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Dec 24, 2021
- It's 2020, guys. We are further into the future than all the classic science fiction movies. We are literally living in the future. Here are five new car features that prove it. And yes, I'm going to talk about stuffing your ass with shrimp, that's not an understatement. Sounds weird, right? Are you intrigued? (upbeat music) Speaking of living in the future, these Raycon E25 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones make me feel like I'm living in the year 2049. I love my Raycons, the sound is amazing, they have noise isolating capabilities and very convenient. All of their headphones are great, but these everyday E25s are the best yet, they have seamless Bluetooth connectivity, six hours of playtime, more bass, and a more compact, discreet design, you hardly notice I'm wearing them.
5 unbelievable new car trends
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5 unbelievable new car trends

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5 unbelievable new car trends...

Let's start this countdown with one of today's newest and most exciting automotive


. Augmented reality. Augmented reality has been making its way into our cars for a while now, but the technology is advancing very quickly. Things we didn't think were possible just a few years ago are already making their way into production cars. An amazing wagon we photographed a while back, the Audi RS 6 Avant, it had a feature that maps the entire area around the car, and not just the view from the rear and side cameras, it actually does a composite of all the cameras, stitching live video together to produce an interactive simulation of your car's surroundings.
5 unbelievable new car trends
This feature is called 3D Surround View at Audi, but other manufacturers, such as BMW and Toyota, have their own versions. BMW Surround View can digitally map the car's surroundings using four cameras when it enters 3D mode. You can see a 360-degree view of the car and even control the camera angle using hand gestures. That's a minority report (bleeps) right there. (Nolan whistling) I thought that was cool. Toyota's 3D surround view is actually called Bird's Eye View. All of these systems allow you to see a bird's eye view from directly above your car, making things like parking and not running over the kids much easier.
5 unbelievable new car trends
That's kind of a dark joke. Augmented reality is also helping to make another aspect of driving safer. The HUD, or Heads Up Display, has been around for a long time. But now things like navigation systems and proximity warnings can show up on the windscreen display, this is amazing. Porsche recently invested in an augmented reality company called WayRay that is changing the landscape of alert technology. Its HUD system has everything from lap times to optimal driving lines to ghost cars. Remember when you were a kid playing Gran Turismo and you were like, “I wish I could race against myself in real life, I don't have any real friends”, well now you can.
The future is now and you still don't have any real friends. Only now are we realizing everything we can do with augmented reality. Manufacturers are investing in AR right now because since newer cars are sort of self-driving mobile options, the driver will need to be entertained on long drives and drives. I'm not talking about the music or the infotainment system. I'm talking windshield entertainment, that's right. They want to turn your windshield into a screen, so you can stream movies and shows on the go. I entertain myself with my own podcast, I love listening to myself talk.
Not only do they plan to offer current streaming options, but the plan is to stream location-based augmented reality entertainment to your windshield, that why do we need this, who needs this? People are already fucking reviewing their, wait, let me process this. (energetic rock music) Do you think traffic is bad right now when people are checking Instagram on the 10? Imagine until people watch the eighth season of "Narcos" on their way to work. Look, great show, I love Teresa Ruiz, this is the dumbest idea, I'm sorry, this is the dumbest idea I've heard in a long, long time.
We don't need TVs in our cars. (sighs) Actually, one thing I'd like about augmented reality is that I can see how much debt everyone is driving, you know. I know you don't own that G truck outright, it's a leased McLaren. (screen beeps) Honorable mention. I can't really say if this is cool or not, but Honda made an augmented reality user manual. Using your phone or tablet, you can see exactly where components are in your car and how to interact with them. Like pouring windshield washer fluid or figuring out what all the levers do. I guess it's, that's pretty cool actually, that's great.
There's an unexpected downside to drivability that automakers are just beginning to address. There are plenty of health risks associated with sitting for hours, including back pain and weakened muscles. At the office, you can still stand up and walk around, even ask your boss for a standing desk, but in the car, you really have no choice but to sit for the duration of your commute. Sometimes that is several hours a day. Jaguar and Land Rover have recognized this problem and come up with a rather ingenious solution. It is a seat that uses alternating pressure to simulate the rhythm of walking known as pelvic oscillation. - The hips, sweetness, come and shake that pretty little ass of yours.
And keep it there, yeah (screen beeps) - Side-to-side movement tricks your body into thinking you're walking, reducing fatigue on long drives. I would love anything that tricks my body into thinking I'm working out, because it feels like my body is mad at me all the time. This isn't the first innovation Jaguar/Land Rover has made to keep people healthy. Previous companies have included a UV light in the cabin to stop the spread of colds and flus. And a system that combats motion sickness. Some great stuff. Motion sickness occurs when your eyes see something different from what the rest of your body feels.
Like when you look at your phone or a book during a long trip. This wasn't a big problem before, but now that there are more self-driving cars, people are taking their eyes off the road more. You're not supposed to do that, you're supposed to be vigilant, even if you're not driving. When you're in the driver's seat of a self-driving car, you're supposed to keep your eyes on the road in case you need to override autopilot, but we all know people aren't diligent about it. It goes without saying that when you're not driving your car, there's a better chance you'll get motion sickness, and that sucks if you just spent a ton of money on a car that drives itself.
That is why Jaguar/Land Rover is developing a system that collects data and through an algorithm determines a quote, "well-being score". knows if you're going to get dizzy before you feel it. And the car can make adjustments like minimizing steering correction to make sure the whole Alcantara steering wheel doesn't go bad. Don't ask me how I know, but vomit is very difficult to remove from Alcantara. "Cars are getting smarter, y'all," and it's only a matter of time before they rise up "and wipe us out like the virus that we are." I love "Matrix". Tesla released a video of what its self-driving system sees and how it processes the car's environment.
Seeing how quickly it processes everything makes me feel so much better about self-driving cars. I mean, I definitely don't notice all of that when I'm driving, none of us do, but even if you never buy an autonomous vehicle, new cars have lots of different ways to help you drive more safely. The next generation of night vision has arrived in cars. You can find current generation Cadillacs, BMWs, Mercedes and Audis with thermal night vision attached directly to the dash. It picks up the heat signal from animals or people on the road and alerts you before your car crashes into them.
But you might be saying, "Nolan, what good is heat vision when I'm driving at night?" First, why are you doing that? And second, don't worry, Audi has you covered with its new AI. :Trail concept. The new AI:Trail is an all-electric SUV that has five drones that take off from the roof of the car and illuminate the road ahead. (sighs) I mean, I'd probably save my off-roading until morning, but that's just me. Also, I would get a light bar. Audi has another feature on some of its newer cars that helps your vehicle communicate with your city's existing traffic infrastructure. how long the green light you are approaching will last and lets you know when a red light will turn green.
And the optimal speed you should be going if you want to hit the green light perfectly. This is incredible. Guys, imagine if everyone had this. I feel like the traffic would slow down considerably in city driving, I love this. This basically helps with all aspects of city driving, although this feature does not work in all cities, it connects to over 5000 traffic lights in the US with many more already planned for the future. The ability to connect to a city's traffic network is also crucial for self-driving cars. As more and more self-driving cars hit the road, they need to be able to communicate with other vehicles and their environment.
One area where this is evident is self-parking vehicles. Unless you've been living under a rock or don't like soccer, you've probably seen Hyundai's commercial for the smart park. - Look who has smart park. - Smart park? - Just press the clicker, the car parks itself. - Today almost every car manufacturer has their version of a car with self parking, from BMW to Volkswagen to Ford, chances are if you're shopping for a new car, there's a self parking option. They usually cost a few thousand dollars on top of the sticker price, but I think it's a good investment. - That Sonata doesn't have a driver. - It has a smart park. - Honorable mention, another one.
Tesla's dog mode isn't the most technologically advanced, it's literally just climate control and a screen that says "My owner will be back soon," but it prevents would-be heroes from breaking your window while you're in the store for 30 seconds. This is very nice. However, not all innovation is about making cars smarter or safer. Sometimes manufacturers just want to flex. One trend I've noticed recently in some concept cars is these reptile-like scales. In the BMW Vision Next 100 concept, the technology is called Alive Geometry and it makes me want to throw up. As the wheels turn, the tiny interlocking diamonds expand and contract with the movement of the wheel, keeping it fully protected.
It's weird as fuck. The flake shaped diamonds continue into the cab where they are used to warn the driver of pedestrians or objects on the road. Supercar Blondie has a pretty cool video where he gets close to this concept, it's worth checking out. Also, congratulations to Blondie on reaching three million subscribers. This car, I get it, is cool I guess with the faded gold paint and shiny fenders. However, it is a living nightmare. Who wants a car with scales? This is like a bit of David Lynch (bleeps). Why does your car need to be alive? Like they made a Mustang that had horse hide all over it.
Where do we draw the line? Anyway, the DS X E-Tense concept car also has scale shapes on the body, but that's the least interesting part of this car. It has an outdoor seat and a covered seat. Sort of like a sidecar on a motorcycle. Oh, it also has a glass floor. Who asks for these things? Another covered scale concept car making the car show rounds is the sadly named Renault EZ-Ultimo. This self-driving car concept is closer to a limousine than a high-performance car. It has no driver's seat, just a lounge-like cabin and these one-sided diamond mosaics that let passengers look out but don't allow any visibility inside the cabin. that's reallycool.
A lot of the ideas that go into these concept cars will probably never make it to production vehicles, like the scales, I hope they never do, but I think it's fun when automakers think outside the box. Our latest future car trend is so ahead of its time that it's wowing people all over the world right now. (upbeat music) Shrimp in da frunk! See this? Do you need a rag to wipe the drool off your lips? Ford's latest marketing campaign for the Mach-E features fans eating shrimp cocktail in the trunk of their Mach-E. Are we living in the future?
I think this proves it. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think about the scales, like me. Follow Donut @donutmedia on all platforms, watch our "Past Gas!" Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, wherever you listen to yours. We also have a podcast channel, Donut Podcasts, we have a link for that in the description. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @nolanjsykes. Be nice, I'll see you next time.

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