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6.7 or 7.3 Powerstroke? Driving MotionAutoTv's Rebuilt 2016 Ford 6.7 Super Duty F350

Jun 09, 2021
So we're here at PFI, we just stopped by to say hello and then Brent offered a shop to do the brakes on the OBS and who shows up with Trevor for Motion Auto, how's it going buddy? Now you'll convince me that we shouldn't. put a 7-3 on it and we should put a six seven on the truck now he said basically just buy a roll-on truck take off the body put the OBS body kit on it suspension the axles the brakes all that because that's what's good about these things , applause spent, they travel well, they stop well, yes, they feel good, anyway, let's take four.
6 7 or 7 3 powerstroke driving motionautotv s rebuilt 2016 ford 6 7 super duty f350
Drive and then see what, see what I think, see if you can convince me to put a six seven, it will be ruined if I have one of these clues. I feel bad for dirtying her. You let me drive in your truck. Like when I bought it. I thought, "I don't want to treat this like I paid my princess." use it for work I'm still going to jump on it good dirty events you know do whatever you bought this like a little broom mmm that basically got smashed in the front I think it beat up like a pulp and then fell apart he overlapped like a jumper. on this side, so I replaced the case, the whole front end like $4,000 worth of things like just the front end, like radiator intercoolers, like fan clutches, like all that stuff, there you go, it's a nice bonus, yeah, it feels amazing, and then you have the trailer mode on there and then you also have the factory exhaust brake, so that's one of my favorite things, it just has everything built in, like the trailer brake controller, like you know, a little touch to stop it and then the exhaust brake.
6 7 or 7 3 powerstroke driving motionautotv s rebuilt 2016 ford 6 7 super duty f350

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6 7 or 7 3 powerstroke driving motionautotv s rebuilt 2016 ford 6 7 super duty f350...

It's so nice going over mountain passes and you know you're on the back, you click down hard and it keeps you, you know, right where you know, oh it's nice, it's heavy, quiet, I guess it's pretty , has a four-inch exhaust. with a muffler and then I have all the deletes and then I just tuned with an SCT but I like the custom fit except one but the stock injectors stock everything yeah everything basically just the plates to delete the EGR stop and then just take out that torpedo.


DPF teeth, okay, so I bought a 2011 previously, okay, and then it was like the base model, like the final floor, all that kind of stuff, okay and I thought, I love this, the power is incredible and it was as a test to be well.
6 7 or 7 3 powerstroke driving motionautotv s rebuilt 2016 ford 6 7 super duty f350
Is Six Seven worth the jump? And then when I first told him about the attached trailer, I thought this is amazing, so I sold it and literally the next morning I bought this at the auction, yeah. like you're saying they're expensive like I can't af


these things no, no, I was just like no, like there's no way I'm going to spend you know four, even like a 13, there's a tie there like 38 with like a hundred and eighty thousand miles with them and I'm like no I don't want that so now imagine our dollar difference with us is like a dollar thirty so these graphs.
6 7 or 7 3 powerstroke driving motionautotv s rebuilt 2016 ford 6 7 super duty f350
Oh, same price, but our used market has been through the grind because of all the flooding and stuff like that, because their dollars are so strong, all the dealers call our dealers and say we want all their trucks like Texas, all the flooding and stuff, so we have zero use trucks to use trucks that are through the roof, which That's why those older ones also go up and down, right, you're having trouble af


ing things like this one, yeah, so I have friends with two, three, four year old trucks and they're getting calls from the dealership. Hey, I want your truck to catch you. on a new track yeah same payments and with a new truck and not much longer term but like you said they are expensive right oh yeah so one of the problems is water in the fuel so yeah Does water ever get into the fuel, the high pressure fuel pump is lubricated with diesel fuel, yes, so as soon as any kind of water gets in there, it's just fucking direct metal to metal contact that will send all the chips out. the high pressure fuel pump to the injectors. on the fuel rails and everything, and to read like the kit, they have to replace the one that comes with a diesel fuel conditioning module like the fuel pump, yes, the injectors, the high pressure fuel pump, the rails , all the accessories, all that, I think it's like I'm pretty sure it's $3,800, yeah, so far, yeah, plus because nothing is made in Canada, yeah, we ship it from the states, we pay brokerage which is seventy-five cents on the dollar plus brokerage plus taxes since we're probably on the other side of the border plus shipping.
Looking at six seven thousand dollars at that moment, yeah, I love this, but for that reason I say, you know what we're going for, old 7-3, yeah, turn it up, but I'll be fine with the $60. oh yeah, no, yeah, that was one of the biggest complaints, like the four speed, you know, it's like you're going down one hill, you crush it to go up the other hill, yeah, you know, and make sure you're in it. that power band, yes, because I love myself like I was. You know, you're a big fan of the 7-3, but you know you've seen those memes where it's like you know when you're seven years old, three make 220 horsepower and it's like it's not much. but it's an honest job, it's like that farmer standing in the field like that was exactly right, so the six seven was


, it really was a good engine, more power than definitely the Cummins and the six six at the time.
I wouldn't say that the It had more power than the 2020s that we were able to drive, it put in a very nice engine, quiet and by far the best Ford engine in the last few years of 2011-2012. Had turbo problems, they had ceramic bearings and the turbos and were prone to failure, they were replaced. with much more reliable steel bearings and I think Ford has done a much better job, but it's all still expensive when one little thing breaks, it's not a cheap repair, so if a turbo were to go to its variable in vain, you have to remove the cover.
If you have a Ford we may have more space in the OBS, I don't know, but excluding the labor involved in replacing a turbo turbo, it costs over $2800 US by the time we see it on our doors, around $4000 Canadian plus the labor to install it. Right now we don't have that kind of budget, we don't have that much money available and we can't have an entire truck out of service because one part broke, any break in the sixth seven is going to be costly. If we have to remove it, we would have to get rid of the DPF and what Trevor was saying is that we basically have to take our body off our truck and put it on top of a track, we would have to buy a whole new one. truck that costs a lot more than what we paid for obs and basically we wouldn't drive in OBS anymore, we would have a cool body style, but there is nothing wrong with the body on the 6/7 style trucks could work too. what he did and just fix a 6-7 why don't we go with the OBS because it was one of the cooler trucks that I really like from Ford.
I don't want to deal with all the wiring and communications that goes into running a six-seven, we couldn't get the engine out without dealing with the body control modules and this and that communicating and no starters and whatever else, they already have Enough electrical problems to talk about right now. a six seven budget doesn't make sense to us, we're going with a 7 3 because that's what's available in V in our yard, they had three, we still don't have it, we're not tied or obsessed with the 73. however, at the end We 100% wanted to go with an Allison, so we went with a good six-speed transmission which, hopefully, with dual overdrive will make it a very good cruiser, but the engine itself in front of it, whatever is available, will be ours, which is In our budget, they are sponsored, which leaves us more room to play with it and get the truck exactly how we wanted it.
That being said, you can comment below. We have more videos on the way. Well, we'll decide. an engine sooner rather than later anyway, but I think we can rule out that we are not doing a common swap because if you want to see it, come and swap on the channel, there are half a dozen more, you can see the c10 is getting the germ acts. So we're going to do the same thing with the germ acts and that's already there, we're going to remove it among all of our other things, but I think the six seven is out as well, so just to be clear again, the 460 is not. a bad engine, it is a very reliable engine, but much like the Cummins, which is a 1500 pound engine and produces a whopping 160 or 190 horsepower, it is a very out of tune engine, as we have shown that 209 horsepower is not nothing to brag about, not even the 330. torque we can do better with a much more fuel efficient engine and this is our transport truck, this is a truck that 3/4 of us want to get on pulling the Audi behind us with the trailer full of tools and the 460 doesn't make sense for that if you want the 460 you can comment below it's for sale as long as you have a freshly


e4od but it won't stay on the truck and there's nothing you can convince me to tell me that Oh, put a turbo knee on it.
Yes, I can make more power and it will take even more fuel to get half of what a diesel can get. This truck gets a diesel whether you like it or not, and I know most of you do, that's why you watch everything. true, it's pretty nice, but I'm not entirely convinced that this trailer is loaded because it moved very well, but it's a small car, so what are the truck and trailer loaded in the car? What would you guess? I don't even know. I know the trucks weigh about 7, the trailers will probably have trailers, probably three on the cars, like Pride 25, yeah, so we were looking at about 1,300 somewhere out there really nice, what is this Bumblebee lawnmower 96 Civic EK coupe and I have a swapped K 24? made it turbo and we are making the CRV all wheel drive transmission.
I've got a rear differential and waggle van axles and all that stuff here, so this is a turbo all-wheel drive series that I call my Lamborghini. Killer, my first truck was an 87, but yeah, I had this Carson for about five years, everything was in primers on the shelf and I thought it was time to take it down to do it. All the body paint work had a Series D done. like 500 of those pretty ones. I always wanted to do the K series and the K series all-wheel drive is the best you can do with one of these things, no, so I say, well, that's it. it's time to do it, something right, I couldn't afford a Lamborghini so we'll just make a killer Lamborghini, so I also drove a couple of them and yeah, this thing made 500 horsepower with the DISA, it just spins and teleports like the top of 4th gear, so you're going like 120 while the speedo is running hard, Tony and second likes to try to fight from the ditch, it's a lot of fun, so you're going to tune in today APF.
I know we'll check it out for sure, but otherwise, you. I have the driveshaft out of the rear, yeah, yeah, just, I know, it's got a viscous coupler in the middle, ok, and basically with the driveshaft disconnected it's one hundred percent front wheel drive, there's not a weird Different transfer torque bias. Case yes, so it sends one hundred percent to the front and then it basically sends what's left to the back like through a viscous coupler, so it's not blocked, so to speak, but you can change all the fluids and stuff there and make them grip tighter. or softer or whatever, mark it that way, well we should compete against Oviatt soon, we need to hear an offer once the other sees what she earns, hopefully a lot.

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