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47 2 Corinthians 11-13 - Pastor Chuck Smith - C2000 Series

Jan 25, 2022
let's go back to your second chapter of Corinthians 11 Paul's authority as an apostle has been challenged in the Corinthian church by certain Jewish teachers who had come after Paul as they softened and sought to put people under the slavery of legalism knowing Paul as we do . We know that the emphasis of his ministry was the grace of God and there were those who really couldn't handle the grace of God as Paul taught it and they came following Paul and tried to discredit Paul and sought as I said to put the people under legalism by saying that You couldn't be a Christian unless you were circumcised and obedient to the Law of Moses and embraced a righteousness by works that Paul spurned by preaching the righteousness that is by faith in Jesus Christ in order to bolster their own position among the people they would seek to overthrow Paul now Paul was the one who founded the church Paul went out and did the legwork he was the one who went to a pagan pagan city and they shared Christ with them and brought the people to the glorious knowledge of Jesus Christ these men were parasites that would come after Paul and would seek to profit from Paul's work by leading people into slavery to strengthen themselves. he said we are real jews paul is not a real jew where the real one is bruised where the real israelites and rabbis in those days used to yell at their students and if they thought they didn't get a point they would start slapping him in the face and evidently some of these guys were following some of the typical customs of the rabbis for Paul, we'll get to that in a moment when he talks about his ministry and the difference between his ministry and those who came after him now having put Paul tries to destroy Paul's credibility.
47 2 corinthians 11 13   pastor chuck smith   c2000 series
Paul feels that it is necessary for him to restore his credibility, although it should not be necessary for him to answer some of the charges that these people have made against him. against him and against his own character and then Paul says I wish you could bear my foolishness for a moment and he talks about this boasting as a fall this boasting of the things he endured for Christ was forced on him he really wouldn't take delight in to wave their own banner, but it was something that was necessary because of the way these false teachers were trying to build their own stock by bringing down Paul, so I wish you would bear with my folly, said Paul, and indeed be patient. so he makes a presumption here I wish you would because I am jealous of you with a godly jealousy because I have betrothed you to one husband to present you as a pure virgin to Christ now marriage in those days was by arrangement and the parents would meet and say you know you have a pretty daughter i have a handsome son why don't we marry your son and my son and your daughter you know there were three aspects to marriage there was first of all commitment now t this could take place at 3 or 4 years old you have friends they have been friends for a long time they have a girl you have a boy well why don't we get them married when they are old enough? are engaged to each other some little kids in kindergarten to whom you are engaged you know that as they got older and it was time to get married a year before marriage they would enter into a marriage that was as much a total commitment as the marriage was It was necessary to divorce a betrothal, however, the marriage was not consummated until the marriage ceremony.
47 2 corinthians 11 13   pastor chuck smith   c2000 series

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47 2 corinthians 11 13 pastor chuck smith c2000 series...

It was during this year of an betrothal that Mary conceived the Christ child from the Holy Spirit, which is why there was such a problem with Joseph now that the betrothal lasted for a year and was more equivalent to our engagement period today where the engagement has been made but not yet consummated and then of course the seven day wedding ceremony and the conclusion of the seven day wedding ceremony the consummation of the marriage so paul is now speaking as a father and i am betrothed to you i am your spiritual father you came to know jesus christ through my ministry between I have a jealousy for you as a father has a jealousy for his own son of his for his own daughter and I have betrothed you to Jesus Christ and it is my desire to present you to him as a chaste virgin.
47 2 corinthians 11 13   pastor chuck smith   c2000 series
They had some interesting customs with their marriage. When the marriage was consummated, then they would have to display what were called the virginity marks that the father would maintain. this as proof for years to come that his daughter was a virgin was an extremely important thing, in fact the other day in Israel his family killed a girl because she had relations with a boy before marriage and family honors were in game and killed the daughter. There is a Bedouin tribe that continues the old customs since a long time and it is very severe and the Bedouin still practice this today if a girl is not a virgin when she is. she is married so that falls to the family the honor of the family and the father because it is the responsibility of the father to make sure that she remains a virgin until the time of their marriage and I mean they take it as an incredible responsibility and a thing of honor and to them that is very important and then Paul says hey I am like a father I am jealous for you my wish is that I present Jesus under Christ to you as a chaste virgin I do not want you to be corrupted by these other teachings and by these other teachers being taken to another Jesus another gospel I tried to keep it pure I thought to keep you pure in the gospel of Jesus Christ but I fear that somehow just as the serpent with his cunning deceived Eve so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ it is so hard to keep the gospel simple there are always men who want to complicate it and all you have to do is turn around and see the way men have complicated gosp e l A couple of weeks ago on Sunday morning I was standing in the old city of Jerusalem just inside the Jaffa Gate and we were haggling with one of the merchants there and I heard I heard this coke kuru kuru and naturally i looked up to see what was going on and here's this solemn looking guy looking like a man who had a stomach ache or something i mean he just looked amazing fierce Sauer had this golden cane big red hat at the top top of head, black robe, walking down this little narrow street there in Jerusalem, the old city taking this stick and popping it on the rocky sidewalk as he went down Kapow Kapow Kapow and behind him these guys in their black robes and hats black and all looking very somber marching sober and rhythmic to this come come come you know and here they are marching to the church they are going to officiate in the services and the merchants said well here go the Christians to church this morning sour bad looking ferocious impressive things the boys were walking four deep and t the line about oh I guess there are four you know lines four deep everyone just you know and this guy the compartment of the car bomb, and there go the Christians, well, my feeling was that if that is Christianity, I don't want any, they have made it so complicated. you know you have to approach Christ in this complicated way pulse not at all I'm jealous for you I wanted to present you in purity I'm afraid someone has taken away the beautiful simplicity that is in Christ wherever we are Start creating our religious systems Start creating our hierarchies I want to show the man that I am taller than you so I wear a particular color and my robe shows that hey I have one with you you know I am one above. you and I try to just want everyone to know how godly and important I am, you know, so we started doing these grades and these systems and we got so far away from the simplicity that is in Christ how I love kindergarten. how I love to go and sit in the classroom and j Just listen to little children talk about God, the simplicity of his faith, the simplicity and openness of his love.
47 2 corinthians 11 13   pastor chuck smith   c2000 series
Oh, your theology may be a little mixed up that first morning when the voice came over the speaker in the kindergarten class you're in. everyone sitting there and suddenly the voice on the speakers there is a place of tension one little children is god but oh how i love simplicity i am thankful that god made me a simple person not at all complex Paul had a great fear that these people they were coming in and making all kinds of regulations, all kinds of rules and hey, the other day in Israel we were sitting in a restaurant and in the corner there was a silver bowl with a little silver ladle and everything, and this guy came in and he I take. went there and he took the thing and he and you know if you don't do it the right way and the right amount of times the right way and all that then you're not really clean and I mean you can't just go in there and take soap and water and wash your hands and dry them with the towel that is not clean you know you have to get into this little routine of doing it in a particular way and here were these beautiful and simple babies in christ incarnate who were trusting and believing in jesus christ Loving the Lord, having a glorious time, you know, and then these teachers come in and begin to put all kinds of rules, all kinds of regulations, and taking away from the simplicity that is in Christ, in case the one who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached or if you receive another spirit that you have not received or another gospel that you have not accepted, you might as well tolerate it preaching another Jesus preaching another gospel there are many people who have taken the terminology and remade it defined to confuse and deceive, for example, Mormons talk about their faith in Jesus Christ, their belief that he is the son of God, that he died for their sins, that he is their Savior and listen to them talk, would you say, well we believe the same thing however the Jesus they believed in was Lucifer's brother and they believed that God wished to redeem the world so he had a divine council and Lucifer devised a redemption plan and his brother Jesus also devised a plan redemption plan and the father chose Jesu s' plan over Lucifer and that made him so angry that he came to derail all the redemption plan that Jesus had and this is even resolved in pomp. within their ceremonies inside the temple, this great discussion between Jesus and his brother Lucifer about the plan of redemption, well, that's another Jesus, so the Bible talks about who is the only begotten Son of God, so it's talking about Jesus , but what Jesus are you?
He talks about God, but what God is he? When you talk about God, are you talking about Adam, who Brigham Young said is our only God with whom we have to do the one who got Eve pregnant now modern day Mormons really discl and it should be declared that they deny the Adam God theory of Brigham Young, they deny it and it is honest to admit that they deny the Adam God theory, they do not deny Jesus, the brother of Lucifer, but the interesting thing is that they do not realize it. that Brigham Young was actually following basic Mormon doctrine when he declared that Adam was our God what is the goal of Mormons if you are faithful if your marriage is sealed in the temple you remain a faithful Mormon you and your wife will become gods and you will have your own planet and you will be able to go out and populate your own planet start your own experiment and you will be able to oversee your own planet and you will be the god over that planet and we other nice people will be your angels and I have to attend to you and take care of the minor details that You know, that's Mormon doctrine, ascension into godhood, his godhood, now what did Brigham Young do?
He took a step back on doctrine, in other words, why sho? If we believe that it only started six years ago with Adam and Eve, Adam was a faithful Good Mormon on another planet, somewhere, he and his wife were sealed in marriage, so he came with one of his heavenly wives, Eve, and they began to populate. earth and brigham young only took one step back on mormon doctrine, they were poor in the thought that adam is our god, but it's only their very doctrine that they stand for, they took one step back instead of forward, one step, brigham young I was just going backwards, you see everything. of us are progressing if we are mormons in god direct it to godhood become gods i seem to remember somewhere else someone was told they would become a god who would only eat the fruit god said not to preach another jesus coming subtly leading them away from simplicity in Christ, then Paul said: I suppose I was not one iota behind the leading apostles in others.
I really don't have to take a second seat with anyone that Pablo has been accused of. being rude in his speech his speech they said he's despicable he writes powerful letters but in his speech he's despicable his presences you know he's a puny dwarf so he said though I'm rude in speech but I'm not in the know but we've been fully manifested between you in all things, in other words, I have been very open with you guys, I am NOT hitting, I have not been smart and have tried to hide things and live by a double standard, have I taken offense by lowering myself? could be exalted I didn't go in like a big shot I didn't go into you with apostolic authority and ordering people and everything I went in as a servant I went in alone, you know, huh in simplicity of speech and manners and everything um, although I have no knowledge, I know better, but I was deliberately like that between you.
I did not get excited. I have committed an offense by humiliating myself so that you can be exalted because I have preached the gospel of God to you. freely nowThe thing was, while Paul was in Corinth, he refused to accept an offering. , so he said, "Hey, just because I didn't take your mind, I didn't estrange you, you see these guys coming, these teachers coming, they brought it down, they were ripping people off financially." he gave me all kinds of tricks and just fleeced the flock of God and yet he looked down on Paul. Paul said that I robbed other churches and took their salary to serve him. offerings that had been sent to him to sustain himself while he ministered to those of Corinth and when I was present with you and I had need, I was not responsible to anyone for what I lacked to the brothers who came from Macedonia provided and in all things I have kept myself from be a burden to you and so I will guard myself as the truth of Christ is in me no one will stop me from boasting in the regions of a ki you can't you can't say I went down there and put a heavy I need help tripping over you I went down there to run away Shu that I came down to take advantage of you because I didn't get anything from you why is this because I love you not all of us go God knows what Paul says but what I do what I will do to take away the occasion from those who want them to look for the occasion to glory be found just as I am, in other words, I have done this and those who speak against me.
I would like to see them do the same. You know they are really outstanding apostles as they say they are. Yes they are Reedy. All this air Let them do like me. Don't take anything from you. stay if you no longer support them look where true love is you know cut off their support for such they are false apostles they are deceitful workers they become the apostles of Christ but that is no wonder because Satan himself becomes an angel of light and therefore so much not a big deal if h These ministers will also transform into ministers of justice whose end will be according to their deeds so these guys came in with all these, you know, big charades stop acting so spiritual they act such a pious manner and all this.
I received a call. yesterday some kind of desperate call from Guatemala some guy has come from the United States with this manifestation of the doctrine of the children of God and introduced it and some of the churches are being torn apart by this precious doctrine the doctrine basically states that we're going to be manifested as sons of God and that's what the second coming of Jesus is, he won't really literally come, but he will come in the church and manifest himself through the church and we will be the manifested sons of God that we are. the second coming of Christ as soon as we're manifested in glorious power and all of a sudden we'll be overfed super saints and we're going to take over the world and he's got a lot of ego a little proud type of thing involved you know what country you want to rule you know and you know what you are going to be dynamic and you are going to be powerful and you are going to be manifested and the whole world is going to bow before you because they will see that you are indeed you know that you are the son of God and all these kinds of things in the world are waiting your manifestation and all we have to do is be perfect and then we can manifest, well, that puts it off for a while, doesn't it?
If you want to know one of the first in this area who started teaching he's on channel 56 every once in a while he's got a golden altar and a big crown and his whole name is Jagger oil he's the one who started the teaching in the manifested sons of God and there they see one of the manifestations for me, it's an abomination, not a manifestation, so they come over angels you know, like ministers of light, the apostles in everything except Paul, it's not a big deal , Satan himself tr transforms or presents himself as an angel of light to deceive his ministers to do so it is not a big deal I repeat do not think that I am a fool but if you want to continue thinking that then accept me as a fool but I want to brag a little about You yourself force me well so I will see that many glory according to the flesh I will also glory because you have willingly allowed these fools seeing that you are so wise I mean where he has cut them now you know that they have kidnapped you you have been atri ncherando you have been a jerk these guys have kidnapped you you are so wise you know and you have allowed these fools why do you allow these men to captivate you if a man devours you if a man takes you they were never ripping him off if a man exalts himself if he has hit you in the face listen to me man you know give me your wallet you know these guys are accepting that your fools are being taken by means of them paul said i speak it's about opprobrium like we've been weak even though we're in such anyone is bold and i'm speaking foolishly, hey, these guys are bold.
I am bold, also these guys are Hebrews, I am also Israelites. I am more than Labor more abundant in lashes oversize prisons more frequent in deaths or facing death many times of the Jews five times I received forty lashes minus one three times they beat me with rods once they stoned me three times I suffered a shipwreck a night and the day that I have been in the ocean in voyages often in dangers of waters in dangers of thieves in dangers of my own countrymen in dangers from pagans in dangers in the city in dangers in the desert and dangers at sea in dangers between false brothers in fatigues and pains in vigils many times in hunger and thirst and in fasting many times in cold and nakedness in addition to the things from outside that happen to me every day the care of all the churches that is weak I am not weak that possesses offended Hey, I do not burn if I must, I need glory, I will glorify myself in the things that concern my weaknesses.
The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is blessed forever, knows that I am not here. lying in damascus the governor under aretas the king they kept the city of Damascus with a garrison wanting to arrest me and they let me out of a window in a basket and I was lowered down the wall and escaped from their hands now this shows how incomplete the record of the book is of Acts for these Paul was writing this epistle to the Corinthians from Ephesus at that time in the book of Acts chapter 19 and by the time you get to chapter 19 only three of these things that Paul lists or mentions but all of these things happen before the Acts chapter 19, so you see how incomplete the record of Acts is, it's just kind of a landmark.
Paul is giving you a little more of what he went through. He tells us a little of what Paul told us. from the ng stone in Lystra and some of this stuff but man what did this man go through to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have never heard you think you have actually done something for the Lord huh? You really sacrifice for God. i really committed look at this guy i love paul in fact he's one of the first guys i'm going to look for when i get there i'm not just going to go up and introduce myself i'm just going to go up and just stay and listen for a while to this guy.
I'm looking forward to meeting you. He's been kind of a role model for me. However, I have not. Same league I'm in the bush league This guy is a major leaguer What commitment really forced sharing these things? We are, you know that this is strange and Paul today they think that there is something that I have defeated without a doubt, you know if that is what you are looking for I do not need to boast but I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord now I met a man in Christ ago like 14 years or more than 14 years ago and if in the body I cannot say or if out of the body, I cannot say God, but such a person was taken up to the third heaven.
Now I have heard preachers talk about Paul's out of body experience and they said that he had one of these out of body experiences. well that's interesting to know that Paul didn't know himself and it happened to him Paul said I really don't know if like in the body or out of the body now if you go back 14 years you go back to the stoning of Paul in Lystra and it's possibly this same experience that Paul is talking about. You remember that they stoned Paul in Lystra and took him out of the city thinking that he was dead and his friends surrounded him crying.
I know his limp body laying there and the guys had gone home where the song says if we killed him we get rid of that guy now and his friends are there crying and all of a sudden Paul's eyes start blinking and he stands up and He says hey, let's go back and preach to Paul. he went crazy now, it is possible that Paul really was dead and that his spirit was taken to heaven at that time and it could be that he is referring to that it was about 14 years a little over 14 years that he had written before he had wrote this epistle that says I met this man in Christ a little over 14 years ago and if he was in the body or out of the body I don't know if he was alive or dead as he is stating I could have been dead and actually had an experience out of body my spirit I know my spirit went to heaven I don't know if I was really alive or dead I don't know but I know my spirit went to heaven now brings up an interesting point the fact that Paul didn't know if he was alive or dead b but he did not know his spirit was in heaven consciously are hearing things that were so glorious it would be a crime to try to describe them shows that the spirit is immediately there in a conscious state in heaven when you're dead Paul said I don't know if I'm dead or alive if that death went into a dream state then Paul said I had a glorious vision he might have been dead because you know he knew what was going on but he's really saying no I don't know if I was dead or alive, what I do know is that I was caught up to the third hammer, whether in the body or out of the body, I don't know, but I do know that I was caught and I knew a man like that.
If in the body or out of the body I cannot say God knows how he was taken to paradise remember Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise and I heard ineffable words that it is not lawful for a man to pronounce or that it is more literally a crime to try to describe there is no language there are no words that can describe the experiences I had I read them once from a girl who was blind but the problem was not irreparable and a Great Physician performed a


of operations on our eyes and the bandages were being removed little by little little to let more light through to penetrate to her optic nerves until at last the last of the bandages were removed and the girl sitting there on her mother's lap as the keepers removed her looked around for the first time she could see her mother's face. mother the doctors look into the room from which the mother's lap got down she went to the window she looked out she saw the blue sky the green grass the flowers the trays the children playing she lay down to cry she came running to her mother she fell under her arms sobbing her mother said what happened what's up she said oh mommy why not don't tell me it was so beautiful she said fine darling I tried but it's hard to describe with words the colors the clouds heaven i did my best when we got to it and we're going to paul's i paul you were here why didn't you tell us it was so beautiful?
I told you, man, it would be a crime to try to describe it. There are no words that can describe the glory. The beauty. of faith that we are sorry for the Christians who died oh what a shame he had his whole life ahead of you you know he was so young what a shame oh oh what a blessing he does not have to go through this world of crap you know if you really understood heaven the glories we should crying for someone you don't have wheat for yourself because you're still around but don't expect them that's nonsense trapped in paradise i heard these things these words would be a crime try and pronounce them and I will glory in such but not myself but in my weaknesses because although I would like to boast I will not be a fool because I will tell you the truth but now I stop so that no one should think of me above what he took me to be or what he listens to me I don't want you to think that I don't want you to think that I am something or someone because God has done all this for me that you know I'm something special Paul was Trying to rise up in his eyes, he was forced to stand his ground because the truth he was proclaiming was being challenged and that's the only reason he was stating these things to them because the truth was in jeopardy, but he said, 'I'll tell you what I really do glory in and glory in my weaknesses unless I should be exalted above the greater due to the abundance of revelations that gave me a thorn in the flesh a mess Durov satan to polish me less should be exalted above greater so Paul here now refers to this thorn in the flesh and the Greek word is actually a stake or a tent stake now when those Bedouins put up their tents which by the way is the woman's job the men don't even know how to handle them they don't know how to pitch a tent they make good coffee but they don't know anything about putting up a tent that it's the women's job, after the women have to take down the tents, carry the tents and set up the tents when the guy decides to, you know, move around a bit, of course he has to determine when it's time to move, that's his job, not enough green grass here for our sheep, we'd better move on, you know, and he determines where they'll pitch the tent, but then it's the woman's job, but out in the desert I mean they really have howling good winds,so they take these tent stakes about 18 inches long or so and drive these tent stakes in to hold up the tents against the desert winds Paul said there was this tent stake in my meat manus pike or this stake really not a thorn not a little irritating hey this thing was really important i was given an interesting statement now i'm sure as paul prayed for it to be removed he didn't know it was given to him that's something he found out in prayer, this thorn in his flesh, whatever it is, and God doesn't know it. tell us what it is and I think it's deliberate that we weren't told what the sting in the flesh was there are clues there are those who have made their guesses some believe it was an oriental eye disease that made Paul very repulsive to look at some I think it was malaria fever, a special form they have in Asia, that made him so incapacitated and left him with constant migraines.
There have been all sorts of guesses, but we don't know, the scriptures don't say anything, so it's just guesswork and it really is better if you don't do the scripture assignment and stay silent. I think God deliberately didn't let us know what his thorn in the flesh was because any of us who has a thorn in the flesh can relate to Paul and relate to his experience you'll see if we knew exactly what ours was that's Paul but you know it could be different you know God could do it for Paul but you know mine is so different you know Paul's the fact that we don't know we can all relate to it because it was kind of annoying it was kind of painful it was a weakness he calls it disease and we have the word nursing sickness both are the same root nursing is a hospital a place where the sick are taken and so Paul talks about this sickness, a weakness, an ailment, whatever, there was a messenger from Satan who was slapping him, but Paul he discovered that he had given it to me, in other words, he discovered that there was a divine purpose for it, it was something that God had allowed.
Three times in his life now Paul said he sought God who would take it away asking God to take away that very thing that God had brought him so that he would depart from me and he told me my grace is enough for my strength is perfected in weakness, then Paul came by spirit to a whole new attitude towards this thorn in his flesh where at one point he was praying to be released, he was no longer praying to be released, but now he talks about I glory in that's why I'll glory in this weakness because the God's strength is perfected in my weakness I will glorify myself in weakness so that the power of God may be manifested in my life and then he says I take pleasure in this weakness in the reproaches in the needs in the persecutions in the stress because of Christ because when I am weak so I am strong because now I am experiencing the strength of God so the way Paul dealt with the thorn in the flesh you see that God did not answer his prayer as he prayed it is because God is He is sovereign God does not have to answer my prayers as I say them God is not a genius He is not there to fulfill three wishes He is not there to give in to my demands I am not running the universe and if I have common sense I won't even try to run my own life , but I will entrust to him the maintenance of my life.
I will trust you with my destiny. I will seek guidance from him in his direction. A man is a fool who tries to order God to acquiesce to his will to his demands what do I know what to do I understand the things that happen around me. I see such a minuscule part of the total picture. I have been so wrong in my judgment about the issues because I did not know the whole truth and when I knew the whole truth I felt very ashamed. from what i said oh i'm gonna oh look what i did you know what i did you know and now i found out the whole truth you know i told that guy to go away i told mouse to padilla and he's the one Judge I have to face. next what do you get man if only i knew you know and here i am so limited in my understanding of knowledge and yet im saying ok now god this is what i want you to do and if you want me to Keep serving you, you better do it, but I won't believe in you anymore.
You know that if you don't comply with this, Lord, forget me. and you know why God has been in our will Paul prayed for an answer, it was not the answer he prayed for many times, this is true God does not give us what we ask for because he has something better and what God had for Paul was a further revelation of himself Paul no matter what my grace is enough for you I'm going to see you through Paul my grace is enough for you and my strength will be made perfect in your weakness now you see this new revelation gave Paul a totally new towards the thorn instead of whining and whining while oh god remove it god remove this thing is okay i glory in that thorn you know because through it i have come to a deeper relationship with god where i know more of his power in my life than I had ever known before a messenger of Satan harmed me, but God has become his instrument to bring me into a greater experience of God's power at work in my life and so I am pleased to this weak ity because when I am weak hey then I am really strong the change in attitude that came to Paul through prayer and many times that is for the best The effect of prayer and the greatest answer to prayer is not to get us out of the circumstance but that the sufficient Grace of God carries us through the circumstance with a great victory in our hearts, a much greater testimony to the world that has been going through this trial.
Going through it I keep a joyous happy spirit of victory in my heart which is a much greater testimony than if I force God to let you know come rescue me and save me from this dilemma Paul said I have become a fool to boast but you forced me to do it really all the time you should be recommending me here you know you are forcing me to recommend myself but i should have been recommended by you because i am not behind the main apostles at all even though i am not interesting at all right? I'm not after any of those main apostles, but I'm nothing.
God, help us to realize. We are all nothing. dangerous position when you really think about b If you know, start thinking that you are something that God said that my grace is enough for you. Paul, everything God does for you, he does on the basis of his grace, not because you deserve it, but because he is so loving and kind and therefore each one of us. you can experience all the sufficient grace of God because none of us deserves it gives God the opportunity to truly work the signs of an apostle were worked among you with all patience in signs and wonders and mighty deeds now paul here declares that a mark of the Apostle was really the gift of miracles there were signs and wonders and wonders this was part of the credentials you could say of an apostle in those days that is one of the things they look for in an apostle they have there that they have performed these powerful works through his ministry why you were inferior to other churches, except that I myself was not a burden to you, forgive me this evil, the only thing that you were inferior. from the church is that you did not give money, that is, you did not support me and then forgive me for this evil but behold, I am going to come to you for the third time and I will not be a burden for you this time either because I am not looking for what you have but I am looking for you I love you I'm not here because I want to get rich I'm here because I love you I don't want your possessions I want you for him children shouldn't save for parents but parents for children you know I shouldn't inherit from my children they should inherit from me i should be saving for them i shouldn't go say hi so i really need a milk this week in yoga will be a man you know they do they follow this they believe scripture they can say dad you help me so it should be and I love it and I will gladly spend and spend for you.
I love that. Don't you like this attitude of Paul towards him? Hey, I don't want what you have. I love you and I'm glad to spend and spend for you as a parent. I want to put you to bed p for you you do not need to save anything for me I will gladly spend and spend myself for you although it is interesting there is a paradox the more I love you the less you seem to love me the less you love me but be it so I have not burdened you however being cunning you I caught with deceit I did not seek to take advantage of you with any of those I sent you I wish Titus with a brother would come to you if Titus took advantage of you I took advantage of you if he did not walk in the same spirit we will not walk in the same steps again think we apologize to you we speak before God in Christ but we do all things dearly loved for your edification we are there and our desire is to edify you our purpose is to edify you you know there is a subtle philosophy of ministry that is extremely important and many people don't understand it understand you know that there are many people who come here from all over the world to discover the secret of Calvary Chapel they want you k now find the secret and return that one and do the same in their communities and they sit down for a couple of services and contact Romain and say what's his secret needs today we don't have any oh come on you know you can tell us there's something subtle here even though people don't usually get it but Paul mentions it here there are many ministries that exist for the purpose of ministry there are many radio shows that exist for the purpose of ministry now friends we want you to write this way we need your help and we are going off the air if you don't They support this ministry, this ministry is supported by the people of God and they are always presenting their needs. and they are trying to get you to minister to their needs and they exist to be served by people who were not Paul's ministry.
The whole purpose of Paul was to minister to people not to take away but to give and thus the philosophy on which we base ourselves nded Calvary Chapel to give to people to minister to people not to seek to be ministered to by people and that is why that you are never asked to give we give you the opportunity if you wish to give and we say the ushers will come and receive but we don't say now friends you know we ask you not to give from the top of your bag but from the bottom of your bag their heart and they know all these clich├ęs and all they know we don't Don't do that kind of thing it's there if you can give lightheartedly and hilariously well if you don't keep it up you know and we're very open about this because we're not here to be ministered, we are here to minister, we are not here to receive we are here to give and that is the basic philosophy behind the ministry and it was borrowed from Paul we seek to build them up because I fear that when I come Paul says I will not find it I am going again z this third time and I am afraid that I will not find you as I would like to find you and I am afraid that you will find me not what you would like to see lest there be debates envy anger and whipping and back Fights and whispers and swellings and two months unless when my god returns I humble myself among you and that I will be many who have already sinned and have not repented of the filth and fornication and lasciviousness that they have committed Paul is saying I am afraid that when I come if things they're not fixed really I'm going to be crying for you because God is going to remove some of you actually what he's declaring he's talking about some of them will actually be like Ananias and Sapphira you remember how God killed them and Paul is warning the Corinthians unless you clean up your act I'm afraid I'm going to be standing at their funerals that the power of the Spirit of God working through my ministry in my life will really come down hard and hard and some of you They will be dead several years ago our super adviser came up to take a pass turret in the Chino area which we were pretty reluctant to do it was a big church but the


who had been there and founded the church had gotten in in morally inappropriate behavior and had to leave the people were torn apart and the supervisor wanted told me to go out and take that church and try to unite it so we went out and talked in the church and other


s went and spoke in the church and the church would then vote on getting a pastor and I told the supervisor that I didn't think I was interested.
I had a smaller church, but I enjoyed being where I was and the ministry I had to those people, and yet in my heart I felt that God was asking me to go there. that was really God's will, but I was trying to fight because I didn't necessarily care about the area to live in and I enjoyed living where I was at the time, so they had to have a church members meeting and vote and the supervisor said Well, would that be okay with you? f I put your name on the ballot as they vote for their pastor is it okay if I put your name on the ballot?
I said yes, if as long as I don't have to go, I still have the option of not going. He said yes, you, you. I will not force him to go, but I would like to have his name on the ballot, so I told my wife: I told her that she knows that we will give a fleece to the Lord and if the church would vote on the first ballot. unanimously to have me as your pastor, then we'll know it's God's will for you to go. I thought he was covering my bases and it's some kind of trap and something, but I didn't want to read, he wants in. my heart, but nevertheless, I felt that you knew what God was saying, sowe got a phone call from the chair of the board and he said Pastor Smith said the church voted tonight for their new pastor and on the first ballot they voted unanimously to ask you to come as their pastor and I said are you sure it was unanimous?
I said yes I said decline what do we do now well it looks like we better go so we got ready to go out on Wednesday night before we started on a Sunday there was a lady at church who decided to get a group of people together to support the pastor who had to leave because of moral impropriety and to try to block our arrival and then she had started this little undercurrent in the church started calling people and started this undercurrent in the church against us that Wednesday night before we left on Sunday she was hit by a car and killed a very interesting person because I definitely think it was a situation like Paul's.
I don't want to be upset by you. You know if I come and find you in these conditions and find myself really sorry for you. God will deal harshly with him if he has to. his church and for the church and on other occasions things like this have happened to us now it is not that I am horrified or that it is anything but it is the work of God and a person who dares to put his hand against the work of God it's really putt putting himself in a very precarious position I wouldn't dare to touch the work of God I could relate other similar stories that we have seen but a person who is in charge of touching the work of God is putting himself in a very precarious position and Paulus is telling them warning of this now I said that this is the third time that I am going to come to you and in the mouth of two or three witnesses each word will be established because I told you before and I am telling you again as if I was present with you the second time and now being absent I am writing to those who have sinned up to now and to all the others that when I come again I will not be spared I am going to be very hard on you this next time that you are looking for a proof that Christ spoke in me, whose pa works for you is not weak but powerful in you because although he was crucified in weakness, he lives by the power of God and we too are weak in him, but we will be alive with him by the power of God towards you so that you may better examine yourselves themselves whether you're in the faith, I mean Paul is saying look, I'm going to come and it's going to be heavy, I'm not going to come in weakness but in the power of the Spirit of God to deal with the problems that are in Corinth. so you guys better check yourselves because this is going to be kind of heavy when i get here remember when paul was in the hall and ministering to governor sergius paulius and the guy was listening and very interested and this witchcraft limes started saying things against Paul and God turned and said or Paul turn is God hit you with the blindness man and immediately the guy was blind and everyone was afraid you know I said wow what kind of a preacher is he you know yeah and they gave him a bigger culvert. but Paul says hey when I come I come with power even Christ was crucified in weakness but he rose with power and I am weak in Christ but hey I come with power so you better examine yourself. see if you are in the faith and prove yours yourselves you do not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you unless you are reprobates but I trust you will know that we are not reprobates now I pray to God that you do not do evil not so that we appear approved but that you must do what is honest even if we are like reprobates or you consider this as reprobates because we can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth because we rejoice when we are weak and you are strong and we also desire this I wish your perfection and that glorious one here the boys are giving Paul a hard time speaking out against all of them and yet his heart towards them is that they might be perfected, he's longing, he said I, you know, I wish you were strong and I was weak.
I desire your perfection, that's why I write these things while I'm still absent, lest while I'm present I use sharpness according to the power that the Lord has given me to build and not to destroy I don't want to come with the power of destruction I want to come and build finally get up good-bye brothers be perfect it is good the word there has fully matured grow be of good comfort be of one mind live in peace and the God of love and peace will be with you so that these beautiful little expectations of Paul are fully mature be of good comfort be of one same feeling live in peace greet each other with a holy kiss in some of the churches in the eastern part of the world in greece and all of them italy you know you walk in and the boys will kiss you on each cheek you know they still practice that in church to greet each other with a holy kiss you go in right there you know brother I can't handle it but all the saints greet you the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all note the Trinity here in the blessing of Paul the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you also Paul joins the Father Son and to the spirit in this blessing t or the epistle to the Corinthians until we pray thank you Father for your word a lamp to our feet a light to our path that we walk it is true help us father help us to grow help us to fully mature help us Lord to walk unity to walk in love to live in peace help us father to experience your sufficient grace so that we learn Lord to rejoice in tribulation because we know that patience and patience work experience and experience oh Lord so that we can realize that you have control of those circumstances for which we are surrounded, so we simply entrust to you the care of our souls through Jesus.
Amen. Next week. The first two chapters of Galatians. background so that when we meet again next Sunday night we can again be enriched through the Word of God the love of Christ empower the spirit so that we can grow in all things in Christ Jesus maturing in our walk wit h He May the Lord be with you and may his hand be upon you to bless you during this week as you experience more and more of his love, his grace working in your life in Jesus name.

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