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43 Minutes of Pure, Emotional Gaming Bliss [DK TROPICAL FREEZE] [#07]

May 31, 2021
down here, look at that right there, so there must be a secret exit in this one or it's in this one, this one had another portal that I didn't go to, it had two different ones. portals turtles two pearls two pearls man, was this it? I don't even remember, but it seems like the secret level is connected to the other level, but yeah, this is the one with the secret portal at the end that I forgot about. because I found the other one, I think you need to wait, how do you get in here? I can't, I can't actually get in here, it doesn't work, it doesn't work, man, I almost did it, that's crazy, I almost did it.
43 minutes of pure emotional gaming bliss dk tropical freeze 07
I don't understand that although I don't understand it at all how to do this it only works with dixie dixie has magical hair look it's like torpedo hair that is apparently stronger than a jet pack or whatever diddy kong is packing, which it's nothing it once again proves that dixie kong is the best in diddy kong it's just a waste he was pretending the barrel was a song that's a different level oh so the one on the right is the temple it must be okay, so now we have 3-a, the rickety beams and then if we beat this one, we'll unlock the rickety beams from the big daddy level.
43 minutes of pure emotional gaming bliss dk tropical freeze 07

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43 minutes of pure emotional gaming bliss dk tropical freeze 07...

What does it mean? What does it mean? What are you doing? they're some kind of device there's a little thing right here very suspicious very suspicious wow I have a strange little mechanism anything up here no wait banana there's something down there the banana some kind of clue maybe I don't know it actually seemed a little random definitely something here whoa this is super weird dude whoa whoa oh god no they stole the bananas no no no this one is really hard come on man this one is really hard for real yeah i got it damn finally throwing some curveballs with the uh minigames it's about time why can't I come down here huh what's going on here? get down there oh oh I see whoa whoa whoa please don't move without my permission here it comes okay um I think we're good, go get a puzzle piece, hurry up, I got it, it wasn't a puzzle piece, buddy, it was like one of the hardest ones, this little thing right there, whoa, I feel like I'm missing secrets in this one, straight up, I really feel like I'm missing some things here aha, there are only five puzzle pieces, okay, that was just a bit of luck, a little luck, yeah, wait, don't rush me, man, don't rush me.
43 minutes of pure emotional gaming bliss dk tropical freeze 07
I know all about the tricks. I just heard something. What was that noise? It sounded like something was unlocked or something, but I don't see anything. I guess we'll go in here. I saw that guy. Saw that. Saw that. I have seen it. You can't hide that from me. That was smart, wait, this is going to be a crazy speed race too because I'll be skipping most of the gadgets, a lot of yolo jumping will happen, oh what's up dude, no you're kidding me, dude he'll respawn, he's kicking my ass butt, not for a piece of the puzzle anyway why did that guy come back?
43 minutes of pure emotional gaming bliss dk tropical freeze 07
I don't like that, excuse me, buddy, can you, can you, can you, can you relax? um, I need him, okay, thank God, he's just a stupid idiot, okay, here we go, oh my god, wow, wow, okay, I'll head over here. and get the banana and go here bananas get the zoom jump get the thing, yeah, caught in a damn thing with that guy, I don't like that guy, hey, I got 'em all, hell, yeah, dude, that's what I'm talking about , third wow wowza, so there it is, we unlock the ultimate super bonus level. I'm going to do the timing attack on this one, which should be a little crazy.
It is a huge waste of time to go looking for that person. Okay, a little slow so far. a little slow, yeah, I'm going to do some crazy things, man, like all these gadgets, skipping them all so far, it's been awesome, okay, I'm probably going to use that one that seemed maybe a little necessary, okay, that's why I love it. The platforming in this game, man, it's so free, it's so free, the fact that you like to jump and skip so many things, man, I tried, man, you can't do that, you need to slow down and throw things away, damn be it, oh I made it, I skipped that whole area too, that was crazy, oh my god no and then I died there, you can do that too, you can totally do it, oh this idiot guy, that ball just devastated me.
Okay, I totally blew it, but whatever now. I'm totally screwed I'm fucking screwed on the guy with the shield the guy with the shield is ruining me too I don't know how I got a gold with all that that's crazy that was really really really fun fast race, I like it a lot though, it's Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm pulling the plug right there. I know you all probably want the temple, you want the boss, but that will have to wait until next time. Approved if everyone enjoyed it. the video let me know if you want more



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