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5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera?Sergio Fern醤dez

Feb 27, 2020
Welcome to this conference on abundance. We have 90 minutes. Notice how little time we have. 90 minutes to leave here convinced of an idea and this idea is that we are and that we deserve abundance. Do you want this menu for the next few minutes? Great, well, let's start the first one. everyone's idea is the following is this idea that you can live in the world from one of these two places you can live either from victimhood or from responsibility each of the two positions in which we can live has its advantages Being a victim has its advantages and being a responsible person has its advantages.
5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera sergio fern ndez
There is a Sufi tale that I like very much and knowing it. explains that there was a tigress who went hunting and went to a flock of sheep and when she was there trying to catch a sheep she was about to hunt she was with her calf and the calf fell off. to the ground then the tigress took one of the sheep and took it away and the little tiger sits there, well, she stayed there among the sheep. You all know that the bees do this, that mammals do it, not that sometimes they take care of animals of other species and see that they are Well, in danger of starvation or that they are going to die, well, this little tigress was raised with the flock of sheep and what happened was that they began to teach her little things and that they taught her that she had to go there to the meadow to eat grass calmly and although this tigress had this little feeling that going to eat near the meadow was not her thing that she would have liked on some occasion to go out roaring through the jungle go hunting live a faster life well well She was already there in the meadow and she took her grass and they taught her to speak and she said she wanted to roar but the sheep told her what sound she had to make to see what sound she was telling her there is a fish tank and no no no and the others all In the end, this tigress was growing, she was getting older and she only made a sound, what a sound she made, she made a sound like that, well, the years went by and one day a tiger went to hunt this flock of sheep, this tigress was already older and suddenly he got there he says but well if I was going to hunt you you were one you were a sheep and suddenly the macador tells you that you are a tigress what are you doing here in this herd he says come I am going to show you what your true life is so he took This tigress took her with the group of tigers and told her, look, the first thing we have to do is listen to the true sound of your voice, so she told her, look how tigers do, how tigers do, let's see how we make a tiger's face, so it's okay make a tiger face over there some of them have made faces so he says hey put a real tiger face and of course she was very shy because she spent her whole life hearing that she was a sheep and then she does like the tiger there with a lot of patience and yes no no no or it can't be, you have to make it fly, no, no, no, and then there comes a time when this little tigress trusts the tiger, trusts the rest of those who are of the same species and finally manages to make that sound of her own.
5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera sergio fern ndez

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5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera sergio fern ndez...

Sufis say that the tigers say that the day that human beings make that sound typical of tigers is the day that we discover what we truly are and that meanwhile this is the drama we live thinking that we are something that we are not because because we We have raised all our lives surrounded by people who with all their love and affection have told us that we were something that we were not or this story sounds because you live in the jungle, no, well, today's conference is about how to get that true sound, no you have to be a tiger it can be a horse it can be a sheep it can be a wolf it can be an ant it can be whatever you want and it's perfect as long as it's your true nature but the point is that zac is the one true sound of your voice the advantage that being a sheep has and the advantage that you have of not being what you are is that you are continually expelling responsibility outside and I want to ask you a small favor before continuing that I am going to you as well as with faces from where I have come to ask you to get up for a moment, just for a moment, please, can anyone take the opportunity to stretch if they want, it is time to do the scene and we are here giving it our all, well, thank you very much because you have stood up, by the way, because what has been said is worth very well.
5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera sergio fern ndez
Thanks, you can come in now or if you want, well, that's how we spend our whole lives. Someone tells you to get up and what does this program say and why did you get up and you didn't? Because they told me, the phone rings and you pick it up because you picked up the phone and not because it was ringing this is not ringing you are late because you are late not because of the traffic that is the position of the victim and the position of the victim is a comfortable position the advantage of v victim is that he is innocent and the advantage of innocence is that you don't have to answer you don't have the responsibility as we know it's the ability to answer you don't have to answer for anything because it says because you were late not because I fell asleep like a groundhog this Tomorrow, how many times have you heard that?
5 claves para vivir con abundancia y tener libertad financiera sergio fern ndez
Actually, what we are saying is because of the traffic because the car did not start. Some other excuse of these that we hear in the morning, right, because I was in a meeting and it took me a while. Does this sound familiar to you because I don't know why? that we want because it has rained that is very beautiful also true because it has arrived late because it has rained how curious that is, until you have control over the clouds you will continue to be late you see the then that is the position of the victim as they speak in the passive The website has broken down, a client has left, this sounds familiar to us, I have been fired, that is, he always speaks in the third person, it is a super comfortable position, if someone is there, he lives comfortably If he stays his whole life, this position only has a small defect and that is that you are not responsible for your life and therefore, since you are not responsible for your life, you cannot make things change and until people stop going out in car in the morning you will still be late we see this in small children it is clearly seen you see two children fighting if you say why are you hitting manolito not because juanito has hit me you ask bonito he says no because manolito has hit me so The conclusion is that it is not that he wants to hit the other, it is that he actually hits because there is a response stimulus and that is how we spend our lives.
My intention here today for the next few minutes is that we be responsible and that we take responsibility for our own life if you are not able to boldly feel the only word you are not able to boldly assent when I tell you you are responsible for each and every one of the things that happen in your life we 鈥嬧媎o not have It is a problem, that is to say, the majority of the population will not agree with this, they will continue to think that Mariano or Jos茅 Luis or whoever is to blame, they will continue to think that their boss is responsible, they will continue to think that it belongs to the family in which they grew up. from the neighborhood where he lives from the fact that the city where he lives is very small, very large, I travel a lot in Spain doing conferences and then you go to a place, Sergio says, what you say works, but this is a very small town and at first I believed it and you all know so here interesting a small town but a very good big city they told me this is very interesting and the word that comes next is but but we know that it is a word it is an atomic bomb of everything that comes before that is if you put a but everything The previous meaning that it has destroyed says, but this city is very big, so in the end, over the years, I ended up realizing that it was always a story of, but I am very old or that I have also heard it, I am very young.
It doesn't matter, there is always something, that is, the responsibility is always outside. Our society will not change until we change our lives and we will not change our lives until we are able to assent after hearing the affirmation of what happens in my life, it is the responsibility of what I do this, we understand it, well, if we are going to talk about abundance and I want to talk about four or five ideas of abundance and then we are going to talk about the laws that govern abundance, nothing changes, there is one thing that has deeply caught my attention since I was born. child since adolescents without a doubt and it is that someone could want to live a life but could not do it calls our attention deeply this is to say how could it be that in this nature that is extremely perfect extremely beautiful and extremely well thought out given that your body has been working all night and you have not had to do anything at all, that is to say, we live in a machinery of re Absolutely perfect jewelery you say in a universe as perfect as it could be that I wanted to live a life that I wanted to enjoy a lifestyle and couldn't do it is something that has always deeply caught my attention so years ago I started a study on how it works This universe based on the principle that there are rules, there are laws that govern it and that if things don't go well, the same thing happens as if we played a sport and respected the rules.
Can you imagine that you arrive at a football game with the friends and you get there touch the ball with your hand with the rules of basketball no then they kick you out and stop dancing match roll so it's the fault of it's that they won't let me play it's not that they don't let you play it's that you're playing with the wrong rules, so what we are going to talk about today is some of the rules that govern the great game of life and the way to apply them in our daily life, the menu seems interesting to us, well, we start the The first idea is that we live in a dual world, as this dual world is, we live in a world in which there is love or fear and you have to choose every little decision you make if you are going to make it out of love or if you are going to make it of fear, this is the key to everything.
Look, today, even though right now you may fall asleep or get up and leave, I hope you don't, but if you have understood this idea and you are capable of applying it, I tell you, you are capable. applying it in your day to day this single idea will change your life and the idea is every little decision you can make from love or from fear to say from love is to decide approaching what you want to decide from fear is to decide running away of what you do not want the natural consequence of deciding to get closer to what you want is that you are going to move away from what you do not want understands but it is not the same that I move away that I get closer or that I make decisions based on what I want and that the consequence natural of it is that eventually I move away from what I don't want I make decisions based on what I don't want where you think we make based on the fact that we make most of the decisions in our lives even today and with the level of conscience that humanity has unfortunately and it is from love or from fear from where we decide from fear we are conditioned to decide from fear so you say why you continue in that job because otherwise I will go hungry you continue in that job for a matter of purpose of contribute meaning to your life and to others you continue in that job because you are making a better world because you joyfully and madly enjoy what you do, that is to say to get closer to something or you are doing it to get away from something that you cannot pay the rent or the mortgage we see the difference every time we decide from fear we destroy our life I repeat it every time we decide from fear we destroy our life if you decide obviously once good depending on which decision but it is possible that it does not destroy it if you are constantly deciding from fear it destroys your life and that of the people around you because you are constantly focusing on what you do not want and as today we know that what you we focus it expands this we have already experienced yes or no if you have debt and you think about debt what will happen next year that you will have more debt if we know today we know what we focus on it expands so that every time you make a decision based on what you do not want, you are logically getting closer to what you do not want, so today we know that the way that human beings have to live in abundance is to be able to enjoy the lifestyle What you want is to make each and every one of the decisions of our life from the conscience and when you make decisions from the conscience, you will have no choice but to make decisions from where from from love because you are not going to go on autopilot notice that in life and we continue with this dual world you can live from autopilot given that you see in a boat you put a route and the boat we pulled that is if you start it in cadiz until it crashes on a coast in havana or cuba continue or you can and you navigate the ship to steer it captain the ship well our life happens exactly the same you can live on autopilot that is to say be making decisions without be aware or you can make decisions from awareness but in any case you are going to have to decide so this is one of the first ideas and it is either we decide out of love or we decide out of fear but it is also that the most amazing thing about all this is that and I believe that we have all experienced this, what I definitely experienced is that when we decide from love we already live in abundance that day, with which you are not waiting for 15 years to pass to live with abundance. ia this idea is understood if I come here today and say what I think I have to say and I behave in the way I think I have to behave and I am consistent with my thoughts and my feelings today I live in abundance and noI need a sweet in 15 years because the sweet is today is now is this moment this idea is understood the problem is that we continue thinking we continue living if we were to see time you have always realized this we continue living as if we were to see time forever and I followed what he talks about with a person and he told me well in 14 years I get 14 years early retirement but if I were a male sentence that is 14 but we are talking about years how are we doing' 14 minutes already seems like an outrage imagine 14 years that is We keep thinking as if there was no time and then we keep deciding from fear because we don't want to face what we really have to do, which is make decisions based on love, but there are three poisons that poison us human beings and ruin our lives, one of they are fear, fear is fought with love, the other is the fault, we feel guilty for doing, for not doing every time we are in fear, every time we are we are in guilt or every time we are in envy we are definitely separating ourselves from what life is envy how to cure or how to fight or how we leave in the light of envy from admiration if every time you envy something or someone you put yourself on the side of admiration your energy is in tune with that and you start living from love and above all the most important thing you start living from peace so if at some point you still feel envy instead of feeling envy you can decide how I know what the word is like you can decide you can decide to admire that person you say that it doesn't come out for me he says things as if it came out today the idea doesn't come out to me well pretend what the English say fake it until you make it se fake it until it comes out naturally so if you don't get admiration admire say it out loud even if it doesn't come out beige the idea is that I don't get to admire it because they stopped how much I admire this one he will be surprised he will say oops it looks like I'm possessed I I say things that I had never said until now guilt with acceptance and fear with it with good love powerful idea number 1 of abundance powerful idea number 1 we start the powerful idea number 1 it is only abundance in this world please understand this because we have a huge confusion regarding this matter in the world in which we live we think that there is a thing called abundance and we think that it exists, of course it is scarcity and in reality it exists in the same way that darkness exists but in reality darkness has no entity darkness only the lack of light is only the lack of light in the same way that scarcity is only the lack of but there is more after observing the planet carefully you can reach the conclusion to the that I have arrived and it is that in this world there is only abundance and there is abundance of abundance or abundance of scarcity but this again you already know from experience because the day that and your car breaks down your dryer breaks down the next day you know what's going to happen that your washing machine is going to break down your fridge you know that something will break down but again you know it from experience, that is, if you, for example, work in a commercial activity you start the day by making a sale at nine in the morning you make a sale at eleven and you say I'm on a roll today no one can take me off the street phone because I know I'm going to close a third sale you know yes or no and when you are doing well you know that you are going to be better the next day and when things are going badly you are going to be worse the next day and each one of us already knows this from experience and this is great news because then what is the only thing what remains for you to tune in to the energy of abundance and notice that it is a decision you can choose to tune in to the energy of abundance or tune in to the energy of scarcity but in any case you will always have abundance or abundance of abundance abundance of scarcity This is understood so that when a person says it's not that I'm doing very badly what we have to explain to them what we have to understand ourselves is you are living in a wonderful moment of abundance the problem is that you are living in an overabundance of scarcity so all i would have to do is all that speed all that energy all that way of tuning in and moving energy that you have around you move it somewhere else so this is the first idea the second fundamental idea about abundance is that the Abundance is freedom Abundance is freedom for each one of us to do what we want the day we want there is a beautiful story that I love and they also say that it is based on true events They say that in ancient Greece eating lentils was like the worst thing What could happen to a human being?
They say that it was like a symbol of low status of good, because of not living up to what a citizen was supposed to be, so they say that Diogenes One day I was on the ground eating a humble dish of lentils and a courtier approached one of these people who riots go to the public powers to the origins of democracy and he approached and said to him, oh, Oj茅n, it's with just how you learned to flatter The president wouldn't have to eat so many lentils a little more, yes, Diogenes looked at him from the ground and said, dear courtier, if you just learned to eat a little more lentils, you wouldn't have to flatter the president so much, and I think the truth is abundance and we will talk about this in next week's conference we will talk about this in the seminar will live with abundance undoubtedly goes through enjoying financial joy in your pockets without a doubt but before that there is a previous step and that is to enjoy freedom and since I don't I believe that abundance is choosing between one and the other, but rather it is enjoying one and the other.
I repeat, true abundance is not enjoying one and the other is enjoying one and the other I don't know about you I was born in the seventies and I bought this idea that one of two you either have or had to dedicate yourself to something that you will like and more or less lead a hippie life doing what you loved or more or less you had to become a kind of aggressive executive who earned money I'm simplifying it a lot but I agree with this idea to say you had to make a choice and ccoo do something I like or I dedicate myself to earn money there was a moment of my life in which I had light and enough to give up that idea but the truth is that without freedom it is useless, that is to say, it is very good to enjoy money, it is very good to enjoy material goods and I I invite you to do so because a life without material goods and without health is truly very difficult for it to be an abundant life, but the truth is that the first step is freedom if you have not gotten up and done what is real freely and sovereignly you have chosen or do you are not leading an abundant life and you can put it how you want to put it then there is another possibility is that you have to have a nutritional job later we will talk there are people with nutritional jobs in the room someone here still nutritional jobs are jobs in which you You go alone because they pay you and that if you won the lottery tomorrow I wouldn't even go to fire your partner says now someone else says I should have raised my hand the only way to get out of a nutritional job that there are ways is to be living constantly from the start thanks and from excellence but if you are there you have a plan b it is fantastic but I think that being in a life without freedom is asking very little of life is like getting into a sports car and putting it at 20 per hour on a highway you see it and I think that most of us drive sports cars at 20 on the shoulder and then we pass a Seat Ibiza 100 and you say wow you say but if you drive a sports car yes I could s go at the speed you want if the problem is that you are like the sheep in the story that you do not really know what you are this does not sound so true abundance is freedom and freedom does not require having to choose between one or the other is the one and the other is what you want that is the complete menu is what you want to ask life we 鈥嬧媍ontinue next idea about abundance abundance has its advantages what abundance has its advantages I am from the class of Romanian or I'm from the Spanish class, do you all speak Spanish and that's good, we agree that abundance has advantages, for God's sake, we understand this, that is, until you know that living in scarcity has advantages, of course, abundance does it has to be that scarcity has advantages until the day you don't understand that not making ends meet is bringing you advantages until the day you understand that not being able to flirt in 23 years brings you advantages until the day you understand nde that having a crappy job with a cheesy boss is giving you advantages until the day you understand that you can't enjoy the life you want because that is giving you an advantage until the moment you understand that you will continue anchored in that position you want explain this all the behaviors of human beings are all functional unless you believe that human beings are some kind of idiot machine that makes random decisions which sometimes makes you want to think about it but in general we will agree that human beings make decisions intelligent so that any behavior in essence is adaptive and is intelligent like everything that happens to us in life is a result everything in life that is a is a result you may not know the causes you may not know all the causes may that there are causes that you don't even remember but everything that you are experiencing in your life including sitting here today is a result so in a world in which everything is a result scarcity is also a is a result then it is a result of having activated certain causes so the question is what advantage is having activated those causes in your life giving you mental you say but How is it going to give me some advantage, some benefit, not making ends meet is giving it to you, you may be attracting attention that it is something that is not the same as love but that is so similar to it that sometimes we end up confuse you may be recriminating your parents for how badly they have treated you and the rudeness that will have wind is you say look I lead a shabby and scarce life but so that you can see how badly you did it does not sound like this does not sound like us here no but well out there, you know that sometimes it happens, right? ho because that one to me that does not go with me to me plin some advantage is giving you so until the moment you do not understand what advantage it is giving you you will not be able to get out of there and you have to isolate that advantage to maintain that benefit to maintain that advantage and be able to take your life to the next level but maintaining that benefit so that wherever there is a moment in your life, an area of 鈥嬧媦our life in which you are not expressing the abundance that you are, there you are taking a benefit from that Without a doubt, without a doubt, we continue well, let's go with the laws of abundance.
The first one is the law of creation. The law of creation is very easy to understand. It says that everything in this universe is created twice. The first one is where In the mind, stated another way, it says like this, everything material has its origin in the immaterial, everything you are seeing on this planet has its origin in the immaterial, everything you see in the material plane, that is to say, it is very curious. because we live in a material universe in which if you get an iron at the foot it gives you a bruise and you say but yes this is a material world but the truth is that everything material originates from the immaterial so that abundance and scarcity originates from the immaterial and what is the immaterial in the first place what you think about every day look there is a very curious story and that is that in 1974 there is a person called sun blogs you can look for this information on the internet and in the In the 70s it was thought that esophageal cancer was incurable even today the scientific community continues to say things like that it is incurable when in reality the only thing they should say is I don't know how to help your body heal but hey there are separate considerations Although we still continue to say this type of barbarity, you see a little where I want to go, we continue, it's like, no, that is incurable, it will be from your point of view, but what I'm going to do was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. ago and they told him hey you are incurable and this person went home made the will or said goodbye to people and what happened that he ended up dead when they did the autopsy they noticed a small mistake that they had not taken into account and it is that he did not have esophageal cancer, that is to say that this person had not died of esophageal cancer but had died of a diagnosis. origin in the immaterial if they tell you that your body suffers is a disease if you completely believe it your body will react as if it had it well this is what we are constantly doing in our life we 鈥嬧媋re generating separate reality from our thought another example in 1954 look for the documentary if you want on the internet I really liked watching it there are several documentaries but there is one in particular that talks about roger bannister up to 1954 it is thought I knew that a human being could not do a mile in less than four minutes, so no athlete for more hours than he will train, no matter how many captchas he was in and no matter how much lettuce he ate, was able to do the mile in less than four minutes and what happened to this oneMr.
Roger Bannister did it in 359 I don't know how much 17 days later another athlete had already passed the test and during the following months a number of athletes broke the four minute record because it had entered their heads that someone could do it to us. we see where I want to go reality is created twice the first one in the mind another very interesting movie about it from the movie bucks i/b/e/s and backs and I don't know if you have seen it is a movie that tells how it is they created las vegas' you know las vegas this is this ode to books i/b/e/s and it's a mobster movie that explains how las vegas was created and talks about the history of pax and what is the name that his companions affectionately gave him baby whiskey yes and it kills good guys in the movie they call baksi books and bg bgs and bs and baksi and they tell how this person invented las vegas and one day walking through the desert in nevada and suddenly he said but hey yes gambling is legal here I de suddenly what can i do It's setting up a city of casinos here, so he convinced his gangster friends to leave him money to set this up.
You've seen the movie, he convinced them to leave them, I left money, the budget got out of hand in the end, they ended up killing because they thought he had stolen when he It has been one of the most profitable investments in the entire history of humanity, but the interesting thing about all this is that this person was able to see first in his mind and then in reality later what would later be a good symbol of the United States, but What is interesting about this is that it happened first in his mind, that is to say that nobody trusted him but he already saw the city of casinos in the middle of it.
You see where I want to go, that is to say, everything is created twice, the first one in the mind. walt disney you know that when i think this amusement park is in the south of the usa i haven't just seen it the finished work died before and when they interviewed his daughter the journalist who he was interviewing him at the opening he asked him he said hey what a shame your father couldn't see this he says how he would have liked to see it probably is this amusement park how he would have liked to see it and what did the daughter answer he said yes you are seeing today is because he saw it before, that is to say, everything is created twice, the first one in our minds, we see how to bring this to our day-to-day life, it seems interesting to you, how we can bring this to our day-to-day life, very easy, idea number 1 besieging your brain if you bombard your brain with information related to what you want to materialize in your life if you want to materialize a certain house sign up look at them those types of houses in the idealist in the second hand in the photo house bombard your brain with this every day if you want a certain car buy all the books on that car go to the dealership and say you're going to buy it even if you don't cheat Sole but get on there look how it smells touch it look how it feels to open the door bombard your brain with information it's like when you want to take a city in a war what they do is they besiege the city really good well what I propose is that you bomb it is your brain with information about that area in which you want to obtain a certain result because because we know that what we think is what we materialize and how we know that everything we see in the physical world has been previously created in the world of the non-in the world of the non-physical if you constantly bombard your brain with information from a certain area sooner or later we don't know if it's before we don't know if it's going to be later but sooner or later you're going to get that result what do you think of this idea, do you think you can commit to saying hey, yes, what I feel like and what is important to me in my life is to materialize abundance in this sense, commit to interacting in this way to constantly surround your brain with information related to that matter and it's something I've been doing since I was very young every time I want a certain result it bombarded my brain with that recently a few months ago I took a test on something that I had to test myself that He decided to examine me without taking exams for a thousand years.
Come on, the only exam that he passed is every day in front of me, in front of life, but it means that a third party judges me and gives me a grade. I don't remember more than ten years for sure. I was about 12 to 14 years old and then I went to the academy where I prepared myself and they gave me a book and I said oh a book with this I don't place my brain so what does it say I went to a bookstore when people want money where does it go to the bank when if you are really smart and want money where do you have to go to a bookstore to a good training actually the solution to almost any problem in the world is in a bookstore with a good training so to me They gave me this book and I said very little to siege my brain so I went to a bookstore I looked at the entire shelf and I took as many books as I could a taco I took 89 books then the chain told me but yes with a test everything the world and I go fishing and I like the inevitable results, that is to say, if I don't approve or I won't approve, but if I read 8 and see all the movies on this subject, I made a selection of movies and then those months and movies and documentaries of that matter of course in two months I had dreams about this topic and all that is because my brain was absolutely bombarded and what happened I went to the team pam pum exam I did it and I went home and what happened that I passed it well actually It wasn't like that, they actually failed me and when I say they failed and when I say they failed it's true but then as I knew I had tried because it had siege my brain I went to this public entity I got there with the bicycle and I told them Hey, I've already tried it.
Well, that's what everyone says but they should listen or not. I've approved, I'm saying that I haven't listened to the book. I haven't read the book they gave me. It's a miracle, I mean, I don't know that someone from the church would have to come here to canonize a miracle. In reality, it can't be this result. that there are inevitable results in the end get them to look at it and indeed they had confused themselves with the exam template what I am trying to say with this is that when you bombard your brain you are absolutely convinced that this result is inevitable change a word that I like a lot because notice that many economists talk about the trend is I don't know that the trend is I don't know how much and I say today if we could develop systems whose results were inevitable to what is better in life this is true then If you sitge your brain with information, it is inevitable and ultimately, even if it is not now, it will end up being so in the future, so the first tool to put the law of creation in our day to day sitjar your brain, what do you think of the following idea? fundamental basic nothing is essential visualize what you have to do visualize visualize every day I am not saying that just visualizing one will get results because you would have to be very naive to be able to affirm that in life then you have to take action and you have to do a series of things that we will also talk about in a while but the truth is that if you do not visualize you will not be able to attract what you want into your life and the main reason why most people do not live the life they want is because they have not sat for an hour in silence to think about what life they want to live we have seen this we understand this so visualize what forces you is first to sit for a while and to say hey I want to visualize is to say that I want to attract into my life but I'm sorry but they are already visualizing by the way because deep down your brain cannot stop still that is to say your brain is constantly telling itself a movie yes or no or sabella tells that they are constantly showing a movie the question of the visualization is from now on I am the director of the film not the protagonist we see it from now on I choose what happens to the protagonist of the visualization I am no longer the protagonist because up to now it is the protagonist you were the protagonist you were the protagonist you see it you do a visualization and someone we don't know very well who reads who chooses what happens but from now on you say I am going to visualize every day what I want to happen to me and I am going to visualize choosing the free and supremely good this tool is spectacular first because it helps your brain to be focused second because you are already having a good time before that happens and you end up zero because it helps you to know what actions you have to take each day to be able to achieve that result because one of the main problems that human beings have is that we are not close enough we have seen this yes or no we are not focused on are the telephone and you take it they tell you hey you come from viapass hey if they can or yes it's like a kind of how we are stimulus response stimulus response yes or no but being the leader of your own life requires having to say no to many things and being focused with very few and to be able to focus with very few, the first thing you need to know is what you want to focus on.
I can tell you from my own experience and from that of the hundreds of clients with whom I have worked in recent years that the visualization tool is very powerful it is spectacular because it helps you to know how you are going to behave in the future when you are living that you want me to explain a little how it is visualized the first thing is that I want in my life the first thing that you have to know is that you want it if you don't want it don't worry nothing happens there will always be someone who will choose it for you delighted so in reality you don't even have a problem you have doubts with this let's see a family meal and hey what should I do with my life and stay silent and just listen and enjoy the moment everyone has an opinion yes or no go to your bank and say it since I have some savings here what should I do with this well the guy is going to The tears will come out of his eyes, he will run there and give you his opinion, that is, if you do not want to choose, no problem, someone will be delighted to choose for you, but if you want to choose and lead your own life, the first thing to do is to do is sit down and decide where I want to go and the next thing that I invite you to do is that every night before you go to sleep a couple of minutes 3, 5 or 10 whatever you want a few minutes to dedicate to visualizing what you want manifests in your life and I explain it from where you have to do it you can do it from one of these two places you can do it we already know from him or from him do it from fear is I visualize what I want I visualize that trip I want to do yes and visualize it from but I don't know if finding the money, well, I see it as complicated, I'm going to do it because the one with the glasses told me, but that's visualizing from fear, visualizing that of love is I'm absolutely certain that this trip is going to happen.
I don't know if it's going to happen. tomorrow or in 24 years but I don't care because patience I know it's not impatience I know it's not a good strategy in life and because I also know infinite patience offers immediate results and it's not a pun it's real That is to say, you are going to visualize from love and from the certainty that this is going to happen and you are going to enjoy it every night and hey, Sergio, I have been here visualizing for three months and nothing good has happened, so you hold on, you have to be prepared. for visualizing 30 years and it is necessary, hey, but 30 years seems long to me, well, give yourself a shot and die, I don't know, but I really mean the only thing I'm saying is that you focus on what you want and when you finish visualizing the necessary time your brain will start to work and will start to make the right decisions so that if you really want it you can make that trip pay attention I distinguish between two types of desires the desires of the soul the desires that are real desires that are intricate with your essence and with your mission and with your own what you have come here to do and then there are the desires of the ego that are the desires to buy a big car so that my neighbor can screw around and see it in the garage The best thing for me is to say that we can choose between desires of the soul that are desires that truly vibrate and resonate with your being with what you have come to do in this world or you can choose desires of the ego that are desires as well as d Well, since it is the first thing that has occurred to me and when in reality you are not wishing for those desires of the soul, truly in very few very few I would tell you that come on, the fingers of one hand are too many, so if you really have many desires that It is already giving you unequivocal proof that most of them are not real desires of your life, so my proposal is to visualize with those that really are desires of the soul that are really your desires, really desires for your life purpose on this very planet. few I insist on very few and when you live from there you will live happily and when you live from there they will make the right decisions to make those wishes come true in the plane of the world in the plane of the physical but notice that when you are already visualizing what you are doing It is giving it real entities in the world of the non-physical, that is to say that in a certain way it is already real, the only thing we need is time for that to materialize, but look, I will also tell you something else.
This world is so well set up that when you really visualize something you cannot materialize it immediately because this universe would be in chaos. Imagine that you are walking down the street and say oh whatsuch a pretty girl and you keep walking and then you get home you open the door and you wash yourself with a mischievous look on the sofa is that this universe would be chaotic you don't walk by the one that says oh what a beautiful car and you get home and there is a man there With a tie, he says his car keys, the insurance is two thousand five hundred euros, that is, it is actually an advantage and it is not a joke, it is an advantage that you cannot instantly materialize what you want in your life because you have to allow yourself Time for you and life so that you can adjust to this new reality and life only demands one thing from you, uncle tells you, visualize long enough to show me that what you are visualizing is what you really want and want.
We understand this idea. Look at what that is. what we thought to look at the day I remember until the day I understood this idea where I was and what I was doing and all because it was a shock in my life the idea is we materialize in our life what in l or what we think about the most, whether we want it or not, I repeat it for some clueless person and we materialize in our lives what we think about the most, whether we want it or not, then what the hell do you do all day thinking about things that You don't want to materialize on the physical plane, yes or no, because our brain is like a little jumping monkey that goes from branch to branch and it's hard to catch it, but really, if you want to lead your life, you have to start by leading your thoughts.
Self-control begins in thought if you do not have self-control of thought you do not have self-control of speech if you do not have self-control of thought you do not have self-control of actions and if you do not have self-control of thought of actions and words you do not have control over the results therefore you are living a life that is very similar to what your life could and should be but that definitely is not it is understood next station practical key p In order to integrate the law of creation into our life, please, please, informative diet, notice that when summer approaches, many people say, well, how does summer come?
I'm going to take a few calories out of my diet and so I get prettier, well, great, why not go on an informative diet, that is, with less information, if we know today, and from today you can take it with you for the rest of your life to you are always going to memorize this if you already know that all thoughts are a forecast of the future that each thought has the intention of becoming reality on the physical plane what the hell are you doing listening to foolish people who say nonsense what the hell are you doing listening to information about catastrophes about tragedies about people who steal rape cheat or embezzle why the hell do you expose yourself to information that does absolutely nothing to your life except ma lhumor anger and resentment because you are still determined to think that a citizen someone explain it to me if someone is capable of explaining it to me I retract what I say but if someone is capable of explaining to me the correlation between listening to a newscast and being a citizen informed if someone is capable of establishing this relationship that they explain it to me I will listen but because we continue in the same way you will see in the same way that today we study the inquisition and we hallucinate and say that they burned witches that of course we do not understand it in the future remember this, our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, it does not depend on how well we do, possibly even our children studied astonished as the human beings from the end of 20 or beginning of 21 came home and voluntarily exposed themselves to negative information and I sometimes get I visualize and I say to my grandson I will say yes, yes, that is, they forced us that they did it voluntarily, they really did it voluntarily and hallucinate nar a bone will not understand I don't know sometimes I also have the feeling that I would take him to the museum of natural history and I will say look here at the diplodocus here the tyrannosaurus rex here the stable employment contract for life and he will look at me like this he will tell me what It is that we will have to explain it to the world I don't know if everything goes as we hope it will change a lot in the next few years but definitely expose yourself to information that is and when you get home or tomorrow morning before turning on the radio a newspaper remember me okay and remember of me looking at you like that, ah, you understand now, because after years of listening to news in the media, your life has not improved even one millimeter.
You are able to understand it now, because the objective of this information is not for you to be freer, wiser, more aware. healthier or richer the only objective of this information is to keep you attentive in front of the screen in front of the newspaper so that later you can sell your bundle, that is, because you are a bundle For the media, you have become a person who buys advertising. The problem is not that because that is good and it works. The problem is that to keep you attentive they need to put negative information because negative information attracts more attention than positive information.
This is understandable. If I tell you good news, a vaccine has been discovered, a man has saved a dog. In the positive, we do not all agree, there is someone who will find one thing more positive than another, but in the negative, if there is an agreement, this idea is understood. in the negative and agreement and since there is agreement everyone remains attentive and then they sell you to an advertiser. This idea is understood, that is to say that the important thing is that you understand why exposing yourself to negative information is not contributing anything to you and being a A true revolutionary today I don't know if you are interested in changing society a bit, I am, and being a revolutionary today means having control of your thinking.
Now it happens to have control of your health, it happens to have control of your education and it happens to have control of the information to which you expose yourself and there is nothing more revolutionary today than someone telling you, you know what has happened with and what You say no, wey, and I'm not interested because I'm worried about building a better life for myself, for my family, for my people, for my environment, for my company, this is the most revolutionary thing that exists, and if you think that you keep learning about the latest case of embezzlement from an entity of rascals called a political party makes you a better citizen you are making a mistake you are ruining your life that is my point of view I do not come here to be your friend I come here to say the things I think with the intention of transforming our lives so if you are an information junkie like I have been at some point in my life put on firewalls and I am an expensive union of information that is, I have known junkies whose pulse trembled less before the drug Ga that before turning on the TV, well, set a schedule of I'm going to watch it 10 minutes a day or 2 hours on Saturdays or three quarters of an hour on Wednesdays and Fridays you see where I want to go, put on 10 okay, well if that's the case Well, I'll give it to you, but I'll tell you one thing as soon as you start to come into contact with good books with good information with information that will improve your financial situation, your health and your relationships when you have a book in front of you or a conference like this or a good conversation with friends who can improve your life and you have a sad guy with a tie telling you that there has been another sad guy with a tie who has really stolen I already know what you are going to lean towards sooner or later yes or no it is like that so yes we want To revolutionize the world we have to start by revolutionizing our minds and that is done starting by having control over what we think.
I do not allow another to decide what I think to the best of my ability and it is to the extent of our possibilities to do it today the tone has come out as a revolutionary you have seen the following as good the law law of vibration the law of vibration what it says is very interesting to watch a movie called and you who know how the movie is called and what do you know look at this movie please please in an ideal world this movie will be taught at school when you get home and you rent it online or you look for it hello ask a friend to buy is to do what you want but you have to see this movie and this movie that also the book you can also buy a book she doesn't stop you when you go to buy a book so now you can go to a bookstore and you are no longer at risk you can read the book too what these quantum physics scientists are talking about is amazing, the world of quantum physics I don't know if it sounds like very glasses-like things, it is very well understood and it has really changed the way I understand life. ida and this movie that talks about quantum physics one of the many things that it explains is that we live in a universe that is fundamentally vibrational and that we live in a universe that is fundamentally empty i repeat it the sweater you are wearing is fundamentally empty that is to say that energy What happens is that of course, since they taught us that atoms, you remember in school that they told you, listen, that the atom is the smallest part of matter and you, who imagined that this was a solid thing, well, the atom itself when see this film you are going to see it with examples it is again radically empty but still but but a spectacular thing that is, as if this is the atom the electron that goes around do you remember that they explained this to us in school the electron would be like two kilometers and a bit if the center of the atom were a basketball that is to say that we live in the universe that is basically empty we live in a universe that is basically information of problems that co Since we live in a materialistic materialist paradigm, it means that we think that the battery exists outside of information, we think that the universe is like that, the important thing about this is today, the universe is empty, the important thing about this is, the universe is fundamentally vibration, and the important thing about this and here comes the trick is your thoughts and your emotions affect matter if someone has doubts about this, read a book called the divine matrix, read the biology of belief or watch the movie and you know why it is amazing and this today is not an opinion it is a fact that is to say it is known it is not that a mystic says it is not that it occurred to me this is that today we know it so the question is the following if we know that we live in a vibrational universe and if we know that our thoughts and our emotions fundamentally affect matter if we control our thoughts and our emotions we will be able to influence and he material world in which we live seems important to me, this seems to me, and a lot, so which trans trans surfing I haven't read five volumes of tran surfing and they recommend a book that explains all this I haven't read so I can't recommend it but I will take a good look at how we apply this to our life, well, it is very easy to eliminate bad vibrations in our lives and since we are going to do it very easily, we are going to stop exposing low vibration environments, that is, we are going to stop putting environments in it every time we you have a relationship with someone, one of these two results can happen only in a hotel and it is only one of these two one that you leave with more energy another that you leave with less energy if you leave with more energy the other has left with more energy If you leave with less energy, how did the other leave with less and there is the trick because there are many people with all their good intentions and their best desire to do?
They say, well, I leave with less energy but this person has left with More later I am doing you a favor and if it were a TV contest that would sound like that, it would not be like that, that is, if you leave with more, the other leaves with more, if you leave with less, the other leaves with less, with which you have two options one or change the dynamics of the relationship or abandon that relationship but no I don't know about you I think it makes no sense to continue maintaining relationships in this world where when we leave or when we say goodbye we have less energy yes or no it is absurd In other words, it increases the vibrational level of everything that surrounds you.
The next question is increasing the vibrational level of what you eat, that is to say, stopping constantly intoxicating you. I know that this is a delicate subject and we are not going to deal with it in depth today, but please. read and find out about it and find out that eating steaks and fish and much more if they are not organic does not make any sense, find out that dairy products generate a response in the body that is anything but positive, find out that eating a practically vegetarian and organic diet will fill you with energy and health every day of your life learn to make combinations understand why you can't combine meat with potatoes or eggs most of what people do every day with His diet is taking away his energy instead of giving him energy and it is an issue that worries me and in fact in January or February we will hold a conference on this topic.
Do you think this subject is interesting? There are several books. See if the first thing that comes to mind is the moritz's eternal secrets of health the eternal secrets of health another very interesting book the state of health and long life come with these two I think we already have homework and to begin with the cape of health and long life is called but please pay attention to this issue, most people continue to choose television channels and an industry that moves billions of euros as opinion leaders for their feed, which There is nothing negative about it if it weren't for the fact that they are selling products that are poisoning us, so please focus and pay attention to finishing eating and feeling like it.taking a nap is unnatural in theory one eats to eat not to feel sleepy but we see it as normal and so natural not to eat two courses a dessert and one I don't know that we see it as natural in reality your stomach goes crazy to digest all that so your energy level goes down and as your energy level goes down you can actually think less clearly that is to say that vibrationally you are in a place you don't want to be makes sense what i say yes or no please pay attention to what that you eat and what you don't eat because it is giving us either one of two or providing and filling us with energy or ruining our lives because it is eliminating our energy soon here at the institute positive thinking habits for health is an issue for me it seems fundamental to us it seems to us It is interesting that we deal with it another day, well, the next one, the law of balance, I love the law of balance, you will see the law of balance, what it says is that any action in life tends to stay balanced and what it says is that if you create positive imbalances sooner or later you will end up doing well what the law of balance did is whatever you generate in life sooner or later it will come to you but we already know everything is the whoever wants to receive has to start giving the one who sows winds collects storms if we know it or intuitively we know it so if what you want is to have a lot of abundance if what you want is for your life to be full of positive actions what you have what to do is to unbalance life with positive actions so that for life to correct that imbalance it reaches the point of balance but for this they will give you many actions I see that we doubt this many positive actions yes or no yes I imagine that this is a scale and I take and here I put many positive actions life says you have to find the balance so what it does is going to put here positive and then it will reach the balance look at what This works for your body if someone drinks a coffee or tea today someone to drink a coffee or tea you have noticed that you are more awake more accelerated after drinking tea the good thing is that this is called homeostasis your body you introduce a toxic substance in this case caffeine or the theine and your body that what it seeks is to recover the balance, which is what accelerates the whole organism to expel the worst than in the natural nature is constantly seeking to recover the balance so if you already know this is fantastic because then the only thing you have to do is clear unbalance the balance all you have to do is unbalance the balance in your favor and how do you do it by filling life with positive actions creating a positive imbalance look at the idea is very simple is you do not give to receive you give because you are abundant you do not give to receive you give because you have because you have so much that all you have left is to give it and all you can do is give it and that way what is What you are doing is generating an imbalance in your life.
There is an exercise with this that I will now ask you to do that is amazing to integrate this exercise into your life. Do you feel like it? imbalance is that you have to learn to receive how many times in our lives life gives us fills us gives us gifts gives us opportunities gives us people and what do you say no I don't know how many times they have told you hey how fantastic thank you very much you did very well and you, well, it wasn't such a big deal there you are receiving yes or no you are not receiving you are not receiving it they are denying it they give you a gift and they say no it was not necessary hey well if it was not necessary I would keep it handsome otherwise on many occasions We do not allow life to fill us with the abundance that this has in entrepreneurs with whom I work a lot in high school, we see it constantly that they suddenly have to set a price and it seems like a rush and when or they have to charge basically it's like an internal conflict yes or no it's like that or no it's like it's hard for us to receive money it's hard for us to receive gratitude it's hard for us to receive gifts it's hard for us to receive so hey when life gives you remember to receive because because you only you are a usufructuary of abundance you are a usufructuary of abundance on the planet I give to you you give to him he gives to her she gives to me but abundance is energy in constant circulation in this world it is nothing else that is to say that you do not possess anything then since you do not possess anything the only thing you have to do is be a channel of abundance in this world and how are you going to start being a channel unbalancing in your favor giving first and then receiving well there is an issue that worries me brutally in this society and it is what I call the vicious circle of poverty.
We know people that it happens to them yes or no it is true that they do not make ends meet that they have not just gotten enough money well if we know that the law of balance what it says is that any action in life tends to be balanced we also know that money is only a form of energy if what you really want is to increase the level of your income what you have to do is focus on others and focus on seeing how I can deliver more value to more people but look that when we are in a situation of poverty the exact opposite happens to us and what do we do we look more at the other or I look more at my navel you look more at yourself when you don't make ends meet is the only thing you think about In yourself you don't think of anything else but life tells us that to attract abundance in our life I have to think of myself or I have to think more of others which tells us that I have to think more of others so the question it is to escape from c vicious circle of poverty life is going to demand the best version of yourself because what it is going to demand is hey i know you're not making ends meet i know you're having financial problems but right now what you have to think about is how you could you develop a product, a service, an experience or how you could do better what you are doing such that it injects more value to other people such that that value in the form of money returns to you sooner or later is this idea understood yes or no so that the question that I ask you to ask yourself now when now do not leave it for later you ask it now is hey how could I bring more value to more people and we are going to work on it for a few seconds the focus should not be placed on your navel but in reality The focus must be placed on other human beings and that is the way we break the vicious circle of poverty because when I focus on myself I do not focus on others but the only way abundance comes to me in this life that It's thanks to other people but if I'm focused here on my navel that I don't make ends meet I'm passing on you, you don't see it if I'm looking here I'm not looking at him but if I don't look at him I don't know how I can serve him better I don't know how I can offer him more products or services I don't know how I can help him to be a better person then he is not going to give me part of his abundance he is not going to share it yes or no so it is essential that we break the vicious circle of scarcity it is fundamental and it is easy to do it you have to answer a question and the question is how can I value more people this question is fundamental it is fundamental to me I know that it is one of the questions that has changed my life because If I constantly focus on giving more to more human beings, sooner or later I am unbalancing it, whether you study balancing the scales, you see it sooner or later, value will end up coming into my life because the law of balance works whether you agree or disagree According to her, in this world you have the answer to that question, how could I add more value to more people than you could?
It is very easy today, in my day-to-day life, in what I do every day, how could I add more value, if it gives the work you are doing works better, attends better, smiles more and finishes, if you are serving a dish, serve what as if it were the last dish in the history of humanity that would be portrayed for the immortal, whatever you do, do it well, do it the best and then once you have done that and how could I say no I am a waiter how could I attend how could I offer more value to more people first he attends he is exquisite and second if he attends ten tables ask yourself how you could attend 11 while maintaining the level of quality that you have raised from the 10 and this is a question that any of us can solve in his life it is not that I do not work I want it in my personal life fantastic how could you still take care of me better your partner, your family, your friends and how, instead of only taking care of your two children, you could also take care of your nephews and nephews. an imbalance in life and that imbalance sooner or later will end up being corrected in your favor but please please please let's do one thing and that is not ask the person to whom we give something to return it to us yes or no please there is a deal put your hand on your heart and tell me there is a deal please the abundance in the universe does not work that way I need three volunteers here quickly so those of you who are here quickly 33 people here but we are here three people I you leave a little ticket finally we started badly having seen and not a ticket so detail thank you very much well let's do one thing let's see how abundance really all it does is constantly go from one place to another in the universe you you You have fifty euros and you are going to give it to our friend Sergio, give him the 50 of those to Sergio, what could you offer him professionally, for example, and to specify it to our friend Juan, ask him to have C茅sar Juan in exchange for 50 euros, well, you could translate something, how many pages to translate aunts, well, I propose a plan of many, well, they don't start negotiating, an hour and a half has been created, well, I know ten pages, great, he just translated ten pages, great, you give fifty euros to Ricardo Ricardo, the Ricardo that you are going to offer him to


as a guide in tuscany italy flowers to take be one open a life a guided tour in florence great now you pay juan pay juan let's see what juan offers you I know a pilot he can take you wrong for 50 euros that applies to me It applies to me too, it's great, you're going to give him a plane flight, but men for 50 euros and you'll go to M贸stoles or something like that, that is, you're not going to take him to Peru, that's great, he'll give Sergio 50 euros again, please, give him that state of being gio, well, we can give a place in Madrid that I don't know to a place in Madrid that I don't know. with computers and he needs to learn some program and things like that, if he has some difficulty, you're going to give him an hour to teach him office automation, well, plus an hour and a half, and well, a great afternoon to pay Ricardo. from florence that engine from tuscany and when we go to places like me i have a cultural association called amigo de tanto el sock or in addition to feeling the same but like the suit like dante and tele or old italian and that in spanish all hahahaha great to win what service you offer I know her well and we could take you on an excursion eating somewhere her blog is great the ticket still starts I had already taken it out okay put on the TV you put it back and now you I ask a question and I tell you, are they richer or less rich are they all richer?
A trip to M贸stoles, yes, yes, I translate the guide to Tuscany for you. I don't know what language they're here, come on, I'll hit you all day, you see it, but here there are three who are like this with a very nasty face and then they say to each other that they say that He has fifty euros and I translate something for you and another says no, there is not an impressive crisis and the other says hey, I would take you to the Sierra de Madrid, he says if I could, but the thing is, but the ticket is still in his pocket, we can't see it, we are usufructuaries of abundance that there are three guys who are there with a very ine face and with a dull face as well as grumbling you see how bad everything is and here there are three who are having a pipe being use I insist on this usufructuaries of abundance that is to say the abundance flows through of them and along the way and as long as it flows they are richer yes or no the question you have to ask do I want to be with these three or do I want to be with the three who do nothing hahaha well thank you very much that's it thank you this is understood idea the problem is that we think we'll fix it for you the problem is that we don't accept receiving and then someone comes to you and gives you the ticket and you say no I don't want it is that I don't deserve it or the gift is left or I don't know or it's that we are conflicted with receiving in life so that it is clear to you from this metaphor as of today when you are not receiving something the ticket notice that just one example of the many ways of abundance that there are in life what you are doing is that you are preventing it from flowing, you see it, that is, when you are not allowing abundance to flow through you, notice that it is not just a matter of yours, it is a matter of all the others around you, that is, for the world to be better s we have to be offering our gifts and our talents to others we have to be a channel of abundance in this world we see it as a good exercise to practice this from thelaw of balance it is very easy write an area of 鈥嬧媦our life in which you want to write a word a sentence but write it for yourself otherwise it will not work write an area of 鈥嬧媦our life in which you say I want and deserve and desire more abundance write it for tell me if only one you have it an area of 鈥嬧媦our life in which you want more abundance economics your partner health friends a bigger house I don't know what you have that this exercise is very fun well now I want you to Do one thing please and that is to look for a person who is the same or worse than you, as this person has to be the same or worse, he has to be the same or worse than you in that area and write down the name and the person next to you who does not look let's see if it's going to be the one next door and we'll mess it up if he explained part number 1 of the exercise write an area of 鈥嬧媦our life in which you want or deserve more abundance you have it and you write down there is an area of 鈥嬧媦our life part number 2 of the exercise write the name of a person who c If you know that he is doing the same or worse than you in that area, that is, he is that person with whom when you meet you look at yourself and say that I am and you have already told you everything, there is nothing more to say, do you have the name of that person, yes or Not everyone has it, you don't have it, a person who is the same or worse than you in that area, a wall that your day to see, I'm doing badly financially, because that friend who can't make ends meet thinks that it's not I'm not saying anything because that friend of yours thinks that he hasn't been caught for three years or whatever the area in which I'm doing badly, the one who's doing worse than me, you have a great time, now comes the third and most exciting part of the exercise and it is in which you are going to unbalance the scales in our favor you are going to now you are going to write a text to your friend you are going to call him I am going to leave a minute for it it is not to wind up you just to make a very quick call and You are going to tell him, dear Manolo, I have made it my life mission to help you with this issue, so I declare myself your angel. from the guardian and from now on I'm going to help you with this when I can invite you to eat, hey, he doesn't give you anything to eat, invite him to take a step through the retreat, this is free at the moment, but make yourself a proposal to help that person.
I am explaining that is to say, focus on helping that human being and I want you to do it when now but understand the logic please we understand the logic of the exercise yes or no you go to the general area you say hey I what I want to receive someone account that has put out of curiosity that he tells it, he will give it in cash, since I want to travel more because I love to travel all over the world, well, then what you are going to do is call your friend or relative X and you are going to tell him, look, I know that You like to travel and I know you can't travel as much as you would like, look, I want to meet you and I'm going to invite you to eat because I want us to find a way to be my goal now is your happiness, now I want us to find the formula in which And you are going to be able to travel more when we want and the other is going to hallucinate because he is going to say but if this one travels less than me if she doesn't have peace she doesn't even have to go to Cercedilla you see it is a good exercise we see the underlying logic yes I want to receive trips in my life that it is important that we understand the logic if I want to receive trips in my life I have to help others to travel so that others do so then they are what you are going to do and you forget that is to say you link with the action and it disconnects you from the result of the action so we leave a minute for it in a very quick thing take out the phone a quick call an SMS a whatsapp some look at me like I'm kidding and at some point they will say no It was a joke, some looked at me with that face, well, it's not a joke, this is the exercise, you can do it, you can not do it, but really, if you come to a conference to do things, because when you do things, things happen for a minute, even a child of 5 years old You know that when you do things, things happen, so if you do things, things started to happen in your life.
Well, I'll tell you something I did a little naughty years ago to explain the following laws and how I was lucky enough to understand it when I was very young in my life. Thanks, I'll even tell you the rest, no, I come here to give everything, but if you make it easy for me, it's better, that is, because you imagine that you're out here and not like you, I'm going to tell you something I did 14 years ago or the It doesn't matter, well, I was in the fourth year of the major, in what year I was in the fourth of heavyweight, that I found out I was already in the fourth of the major and I had this thing that I had been working on for many years and I already wanted to stop passing exams, I insist not on passing exams because He has always been my own minister of education and he always holds me responsible for my process and my educational management, by the way, never delegate your education to the educational system, we know this by now, never ever again Delegate your education to the educational system because what happens is what we already know what is happening on the street, well, the one that made me want to continue passing exams because at that time I was still thinking about this issue and I wanted to work on something less so I made a statement and said where I could get money from, as well as in large quantities as well as quickly, you know that someone else has made this statement at some time in their life, great, well, at that time I realized that there was a lot of question and answer television contests so I took my grandmother and said hey would you give me all the telephone numbers of all the television contests that are on TV that ask questions and answers and then I spent a large part of my fourth year of college going to question and answer contests do you remember those of constantino romero and 50 by 15 and I don't know that it went to regional television I don't know the truth that it was a loss of dignity absolutely because it is practically clear because it is not the same that your friend tells you the capital of bangladesh located in daka but imagine that instead of daka you get involved and 3 hanoi and a million people see it really was a bit of a loss of dignity be like The fact is that I ended up winning in one and since I went to many contests in the end based on the law of large numbers, by the way, base any important decision of your life on the law of large numbers, so if I go to a contest, I will win or not.
If I'm going to 100 lose dignity or not but if I'm going to 100 sooner or later I'll take some money home by the logic of the law of large numbers the law of large numbers says take the getafe phone list start selling ocean liners and sooner or later you sell one that is what the law of large numbers says total that after going to many television contests there was one in which I won it allowed me to finish my degree it allowed me to take those years with certain cough relax and it allowed me well to start my young life in a different way than it would have been and I have always been deeply grateful to life for it but what I wanted to tell was not this but that I met many people far and wide from the Spanish geography who were dedicated to going to contests and they all had the same pattern, so it was the youngest of them but in general the same pattern was that we did not have a euro in our pockets, this was the pattern that did not mean everyone Well, many people earned money, I met people who even won quite important prizes for the time, that is, prizes that could even have been without work until today, that is, look if I am talking about important prizes and I had the enormous luck of learning This election was very young because at that time, a year ago, six months ago, a year or so, all these people lost their money and at that time that was something that It seemed deeply unfair to me because I said, but how is it possible that people who need this money so much end up losing this amount or investing badly or spending it on a trip or leaving it to a relative and the relative did not lend it to them, it was like there was a kind of curse on all the people who ended up getting this money and over the years I ended up realizing one thing and that was that they had not respected what I want to talk about here the law of order the law of order He says that whatever you have in life, you'll only be able to have it.
Well, in reality, we don't have anything in this life. It is true that we can only have it under a state under this principle that it is first to be, then to do, and finally to have, so that the law of order says that it is to be to do to have and that it is very interesting because if there is a disparity ad between being and having can what happened to these people in the television contests can happen in these two things being and having are here at the same level then and suddenly having income goes up an amount of money now there are only left two outcomes and they happen at lightning speed one is that your being increases and you start to think, feel and do like a person who has this amount of money if this doesn't happen in a quick time what will happen is that this amount economic will be adapted to the person who is does and behaves like the person who has this economic amount this idea is understood that is to say that there can be no disparity between being and having at least it is not sustainable over time see if I The topic that I began to investigate interested me and there is always an Anglo-Saxon or British or American university that has done a study for anything yes or no, also you see it and it says the university of waste and then you look at it on the map, look at it s on google maps and the university is four houses literally surrounded by stables with chickens you have realized that suddenly there are many universities that are issuing studies all the time well there was a british university that had done a study on this matter and that it demonstrated that intuition that I had had and that was that the people who win money in television contests or in lottery prizes after five years in their vast majority end up losing what they end up losing their primary circle of friends or family and they end up losing their initial job, which is to say that for the majority of the population, the fact that they win an important prize on television or in a lottery does not mean a push but rather what it means is a catastrophe and if I looked it up on the internet you are going to find this information in a relatively easy way and notice that what is interesting here is this is hey if you want to have this what you have to do cer and this is the message of this law is to stop being yourself, you have to stop being you, you cannot have other results being your current self, he says, listen, I liked it a lot, well, if you like it so much that you want it with your current results, it's because I don't make it to the end of the month between now and you don't like it so much you will have to change something we understand you can't continue being you and aspire to achieve different results I dispense that there is a book by joy dispensa indeed that's why I say it there is a book by joy dispensa that is llama stops being you indeed there is another anecdote in this regard that a professor of the master's degree in entrepreneurship has told on some occasion and I find it very funny in the class on Friday mornings at a university and he was tired of students arriving late and one Friday talking to the one who looks at you I'm tired of them being late I decided I've done a revolutionary exercise for them taken into account I told myself look they're late at 10 in the morning I don't know what Now, it was a month in workshops, he said, let's see why he's late, tell me straight up what's going on, he says, look, we go out on Thursday nights to flirt, so we grabbed an impressive bow, he declared on Friday because it's hard for us to get up, he says, look, I have an idea, he says, we'll do a deal, you sign me that you are going to arrive on time and I will tell you the trick so that you can flirt with the boy with the girl of your dreams, he says the fact is that if from now on after having told you the trick you fail then suspend is the subject do you want me to tell you the trick if you are not all free yes yes I am interested because they did not tell me before it says it is an infallible trick come on tell us it tells us look take out a sheet of paper and write on a piece of paper in great detail how is the boy or girl of your dreams but with all the toys with great detail but teacher but yes yes and everything and throw the house out the window goes big and everyone there writing a page with the boy the girl his dream 帽o says for the second part of the exercise says write who the boy or girl of your dreams would fall in love with seriously if you write it write it to everyone there writing you can't have this it would be like this it would be it would be done this would that it would have this would have to it says Well, not having the two pages, and he says, well, now you can come on time next Friday, your job for the next few years is to become the person on the second page, he says, but I'm not like that, he says exactly, that's the problem. you're not like that that's why you're late we see if you want to get one kind of results you have to become the person who attracts those kind of results and who has and who sustains and who keeps it seems like a rhyme i'm those kind of results in life because Notice that having it you can get to have it the problem is that sometimes we have something but if we are not that something there is a disparity between being and having and having ends up falling we see it yes or no and this is where the modeling exercise comes in and the modeling exercise that I am going to ask you is to select five people who are obtaining a result in something that you are interested in obtaining five peopleExtract five characteristics or five actions that these people repeat and apply the story to at least one that is repeated I have explained I repeat it Choose five people and of these five people say I want to be a best-seller writer I don't know later choose your five favorites best-selling writers ok you already have them now tell me five things they do and one will say well look my favorite writer one writes in the blog ends the chapters in this way has this editorial agent publishes here or there I don't know now five things if you take the writer number two and write another five actions or characteristics or behaviors that that person does and do the same with the extra five is what the five that you follow so far do in common and you apply the story with at least one of those things that you want with a denominator of those five and there what you are doing is modeling, that is, if those people get those results doing that, if you do that, what are you going to do? to start getting more or less those results yes or no it is super simple it is super simple look I have good news to give you and that is that success is a template success is a template with all due respect to the mathematicians in the room but success is a science almost as exact as mathematics we see it today we know perfectly well what needs to be done in every area of 鈥嬧媗ife to get the results you want to get and if someone looks at me with a fish face right now it's only because He hasn't read enough or he hasn't trained or he hasn't applied himself enough to a specific area of 鈥嬧媓is life, he says it's not that the couple is uphill for me, I say there are 100,000 guys who have written books on how to make do well with that, there are people who will generously tell you about their experience in training and there are people who are doing well, ask them, hey, it's that money is going badly for me, look, man, there are people who have written what is not in the writings never get better r said so that you and he is going to tell you how it went well for them what they did to make it go well what strategy they followed in what they were wrong is to say the only reason why you are not doing well in an area is because you do not have enough vocation to learn in this area I'm sorry I'm not the nicest person in the room but that's the way it is and this is great news today because if we know that success is a template, all we have to do is learn the template that is to say, to know what are the principles, actions and habits that govern success wow we are this is this idea is great or not to me when I realized this an absolute tranquility entered my life because of course it is to be calm because you say the The day I want to improve in a specific area, if I start learning about that specific area, I will improve yes or no and well, if you improve, yes, we will improve, let's go for one last law. by the way to be sure the law of minimum effort as this law is called the law of minimum effort for God's sake find out that sacrificing is outdated that sacrificing has no merit that there is no grace in making an effort that it doesn't surprise me that children don't want to make an effort neither do I it's that it's that children don't make an effort in caron铆 I'm that it's that you tell someone to make an effort to see what he tells you let me explain this concept look nothing worthwhile in life can be achieved through effort of effort does not exist in nature if you see a trout a trout swims in the sea in the water in the river without effort a squirrel runs through the trees without effort but if you put a squirrel under water it will find salty plankton and if you put a whole trout in a forest it will find hard pine nuts yes or no then the squirrel that is in the sea is the one that complains and the one that is making an effort and the trout that is in the tree is making an effort thinking when you do what you have come to do in this world without a doubt because each one of us has a mission to do on this planet the effort is swept away from your life because the only thing you find are opportunities and minutes to dedicate yourself to whatever you want this means that you will not get up a single morning of your life tired, not maybe and one day you wake up more apathetic than another but in general like that the big picture what it is telling us is if you are still feeling striving in your life you are not in the place where you have to be because I do not know who has made this universe or the way that he did it but I do have one thing clear and that is that the perfect universe like the one we live in is not there can be the notion of effort, that is, me personally, when I am dedicated to my mission, when I am here talking to you, when I give a seminar, when I write a book that is going on for me, that is what I am looking forward to on the day. the next seminar the next book and the next opportunity to sit down to work and in fact before coming here then the truth is that I come to Europe but I was preparing writing some things and the time has already struck you see what a difference between airy time and the there is what time is the time we see that there is a small and subtle difference when you are in it, let's see what time it is there you are in the effort and I insist nothing that you do in life with effort is worth it because nothing that does not amuse you today It is going to provide you with something worthwhile in 15 or 10 or 20 years.
The problem is that the society we live in cannot be maintained without this notion. I speak more clearly or it is understood, nothing happens. Okay, I mean, nothing happens, I live without making an effort, so if someone likes to make an effort, I don't have any problem, but without effort, great. I have to do nothing except but let's see first that you don't have to do anything in this life except be happy drink clean water and breathe everything else is optional that is, you don't have to do anything second concept one thing is that I go to the house of the book and I bought nine books on a subject and I pushed them like an obsessed with the lamp after a concept and another thing is that I make an effort with it you have seen my face of regret when I told you that I read the books nine books, that is to say, there was no effort at any time, what existed was love, vocation, dedication and focus, which is something very different.
The problem is that we are going to see the problem is that we confuse the word work or the word dedication with the word effort and they are two very different concepts are two very different concepts one thing is to achieve a purpose in life or have the conviction that you should dedicate your life and your working hours to a project, idea or person and that you do it out of love and from the delivery that is a concept and another is that the work has effort but you can work many hours on a project to do it without effort and what I invite you is not to make an effort for a single day of your life but What I invite you is to dedicate 10,000 hours, which is the magic number of success, before achieving success in any profession.
There is a book called Out Layers by Malcolm Gladwell, out of the ordinary. extraordinary results, that is, out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary, they have dedicated an average of 10,000 hours to a profession, this again is great news because it is approximately five years at two thousand hours or about 67 years at 1,600-1,700 hours, which I tell you that it is perfectly acceptable whether or not it is to say that one thing is that I dedicate decides to dedicate 10,000 hours to a project and another thing is that I make an effort on that project and I tell you to make an effort, contradicting I believe the law of means and ends because the law of means and ends says that if I plant tomato seeds I'm going to get common sense tomatoes if I plant lettuce I get lettuce and I plant effort that tomorrow I'm going to get effort but We don't see it, you've been making an effort all your life.
Look, I look at all of them. I speak to you for myself so that for me, by number of cases that I know of, the years of greatest effort in my life have been the years with the least result of my life, the years of greatest. I enjoy my life and by the way, many hours have been the years with the greatest results and extraordinary results of my life. You are able to see this applied to your lives, yes or no, that is to say, make an effort, something else I insist is that one day on TV that I it also happens let's be honest and clear one day you wake up with the p with the rheum stuck and he says his it seems a bit of a minor uphill climb and it happens to you one day okay it's not normal it shouldn't but well one day it can happen to anyone but than you of 300 days s a year 365 days a year you get up 300 looking to see when it is Saturday that you are ruining your life if you keep going to work from the effort you are ruining your life and by the way since if you do not do it for yourself do it for others you are ruining the lives of those around you because really being surrounded by people who are making an effort all day would be a drama in my life.
You can imagine how about here trying a lot and if we have a good time what do you think of the change but it is that we have not come to this life to have a bad time, it is that we have messed up we have messed up with this concept so I am going to ask you to free yourself from making an effort for the rest of your life that you never try again tell me yes yes of course let me go to the next point and I'll tell you no no yes I'm delighted if it's the next one it's actually the next one then he says well okay okay look see the question in the following ones you have to find out what you gain with the esf I try to see that when you are making an effort, you are not focusing on the truly important issues in your life because notice that maybe the day you no longer make an effort and the day you live in complete abundance, then the best is that day and so you have to face that difficult family situation or you have to face that you don't know what your purpose in life is of course we see it or you have to face some situation that you have been ignoring for a long time so the good thing about effort is that it keeps us drowsy it keeps us In the rat race we know this concept I have seen the hamsters when they are in the cage he says if he goes like this he doesn't move he says but if he goes if he moves no he doesn't move he stays in the same place so the good thing about the effort is that we keeps them busy look you can spend your whole life sweeping the house in the morning for two hours and your life will not change and you will have made a lot of effort you can spend your whole life carrying papers in one table to table I have seen this in companies what happens that you see the guy who takes the paper and basic as with a busy face I said but if it is not about being busy or making an effort or anything it is about doing useful things productive but productive for you and for the whole human being on this planet and if you are not doing it change but change now because nobody can guarantee that you will be here long enough to give you time to change so this brings us to the last point now I do enter and it is the law and with this we finish it is the law of the expression of the gifts the law of the expression of the gifts says that each of us has a talent and that when he puts that talent at the service of others other human beings everything happens easily the problem is that since we continue to believe in the effort you say to me I am very good at repairing bicycles I have a lot of bicycle workshops no but it is very easy but very easy for you we go the day I I'm going to you change a wheel of the first wish yes or no that is to say each one of us knows how to do easy things naturally and when he puts them I insist on this is when he puts them at the service of others at that moment he finds a profession and those people who live in their gift and that they live in their talent, several things happen to them, the first is that they always live in abundance, look at people I know, look at people I have met over the last few years, and have not yet met a single person expressing their gift and putting it to the public. service of others I am not telling you in the short but in the medium in the long term it will not end up going very well but I am not saying well that I have said very well what time we continue to have doubts with this for those who have doubts there is an albion brand study that took 500 harvard university students and studies between 1960 and 1980 and asked them two I asked them a question and they said are you going to dedicate your life to earning money or are you going to dedicate your life to having a great time to do l or whatever you want 83% of the people from the university in the year 60 put themselves in the group of earning money, 17 percent put themselves in the group of having a great time doing what they want I felt like it and I would earn money doing what they loved in 1980, he went back to interview this entire group of students, there were 101 millionaires, understanding by millionaires that they had a net worth of more than one million dollars or more than the 101 millionaires 100 They were in 17%, only one was in the 83% group, that is, today the only way to attract money lovers the only way to attract money into our lives is by doing something we love because it will be the only The way in which you are going to shine naturally, other things may be good for you and you will end up arriving too, but it will cost you effort and it will cost you more.
It is like trying to go from Madrid to Barcelona by bicycle. uncle is at time, that is, it is that in two hours of plants you do not need to do 17 bicycle stages and that you go up and that you have to stop in calatayud or in zaragoza in lerida and I do not know where else it does not make any sense because this is fromwhat we are talking about when we talk about the law of expression of gifts, notice that we continue with this idea in 2012, 432 books were presented to the planet prize, the prize with the highest economic endowment in the Spanish language, if you write a book that is d 50 million it seems a grandfather of 50 million pesetas was I don't know how much it will be now if they will have changed it they have changed it to 300 thousand euros whatever but it is the prize with the highest economic endowment 432 were presented and of 432 only one won that same month as me I was doing an investigation about that job, some oppositions came out for administrative assistant of the Madrid city council to which apparently there were 14 thousand opponents that it was their life mission to be there you see that is to say that in numerical terms it is 32 times easier to win a Premio Planeta than to win some oppositions to the Madrid City Council- of administrative assistant the number of hours that you have to study to pass some oppositions is remarkably superior or to which you have to dedicate to write a book presentable for the planet prize around 200 or 300 pages that is to say that I do not know how to explain this for lovers of the easy for lovers of the easy how easy it is to dedicate yourself to what you love because you are going to dedicate hours without effort and because you are going to shine and I will tell you something else and in response to your question to the gift to the talent you have to go to the gift the talent never comes I still know people who say I am not waiting Let's see if I get inspired and look man, God is not going to send you an SMS and it is going to say dear rebeca, your mission is to set up a pet shop on Calle Alcal谩 227, carefully, God, that is not going to happen now you have to go out the street try if in the animals but in the animals if you see a little or if I have to dedicate myself to setting up a hotel a pet shop a restaurant or if I have to be a coach or lawyer or manager of computer networks you have to go and how are you doing gift three questions and now that I can answer you, I give you three questions: the first one that I wanted to be as a child before your head filled with birds about what life was like for children and adolescents, some people in their early youth have a very clear idea of 鈥嬧媤hat What have they come to do in this world?
They have a very clear idea of 鈥嬧媡heir mission. The problem happened to me. I got confused with this. a life and I personally retired hypnotized by the idea of 鈥嬧媗ooking for a serious profession luck that I realized time but the question is young we all more or less have an intuition about what we are good at naturally or where we could go second ask what you would do if you stayed in only two years of life something that by the way no one can guarantee you today nobody so that if you stayed in only two years of life you would probably stop wasting your time miserably doing what you are doing now in some things in your life understand me and you would dedicate yourself to doing what truly brings meaning to your life the curious thing is that although no one can be guaranteed that they have two years left to live we continue to live as if we were a methuselah and not There were to be 200 years of life left, so the question is what would you do if you had very little time left to live and the third question is what would you do if you had a 100% guarantee that you would be successful and you are going to answer all this by focusing on one thing and it is what I do naturally very easily because each and every one of you knows how to do something or you have gifts or you have talents to do something easily naturally the problem is that I have not trained them because you see A pool says I'm not good at swimming, but of course I didn't rehearse or I don't train, well, if you're good at that, train and rehearse and from there you can dedicate yourself to helping others make it better or you can win prizes or you can write a book or go find out what you can do but you can do something and notice that talent is always at the crossroads between two ideas and that is what others need and how can I contribute something to others with what I know do it I repeat your gift and your talent is always at the crossroads between two lines that I know how to do on the one hand that I am good at it naturally and on the other hand that it is what people need not only what you You are good at it is what you are good at and what people need is not only what people need is what people need and that you can solve by applying your gifts and talents in a natural way I tell you one thing in the number of hundreds of entrepreneurs I've met in recent years in the number of people who have come to the radio at conferences I've already met people I've met people who live off the strangest things so I have a belief that more than a belief is a certainty and it is today You can live on anything, yes or no, and we still think that to live you have to be a lawyer, which is very good if someone likes it, or you have to be an economist, which is fantastic, if someone likes it, but the point is that I highly doubt that everyone We want by chance that there are 14,000 uncles who want to be administrative assistants of the Madrid City Council - I think 1000 or 500 or 100 may want it or I don't know how many but 14,000 I don't believe it that is a decision that is made from him out of fear is say they are not going for what they want but they are running from what they don't want so I hope I have persuaded you during these last 90 minutes that we live in an abundant world that abundance is worth pursuing and for those people who want to know more I would like to talk to you for two minutes about the next two workshops we have and then we have a question time I have your permission to do this I would like to comment s the following there are two workshops coming soon the first is the one for those who liked today's conference you have the publicity above your chairs the first is the live with abundance seminar we are going to do it on december 13 and 14 in madrid during On Saturday we are going to talk carefully about all the laws of abundance and the 30 ways to apply them in our daily lives.
Today we have seen a few of them and on Sunday we are going to talk about economic tools to learn how to manage our financial independence. Financial independence is a situation in which one does not have to work unless they decide to do so. It seems interesting to me. This seems to me an interesting tool to live in abundance. I started studying this topic seven years ago in 2007 and now for the first time. I am going to do a seminar in which I am going to share what I have learned during these last seven years studying abundance the laws of abundance On the one hand, and the principles that can help people to achieve a financial life, well, that you can enjoy a situation of financial independence, the price is 307 euros for those who sign up here today with a free companion, and this is a mark of the house with absolute and total guarantee of return so those who want can write there Saturday and Sunday all day and the seminar live without a boss June 13 and 14 we do only two a year and since there is a lot of time left we help those people who sign up today who are interested in working on what my mission and purpose are and how I put it at the service of others as well as the personal development tools to overcome your fears and to start undertaking and the tools to make your plan of business your business model in a super simple, super easy and super clear way as well as the marketing tools to start selling June 13 and 14 in Madrid at the hotel at the hotel l ac atocha people who sign up here today 297 euros with a free companion and I insist with a full refund guarantee and if anyone is wondering hey why do they leave it so cheap because we have a mission that is to disseminate and democratize personal development and professional and those of you who know us know that we do it like this anyone has any questions any doubts any comments I would love to hear them thank you for plunging me into the most absolute way how can we really see you can't really throw out anything the only thing you can do is promote good thoughts for which there are several tools, one of them is visualization, another one is siege your brain and another one that we will work on in the seminar and if not in another talk you come and I explain it are the statements that is to read all the days the new way in which you want your brain to think is to say you cannot extract but what you can do is put new things evas what I'm saying today makes sense, we know that what we focus on expands, it gets bigger so that if I focus on what I want to extract what I'm doing bigger what I want to extract so that I completely forgot, I'll leave it there and what I dedicate myself to is incorporating new thoughts so that sooner or later they end up expelling these, that is, if you are tired of living in a small house, visualize yourself in a big house every day and then take action. study marketing and learn to offer more value to your clients to your boss to whomever do everything you have to do but every day visualize that big house and you will end up living in that big house I tell you this and I tell you from experience because This is a tool that I have used on many occasions in my life, and I could tell you that I visited the house I live in a lot, but many years before I lived.
The car I drive I rented it to me years before I lived. When driving, they see what I want to say, I had already lived those experiences, I had visualized them many times, but I had also relived them on the physical level because that way I know that I am getting closer to those objectives, that is to say that what I I tell you it is experienced but not by me that this was not invented by me what I do here is a summary of the number of people who have dedicated themselves during the last centuries to studying the success that have left us an impressive legacy yes or no The problem is that we don't study it and since we don't study it we don't understand it, we get results in our lives and we don't understand why they happen, but today it is known that what we focus on expands, so the best way to remove negative thoughts it is paying absolutely no attention to them and focusing on what he does want is to materialize in your life. everyone hears you the law of order that says it is to have you have lottery tickets you have bought the wad of tickets and you have said now as it touches me I lose it to see the question is what I have to do to have what I want to keep in my life to see the fundamental idea that we have to understand is that you cannot have anything to see there is a law that governs one of the many laws that govern this universe is the law of vibration and says that what vibrates the same ends up bringing itself as you already know this if you are a person who thinks poor who thinks in terms of economic scarcity you are going to live with economic scarcity around yes or no we understand this if suddenly I have economic abundance and I have this thought is that only there may be one of these two links or I start to think like a person who has that economic amount or that economic amount fits my way of being and thinking and feeling is that there is no other result because because I can only We must have around us what we are previously remember the exercise of the teacher of the master's degree in entrepreneurship says this is the the boy the girl of your dreams this is the person the boy falls in love with the girl of your dreams become this because the same as this one or this one you hook up one day but the next day it disappears because it is not this one we understand it is to say that all you have to do is think about what the person is like who has this thing that I want to keep in my life yes or no when you see a person who obtains a result that you like from how that person is, notice that I am not even telling you to ask yourself what it does, that it is also the modeling tool, but before asking yourself what it does, you have to ask yourself what it is, we see it who is that person in essence how he feels how he thinks how he does how it is so if you are already buying the lottery ticket it is very curious the other day I passed through this street in the center of Madrid that goes from Sol to Callao and There was a huge queue to buy lottery tickets.
I keep going up the street, as you know there is a well-known and very large bookstore and there was no queue to enter and it really caught my attention because I say buying in the bookstore by signing up for you, you get good training and the result Inevitably, it is that you are doomed, that is, it is not that we do not laugh, if you do what you have to do, think the way you have to think and do what you have to do long enough, you are blessedly doomed even if you don't. you want, that is, even if you change your mind later along the way, the result comes to you 'we understand but what we want is the easy result so there was a queue of people buying the lottery ticket but there was no queue in a bookstore to me this I told you I prepared the bike I kept looking at it I say I can't believe it is that sometimes the world I live in still amazes me I say because I understand that someone wants to be an economic result ico if it is legitimate I also want it for my life but why don't you go to the way in which you are going to obtain it inevitably it needs great help well well so far we have arrived any question doubtI'll stay here for a few more minutes while we pick up you've had a good time next week we're here again thanks if you liked this video you can do three things one subscribe to our youtube channel positive thinking 12 share it with your family and friends on social networks and 3 visit positive thinking point or heretic and sign up for our mailing list to receive gifts and information that we are sending positive thinking point or heretic

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