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4th of July Bake Off!

Jul 04, 2023
ketchup and mustard, if you want that one, he said he left it plain to go, yeah you can go with a mix and match them with the the guys are fighting how about the llama? one if you want the plain one he wants uh, grab and go, okay, Jake, I'll have a stinky Mr. Stinky, you don't like sauerkraut, yeah, sauerkraut, and I'll have one with green chiles because I like a little kick. oh, you know it, okay, taste test, it's a perfectly warm hot dog, it's the 4th of July, we're going camping watching the fireworks, that's perfect, insert fireworks here, everyone likes the variety that they have mine it's like yeah, I want to represent different palettes.
4th of july bake off
It's my lunch I think you can't go wrong with a hot dog, thumbs up, okay, should we go for dessert? Yeah, momma's man handled those girls. The man drove well. I have to push myself. He takes a lollipop. Why does mine seem that way? wait, it might crumble, these are a little messy, it's better to eat them outside, so I think there are popsicle stickers, oh, it's milk, it's different, look, the ice cream is a little melted, so it doesn't hold up very well, you'll have to eat it like this. a normal fat boy, did you overlook one or did you like the play, mostly they stayed together, do you like him better with the sprinkles or would you have preferred just a fat boy, but he's cute, true, true, he's cute, festive Without the sparks, sparks, that's what? a pearl, what the hell, the guy had the dentist visit, those are huge sprinkles that are, oh yeah, don't eat the mixed sprinkles or the jawbreakers, let's try, do you like it better?
4th of july bake off

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4th of july bake off...

Well, it's hard to judge because this is a dessert and this is a main meal, but I think I give them both a thumbs up, yes, I'll give it seven eggs because I almost broke it, okay, let's enjoy this, fast forward to the moment my watermelon slushie is ready and let's try it. prove two, two is Lay ton, okay, our watermelon tree is ready to eat. I took care of him, it was late last night. I was raking in the watermelon chocolate early this morning. I was raking it again. It's finally ready, so oh yeah, it's watermelon.
4th of july bake off
It's okay, everyone. the taste test doesn't look like a watermelon so that's another thing like the 4th of


seriously maryland delicious it looks like a let's see if it tastes good it tastes like a watermelon you know what to expect it tastes like a real watermelon It doesn't taste like watermelon, but it tastes like you. I'm eating because it's like real water, yes I feel like I'm literally eating watermelon. Yes, there is not much difference, but it is refreshing. Where did you eat a real watermelon in those crates this time of year? It's July, baby, why not try pumpkin in this? that's what I smell it tastes like pumpkin there is no pumpkin there is always watermelon lemon and sugar it smells like pumpkin yes it smells I think I like it I think I prefer to eat watermelon this way because I think I prefer this to big pieces like or slices of watermelon , you could eat a lot of it, this will taste better when it's cold, yeah, I think I'd rather eat the ones that aren't pumpkins, this has some fiber, fiber, it may taste like real watermelon, which I'm not saying is disgusting. it's just that's the point, it's a bonus, Jonas gives the thumbs up, weird though, back to the odds, that'll be it for today's 4th of July baking party.
4th of july bake off
I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July if you celebrate and I hope you enjoyed this


. off if you want more baking soon, like the video and comment below what topic you want to see for future baking, but anyway subscribe if you're new or haven't subscribed yet and we'll see. 'everyone next time bye thank you

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