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48 Hours in Sapporo | 6 Things to do in Hokkaido's Capital

Jun 02, 2021
With a population of just under 2 million people, Saparua is Japan's fifth largest city located on the northern island of Hokkaido. Over the years, I've always found that people speak highly of Sapporo, whether it's the vibrant neon-lit nightlife, the local cuisine, or the city's laid-back culture, so I was really looking forward to going. to visit it, while my good friend ASCII never set foot on the island of Hokkaido despite living only a few


away, so we both decided to finally go and explore it firsthand. and see what we can do on a two day city trip along the way, we'll see the food, the nightlife and a crazy wonderland full of sweets.
48 hours in sapporo 6 things to do in hokkaido s capital
Our first stop is Doggie Park in the heart of the city, home of the infamous Apple or Snow Festival in February and the city's iconic television tower, like Tokyo Tower, we need to take its tower, but it's convenient that it has a big clip because it crosses the only thing that takes a tower that doesn't have a giant Panasonic cloth When I arrive in a new city, the first thing I like to do is climb a tower and get a kind of 360 view ​degrees of the city, a bit like Assassin's Creed, except unlike Assassin's Creed, I'm not going to jump into a bunch of Hay, after this, it's one of the best views I've had in a Japanese city so far , mainly because the way Orderid Park extends before the stomach, its power passes right in front, but the powerful Japanese say they always say power points.
48 hours in sapporo 6 things to do in hokkaido s capital

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48 hours in sapporo 6 things to do in hokkaido s capital...

Paulo stains turmeric by rubbing mmm these points. it's more power natural power natural power not a man made tower mysterious multi and sunlight sunset sunset and temple the sanctuary was not the only thing we found above a poor television tower although we also came face to face with one of its days chi the most adorable pets jinke drinking tonight oh my gosh it's the melon bear human dental data keep moving human teeth teeth at what point did anyone think it was like a proper pet? The absolute embodiment of the boy's nightmare came to life and surprisingly became a Sephora mascot.
48 hours in sapporo 6 things to do in hokkaido s capital
Despite looking at the melon bear's nightmarish face, we were still hungry so we headed off to try the most famous dish of the dinner, Genghis Khan or Karl dingus as it is known in Japanese, it is a barbecue lamb dish. roasted on an iron plate over a charcoal fire as the fat drips from the sizzling lamb, runs down the iron plate and marinates the vegetables underneath, typically onions, which help sweeten the flavor of the meat. The dish became popular in Hokkaido in the mid-20th century, as it is traditionally one of the few places in Japan where sheep are raised. came up and as for the name Genghis Khan, well, everyone assumed that lamb was popular in Mongolia and Genghis Khan from there, that's how they actually came up with the name, still with about 30 customers crammed into the second floor restaurant with the sound constant sizzling. and an atmosphere made up of 90% smoke, not everyone leaves the intense dining experience with a smile on their face, they are not loud and busy and quickly no, no, you are angry because you can smoke, that is the real reason, yes , is a fast-flaming shop star. quickly creepy get in creepy let out get out get out get out but the meat was good, good quality, the air quality and the taste is nice, very nice, taste good, good, yo, there are three cities in Japan where I've had my Blade Runner .
48 hours in sapporo 6 things to do in hokkaido s capital
At the time of the land, the Osaka Dalton truck crosses Tokyo, we should be a crossing and now here, not even in Sapporo, we have walked around support all day today and zapped the entire station, the area is quite quiet, here it is where the action is like the entertainment district. full of bars restaurants shops people lights this is where we will stay this is where our hotel is and if you come here to stay sad this is the place I recommend even the McDonald's food school look at the neon lights that may be the best The view from Siskin or the crossing is from Flair Bar, one of the only bars in Safarov with magic cocktails or whatever it's called, when you're thirsty, throw bottles in the air with complete disregard for health and safety, overlooking 16, a crossing .
I'll play. a traditional game of zapper oh yeah, I don't think Nasty knows how to play Jenga. We decided to start our second day of support with a bowl of ramen to see if Hokkaido's traditionally Miss Obey Ramen lived up to its reputation, so it's 11:15 the ramen shop doesn't open for another 15 minutes and already There's a line around the block, a standard Japanese ramen place that has a good reputation, although it's always a good sign, so these are our clothes dressings, he has his corn, everything is on the court I have butter Hokkaido is very known for dairy products, so I bought some butter as the main ingredient to put in my ramen, which makes an already pretty unhealthy dish a little healthier when it comes to ramen. better no better not count calories you love chili it's fantastic the soup is there probably the highlight of this problem it tastes like thick sauce with a touch of butter because I left them today yes it tastes a little like sauce step number 9, a super boiling hot Asahi unit might be the biggest beer brand in Japan today, but it's not the oldest, that crown goes to SAP raw, which was founded in 1876 and today the striking red brick brewery still stands where beer lovers from around the world make the pilgrimage to enjoy the beer, learn how it's brewed and of course awkwardly take selfies in front of the building, maybe good smell, Nabby Smith, Robert Smith, nice, be charitable for torture honestly it's a kid who doesn't drink plus you can get drunk if I can't get drunk with a great marketing campaign slogan DVD five stars ddddd five stars right at the top and it's a five star this beer is exclusive from the factory and it's normal to suffer everything but a little lighter in taste viscosity good, I think most people seem to like us, hey, I don't know why it tastes like carbonated water if you're going to drink a beer in Japan, It sucks up all the beer, which is why an avocado is better known.
The sweets are shenoy koibito cookies and the ECS candy company that bakes them and the clever idea of ​​turning their factory into a thriving theme park that feels like a cross between Disneyland's Willy Wonka chocolate factory and some kind of strange town. European and, surprisingly, it works, let's go to my house, life is so hard living in a small house, I'll leave you. Thanks for letting us into your house, that was pretty cool, max, kind of like Sapporo's answer to Disneyland, if Disneyland and a cookie factory combined, this is what it would look like, also a little creepy, will there be chefs animatronics dancing?
Hi, I'm Gary, another one. I love that now we just have to go and try some cookies and that's a pretty slick operation. I have never seen so many cookies in my life. Wow, have you seen the cookies coming off the assembly line? I was desperate to get a box. myself, but instead of just getting a standard box of cookies, Netsky had other ideas, so did we get some cookies with our face on the box, which is like some kind of really horrible merchandise, but the cookies themselves are the ones that are sold? made in the amazing Koibito factory and are considered the most popular in the world, they argue that there is a number one type of souvenir, they are really good, actually, oh I'll show you they're basically just two cookies with a chocolate sandwich between them .
You know, when you bake cookies and they come out of the oven and they're very soft and fresh, that's how it is, they have the same kind of texture, they're not hard, crunchy cookies and I saw four. I just had an ASCII here with a cameraman filming me eating cookies Oh what a premium lifestyle it is, don't fall off the floor Oh dad, we had a great time in sacral now, but what did we miss if you visited the city? Let us know where you recommend for our next trip as it's a place I definitely plan to return to for more than just 48


This video was made in collaboration with the Japan National Tourist Board in the United Kingdom. If you are visiting Japan and looking for


to do around the country or in Hokkaido, you can check out their glamorous websites for ideas and inspiration in the description box below, but for now guys, as always, thank you very much for watch and see you next time.

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