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5 Cultural Shocks in FINLAND AS KOREAN

Jun 01, 2021
Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. I am currently confident that they learned. I am very happy that I am finally here and I will stay here for a little over a month. I have been here for an exchange student 2 years ago and I was here for 8 months including my internship, but when I first arrived here I felt that it was familiar but still unknown at the same time. It's a really strange feeling when I got here. It reminded me of what I felt when I first came here and all the feelings I had like culture shock, so in this video I'm going to talk about five culture


I've been through in Zeeland. culture through american tv shows or movies so i thought all westerners were like americans who describe tv shows or movies naturally like really outgoing personality and smile at strangers and talk to door of the house and had no clue about Terminate I expected to terminate people as Americans so naturally I'm so sorry if I was being racist but they were totally different they don't talk to strangers and annoy Mollison but they think personal space he really cares and respects too many people. let's say it's called but i didn't really feel it was cold because in korea we also don't talk to strangers or smile at them and if you smile at them you would think you're a weird person or something and then it's going to be very uncomfortable so i thought i totally felt comfortable with this.
5 cultural shocks in finland as korean
What is even more shocking is that at the first meeting they were very, very, very shy and quiet people. or good English, but they don't really have confidence in it. I don't know why, but in Korea many people feel shy with their English and sometimes we also have to act modest and calm so that it can show as shy, but when you make friends with Finns and approach them, they are very very warm and nice people and be very good friends with you and personally it was easier for me to approach or be friends with Finns than Americans because I felt it was more like being friends with Finns than Koreans to be friends with


s you have to hang out several times talk more and gradually get closer and become a friend but in america it was quite hard for me to know if we became friends or not because people were friendly to everyone and people were nice to everyone or because I was in the United States only four months so it was a very short time to be friends with them or fully understand their culture one thing I really like about f inlanders they were there whoa.good honesty they are literally honest they dont pretend they didnt say things when they dont mean it i heard this from my friend finished that this finnish society is built on trust for people to treat each other her with trust and not they lie and are honest with each other but once you get close to your trust it really has to come back to this partnership however i felt they were a bit extreme because they were quiet but a lot of them like loud music , like heavy metal, they look very shy, but they don't hesitate to express their personality through their tattoos, hair colors or piercings, you name it.
5 cultural shocks in finland as korean

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5 cultural shocks in finland as korean...

I saw a lot of people with red or pink hair and lots of piercings or tattoos that I really like because it means you can be yourself you are respected for the way you are and I personally feel uncomfortable if other people care too much about me and when they see me for the first time they consider me an ending which is actually very respectful, that means they don't assume me as a foreigner at first glance, but once they know you are a foreigner and don't speak finnish they just switch it straight to english. Too long, isn't it, but I promise you the last four won't be that long, so stay tuned, they can't samba.
5 cultural shocks in finland as korean
First of all, I didn't know she was from Finland and even Sona, the word is Finnish, knew that. You know that almost every place is here, even in this apartment there is a sauna. Yeah I can show you they also have outdoor public sounds and I'm thinking of making uh how to enjoy the sauna float properly later let's look at the third alcohol limitation. I couldn't believe this the first time you can't buy alcohol after 9pm. at 9:00 a.m. every day you can have them in a pub or a bar they are super expensive when i was an exchange student i always forgot about this even though i drink at least so every 8:55 i realize i got some bison beers and i ran to a store and put some cheaper beers, however when my boyfriend came to Korea which has no alcohol limit at all i realized how much they like alcohol and why do they have that law because every day every dinner , had at least one bottle of soldier.
5 cultural shocks in finland as korean
Of course, I can't judge everyone with this person, but still I was so surprised. I thought Koreans were the best in this world. That was my mistake. I told you Finns don't talk to strangers, but when they're drunk. they become very very nice and talk to you very very organized to deal with the snow of course every morning they have this machine that blows all the snow off the roads if it has been snowing. I used to wake up several times very early in the morning. morning because of th is a machine the loud sound and when you are going to fill up and you will see a lot of snowy mountains besides the road and they put these little rocks on the road so that the roads do not become slippery it is really interesting when I first saw this because I thought that it was really an organized system five hanging out at someone's place is normal maybe this is not really a finished culture but maybe more western culture I guess hanging out at a friend's house is also normal in Korea but when it's about different genders we get suspicious like what are they doing in the same room as well as some people are very conservative about this it can also happen in korea and i go out with my friends in my place but we don't really say it out loud and we have plenty of places to hang out outside to make a bong track bong or playstation bong whatever its all out there and plenty of places to drink in too Finland there's not much to do outside and it's also expensive but they inside invite people to their own house and have dinner together or just hang out here or have a party or whatever ok let's wrap it up and thanks for watching this video and if you have enjoyed this video please give me a big thumbs up if I had any misunderstandings you can always comment below and I will see you in the next video.

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