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#5 LSU vs #8 Florida State Highlights | College Football Week 1 | 2023 College Football Highlights

Sep 05, 2023
I mean, Fitzgerald takes it to the end zone and LSU will start from the 25-yard line on first down, hook up from the backfield and the catch is made and running three is Trey Bradford's big game still moving close to the 20 yard line. Daniels on the Move throws it short to Taylor and the tight end makes a man miss and hits inside the five yard line immediately on the edge by Patrick Payton for no gain and is third and a flag comes out on the tackle after the move. personal foul wow fourth down from the two yard line Daniels scans now trying to get back creatively at the 15. the sack is made by D.J Lundy LSU simply runs three and leaves a group of guys in coverage and squeezes the ball to Johnny Wilson very calm there back, he picks up the pressure and again finds Wilson in space and that's a second first down sack for the big guy, the white block in two Travis blushed looking for help, delivers underneath, it's Wilson again and Wilson has now made three catches all for first downs Travis has been called on third down tonight here is a sign on the first down made by Coleman Darren Coleman his first touchdown as his Seminole 40 yard strike what sequence for FSU the goal line stands and they score on their first possession Florida State fans, this is what they wanted to see Keon Coleman, the big receiver from Michigan State 6-4-15 Daniels makes it just before being hit and the catch is made by Brian Thomas Daniels against the four men who Rush has time to get the ball out and the catch is made first across midfield to Malik's neighbors, Josh Williams, who takes a look at the back and then runs toward the middle and Daniels digs into the secondary.
5 lsu vs 8 florida state highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
Bradford is the rear. Daniels looks and finds a receiver on the edge and that's it. Kyron Lacey and Lacey leave their path near the goal line, stopping just short of it and keeping their heels up. Knowles defense was not prepared, they play fast and score Dre Bradford Barrels and the Bayou Bengals respond with a 75 yard drive and I think we were. taking a look just to make sure he was up and for me on that replay it didn't matter, they can break the goalie and Travis lowers his shoulder, but he didn't get there, which he's going to do this year.
5 lsu vs 8 florida state highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights

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5 lsu vs 8 florida state highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights...

Daniels on the other side. in the middle and a flag comes out, defense number eight of Passenger Affairs, so look to the sides. Aaron Anderson is a speedster, a very small guy, New Orleans got knocked down. LSU wants a flag and now it's late, there's only one foul on the planet. no foul for holding the offense after the play personal foul late hit out of bounds number three the defense activated playing LSU Louisville transfer Daniels goes up the middle and that's Brian Thomas and free spin, not a great tackle so far, but the nose secondary tonight and now another flag comes out personal foul unnecessary harshness defense number 54 at five Daniels still has still has tries to jump on people and is absolutely slammed to the ground instead of that, it's Daniels with a creeper and they attack him on another fourth stop by the Seminoles Shaheem Brown made the tackle Coleman makes a move to the right Travis scanning puts him under and the sack is made by tofili Coleman makes a move through Travis oh my god Johnny Wilson by second time tonight so the fall is a killer and master monkey hits it high going up to make a fair catch another cup the scandal over


the Florida State team has it and there are two thinking oh no no again then we are covered by Azaria Thomas Travis and the fake punk throws him into traffic and returns him to LSU's bad decision on Deuce Chestnut the transfer from Syracuse made him pay he was also able to run 13 yards that time he is battered and falls to the turn Jay Bramlett is a game of words isn't particularly good has been a rebound and getting a good role at LSU like Coleman, who didn't show up and introduce him, wasn't a pub returner at Michigan State, is new to the role and that wasn't what they expected from Harold Perkins, by the way, in the opinion of this team of referees touched that punt, keep an eye on her, they didn't touch her leg and they detected the ball until eight o'clock and declared it dead there.
5 lsu vs 8 florida state highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
I don't know, it's very clear that he hit him in the leg. The replay has watched. that and determined that the ball could not be touched he will be placed on the one yard line, he had a great opportunity to intercept it and it escapes and Daniels right in the middle of the field, the butcher misses, he is finally drafted at the 11. The goalkeeper Daniels fights near the goal line, doesn't get there, but is first and Kane scores again, this time he darts into the end zone and LSU takes the lead making use of that great field position 50 yards in four quick plays unless you back off. now the late edge pressure picks up and they're down the middle at that point the big guy makes the catch and Wilson drags people into LSU territory unless you're rushing just three playing coverage Travis has plenty of time and offers a throw up the middle for Winston Wright Jr to sneak past Travis fighting second third effort gets first of 21. hello Carmen's touchdown went up and passed the ball over Major Burns and that's what they're excited about arrive from East Lansing. what LSU is doing here one minute left they have two timeouts they will look at the sideline the neighbors couldn't escape the field kicker their running line is 47. they have to go the ball is loose so I fought for it again in everything, but he only played with a chip on his shoulder, no matter who he faced, he played possessed in a lot of teams, he saw it and that's why he can help us and, yes, another look, like I said, they are going to look and see.
5 lsu vs 8 florida state highlights college football week 1 2023 college football highlights
If it was a forward pass or a fumble maybe and they're going to run the ball, you just give it away and he has some space, he ducked and went deep into Florida State territory, they knocked him out with plenty of time to operate. The neighbors come. on the other side and Moshi Daniels is looking to his left he throws a long and open throw there is Brian Thomas, they lost him Cypress falls back a little at Third and ten Daniels does not want to take a sack here and just throws it, no problem LSU in less than one minute before halftime he takes it 67 yards in 10 quick plays Play The clock is shortened in one of them they make the playoffs Travis has a lot of time now looking to create the movement, also a lot of space, instead he decides to throw, here comes the flag number 22 defense two look back again and run it to the left and that's a couple of successful plays back pass spawn look at his throw, it's actually a problem backing up now trying to create bend over the middle and the catch the performs Wilson wow A lot of things happened there, this is in the slots on the right, it was the third attempt.
Target, they go at him again this time, he doesn't get enough and hits it, it's been tight, he's got the ball still he gets into space. once near Jared Hurst scores a shot for him, that's a goalie, they throw it on the floor. Taylor has it, gets a block from Neighbors at the edge and runs with great determination, took a look in that direction and now throws up the middle in and out. out of the hands of Kyron Lacy Travis against the three-man rush should have time and darts up the middle Coleman nothing important catches a beautiful image to catch who beat Chestnut near midfield a serious threat but they're trying to get them away.
We're going to run the play, it turns around and it's wide open, it's a total sensation with a convoy that makes the cut still slow down at the one, but they're huge, the fourth down conversion puts it on the break to claiming the lead with a good downfield effort and a great block by Johnny Wilson and now playing fast just walking into the end zone is Jordan Travis, so Norwell is confident in his offense, a beautiful designed play and FSU back on top . Daniels on third down, pick up late pressure on Neighbors at long. they throw, they increase the pressure Daniels takes him out Mason Taylor makes the catch that penalty was big you just got your whole team together to start this last quarter what was the message you delivered yes 15 minutes handle but everything we have at stake eh you I know that we have to make sure we are playing smart.
I mean, guys, we just have to make sure we're playing smart and not taking stupid penalties. Let's finish this. Thanks coach. Thank you. Well, I'd love for you to look up. and watching Ronaldo Green do The Pick of Daniels and slide down the sideline sets up the Knowles of the 25. Yeah, the neighbors just fall down here and a good job of stepping up to that replay is going to see how these tribes get further. and a bigger Drive recap brought to you by Camping World and now the transfer of Benson, who gets loose early to get some traction with the running game.
Travis taking off has blockers and Jordan Travis jumps a series of boundaries inside the 30. Travis on the move scans the field again and shoots up the middle and that's Johnny Wilson Travis from the pocket long loop and they're mad again Kion Coleman has a hat trick in his first game at Florida State the former Spartan joined why he was so coveted from the portal serious weapon in the red zone and a very good ball here by Travis recognizing the game Coleman 6-4 can fly in the air being a basketball player sounds great Campbell Stadium right now dragged down is Bradford Gilbert Edmond one of those reserves, one of the guys up front, second and 15.
Daniels blushed and will be dragged down at the 11 going back. Joshua Farmer made the play, but he went crazy here now again, the two-back combo that has been so effective in getting the running game going here in the second half and working his way through his basket and just driving a 12 gain yards in LSU territory on chemistry, that's a good point. Holly, here's Travis on the move and Florida State may have stuck the dagger in. LSU said he had been a blocker, he had been a decoy, but he is very capable of that type of play from the beginning last year and a continuation now this year.
Daniel is desperately trying to create a big play to make a dent. On this track, the neighbors make the catch and throw him out at 37. He was the right guy, he just kept making changes to the point where they are where they are now. Daniel's Escape slides into the sand for a first try and it will come out. out of bounds fourth down and four Daniels throws the ball up the middle the catch didn't make the first down Lacy was stopped by Tatum Bethune and the Knowles get another turnover on downs and that should be enough, but with a three-point lead in halftime got completely out of control FSU is more physical, just one hit, bullying LSU here in the second half, we haven't said Colorado on TV and in a good way, now Travis, weaving he's still running hard, Lower your shoulder within five, volunteer here to change position and them.
They're out there hitting the end zone and adding more, that's Jaheem Baller scores as a running back after the touchdown catch from earlier. Hey, how about how he got into the end zone right on top of Zai Alexander in the corner who accidentally got in the way? I'm going to be quiet so you can listen to the audio because that's part of it, they have full voice here, there's a long throw and catches made by Brian Thomas that breaks away and LSU is going to break the 31-0 scoring streak with their first points after halftime a 75 yard play you can still have a great year this is just a disappointing setback they have two kickers there for the onside kick they don't execute it very well as Zarya Thomas fields it very easily there

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