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4 Levels of Tacos: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Jun 01, 2021
Hi, I'm John and I'm a level one chef. I'm Lorenzo and I'm a level two chef. My name is Kelvin and I have been a chef for 12 years. I make your fish over all the other readings you can consult. your taco dinner in a fun little taco party how often do I make


how many Tuesdays are there in a month Taco Tuesdays are big in my house and if you're not making fresh tortillas you're not doing it right turn on my oven on my coffee table upper oven here now you can use this type of pan.
4 levels of tacos amateur to food scientist epicurious
I'm using a cast iron skillet. It's a great opportunity to add a great crunchy exterior texture and I actually like to make my


with ground turkey, the ground beef that I always use is an 80/20 mix which means 80 lean and 20 fat because the fat makes it. I use rib eye, which is ground meat, because I think it is important that in every bite of the taco you are going to taste the meat that we are going to brown. turkey and I don't use oil or anything, it has enough fat, but this is a non-stick, put a little olive oil in and make sure we're using an oil that doesn't overpower the flavor of the steak, so we'll add a little kosher salt to it and ground pepper, so this taco recipe may not be very traditional Mexican.
4 levels of tacos amateur to food scientist epicurious

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4 levels of tacos amateur to food scientist epicurious...

I think this is something my mom Louise Chinese made when she was a kid, there is meat throughout the growing process, but these tacos would definitely need quite a bit But this is the part that people know very well. This is what everyone knows. The beauty of cooking is that you can do whatever you want. You should let it sit on the keys. Push it down when you are cooking a steak. I'm just going to leave it alone, let it work, it's magic, you don't want it to just boil, it's cool, something will wait for it to turn a whiter color and you'll know your ground dish is ready when there's no pink left, it's pretty. easy metric, this is what we're looking for, you know, that beautiful golden color, this is the first layer of flavor, okay, let's flip this over, break it up so it looks like it's actually on top of me, the turkey created a little bit of juice. and I keep it there I think it's tasty I don't know let's drain this a little because we don't want all that there oh, it's delicious let's start adding our next layer of flavor. using fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and add the butter in stages, so in case the pan is too hot it doesn't burn the butter right away, let's put a little oil, I put red pepper flakes on everything, onion, hello, I'm not entirely sure what. in a taco seasoning mix, but I trust what the label says because you're going to make Stacey Tucker's Cayenne Pepper Chili Powder, which is my cornstarch creamer.
4 levels of tacos amateur to food scientist epicurious
I want to take the oil and butter mixture and you're going to pour it directly over the steak if In case we miss any points in the state, we're going to ensure caramelization all over because the brown color and the seasoning I add about a can of plain red tomato sauce to keep the water nice, so I combine it with the corn stalks we had. in our copper seasoning, so now that's the hopko sauce that we're creating, it's actually going to be thick enough, but it has to get all the way down to the meat, it won't get lost dripping down the plate, this is an optional ingredient that I like and I'm just some red beans, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
4 levels of tacos amateur to food scientist epicurious
That said, if you have gas issues, skip the beets when reaching for Douglass. I like to spear the steak or something. Now at this point we will remove the state and let it rest and voila, the meat is complete as we let the meat rest. Simon moves on to the toppings. I like to make just one vegetable, make sure to put it on top of my tacos. This will be my pico de gallo. Friends, if you would like to make guacamole with this as a topping, we will use fresh guacamole and pineapple pico de gallo. Everyone makes wakka moly differently.
I like to use some of the same ingredients that I have in my pico de gallo directly into my guacamole, so I'm going to cut out the same ingredients. I am using vine ripened tomatoes. You can use whatever tomatoes you want, as Mr. Tomato Firm says. I like to remove the seeds, this will prevent my cuacamole and pico de gallo from being so liquid. I'm making Pico, I'm not going to make sauce and just some simple dice, nothing too crazy here, I'm not trying to impress. Me: Really everything is diced, everything is diced through the small cube, white onion or red onion, diced white onion.
I choose red because of the color contrast, when we put it on top of the guacamole it will look beautiful, so the lunch will be shown to many people. Ask me if I'm supposed to use a stamp, of course it's the same thing, it's just as good as the leaves and I don't enjoy the texture of the stem so I'm just going to remove the leaves. I don't know what the correct way to cut is. a cucumber, but this is how I quarter it and then right in the middle, sometimes in chunks, I'll do garlic, we'll microplane it in Vincent, so basically, as fun as possible, guys are going to get that nice garlic flavor in everywhere and they won't. get a piece of garlic that will be overpowering and bitter when you taste it, jalapeño, the seeds add a little more heat and just taking it out, some people just can't stand it.
I want to make sure I cut this jalapeno as thin as possible. and once it's blue you'll get a nice little kick and then hello, if so, if you press it and it doesn't bounce, it's over. My weapon of choice is a potato masher. I'm just rating you. guys so we're looking for a nice creamy texture then I took a little bit of kosher salt to bring out all the flavor you get a lot more than this double duty in a full line and it keeps the avocado fresh and now the most important part is flavor and if it makes you dance you're right about the pineapple GameChanger adding a little bit of that pineapple will give a really nice freshness to this dish, main ingredient because the egg is pineapple so we want to make sure it's pineapple. heavy Actually, I'm going to finish everything off with the last two ingredients, iceberg lettuce, I'm just going to do nice simple dice here, nothing too fancy now that my veggie mix is ​​complete, I'm just going to give it a nice little mix and there you have it beautiful. veggie mix to put on top of my taco meat next is cheese Mike oh I know it's easy to buy those packets that are already shredded but they taste and this store bought Mexican cheddar cheese mix so these are my taco bases and they are in the store. -bought takes us about other exercises for tacos and tortillas yes, I said two different types.
I like to use both. Let's make a fresh tortilla. We will use masa, which is basically corn flour. Salt is very important. This is the only one. opportunity to season the omelet. I put them in the oven or toaster for just a couple of seconds to make them a little crispier. If you leave them in the toaster oven for too long, they will brown and light up like a fireball, so be careful. them with your life let's add a cup of warm water the consistency you're looking for when making fresh tortilla is almost like the consistency of playdough if you remember what it feels like here's our dough it's time to let it rest for about 10 minutes I'm literally just heating it up .
I add some sour cream as a paste which basically holds my hard shell once I start cooking the tortillas we will hold them between this cloth and a plate once I start stacking them the steam will cook the tortilla along the cut limes that I had. In fact, I'll use them to hold them. That's great. Come on, people like how I roll them into little golf balls. We have a tortilla press here, so. We're going to place this ball right in the middle, we're not going to apply too much pressure, which will allow the tortilla press to do its job, literally, you're only going to cook it for about 40 seconds on each side, we're going to hide it well. below, so the cloth is being used as a heater right now, so as we stack all the tortillas on top, it will finish cooking the tortilla completely from the inside.
I just took these puppies out of the oven and they are just like me. I like them and now the best part we're going to put together our tacos so have our taco tortillas here if you remember this was ground turkey so the best tortillas are the ones on the bottom have a ribeye. I like to start with the cheese first. then I go to the meat, wow, it smells a lot, then we have some of our vegetable mix, we are going to add our beautiful creamy guacamole right in the center, we go back to the cheese, now I go to some Mexican cheese mix, it looks really The good guys know visually that the taco looks awesome.
Moment of truth. It's time to dig deeper. Let's try these tacos. What makes you dance. You did it well. That's exactly how I remember my tacos, all wasted. John used ground turkey. Lorenza used ground beef and cooked and cubed Calvin. Ribeye steak likes to show off a little. These meats are mussels made up of proteins, fats and water. As meat cooks, the water-holding capacity of muscle proteins decreases as fat melts. The protein molecules that are bound to the water uncoil together and push. The water leaves the structure, this causes the meat to reduce in size, lose juiciness and tenderness and dry out.
John chose ground turkey, which is a lean cut of meat. Lean cuts have less fat and fewer flavor compounds than high-fat cuts. I used to make ground beef. but I moved to Türkiye when I became an adult. Lorenzo chose ground beef with 20 percent fat. This can be believed by exposing ground beef to heat, the fat melts and pulls on the meat, allowing the meat to cook in its own fat, which helps tenderize and flavor the meat, this is what that I make at home, so Calvin's pan-seared ribeye steak, which has marbled fat throughout the muscle, this type of meat will remain more tender than John and Lorenzo's ground beef because there is less surface area for the intramuscular meat. fat to liquefy when you brown that fat is another layer of flavor John added ketchup to help bring back the moisture and used store bought taco seasoning to add flavor it has a lot of stuff in there that I don't know what it is, but it's really Tasty Lorenzo mixed his own taco seasoning that was similar to John's store-bought pepper mix for the baby.
Lorenzo included starch which will increase the viscosity of the meat mixture or else all the deliciousness will be gone. Calvin doused his ribeye with butter. and fresh herbs for a rich earthy flavor. Layers of flavors are the most important things when you cook. John chopped and mixed vegetables to top his taco. Chiquita sometimes cuts tomatoes, but we all persevere. Lorenzo made pizza, the guy takes out everything he didn't make. go optimally, but it doesn't match up and Calvin used a game-changing combination of guacamole in pineapple pico de gallo, the pineapple in Calvin's pico de gallo added a layer of sweetness that complemented the salty flavors of the taco.
Good pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain helps. With the hydrolysis process, which is the breakdown of protein molecules, this is the same process that can cause a tingling sensation on the surface of the tongue when you eat raw pineapple, if you want to enjoy pineapple pico de gallo without feeling the tingling on the tongue, apply it. Heat the pineapple to deactivate the bromelain before adding it. You know you can even grow the pineapple and then you get a little bit of smokiness. John uses store-bought hard-shell corn tortillas, which is fine. Lorenzo sandwiched in the store.
I bought hard and soft shell corn tortillas and Calvin made homemade corn tortillas and if you're not making fresh tortillas you're not doing it right. I don't know if that's really true, but the form used in tortillas has been processed through nixtamalization, which is the traditional process that cooks corn in an alkaline or high pH solution. Nixtamalization improves the flavor of the corn and decreases the concentration. of mycotoxins an unsafe fungus present in many plants the alkalinity provided by nixtamalization also increases the nutritional value of the corn nixtamalization and cooked to create the tortillas that john and lorenzo used wallah or ground into masa flour like Calvin used to be perfect.
Calvin hydrated the masa flour and pressed the dough into rounds to form tortillas and toasted them in a pan, then stacked and wrapped the tortillas in a kitchen towel steaming them to make them soft and pliable our chefs strategically layered their ingredients to Ensuring every ingredient was present in just one bite of your taco, that's what I'm going to do. John put his meat mixture on the bottom of the taco meat. sauce, topped the meat with sour cream of chopped vegetables and finished with a sprinkle of grated cheese, both store bought, quite available, the acidity and sour cream will balance the flavor of the alkaline corn tortilla exactly how they are supposed to know when you make them Lorenza wormed her soft corn tortilla, massacred it with sour cream, and placed the hard taco base on the soft taco base covered with sour cream to duplicate the textures of the tortilla.
Pre-made taco bases, then she sprinkled cheese, added the meat mixture, and topped it. with lettuceshredded iceberg lettuce is the number one pico de gallo cilantro and hot sauce Lorenzo's layered tortillas hold the taco ingredients and keep them from spilling onto the plate nothing fell not a damn thing Kalvin served his taco with his face open that's right More of an appetizer style, he placed the steak on top of the steaming tortillas and then topped the steak with homemade guacamole, pineapple pico de gallo, and cilantro. The guacamole that Calvin used added a creamy layer to the taco with little pieces of avocado, which I like to see.
I'll add another layer of section, this is a good alternative to the sour cream that John and Lorenzo used because the guacamole will provide an interesting textural contrast to the other components of the taco create an enveloping mouthfeel. For me, touch is very important. Tacos are an easy meal to prepare at home. I'd say it's a job well done, if I do say so myself. You can keep it simple like John or up your game like Lorenzo. or Calvin hello, spice up your next Taco Tuesday with the right ingredients for you.

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