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5 Kickstarters You Won't Believe Exist

May 29, 2021
Today we get smarter. Let's talk about it. ♪ (introductory music) ♪ Good mythical morning. Now, crowdfunding has brought the world many amazing things, like the Pebble smartwatch, the Oculus Rift, and a $55,000 potato salad. - That? - But not all ideas can be amazing, some Kickstarters and some crowdfunding campaigns are actually quite questionable. And we'll find out just how good Link is at spotting a fake, as we play: - ♪ (synth music) ♪ - (Rhett) Nothing's harder (Rhett) than spotting the fake Kickstarter. ♪Nothing could be harder than faking a--♪ ♪Than spotting a fake kick--♪ - We could have-- - You don't have to make it a jingle.
5 kickstarters you won t believe exist
You know, I feel like we've been overreaching. - Yes. We've been singing too much. - That's why I didn't. - And now you're doing it. - You can over-jingle. We have done it. Link, I am going to introduce you to a Kickstarter, it can be real or fake. Are you going to tell me if it's real or fake. If you match five of these, you get a special prize, and it's actually the Kickstarter prototype that Mike and Alex are working on. Are they all funded? Or were they just Kickstarter campaigns funded or not? Some are funded.
5 kickstarters you won t believe exist

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5 kickstarters you won t believe exist...

Some are not. It's alright, um. Well, that will make this more difficult. But I'm willing to do it. Let's start with this one. Inspirational posters shouldn't just be for humans. Sometimes your cat needs to stay calm and carry on too. For $1,500, this Kickstarter will produce cat-sized posters that will lift the spirits of your feline friends. Man a cat in a human inspirational poster is always a good idea. Even if you don't like cats. - (Laughter) - You'd better watch. - (crew laughs) - Better watch out. I'll bite him right away. It is funny. When you opened your mouth, I felt coldness coming out.
5 kickstarters you won t believe exist
Are you chewing gum? I did it before. Like, I literally felt a minty cool, on the tip of my finger. Well that's normal. My tongue emits that all the time. I don't know. Man, from the start, did you make one up? TRUE. - (bell sound) - You're right, Link. - Yeah. - Great start. It's called, - Cat Inspurration Posters. - God, that's a great title. Only two days left, if you want to donate to this one. Messages include, "Dream your dream." phew! "Legs and be thankful". Paws. I have an idea. How about, "Be more like dogs"? - I told you. - (laughs) You're really leaning into this cat-hating thing.
5 kickstarters you won t believe exist
Yes, cat lovers, I bow. (Crew laughs) Showers already feel great, but what if they tasted great too? For just $6500, this Kickstarter will produce flavored shower filters that will make your water taste like you're bathing in chocolate, bacon, or a multitude of flavors. This is so-- What a great idea. - (laughs) - If you made it up, I'd be annoyed if you post it in the context of this game, instead of consulting me, - and develop a business plan. - Do you think I would do something like that? - I think you made it up, but I... - I keep all good ideas to myself. - For my business Rhett Inc. - I'm angry.
We should have done this, man. We can still do this, because this is false. - Wow, Link, you're smart today. - (bell sound) - (crew laughs) - But that... Hey! - What kind of breakfast did you have? - (everyone laughs) Come on, man. Two for two, brother. (Laughter) I love cats and I look forward to your vote, two years from now. - He is very intelligent. This one is fake, but if it were real it would explain why Eddie always smells like hot dogs. - (laughs) - Eddie got that hot dog shower. - I originally had-- - He's back there doing this.
I originally had my cousin, Craig, for it, but at the last minute I switched to Eddie. - Because you looked at it. I just-- I heard him, and I was, like, I have to send something-in his direction. - Good idea. No more than once a week. A visible panty line is a real problem, and thongs are a temporary fix at best. Banish V.P.L. forever, and embrace the Invisible Pantyline. For $10,000, this Kickstarter will build and sell invisible panties. That is one of my favorite words. I'd like to see those. (makes a clicking sound) Do you understand? (Crew laughs) (Laughter) I wonder what an invisible panty is?
I have to see it. That was good, I like-- That was good. I am so baffled by this. It looks so weird, it has to be fake. - (screams) Mistake! - (buzzer sound) - It's real. - That? And it really, really didn't get funded, it raised $130 of the $10,000 goal. The motto is... Check them out, Link. That's what they look like. (Rhett) The motto is: "Absolutely invisible panties. (Rhett) "Wear them every day. Be sexy and free. (Rhett) "Even when you have special women's days." It just looks like a series of strategically placed Band-Aids. Well, what I said is that I think the tagline should be: "For those who want to tape a napkin to their crotch, but can't." (everyone laughs) But you can. - That's why this was not funded. - Yes of course. - I do that all the time, okay? - (crew laughs) - Who doesn't? - Alright.
Are you tired of online dating? Does it seem that no one matches your interests? Look no further than Cage Match. For twenty thousand pounds, that's currency across the pond, in the UK. This site will find you a soul mate, based on your opinion of Nicholas Cage movies. - Well, since we've-- - Pair people up based on what you think about the Cage movies. - As we've established in a previous episode, there are all sorts of cloying dating sites out there for your membership. (sneering) Gooey. That is why I am going to say that this is totally true. - Wow, Link, you're back! - (ringing sound) It's very real, but unfortunately - it wasn't funded. - Oh!
Despite the fact that the creator said that if you gave him a thousand pounds or more, he would come to your house and bring his copy of 'Con Air' on DVD. - That was literally part of it. - (Laughs) I wish I would have known this, I would have made it happen. Wow! Not precisely. It's a decent movie. Actually? 'Air-conditioning'? Decent. He had a good run, that Cage man did it. - Long hair. - (crew laughs) Then he was left behind. - Does your ferret have cold feet? - Don't have a ferret. Look no further than these hand knitted ferret gloves.
For $4,000, this Kickstarter will produce the perfect cold-weather insulated gloves to make walking your ferret that much more enjoyable. - I've seen ferrets in the snow before. - (crew laughs) Yeah. And they always look happy. (Makes flapping noises) False. You don't think they need gloves, huh? They (makes flapping noise) through the snow, man. They are so happy about it. - Damn it, Link, you're right, again. - (ringing sound) - Yeah. - You're on a roll. Don't fuck it up! Well, I want you to win, didn't I make that clear? - I want you to win. - Figure it out.
This one is bogus, but if it were real, there would be a strong chance that it would get funded, because ferret owners have already shown that they are capable of making at least one questionable decision. - (laughs) Get a ferret. - (Laughter) Google ferrets in the snow. You are welcome. Relationships are difficult. You just have to get one more and you have three chances. Relationships are hard, especially when you find your girlfriend in the shower with your brother. For just $9,000, you can help Steve Nowicki overcome his anger issues by purchasing a sign downtown that reads, "(beeps) you, Deborah." - (laughs) What town? - (crew laughs) This could be real, but it's real.
Oh, you should have followed your gut, because it's false, Link. - (ringing sound) - Oh, man. His name was actually Beborah. - No, that's not-- - (Laughter) You can't-- - No, we don't-- - Okay, good. - We don't play that game here. - Well well. It was completely false. Beborah, though, that's it... If she had a daughter, that would have been her name. - Google Beborah in the snow. - (Rhett and team laugh) Alright, I can still win this. I have two chances. To nap or not to nap, that is the question for the cast of this Pug production of Hamlet.
Yes, you heard right. For five thousand dollars, Shakespeare's most plaintive tragedy will be transformed into a great pug performance. Notice I said pug in the middle of the presentation. You do not like cats; I don't like pugs. - Like... - They're having trouble breathing, right? Yes, they (grunts) Yes, because of the upbringing. Breeding leads to bad breath. They shouldn't have done that, and they shouldn't keep doing it with the dogs. Yes, it shouldn't. Well, it's too late now. They would have to kill them all. I do not want to do that. Just let them exhale. I hope this is fake, man.
And if it's true, I hope it's not funded. But I'm going with false. - It's actually real, Link. - (buzzer sounds) - (screams) I'm falling apart. -It started as a joke, the creator, Kevin Broccoli, had to do it once he got funded, and now he's planning a Rob Lowe production of Les Misérables called Les Misé-Rob Lowe. (both laugh) Is that Spanish? My God, Link. Hey, one last chance to prove me right. - Gain. - It all comes down to this. - (makes dramatic music sounds) - Why save your bacon grease for cooking when you could turn it into an island?
For $27,000, that dream can be a reality. This Kickstarter will build the world's first fat island. There's bacon grease on the top of my oven right now. If he kept it up long enough, he could build an island and not give this guy a dime. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of, I'm going with (screams) right. Make my dreams come true, Rhett. Are you sure? Yes. - You're right, Link! - (ringing sound) - (laughter) - You win. Congratulations. It's-- This is real. It's called Fatberg, and it's a fat island off the coast of Amsterdam.
Don't ask me why it's happening, and I don't think it's going to happen. But they wanted it to happen. But what's happening, - is you actually win, - ♪(fanfare music)♪ - Fanny pop. - (everyone laughs) This is an amazing invention that Mike and Alex are working on, and they're hoping to get funding. - Thank you. It's a fanny pack that's also popcorn. (Alex) It's just a prototype. - Is it electric? - (Álex) Yes. Alex just clarified, this is just a prototype. - (everyone laughs) - Thanks for letting us know. Alright, we'll try this on Good Mythical More.
Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. Do you know what time it is. Hi, I'm Ron. - And I'm Kelly (both) And we're from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania AND we just got engaged. (both) It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythic. It's Cyber ​​Monday, and that means today there's a discount on all our products and also a special bundle of our Mythical personal care products. - Yes. All at, and the links are in the description. Do it today, then click on Good Mythical More. Let's play the Oculus Rift bomb disposal game. Gift. That means our special mythical beast, - ♪(upbeat music)♪ (Rhett) Vintagebrittany on Twitter wins. (Link) A mythical cup.
Congratulations vision-brinny. Are you going to give up your mug?

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