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45th International Emmy Awards - hosted by Maz Jobrani

May 30, 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your host for tonight, Maz Jobrani, hello, hello, New York, how are you welcome to the


International Emmy Awards? I'm Maz Jobrani, I'm your host. I am honored to be here tonight, what a group of beautiful people surrender. for you once again leave it for you once again beautiful people now some of you don't know who I am and others do and probably because I brought my wife to you I brought her to meet me I am a comedian who was born in Iran and grew up in the United States. I actually came to the United States. at the end of '78, right at the time of the Iranian Revolution, as well as the hostage crisis, that was almost 40 years ago and at that time no one liked Iran, no one still likes Iran, we have been in all the travel bans that the Trump administration has imposed. in 1.0 2.0 3.0 yes they released one every two months it's like an iPhone update they keep coming many Americans didn't even realize there was a travel ban 3.0 because Trump was able to distract them with football weekend kneeling and walking the People were focused on the fact that he had just passed another travel ban 3.0.
45th international emmy awards   hosted by maz jobrani
Now the criticism of the travel bans had been that it was a Muslim ban because many of the countries under the travel ban had actually all been Muslim countries in 1.0 and 2.0, but in 3.0, the administration set out to show that they are not anti-Muslim. and that it is not a Muslim ban, they added three new countries to the travel ban in an effort to show how open they are, North Korea added. I swear to god. I can't make that up, yeah, I didn't know they were coming, but now they really can't come. They also added Venezuelan diplomats so not the whole country, just ten guys from Venezuela can't come and they added Chad which I thought.
45th international emmy awards   hosted by maz jobrani

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45th international emmy awards hosted by maz jobrani...

I was a guy but it turns out it's a country Chad is actually another Muslim country Chad doesn't sound like a Machat it sounds like a Muslim country trying to pretend not to be a Muslim country Hi we're Chad that's skip and that's Phil now HE. Some of you might have voted for Trump here and that's his problem. In fact, I know that immigrants who voted for Trump there were immigrants who voted for Trump because they wanted less taxes ended up with fewer relatives but these things happen, he actually won almost a little. Over a year ago he won on this same stage, yes this feels like a murder scene.
45th international emmy awards   hosted by maz jobrani
Actually, I don't think he wanted to win. Not really, he's a megalomaniacal billionaire businessman who likes to tweet. He did not do it. He wanted to win, he was saying crazier and crazier things in hopes that Americans wouldn't vote for him and if you don't believe me, you can go watch the video of him accepting the speech. It's the slowest walk I've ever seen in my life. he accepted the victory for his acceptance speech he just walks and keeps stopping halfway he just kept going are you sure they voted for me after all the craziness i said they voted for me and i knew he didn't want me because he kept saying ?
45th international emmy awards   hosted by maz jobrani
Things getting crazier and crazier. I knew I didn't want to win when he came out and said Barack Obama was the founder of Isis. Remember he said Barack Obama was the founder of Isis and then the next day he went conservative. radio show and the guy tried to help him and said: You mean Barack Obama's policies led to the creation of Isis and therefore where we are now? and he says no. I mean, Barack Obama was the founder of Isis. I was like this guy. he's trying to lose now a lot of people say trump must be good at comedy.
I'm here to tell you no, he is driving us crazy, he keeps saying so many crazy things all the time, you know how hard it is to keep up. with Trump, he doesn't give us time, we need time to develop his material, he won't give us time. He was working on a joke about the crowd's sighs. Remember the sighs of the crowd. He was obsessed with the size of the crowd. He was working on a joke for that and then. he came out with chocolate cake he doesn't have chocolate cake if you don't remember chocolate cake go home tonight YouTube is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my entire life he was doing a serious interview with a news organization about quitting smoking bombs in Syria and in the middle of the interview he starts talking about dessert and chocolate cake.
I understood that it is the craziest thing. He said: yes, we are dropping bombs on Syria. We were dropping bombs on Syria and ate the most delicious chocolate cake. The most beautiful and delicious chocolate cake I was ever seeing. I wonder what the hell is going on. I thought we were launching chocolate cake in Syria. I got confused. I do not know what's happening. I don't know people. I don't know if as a message goes from her brain to her mouth in the middle of the interview that it's like just telling her about the cake, she will want to hear about the cake.
I'm exhausted, but tonight you guys are not about Trump, tonight is about the


International Emmy Awards. Give up again for being here as nominees, we are here to celebrate now. I have to tell you, as the host of the International Emmy Awards, the best part about hosting the National Emmy Awards is that some people think I'm hosting the Emmy Awards. Real Emmy Awards, Ice for God I know some of you went through this okay, you told your parents I'm nominated for the International Emmy. Fantastic Emmy. My mom thinks that when I called her, my Iranian mother was so excited.
She knew it. You did it on Mars. You're better than Stephen Colbert, you're going to kill him, she says, what channel can I watch? And when I go to see him with my friends, I said he's not on TV. She says, oh I'm coming, he's in New York, oh I'm coming. It's the International Emmy Awards, she's going, oh, she's going, good luck. I told her mom that she is still prestigious. She goes. I'm sure she is. It sounds like a scam, just make sure you get paid before you go up. I think the checks were cashed.
I don't. I don't know, guys, don't get me wrong. I love everything


. I love traveling. In fact, I live in a very


household. I am Iranian, my wife is Indian, our nanny is Chinese. Our children are confused. Yes, sir, no, she's crazy because I. I am Iranian, my wife is Indian, the nanny is Chinese, together we represent almost three billion people and yet we do not have a single nomination tonight. How much do we stink? Or maybe the government won't let us export the stuff anyway, we'll find out. Belgium is here tonight with two nominees, two nominees for little Belgium, which is like one nominee for every ten people who live there.
Congratulations guys, thanks for coming. The UK is here tonight. The United Kingdom, where are you? United Kingdom, yes, with six nominees. The United Kingdom with six nominees. They are trying to export everything they can before Brexit, that's right, we all know it. Mexico, Mexico, yes, that's right. Mexico sneaked in without walls, it will leave them out. Mexico has a nominee and will also receive the Director's award. I'm going to honor Emilio or Scott our house Scott, oh God, where is my Emmy? Louis has to go, where is Darius, sir, how are you, sir, leave it for Emilia Scott?
I have right there from the group that Televisa has a pretty good accent, I think sir, it's incredible. I'm excited as you know the controversy now is that the US wants to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out, but seeing how the US has become what it is now under Trump, they might want to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out. stay away, many people have done it. get out of Woodworks America now we have our Nazis, we have sexual predators, we have the Kardashians, you want to keep us out, we have the Trump family who are like the political Kardashians, let's face it, we love to hate them, I would like to say that the International Emmys They are like the television world cup, would you agree that it is like the television world cup?
Some of you are not convinced that it is like the TV world cup and you really like the world cup. of Americans don't know what's going on, we're aware of that, right? Do you know what that is? They say what on Telemundo. Okay, so Mexicans know what's happening, but Americans don't yet. I tell them to build the wall. Come on guys tonight. we have nominees from all over the world we have nominees from Argentina Australia Canada Colombia France Germany Japan arigato Netherlands Norway Philippines duterte what the hell is going on there South Africa Thailand Turkey USA and Brazil Brazil yes Brazil, that's how I hope you take your acceptance of the war.
Excessive speech has to be like this for 30 seconds. That's all you get. Actually, any Spanish or Portuguese speaking country. I'd rather just go. And that's all that brings us to a very important point, guys, this is called the 30 second rule. When you come to give your acceptance speech, take 30 seconds and that's it. They know that if they want to do it in their language, we will do it. I don't even know what you're saying, make it quick. If I'm going to help you, I'll do this. I will thank all the winners. I will thank you on behalf of the winners. their agents, their managers and their publicists, BAM, that saved you a few seconds.
Yes, now you can spend your time thanking the people who really brought you here. Your parents, your spouses, and your immigration attorney, that's good, huh, thanks? Okay, now, finally, before we To start I want you to meet Matt Where is Matt? He is not an African country like Chad. He's just angry. Where's Matt? Matt. Hey Matt, guys. Matt Askins is an assurance partner at accounting firm Ernst & Young. Right there, guys, Matt ensures that tabulation. That's right, that's the guy, the buck stops with you, Matt, so while his coworkers are in the office doing taxes, Matt is here making sure we don't give the wrong award to the wrong program.
I mean, how hard can that be? Matt and the winner. It's la-la-land no no Matt Matt no tequila for you until after the show okay guys are you ready to get started? Are you ready to start? 45th International Emmy Ward's If you enjoyed that video or any of the other videos you've seen on my channel, be sure to subscribe and tell your friends to subscribe or I'll track you down and have you subscribe. I can do it. I have ways.

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