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5 Amazing Animal Behaviours Caught on Spy Camera | BBC Earth

Jun 10, 2021
Mothers have reason to worry that their young will be easily killed by a male from another pride. Their instinct is to make a preemptive strike by working together. They are rivals for any male, but unfortunately the aggression unleashed by their hair has caused a serious mistake. their own pride they take out what's left of their aggression on each other due to very strong predators violence comes with the territory it's best not to take it personally cubs are usually a few weeks old before their mother risks introducing them to their father he tends to be a little rough with the children, the puppies are hypnotized by this 200 kilo goliath, he may be a hundred times bigger than them, but lying down he seems relatively harmless, even so, touching him is playing with fire, his fuse can even be shorter than their mothers, there is nothing like putting your head in the lion's mouth in breeding.
5 amazing animal behaviours caught on spy camera bbc earth
Lions are old school. They do not fear discipline like human children. Cubs are more restless than their parents but they soon learn to relax for 20 hours every day she is the biggest meerkat you have ever seen She has ever been seen and requires serious examination. They have made it smell like the cologne, so this calms them down every day. Different volunteers organized a clash providing all the child support a mother could want, as they share roles, including sentry duty. It requires concentration and is easy to lose. Focus and sometimes it's nice to have someone watching your back.
5 amazing animal behaviours caught on spy camera bbc earth

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5 amazing animal behaviours caught on spy camera bbc earth...

Being a sentinel is a risky task, as they are easy targets for predators, but with young cubs to protect, they take greater risks by climbing higher. Here they can see predators sooner, but are vulnerable to birds. prey his self-sacrifice is about to be put to the test, but this is no ordinary cobra, it is a spy cobra who does not take into account his own safety, he prepares to face the snake, he reacts as he would to a real snake, Bravely protecting the colony without a thought for herself, her goal is to harass the snake into leaving, but with the spy snake holding her ground, the meerkat calls for reinforcements.
5 amazing animal behaviours caught on spy camera bbc earth
This is where brotherhood comes into play. An intimidating wall of meerkats confronting the spy cobra, pushing their luck as far as they dare to push it. The snake to beat the king snakes tires easily, so it is a matter of wearing it down, but a meerkat feels that there is something different about this snake. It may look and move like a real snake, but it shows no signs of leaving. The Spy Serpent has been well and truly rumbled. Satisfied that it is harmless the meerkats return to what they like most relaxing among friends our story begins with a tantalizing glimpse of something very special a cup just 10 days old wild pups as young as this have never before been filmed during their first six weeks most cubs generally hide in their dens and barely see the light of day.
5 amazing animal behaviours caught on spy camera bbc earth
They are unusually adventurous. They seem totally unaware of the dangers. Although they are just opening their eyes, they won't see clearly for another six weeks. They are the mother's first litter and they are going to be. A real test for her. The tigers must be grabbed by the neck. It is a delicate operation. Too much pressure and it will hurt her cub. She can bite with a force of almost 500 kilos, but this requires the gentlest touch of the tigers. They usually have two or three. puppies, four is quite a few and these already seem more challenging than most.
The sex ratio among newborns is usually equal. It is true that two of these puppies are males and two are females; in fact, it would be strange for all four. of them to reach maturity, many dangers await them at this size they make a snack for even the smallest predator their mother must make sure everyone is accounted for with two in the den and one on the way there is only one straggler left for the cubs to worry about they contact crying they make sure they don't forget as long as the cubs call their mother she is forced to keep retrieving them but this would test any mother's patience the life of young cubs is very precarious if the mother had been hunting at one point Since this the outcome could have been very different, she will clearly be a devoted mother, but she still has a lot to learn, this is not the way to do it.
Filming such behavior is unprecedented, giving us an extraordinary opportunity to follow these cubs as they grow up in the jungle. but this female finds a saw despite being totally wild, she has somehow figured out what to do with it, like us orangutans we have an opposable thumb that allows them to grasp and manipulate objects with precision More than 20 years ago, a rescued orangutan learned to solve by watching people building the cabins here, but this is a totally different and wild orangutan. She seems to take pride in his work, even cleaning up the sawdust. She is so smart that she uses her feet as a vise to stabilize the branch.
Film a man born wild and free-living. That the orangutan mastered this complex task is remarkable, but now she is not the only spy orangutan who has joined her. It seems like she is bringing out a competitive streak. She is getting even more excited, but for a novice, sawing is backbreaking work. She has lost all momentum and finally decides. A daytime spy orangutan may have machine-like stamina, but it's the real orangutan's


, versatile mind that won the day when it certainly earned its rest. Every lake and river has a resident population of hippos. They are also social creatures but also territorial.
The spy hippo goes where few others dare to go. He must be careful. His subjects are notoriously short-tempered and could be anywhere. It's never a good idea to get on the wrong side. The spy hippo has received a warning that he must avoid suddenly. The movements as it approaches, moving its ears, shows confidence when facing one of the most dangerous


s in Africa. The spy hippo must stand his ground. The pack is made up of females guarded by a single male. Fortunately, females are less aggressive. The spy hippo is already capturing some of the closest views. have ever been seen, but hippos spend much of their time below the surface while diving, so they must spy on the hippo.
He imitates his movements instead of swimming. Hippos walk underwater through the mercenary. The sight of the spy hippopotamus is an extraordinary sight. The fish follow the hippo's every movement. These are quills that usually feed on the river bed, but when the hippos appear, they show themselves around them when the spy hippo approaches, it is clear that their skin is a maze of cuts and scrapes, these fight marks become infected easily and parasites can also invade. This is where The Fish come in together, setting up an underwater clinic with the hippos as willing patients. Spikes may be skin specialists, but they'll also try a little dental hygiene after receiving a full-body treatment.
Hippos seem to go into a strange trance.

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