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4 Catfish Who Got Catfished Themselves | MTV Ranked

Feb 27, 2020
that I'm not as important as you tried to make me seem. I know this is hard and you're going around in circles, but we've come this far. Do you want to have a relationship with Maria? I want to be in a relationship with you, but I live here, you live there. Is there really any future if we don't move from it? I mean, you just said you want to leave Alabama, and I'd move for you in a heartbeat. What really happens is that it is as if we have to slow down. I have a lot of things I need to take care of before any of that can happen and even then, I feel like if I want to date someone here, I should be able to.
4 catfish who got catfished themselves mtv ranked
But I wouldn't have any problem with you doing that either. Can we go now? Do you want to go to the car for a second? Mm-hmm (affirmative). Me. -Hi how are you? Le'Vonte. What's happening? Did you grow up in St. Louis? Yes how old are you? -17. And do you live with your mom? Yeah. And now your mom is dating this guy? Yes. Talli. Talli? She has been talking to him for a long time, but she has never seen or met him. Has she never seen him? She's seen a picture of him, but they've never video chatted or anything.
4 catfish who got catfished themselves mtv ranked

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4 catfish who got catfished themselves mtv ranked...

I see. What do you know about Talli? I guess she's from this area, but she supposedly moved to Texas. That's all I know. She doesn't tell me much. She's telling me to get out of her business and stuff. It seems your mom is keeping a lot of secrets from you. Basically. So you did what any good son would do when your mom tells him to stay out of your business, you emailed the two guys from Catfish. To put your mom's business on TV. Because my mom has been in a lot of bad relationships, so I just want to see her happy.
4 catfish who got catfished themselves mtv ranked
That is all. Le'Vonte, who are you talking to? Who is that? It's my mom. What (beep)? Are these the people from Catfish? Oh my (beep) God. I told her, but she didn't believe me. Is she always she is she sticking her nose in your business? He is always. We are in his business now. He there he is he. You can't date someone on the internet without us knowing about it. Well, what's the deal with Talli? This is my boyfriend. No is not him. He is my boy. We are dating and we are together. How long have you been talking to him?
4 catfish who got catfished themselves mtv ranked
I met him about a year ago. Where did you meet him? I met him online, actually. But we do more by talking on the phone. That's how I know he's real because most guys text you but he actually wants to hear my voice. And do you love him? Yes. You see me alone... I blush when I talk about him. They hit me. Do you have any doubt that Talli is who he says he is? I mean, why would he? I don't think he'll do that to me because I just... I tell him everything about myself and he's going to tell me everything about him.
In a relationship, you have to have trust. You have to have confidence. If you don't have confidence, then you don't have anything. So why doubt a person you want to be with, that you love that he says that he loves you? Why doubt a person? Can I talk to you for a minute in the kitchen? Okay. Of course. Yeah. Uh oh. So what do you think they are talking about? I guess you've heard everything. Nope? Do you worry about your mom? Yes. Overconfident. She makes bad decisions. I don't know what's wrong with her. So you feel a bit responsible to keep her in check a bit?
Okay I will. Men of the hose. Okay. I know this is crazy. But I wasn't really honest with Talli in the first place. He was texting her from a fake profile. Sheklia. Crazy. I know. I know. I know. This definitely changes things. So all this time, you haven't tried so hard to get to know him because... Right. Oh man. Yeah. I made the fake profile to spy on my ex and Talli just texted me and… oh my god. -Yes. Does Le'Vonte really have no idea? He has no idea. Well, we have to tell you. Oh Lord.
Oh boy. It's okay. I have a bit of a curve ball here. I have something I need to tell you. Talli and I haven't met and we haven't Facetimed because I've been talking to him from a fake profile. So you're cheating on him? Kind of kind of. I mean, quite. Yes. quite a lot. Oh, I mean quite a lot. Yes, quite. Oh Lord. What? What are the images you have been using? I just googled "black girl" and this image came up. Is that all you've shown him the whole time? Yes. He thinks I'm this girl named Carrie Taylor.
That is wrong. Does Carrie speak differently? Yes. -How does she sound? Hello. Hi babe. Wow! Come here. What? This is Carrie. Oh my (beep) God! Really? Wait wait wait. Seriously terrence? I did not know it was you. Do you know this guy? -Yes! Man, this is crazy. How do you know this guy? We dated like 10 or 11 years ago. What? This is crazy! This is not OK. That is what it is. Not well. You cheated on me? Well, you cheated on him too. Yes, but still, nevertheless. Expect. Expect. Expect. Did you have a fake profile? Yeah. And you messaged his fake profile, and it just so happens that you guys used to date?
Man, that was a long time ago. It was a long time ago. Are you serious, man? Oh Lord! So you... Wait, time out. You used to live in St. Louis. I used to live with my mom in St. Louis. Okay. I mean, this is the first time. Oh my (beep)! This is crazy! Was it you all the time? Guys, this is destiny. Uh-uh (negative). No. No. It was a bad, bad relationship. Was it a bad relationship? Yes, it was very bad. While we were together, he had three children with me. You told me you don't even have children.
You have many children. How many children do you have? I've got four. I had all those kids all over me. Really? Yes! He was just a H-O-E. That's all he was. Talli-ho. Talli-ho. There you go! I (beep) knew it! I (beep) knew it! I said that! What are you doing here? I need your help. So, who are you? My name is Johnny. I didn't mean to cheat on you. I don't date my family, and I had never dated a guy until this year. It's okay, Jonathan. I can not believe it's you. It's crazy. I don't think we've ever known you as Jonathan.
You were Johnny. Yeah. I wasn't sure if they would help me, being like a previous


, so I wrote as Jonathan. So I guess things didn't work out with Andrew. I think based on what we both need, we should be good friends to each other. Look, that's more important now. We were just no match for each other. Wait a second. How do you catch a


? ... fall in love with a catfish? You know all things. That's how it is. I don't know if it's a catfish. He could actually be the person he claims to be. This is now a sequel.
That's true. We need a new pickup line that's more fun than "meat my balls". His first line, after they matched, was: "Are you spaghetti because I want you to kill my balls." What I sent to Connor was, "Are you a racehorse? Because when I ride, you always finish first." There is. Alright Johnny, we just read your email. For five months, you've been talking to this new guy, Connor. Tell us a little about how he fared. So we met on Tinder. We talked for a few months there. We just talked every day, and then he just disappeared.
For how long? Around a month. It's okay. Did he have an excuse for what happened? Well, he said that he lost his phone, or he deleted... Yes, he lost his phone. Let's go! This guy is... Come on. Juanito. How can you fall for this, Johnny? Johnny, come on. This guy is full of (beep). You are a catfish. It's a possibility he's full of (beep), but I don't want to believe it. So wait a minute. How many photos have you seen of this boy? After he disappeared on Tinder, he actually reached out to me on Instagram. I searched for photos of him and found nothing.
I don't have a last name, so I can't search his social networks, like his Facebook or his Twitter or anything. All I have is her Instagram. I gave him my number on Instagram and he finally reached out to me and sent me a text. Are they texting now? Yes, we have now started texting. Yes. Did you try calling him? I tried calling him. He does not answer. I tell him to call me and he doesn't call me. How serious is this relationship? It's pretty serious. We already have plans for the future. Really? Yes, no, I love him.
You love him? You love him? Yes. -And he loves you? I hope so, yes. Of course. He sends me the kissing emojis. He has to. But he won't whisper it in your ear? No. That's why I really want to hear him say it. Wait, here's someone on foot. -He Is he on foot or by bike? Through the hedges. She is a girl. Do you know this girl? Yes. Who is she? Oh Lord! Hello. -Hello. How are you? Good. I'm Nev. Hello. -What's your name? Shana. Shana. Hello. This is Max. Hello. -Hello. There's Johnny. Are you Connor?
Yes. Oh my god. Who is Shanna? Just a girl. Just a girl? How do you know Johnny? Why did you create Connor? He and I had something going. What kind of thing? As if we were dating. We kissed and... Did you hook up? Yes. As if I fell in love with him. When? Between August and September. Just last year. So, over the course of a couple of weeks? Yes. I thought he was gay. I thought he was straight. This is very embarrassing. From what you've told us, it seems you're only interested in men. You didn't know that.
No, because we had something on our hands. So I feel like if you were gay, why didn't you tell me? And you developed feelings for him? Yes a lot. And then what happened? Then on the show, he's like, you know, he likes men, and I'm like... What the hell? He was not speaking to her at the time the episode aired. Were you dating or talking before she did? Yes. How did things end with you? He just like, you know, he just stopped talking to me, he just left me. Could you at least let me know? You don't leave me hanging.
You could have been honest and said, "You know what, this isn't going anywhere?" But he never did. -Right. Sounds very familiar, yes. So how did Connor's profile come about? I watched the show and I was like, "What could I do to get some revenge on him?" You made Connor. You matched up on Tinder. How did you know all those things about Cameron? Friends in common. He used to talk a lot about his ex. Johnny, I mean... Johnny, we'll get to Johnny in a second. Do you still have feelings for Johnny? Yes, I do. This is a very poetic situation, isn't it?
Need I point out the irony here? This is (beep) me upstairs. This is so (beep) up. I have a defense. So let's hear it. Let's hear it. I can't wait. What she said was true. We had something going, but in my defense, we only talked through Snapchat or Facebook or whatever. So you met in person several times? Yes, but don't tell anyone... Yes, but you had a way of communicating. Yes, but I don't want to break anyone's heart. No, but you could have- You could have told me. It would be better if you had told me right now and straight.
Ay ay ay. For For For For For. Let's do it. Okay. In agreement? Why did you stop dating Shana? I don't want this to come off as just using you or exploring my sexuality because I liked what we had, but I just wasn't interested. But you should have said that. Why didn't you say it? You had plenty of time to say it, right to my face, like now. You have plenty of time to say it. I'm surprised how you whined all day yesterday. "Cameron gave me no clear signals." Meanwhile, you did the exact same thing to Shana.
Yeah, while what Shana did, pretending to be Connor and luring you into this thing is (beep), it's a wash. This is karma. Thanks. No problem. You have plenty of time to tell me. Yes, I know. I get it now. I really don't think you get it, at all. I don't know what to say. All of this is embarrassing. How do you think I felt? Jesus, I can't believe this (beep) played out like this.

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