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50 Cent And Katt Williams Leak Video Of Diddy's Fr3ak 0ff With Kevin Hart

Mar 08, 2024
I don't dress at all, you can interrogate me, but I will torture, I will not confess anything, oh, because, because, in 30 years, I have done nothing but collect information, knowledge and your secrets, so if you and a man were in a corner doing something you weren't supposed to do, you'll say it, no, someone comes to tell me that Cat Williams is spilling more tea on Diddy and now it's about her supposed anger with Kevin Hart, yeah, and 50 Cent backs it all up, These two are looking for Diddy's neck and won't stop until they take him down.
50 cent and katt williams leak video of diddy s fr3ak 0ff with kevin hart
The cat's vibe has always been to keep it real and not sugarcoat the shady things that the entertainment world tries to cover up. He tries to leave it on the bar, exposing what your favorite celbs. are behind the scenes, which is why Cat Williams just caused chaos in the entertainment industry with some mind-blowing claims suggesting that Diddy and Kevin Hart might have been up to some shady business, especially in relation to the dramatic Usher saga, despite of the seemingly eternal friendship between them. Diddy and Kevin Hart cat are dropping hints that there might be more to their connection than what's on the surface, although we all know Diddy and Kevin have been ride or die forever, but according to cat, their Bromance might have some dark corners that he is distributing.
50 cent and katt williams leak video of diddy s fr3ak 0ff with kevin hart

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50 cent and katt williams leak video of diddy s fr3ak 0ff with kevin hart...

Deets might have been mixed up in some seriously messed up stuff potentially playing a role in the whole Usher rehearsal drama, get ready, even crazier word is about to spread on the street that this power duo might have had something going on. see in the alleged handling of Usher. with an STD, this JW releases Revelation and has everyone raising their eyebrows wondering what else Diddy has been cooking up over the years. Seriously, the stories about him are on a whole new level of crazy. Let's be clear when Cat Williams spills the tea on the celebrities he's all in on. didn't hold back when he announced that he was going to visit sh Shay's podcast for an interview, we knew it was about to be an absolute rollercoaster and believe me, he didn't disappoint all of these uh, big dick deviant is going to hell in 2024, it's over. to all of them, it doesn't matter if you're Diddy or whoever you are, TG Jak, any of them, all the lies will be a cat just unleashed on Kevin Hart and Diddy dropping the industrial plant bomb that he didn't call Kevin directly about. shady dealings, but he gave important clues making it clear that nothing in the industry is easy in 15 years in Hollywood, no one in Hollywood remembers attending a sold-out Kevin Hart show, there was a line for him to ever receive a standing ovation standing at In any comedy club, he already had his deals when he got here.
50 cent and katt williams leak video of diddy s fr3ak 0ff with kevin hart
Have we heard of a comedian who came to Los Angeles and in his first year in Los Angeles he had his own sitcom on network television and he had his own movie called Soul Plane that he was leading? We had never heard of it before that person or after that person, what do you think a plant? Kevin initially brushed her off saying that he didn't mind and wouldn't dignify her with an answer, however Kevin was clearly salty by saying that the cat was a clown who belonged to the circus hey hey Kev you didn't say anything to Cat Williams when he did a three hour slow talking interview yesterday, you didn't put a shot clock on him, well do you entertain the circus or watch it depending on which? one, get this, everyone expected Kevin to get mad, especially after he sued Tasha k for spilling the tea on his alleged cheating.
50 cent and katt williams leak video of diddy s fr3ak 0ff with kevin hart
Adventures, the right nerve, but ever since Cat unleashed these amazing, it's been crickets on Kevin's side, the cat has been calling. brought out Holly W's weird vibes for years when asked about turning down rolls, he said he turned down big offers of 50 million dollars four times because he wasn't willing to budge now, who's going to turn down 50 million now that I've Had to turn down 50 dollars? million four times four times just to protect my integrity and but wait, the wild cat also revealed that he turned down a big check from none other than Diddy himself because P Diddy wants a body and you have to tell him no.
I have to tell him no. I did it. I saw that I received the receipts for everything I'm telling you. That's why I can say them so freely. He even claims that he has the receipts to back it up. This bomb was next level considering the big dollars involved. and the fact that he went toe to toe with Diddy, this big shot of the game, Diddy has some explaining to do because Cat Williams just went out of her way to criticize him for acting so high and mighty like he owned the entire planet with only one.
Look, but Cat isn't the only one throwing shade at Diddy, even 50 Cent, who is basically Diddy's biggest rival, spilled some tea a while ago, apparently Diddy offered to take 50 Cent shopping and 50 He found that movement to be a bit strange. we like to go shopping or something like that I mean I pay for it and I was like and I just said I got the he was like that just tell me he take me sh and this is what goes on little the pile of fruits ask me if I could take I shopping and I look like this I just said I want to take you shopping I have a roll of money I want to take you Why?
Because when you walk around looking so good, mother, I feel like, damn, with me that's all I want. Do that is all I want to do, but when you tell me you want to take me shopping, what about this? Wait, so when Diddy was questioned in an interview about the whole 50


shopping escapade, he flatly denied ever making such an offer, classic Diddy. move cool he tried to act cool stating he just wanted to help 50


upgrade his wardrobe one thing's for sure he was definitely caught off guard with that question and he said you did the same thing to him you asked him to take him shopping yeah .
I thought he needed some clothes. I'm a good guy. Why are you? Hey, why and hey I I don't have a rhythm with I don't know why with five He loves me He loves me and the meat has been wild travels with 50d and Diddy, these guys are like lifelong enemies. The 50s have been shading Diddy for years trying to take that Throne from him, whether he's spreading rumors about Diddy's preferences or roasting him for his epic parties. The 50s have been on a mission, but the real game changer has arrived. When Cassie came into the picture, Cassie rocked Diddy's world by dropping a bombshell lawsuit against him in late 2023, the details of which were chilling for years of physical abuse until Diddy allegedly forced her to sleep with male escorts.
Cassie spilled all the tea and it was intense even though they settled out of court for a hefty $30 million, triggering an explosion according to Cassie's lawsuit. Diddy allegedly made her have intimate encounters with male escorts and he would film all of her while she pleasured herself in the corner. A twisted plot and the severity of these accusations paint a disturbing picture of Diddy's actions. One wonders if Diddy was holding on to those picks to use as blackmail against Cassie. She remained in that situation for almost a decade, probably why and surprise when Diddy. gave her a 10 year music contract, it's like he was setting the stage to trap her in that cycle of abuse, believe it or not, Cassie and 50 aren't the only ones throwing shade at Diddy, he has a history with this stuff after of Cassie's lawsuit.
Another woman came forward accusing Diddy of drugging and assaulting her in 1991. Court documents reveal that they had mutual friends and even worked together on some music


s. Everything was professional until Diddy took matters into his own hands, but Kim Porter's story is dark. reminder of the consequences of getting too close to Diddy's orbit, the guy's got a trail and it's not pretty, the story about Kim Porter's death takes a dark turn, while the official autopsy reported the cause was pneumonia, a lot People think that's all B, why would I do it? Diddy eliminated the mother of his children according to the story of Kim, Diddy's former bodyguard, reflects Cassie.
He didn't know Cassie, but he knew someone who was going through the same thing as her and that was Kim Porter during Kim's time, sources revealed. intense abuse culminating in her being found with a broken nose after an argument with Diddy allegedly Diddy suspected that Kim was talking to another man and invited her on a yacht in St Trope, an argument ensued which escalated until Diddy allegedly broke his nose and He earned all that. I heard that she beat her so much that she sent her to Hawaii so she could stay away from people. That's crazy, but that's Kim's story, that's Kim's book, that's Kim's book, then you hear about the fact that she broke Kim's nose on a yacht.
I haven't heard about her breaking it, oh, let's say supposedly, but people at her camp told her that she broke Kim's nose on the yacht, so Cassie's story is Cassie's story is the Kim's story. Cassie's book is Kim's book. Sources claimed Diddy couldn't. having Kim in public with a broken nose, so she brought in a plastic surgeon and made her stay in a hotel until her nose healed. Kim allegedly planned to expose Diddy in a tell-all book, but she never saw fans speculate that the book might be over. Diddy's career put him behind bars, which is reason enough for Diddy to silence her permanently, so this book details her relationships with men.
Images of those meetings. She had the names of the men she slept with. With a disease that Diddy supposedly gave Usher a disease. that took place between Diddy and Usher's mom Mary J blah she was pregnant with Diddy says she had an Ab also in the book there was the DV that Kim endured in a surprising twist the story extends beyond the women, rumors about Diddy's sexuality have circulated for years. and these rumors even got Wendy Williams fired as well. There was a radio personality. Once upon a time her name was Wendy Williams and they practically burned her on the steak for talking about it and now everything has come to a close.
There were many situations. None of which to talk about, but there were a lot of situations, in the past, in my career and, um, it's all coming full circle. Wendy supposedly got a super sketch photo of Diddy chilling with another guy during her vacation in Cancun. the street is this photo shows someone pulling down Diddy's shorts, yes you heard that right, according to Wendy. Diddy instructed the members of the Total R&B Trio to physically confront her while Wendy's then-boyfriend intervened to prevent any altercation. Diddy got her fired. Diddy's bodyguard too. has stories of Diddy with other men to share.
Jean Deal shared an intriguing incident during an interview that involved Diddy and Jaw Rule engaging in unusual activities in a hotel room. I hear at the door and stuff like yeah then the next thing you know someone rang the doorbell we had the presidential suite where we were so I opened the door and uh the guy says I'm here for my cousin I said who's your cousin he said uh Jau I said well, he's busy right now he said uh he's busy doing what I said he with puff they in the room are busy they don't want to be disturbed he said well I'm going in I said brother you're not going to come in because he told me I don't want anyone to bother him, he said, "I don't care, man, I'm going to go in there, that boot like that," I told him brother, Jesus Christ had to come here and get the air out of my body before I went in. that room over there look look he tried to rush me I grabbed him and threw him against the piano when I threw him at the piano and Jau runs out of the room, they towed him J grabbed his trailer but they but the ne while Jean Initially I didn't know what was happening inside the room, he was confronted by J ru's cousin, who had arrived unexpectedly, the commotion prompting Diddy and Ja Rule to leave the room, both dressed only in towels. 50 Cent and Diddy's ongoing drama just got spicier.
Rumor has it that 50 Cent is preparing a documentary that delves into the trial allegations against Diddy and gets the dock cash flow. Everything will go directly to the victims. Fearless in the '50s game, even with Diddy holding down the fort in the hip-hop realm. has been talking explosively about the documentary on his insta, all about doing what's on now, how the 50 cent documentary will come, we have to wait and see, here's the real head scratcher, why does Diddy keep making moves with his adversaries? First it was 50 Cent and now he is a cat. as if he was simply daring someone to spill the beans and expose him, buckle up because fans had their own theories as to why Diddy was getting cozy with the cat.
Hold on tight because Vine was buzzing with talk that Diddy had his eyes on the cat for his Comedy Special P Diddy Introduces the Bad Boys of Comedy Image This Diddy was looking to conquer the comedy scene in Hollywood and he pulled it off with this special massive that brought together a whopping 110 comedians which sounds like a blockbuster, it might as well have been if it was. tfor some serious eye action, see back then, Diddy was on the sidelines for some shady stuff with guys, now here's the real kicker. Rumors were swirling that this comedy special was just a smokescreen for Diddy's alleged shady dealings, the suspicion that Diddy was supposedly targeting people who were struggling. comedians maybe more open to his advances, I mean, who wouldn't be grateful for someone to kick the doors of their careers open?
The right word on the street was that the special was a front, a cover for Diddy to get into some not-so-good stuff, the cat spilled the tea by insinuating that Diddy was supposedly looking for new talent from the comedy troupe, it's like he was building his own squad, but not for laughs now, if you're wondering why Kevin Hart got caught up in this whirlwind of chaos, the cats were fed stories for days according to He Not only did Kevin know about Diddy's alleged escapades, he was also in the know. both of Diddy's sketchy activities even though it wasn't part of Diddy's comedy special.
Now, let's dive into the wild world of Diddy's parties, where 50 Cent warned us that things get crazier than a roller coaster ride. Attending Diddy's parties is already amazing, but hosting them is a whole new level of crazy. in an old


from one of these parties. Diddy was relaxing on a bed when Kevin and the camera crew walked in. Diddy seemed caught off guard and the attention in the room reached an all-time high for some reason. Diddy kept telling Kevin not to come any closer and cracked a non-homo joke that made things weirder. We had, um, we want to thank.
Don't sit on the bed or anything. no homo no just don't come close to the bed don't come close but it's like I want to thank you for hosting this thing man man it's been a pleasure that you didn't have to do it and you didn't do it No, I definitely didn't have to do it. I definitely didn't have to do it. First of all, I'm not getting the bed. You know, she yells at him and what he did. I will do it if we can. Let's put the camera a little bit this way so we're not.
I don't want my shot to resolve evenly. I don't want him to go near the bed. Did something happen between Diddy and Kevin that night for them? to act that way, the cat thinks there might have been a bit of Panky between Diddy and Kevin at the time, he's supposedly toying with the idea that Diddy might have made Kevin an offer, and unlike the cat, Kevin He didn't reject her, he remembers when the cat accused Kevin. from being an industrial plant that sold its soul. Rumor has it that the cat is latching on to some very spicy evidence and that's why Kevin keeps his lips shut.
The word on the Block is that the cat has information about how Kevin may have been involved in Diddy Shady's dealings with Usher. In the '90s, he imagines this Usher, the Smooth Operator, supposedly crashing into Diddy's house in New York when she was only 13 years old and rumor has it that Diddy supposedly gave her an STD. Now there's talk in the air and it could be traced back to Usher's chat with Howard Stern Usher hinted that he saw some wild things during his time under Diddy's roof, he lived with Shan Puffy CS for a year, that's the crazy thing, now it was La Reid's idea.
We'll send you to something called Puffy Flavor. Camp, there you go. learn flavor camp, that's what it was called and you're going to go to Puff Daddyy in the '90s, do you understand what that's like? Puffy's place was full of girls and non-stop, right, no, not really, I mean, but well, it was curious. I had the opportunity to see some things, yes, but you were 13 years old, what were you seeing? I went there to see the right lifestyle and I saw it and it was and it was, but I don't know if I could afford it and understand what it was.
Even watching it was pretty wild, so there's this video floating around with Diddy Usher and Kevin Hart all hanging out. Diddy casually mentioned that they used to have morning serial battles, which raised a few eyebrows, perhaps hinting that they shared a bed overnight with Kevin in that super awkward place. Timing quickly changed the topic here from day one, we used to wake up and I mean, damn pause, but as a test, I mean, back in the day when he was like 10 and I was a little older than his older brother . fight over Frosted Flakes, you know what I'm saying before pause was invented, you know what I'm saying, but he's my real brother, we used to fight to get Frosted Flakes off 'cause he always used to get up early now that he's one of the richest in the world.
What are you saying? No one is going to acknowledge this for me. Q. I just said that we used to fight for Frosted Flakes and we are broadcasting live. That was stupid. Listen to it, a couple of years ago, Usher. He got caught up in some lawsuits accusing him of spreading herpes without warning. Laura Helm dropped a massive $20 million lawsuit claiming they got too close and personal, strangely, her case vanished into thin air, leaving people talking about that hush money, then two more women They intervened. At the scene, one kept a low profile but tested positive for herpes quantasia Sharpton, the other did not test positive but told all about her relationship with Usher just after her 19th birthday, raising major health concerns for her and her son. her.
Usher ended up shelling out a $1.1 million settlement with another Jane, now buckle up because we're taking this ride to a whole new level. Cat Williams dropped a truth bomb hinting that Usher's mentor Diddy could be the puppet master behind these dark bedroom tales. The cat even dismissed the idea. that Kevin Hart might have joined Diddy's wild adventures, the cat spilled the tea, offering a crazy theory that Diddy and Kevin might have been involved in some strange activities together, including wild adventures and accusations against Usher, now the Cat is flipping the scripts by saying that Diddy and his powerful team might have been pulling the strings to launch Kevin to fame, but here's the real trick according to Cat.
Usher is not Diddy's only alleged victim. No, there are supposedly plenty of other artists he forced into inappropriate activities and hold on to your hats because A few years ago, Cat dropped some serious shade bombs at Diddy and Germaine Dupri, suggesting they might have been involved in some nasty dealings with the crossover kids, so Chris Kelly and Chris Smith, the crossover duo, had huge success at 9 when they were just 12 and 13 years old. Germaine Dupri, their mentor played a key role in their success, however, Cat Williams suggested that there could be more to their mentoring than just music, claiming that Germaine and Diddy were involved in inappropriate behavior with children under the guidance of Germaine Dupri, the intertwined children released three hit album rumors about incidents involving Germaine and Diddy began to circulate and Cat links these traumatic experiences to Chris Kelly's later struggles with drug abuse in 2013.
Chris Kelly was found unconscious in his home and later pronounced dead. His family's acknowledgment of his history of drug abuse shed light on his Painful Journey Interestingly, the children were suspicious of Germaine from the beginning, even when they were 11 and 12, they sensed something was wrong. Chris Kelly once shared in an interview that they were just hanging out playing video games in an Atlanta mall out of nowhere, this guy shows When I asked them to be rap stars, it turned out it was Germaine Dupri, but they had no idea who was. He even suspected that she might be a child molester or something.
The cat had not done it yet, spilling more tea and claiming that Germaine Dupri was not only involved in an alleged trial, but also turned a blind eye to others in the industry who did the same, so rumors began to circulate about this strange ritual involving Diddy and Germaine. The rumor is that they were in a creepy meat swap, trading their artists as collectibles and making it happen. them within their inner circle and reports claim that Diddy might have deceived the members of Danity Kane. Diddy and Germaine didn't hold back, hey, what's going on? Puff, I'll come back to you if JD hasn't had enough, yes, J from pre King of the pedophiles, if you ask me, baby gerain, the PRI is small when he was a child, but he gets. worse because, according to sources, Diddy wasn't the only one Germaine was allegedly pimping the boys to, he also allegedly pimped them to Jada Smith's cats, convinced that these Big Shot Music Moguls might have messed with Chris Kelly by pushing him around a dark road with drugs, unfortunately, Chris is not the only one caught in this Twisted Tail word on the street.
Diddy has been in some shady deals with young artists, but that's not the end of it. Federal law enforcement was on Diddy's case in 2013, when Jimmy The Henchman was arrested, the feds had their eyes on Diddy and suspected he knew a thing or two about Diddy's shady dealings with the miners. It got real when Jimmy was questioned about Diddy's questionable moves with young boys, so according to this official US District Court who filed suit. The prosecutor asked directly about the artists' intimate preferences and you won't believe it. They went out of their way to ask not only about Shan, but whether she is approaching underage children, it's like they were trying to get to the bottom of something.
Really shady stuff, Orlando Brown also came out saying that Diddy allegedly forced him into some sketchy situations like giving him some mouth action, did you give me the usk kwash? crisscross or Usher get ready for the amazing tail Chris Brown spilled on the Drink Champs podcast according to Chris, he was only 12 years old when Diddy allegedly tried to make some inappropriate moves on him and then the funniest part, I really like it. A lot of people don't know if he rejected me. I wasn't looking, let's talk about him right now, but no, but, now it's love, this is like my family, my brother now, but let's go to the point where you went to see him, yeah. you were dancing so it basically came as a package because if you dance with you he definitely would have hired you no I'll take it with 100 so I was like 12 at this point this is before I didn't and when I linked up . to death, okay, but it was me and him, one of my production managers, the son was called TJ, my brother to this day, but him and I were like a group, you know what I'm saying, like that What was the name of your group?
He didn't have a name, that's just why he's in and he understands that we're entering an area of ​​serious eyebrow-raising drama, so check this out, there's a question floating around about whether Chris danced for Diddy and you have to wonder why a El young talent needs to make a move for Diddy in his crib, well insiders are whispering that Diddy had some crazy plans in mind, plans that involved Chris hitting his camp with a strange name and bloated taste, yes, it sounds as strange as it looks , word on the street was that Diddy was supposedly looking for some inappropriate things at this camp and Chris, who is no fool, dismissed it as not being that compromising situation, life moves away from Diddy's quirky camp, but here's the deal that Diddy passed along to Chris and had nothing to do with Talent La Reed and Jam were practically begging to hire him, but Chris had his eyes set on other paths.
It seems like Diddy's rejection was because Chris dodged some really shady stuff, but not everyone dodged Diddy's supposed Justin Bieber. Yes, he could be one of the unlucky ones. about Diddy supposedly pushing Justin into really questionable situations, you get it right, it all started when Scooter Braa discovered Justin and introduced him to Usher, who then introduced him to Diddy. It's kind of a suspicious setup, especially after that video where Diddy promised Justin the entire universe. As soon as you turn 16, you know what I'm saying, I'll let you show this off every time La, yeah, this will be yours, so every time you come La, there's a little dust, but you know, front shot man , okay, okay.
Alright, Diddy, the guy known for owing his artists a ton of money and pulling the strings behind his songs, was making big promises to rising star Justin Bieber. He was straight up offering a Ferrari and a mansion for Justin's 18th birthday, but he waits. Isn't he a little too generous coming from a guy who isn't exactly known for being a trustworthy gentleman when it comes to cash deals with artists? Justin, have you ever seen the movie? 48 hours. He right now he's having 48 hours with Diddy. Him and his boy. They are having. the moments of their lives like, like, you know where we hang out and what we do, um, we can't really reveal it, but, um, it's definitely a 15-year-old boy's dream, um, you know, they've given me custody of him, You know, he signed with Usher.
I'm signed to Usher. He had legal guardianship of Usher when you know he made his first album. He made the first Us album. I don't really have legal guardianship of him, but during theNext 48 hours he will be with me. So, um, yeah, and let's go full-on, things take a weirder turn when Diddy starts talking about doing undisclosed things with Justin that he can't mention publicly why all the secrecy, especially with a child, fans They can't understand how anyone could even give it. Regarding legal guardianship of a child, one said what kind of father leaves his son alone with Diddy and gives guardianship to this strange rich man and another added: I wouldn't even talk to my mom again if she left me with P Diddy a 13 years old. that's an R Kelly move, there's even a video where Justin looks visibly uncomfortable next to Diddy, what's up?
Man, you okay, I'm okay, how you doing, little brother? Everything is fine, depleting Arenas and everything starts acting different, hey, you haven't been calling. me and hanging out like we used to hang out well, I mean, you haven't, I mean, you try to contact me, you know through all my, you know, you know partners and all that, but you never got my number, so my number. Yes, there is now talk that Diddy could have played a role in getting Justin involved with drugs, echoing Cassie's previous claims. Justin himself spoke about his struggle with addiction as he faced the hardships of the industry at a young age.
There was a time when I was drinking lean. I was taking pills, Molly, um, you know, it's all mushrooms and it was just an escape for me. I was waking up in the morning and the first thing I did was take pills and smoke a joint and start the day. People can't help it. Note that it clears up once he distances himself from Diddy. Coincidence, maybe not, you can clearly see how Justin changed after he cut Diddy out of his life. Now fans fear for the cat's safety, but it won't be easy to defeat him. One fan wrote that a lot of people say watch out, cat, but what's different today is that we're all aware.
Before there were fewer people aware and they could get away with killing them, but now there are a lot of people aware that we have to protect cats in other ways. I added that I respect Cat for standing up for what is right and exposing all this evil in Hollywood, so there you have it. Cat Williams and 50 sent bombs about Diddy's alleged anger at Kevin Hart. These two are on a mission and they're falling short. brakes until Diddy is knocked down. The cat has always been realistic. I never want to sugarcoat the shady things the entertainment world tries to sweep under the rug.
Now we can't help but wonder what Diddy's next move will be. Rather, what horrible truth about Diddy will we learn next? Yeah

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