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Wow you look divine you make such a beautiful bride unzip me no wait turn me one more time I want to see the flare then put it on yourself but you already have it on Bertha unzip me now if I know what's wrong this is your wedding not mine so you put on the dress and let's see how it fits unzip me please fine thank you I'll call you back I sent it yeah what is it with you and weddings I don't know what you're talking about for a bridal gown designer you seem to be extremely
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opposite of what you do it's just not right for me to be trying on your wedding dress before you do but I don't mind I can see it better on someone else what do you fit a shroud ah more a bit much why would I fit a shroud there's your answer hmm okay so six bridesmaids dresses all done I have them set for a fitting later when they get in your mom and your aunt all done to you cousin which one Emma she said it all you know I mean what's the word broad to be a part of your bridal
party I know that is a horrible thing to say my cousin saved for six months so she could get here to Ghana I'm just stating the obvious I mean she makes my dress look different it's not your wedding and I don't want it to be but it is my name on the label a girl you are too much is the dress ready maybe you are driving me crazy oh you welcome because I got you something Oh Oh vena this is lovely belong to my grandmother yeah since I won't be wearing it anytime soon oh you are
sweetest I mean between not charging me for the clothes and now this I owe you no you don't mean you sweet we have a problem hello Jacques hi rhythm hello how's the dress it looks great Annabella being a war your dress so what is it the problem that we're having shed you lost a bit on the Kings wedding we're not bidding we want that bit well apparently they change wedding planners and a new hire dropped you drop us and how do you know this oh I'll have eyes and ears
everywhere okay well you keep them here while I go and see what's going on I'm gonna go too so you guys can solve this crisis no it's fine call me later okay wait no joins you know who's in charge now who's in charge I guess we'll be here in two hours doesn't Biba how are you Ivana what can I do for you what can you do for me you can see I'm busy why did you cancel my contract without courtesy we send you a letter why your phone service provider went on strike
there's attitude won't help you my lawyer thinks we have a case it was a signed deal and I don't see why you should snatch it back from me because of a personal vendetta I don't have any problem with you Ivana do you really think you can bring a case against the royal family of the Ashanti kingdom heavy BER let's talk like the woman entrepreneurs' that we are I scratch your back you scratch mine let's call a truce already trusting you is like trusting a snake fine how
about a media circus I'm sure the bride would love that and have you to thank for it the bid you submitted was too high it was signed it was done why are you doing this I ordered fabric on my own dime I haven't even invoiced it yet however the media thing wasn't a threat I will do it submit a lower bid before this event is over I'll be here a lower bed I wonder why you're so desperate for this job desperate you're the one throwing about your weight to get at me for what
40 and single   episode 1
you forget so soon grow up I took a wedding job from you for someone else it's called business so is this fine how about a new bid in an hour yes that will do and all of this is resolved provided the you reduce that $70,000 bids that she quoted we can only pay fifty I can do this for less than six do you want the job fine find me in an hour Nellie can I meet you tomorrow have a job free here you go can i buy your drink Thanks I've had enough are you from here yes I am really I taught
you a foreign I'm not assuming it matters do I please have your permission to continue my work in peace Kate please my bill listen I paint a temple Charles fancy seeing you here what are you doing here what am I doing here wait am I missing something I mean why do you have to be here how about your time is up your cup is full every day for the thief one day for there so I presume that was your sister can we keep this between us please sure for a price isn't blackmailing beneath you
isn't cheating on your fiance beneath you I can explain I love to hear that explanation I knew her fast shut up Charles you're getting married in one week to my best friend she was literally just in my store trying on her dress I tried on the dress for her how low can you go a pregnant girlfriend and a pending wedding to another woman even for you alright fine I'll buy yourself a about my silence cockroach I just emailed you the new bed ah I saw it so can I expect my new contract
tomorrow morning maybe maybe I will look at the bid walk away from the job if you're not happy Boehner I usually want to do this do what fight me you think too highly of yourself who even has time to fight you that is exactly what you're doing I got the bid you sent me I will look at it and then decide if we want to keep you this is a royal wedding we need good Ghanians and what exactly is that supposed to mean it means you can't always get what you want with your looks are you okay
Frank what's the 10th I'm fine since he came back from work because what we have enough for you what do you mean enough our relationship is it okay for you am i enough for you I guess so dear though that's not an answer I'm not sure what you want me to say you turned up my marriage proposal three times I should be the one asking whether I mean not for you so this is not enough I did not say that you didn't say it is do I want tomorrow yes something traditional I see see what
good night goodnight she don't start this conversation and edit abruptly courtesy theater it was your hands what did you tell Beth or anything are you kidding it's 6:30 in the morning can I come in Charles this is ridiculous what do you want did you mention Meredith forever Merida that's a name yes I cannot not tell her she's my friend and my attorney you can't please okay and you die it's gonna ruin everything this is because of her money isn't it she's a hotshot
40 and single   episode 1
American living in Ghana chasing the motherland dream she's your green card your US visa your vessels are the other side isn't she I love her then tell her about your pregnant go if I heron's arranged married what I saw last night didn't look arranged and how exactly do your parents arrange two wives for you in 2018 stop lying Charles listen I have one more hour sleep until I start work so would you please look if you tell Beth hers she's just gonna ruin everything her dreams
are gonna be shattered hmm I'm sorry your no woman's dream she's 14 and tell me who else is gonna marry her she can do so much better than you because if marrying you means marrying you and your baggage then she's better off


how about to this you may know there's an earthquake north of here no there isn't what's wrong nothing look that's perfect a little odd but I like it I sure everything's okay I saw Charles kissing his pregnant girlfriend last night
the wedding is in a week yep what did Beth has a she doesn't know you didn't tell her I can't tell her you can't let him out him it's none of my business my pregnant girlfriend maybe not tell her I can't Bertha's searched long and hard for a husband I can't ruin it all for her and I'll become a third wheel I learned very early not to interfere with couples that's selfish selfish then you tell her she's not my friend Effy please have this finished by
tonight thank you I'll be right back Jacque I have a cake tasting with Bertha 30 minutes toss Jah done mail what are you doing here waiting for you you go Peter to me the call I did when you get back in town ask me when I got out of prison what do I care let's play Peter visit three of us have a little catching up to do I have to get back to it doing what making dresses for women on my job and I love my job you're also good at dealing drugs let's play Peter visit what am I doing
here dad came to me what to do I am NOT to dealing with you people anymore you sent me to prison jack you owe me I did not send you to prison dan I am NOT a drug dealer it was a one-time thing I did to pay for tuition okay you had one job hide the drugs carefully I got my no dance New Deal is going to work there's nothing to do with me look I can't do without you damn it dad you let nothing know I'm ten times wiser I'm sending 500 keys over to America in choir roles designed by
you it's all been arranged you can't have been given into this who said anything about your sexy boss it's her business the police know I had accomplices I covered for you and Peter but now I'm ready to sing like a canary you want to test me church boy Oh church boarding roll some balls I like it who I call it the detectors here in Ghana he's bluffing I'm not going to prison my mother has arthritis Chuck your boy he's got three days you know I don't really like
strawberry in my cake hmm try to chocolate mmm lemon why did you wait till them to get you a cake anyway oh girl this case I'm wrong keep forgetting all about my tasting sessions that bad the worst 13 year old house help raped by the son of a big shot baby girl had to have four surgeries to repair down there four surgeries uh-huh raped her with his Johnson in a bottle while his friend stood around and watched stop it I don't want to hear any more I haven't been able to have sex with
Charles since I took on the case could be cold feet know is this that this thing don't put you in the mood for loving maybe you shouldn't get married what I'm just saying I mean this could not pass you could get married and not have sex anymore and who knows what kind of problems that will erupt what are you rambling on about Charles is okay with no sex at the moment he seems fine I'm sure what is it what is what this this thing this aura about you it's nothing it's
something with theater that's all Wow trouble in paradise hardly paradise Gina Oh what are we doing I think I'm gonna go with the lemon not the chocolate anymore no no limit that aren't sweet ah no one it is yes please meet my best friend Dana from bana Brides great me to you my dear thank Christ so did you decide on frosting yes the fun don't Oh perfect choice oh great okay so I'll go get started on the order thank you okay so that is one more thing off my little Brides list
I'm only getting married once girl or you could not get married at all girl stuff you're late sorry cake-tasting booster John Corbett Edison the King's attorney what's this he's a lawyer and he also loves the ladies I have Eva stole that contract for me for that wedding ah so he wants your job back and happy by fires wow I don't necessarily need about to be fired but that's your work to whatever mm-hmm I can't stand those aggressive Ghanaian woman you know
how people it's actually happy bah it's such an ethnocentric thing to say when is the wedding in three months Wow are you coming to the party afterwards nope I work tomorrow what are you doing hey reconciliatory dinner what are you making an omelet it's 10 p.m. maybe I don't listen it other than 10 p.m. I am hungry good there's a bottle of wine in the fridge I wanted to get two glasses the wine and I'll meet you up in the loo mmm I taste a promise maybe I don't like
burnt eggs you