privacy curtain in any case and you want to go right next to the kitchen area we have the shower and the wet room and We'll take a look at that real quick, so the shower area has a really nice set of shower handles, it slides up and down so you can adjust it.
It's a wet bathroom so the toilet is located inside the shower area and um but it's a decent amount of space so right next to the shower you have the refrigerator now this refrigerator is really cool it has this at the top and then this is where, how did I open this before? this is where the freezer is located, but then you have This fresh drawer set up for the bottom of your refrigerator is not a freezer, but it is just a container style storage area for the bottom of your refrigerator. I hadn't seen it before, so it's a cool setup.
I like that opposite side. from the refrigerator hasmore space available in the cabinet and then you have a radio underneath and then underneath you have even more storage space there and we also moved to the back of the caravan, this is where the living room is, the dining room. and the bedroom are all three things in one place. Now it comes with a separate standing table that you can move, but then it also converts into your bed and I think up to three people could sleep in here. The measurements listed are um 76 inches wide and the depth is about 72 inches, so it would be very difficult to get three people in here, but if it was two adults and a small child, I guess it would be pretty easy to do it here as well.
You have a good TV viewing location so you can rest or have dinner and watch TV and then you have your charging center which includes two USB ports. This teardrop travel trailer is Camp Tab's new 320 arm base. He is 15 feet and 3 inches tall. long and the axle weight on this one is 2,900 pounds, a pretty light trailer that you can tow behind almost any vehicle when you first get into this teardrop camper, you can see the headroom at a very low price. tall here, I'm kind of hitting the roof a little bit, I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall so it's pretty tight but anyway it's a really cool little caravan when you first walk in it has a door that looks like the inside of the An airplane door has a round window for storage and has a built-in trash can, but what I really like is that when the door is open you can slide this screen over and have a really nice built-in screen door.
I really like that, right behind me, here is the kitchen area and you will notice that there are two stove burners underneath, we have a small refrigerator and there is a little place up here to make ice cubes, a little area for the freezer , then on my left, here we have a single bowl sink and then it has a couple of drawers on the belt below. a couple of cabinets I should say, but I like these knobs, they're really nice, so there's a lot of storage down there and then even a drawer under the refrigerator, so they try to take advantage of every square inch of this camper on top of your sink and your two burner stove, you have this couple of cabinets that lift up a little bit so you have a little bit of storage space in here and you also have storage space above the door, boy are they loud and then you have your wet bathroom just beside. to the bathroom now this wet bathroom has a shower and a toilet and also a small sink inside it's like what you would find on a plane it has that feeling so here I am at the back of this teardrop and this is where the dining room is and the living room which doubles as your bed, there is a lagoon style table here which is really cool.
I hope I pronounce it correctly, but it's very revolving as a technical term, I guess I mean this is really going all over the place, so I like that feature, it's cool. You can set this so that the back cushions are upright to have a U-shaped sofa here or you can lay them flat so they both move. down and then at night this becomes your sleeping area, back here you have storage under where these pillows would be. You also have this back area that pops up and you have extra storage like down here, so that's great and then I have these kind of cabinets without knobs, it just has a fancy little latch, I don't know what it's called, a fancy little latch. , so it's invisible, you don't see it, you just pinch it and it pops open, it's actually quite elegant, um and Then the other nice thing about the tabs is that the windows and how they're made, there's actually a set of blinds that you can raise during the night for privacy and you can open the window and you can also just lower the screens.
So they are very nice and they connect together so when one opens the other closes, very interesting little setup, you can see there is additional storage above me here, another cabinet here as well and then I think Susan is a little tight, but your TV mounts. Right here on the wall, this teardrop caravan is the 400 boondock tab and is the largest of the teardrops that make up the new campground. It measures 18 feet 3 3 inches long and has a maximum gross weight of approximately 3,900 pounds, so it can be towed. Lots of different trucks, some of the biggest SUVs out there now, when you first get in the first thing I immediately notice is more headroom than any of the other tears out there, luckily I have my handy dandy tape.
Measure with me and at roof height here it is about 78 and a half inches tall which is similar to what you would find in most RVs out there now of course because of the teardrop design that 78 fades to as you move towards the front or the back of this camper, but it still has a decent amount of headroom, so when you first walk through these doors, it blows my mind, it looks like an airplane door, it has pockets that you can store things in, it has this latch that looks like the inside of an airplane door, it has this cool little blind that goes up and down and then you have your trash can built in here too and then right behind me is the dining room. and the sleeping area of ​​this teardrop now you can sit here it easily fits I would say three people and this area also converts into another bed so you can also sleep three people inside this teardrop shaped trailer.
It's a cool little setup now the window screens and curtains here. they're like you would find in all motorhomes, you have a privacy blind and then you also have a blind because all the windows here, the big rectangular ones, open anyway so you can have a lot of cross ventilation throughout. This camper, another thing you'll notice is it has this top lip for storage and as you wrap around you know you also have more storage space on the sides so here I am in the kitchen area and the first thing you'll notice . The best thing is that up here there is a microwave oven, not a convection oven, just a microwave, and then there is a good size storage cabinet here, additional storage space next to it, then when we come down here, we have our sink and faucet shown below.
On top of that, you have a two burner stove, which is a good setup here and then you have a lot of drawer space, cabinet space, very good quality drawers and latches as well, I mean, they just work great and the sliding. they're fantastic the slides are nice they're all plywood drawers all very very high quality and then under the kitchen sink this is a really cool cabinet setup kind of a round cabinet and then more storage space storage there too and then right in front of the kitchen. area where you have your bathroom now, this is a very large bathroom for a teardrop trailer, it has a shower, a toilet and it also has this really cool folding sink and no faucet which looks really cool, plus lots of storage space storage there and there is actually a shower curtain that goes around a rail at the top so the walls don't get wet it keeps everything dry that way including the toilet area which is a nice feature so right behind The bathroom is where you will find the refrigerator. and you know it's a small refrigerator, it has a little separate area here for ice cubes, not too big but not too small either, it's great for a weekend getaway and underneath you have extra drawer space which is a super deep drawer of good size and then below that space. kick your shoes so that at the back of this teardrop you have the area of ​​your bed and one good thing about this teardrop being so big is that you don't have to convert or deconvert your bed into a dining room, it is always the bed that some people find very, very convenient, this bed is, let's see here, about 80 inches wide, so it's a good size at 6 feet 8 inches and the width is 54 inches wide, so it's definitely a bed queen size queen size for RV, I'm sure you have this Nice window here behind me that has a privacy curtain or it has a screen so you can open the window and enjoy the air while you sleep.
Here you also have a TV on one end and then on the other end there is a nice little storage cubby with receptacle and USB ports as well. We hope you enjoyed seeing these teardrop trailers. Let us know in the comments below which one you like best and why, and speaking of which, check it out if you want. check out some of our other videos just click here and remember to subscribe to the rv blogger channel when you do and hit the notification bell so you get notified every week when we post a new video so to mike and susan thanks for watch and see you next time.

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