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30 AWESOME Galaxy S10+ Camera features and tips you must know

Jun 17, 2021
so this is the one we just downloaded this is the stickers but it also downloads emojis so this is the one we downloaded so yeah all this content is downloadable from the


store amazing right improve contrast and colors in video recording we have a feature here called HDR 10 so go to settings and tap on advanced recording options and here we have HDR 10+ video now if you turn on this feature on your phone record video in HDR 10+ and the videos that are recorded in HDR 10+ have better control and better color but listen to me very carefully because in case you do not have an HDR 10+ screen in your house as an HDR 10+ monitor keep this function disabled because to watch HDR 10 videos + correctly you need a device that supports HDR 10 + now let me pretty much demonstrate what I'm talking about here now look at these guys this is the exact same video that was shot on the s10 plus in HDR 10 mode + it's playing on the mac and it's playing on the phone now as you can see the colors on the mac are completely washed out and it looks pale compared to the video playing on the samsung phone this is not because due to the difference in display, is due to HDR 10+, the Mac doesn't have an HDR 10+ display, that's why the video looks completely washed out and this is exactly how the video will look if you play it on a device that doesn't it doesn't support HDR 10 or standard, so you'll see that's why I recommend you keep HDR 10+ turned off on your phone while recording videos, unless you have an HDR 10+ certified TV or HDR 10+ retroactive monitor on your computer now if you want to share those HDR 10+ videos on social media there is a built in HDR 10 - SDR converter in the gallery so go to settings and scroll down here and make sure you enable convert HDR 10+ videos and share and now whenever you share a video which is shot in HDR 10+ so I think this video was also shot in HDR 10+ just press the share button and wait for the phone to do the conversion now as you can see , I can go ahead and share the video wherever I want and it's a dynamic range has become standard but then again it's not perfect the colors are still somewhat oversaturated and not accurate that's why I recommend you shoot video in normal mode, the


is not in HDR 10 plus in case you want to share videos? social networks, and watch them on your first TV or monitor that is not HDR 10, so when you take photos on your Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus you cannot review exactly those photos once you have taken them, you will have to go to the gallery and then you can review them now let's go to settings and enable an option called quick review so scroll down and turn this option on now when you take photos the phone will put the image you just clicked on the screen so you can review it and once Once you're happy you can go back and in case you're not happy with your shot you can delete the image from here and then you can go back and click on the image one more time. now when you click selfies on your s10 plus by default the phone will flip the photo and then save it to gallery so let me show you what i'm talking about look at the


it's here but when i click the image and review it in the gallery if the camera has moved to the right side of the s screen from the left so this is because the image has been flipped now if you want to see an image as it is in the viewfinder , go to settings and tap save options, now this option says images as tribute, save selfies as they appear in preview without flipping them now, once you activate this option and click on a selfie it will save as they appear on your phone screen and as you can see the image has been saved without flipping and this is flipped this is without flipping the image so yeah I like this because I really don't want my images to be flipped I want them to they are saved as they appear cen on the camera viewfinder every time you exit the camera app the camera modes are preset for example i'm here in instagram mode if i exit the app and we start you can see it goes into this photo mode and it's kind of annoying because again I have to scroll back here and go back to Instagram mode now there's a feature here th This will prevent the camera modes from resetting to photo and the camera will remember the last camera mode you put on as well Before we go to settings, scroll down to the part where you see camera modes and turn on this option that says keep using latest. mode and let's go back here for example let's go back to Instagram so I'm here in Instagram mode and if I exit the camera app that's ok let's exit all apps and if I launch the camera app again you can see remembering last scene mode now is pretty handy because it will avoid the extra steps to get back from photo mode to your favorite camera mode so yeah


little feature i remembered asking to use camera mode now as we're on the subject of camera modes you may not use all these camera modes and you may want to hide some of these just to clear up this mess here in the camera mode selector so tap the gear icon scroll down here to go out with these camera modes and tap in the edit modes here you can turn some of these off for example I don't use hyperlapse I can turn it off I also don't use super slow mode so I can turn off ivarlo normal slow motion is ok so i'm not going to use the food option here panorama pro is ok live and instagram and you can actually change some of these for example i want instagram to be right here in addition to the photo because I use Instagram a lot and I post a lot of stories so yeah let's come back here now you see Instagram is right next to the photo option so we have video and Instagram photos and also those extra camera modes that I don't use now they're hidden so less clutter in this camera mode selector now here's the fun little tip you can actually change camera settings without launching the camera so long press the camera icon and Hit the app info and tap on this gear icon and this will take you right into the camera settings so you can turn scene optimizer on and off and you can change a bunch of settings ups, so you can change a bunch of settings from here without having to open the camera and yes this is the exact same menu if you open the camera and if you hit the gear icon here and this is the exact same menu that you would get by holding the camera icon to get to the app information and then pressing the gear icon is a useful thing if you are trying to save some battery because every time you launch the camera I feel like the camera does use a lot of battery power to that you can change some camera settings without having to start the camera. the camera app so if I press it once it launches the camera app and I can press the volume up or down button to play pictures you will see how convenient it is and by the way if you want to take pictures using the volume buttons press the safe icon in the camera app then here in the camera settings you have to scroll down here to part with safe shooting methods tap here and tap here which says press the power key volume and select a picture or record a video so now volume up and down button acts as a dedicated camera shutter button so now let me show you how to remap the big cast button to launch the camera app or the application you want, so the first thing you should do is go to the settings and pull down the notification panel. in this gear icon then scroll down to the part that says advanced


tap here and then tap on the Bigsby key so if this part is disabled that means you need to set up Bixby so first go ahead set up Bixby and then come back here you will see this part will be enabled so by default the bixby key setting is single press to open bixby which means if you press the bigsby button once it will open bigsby so Let's go back here what you want to do is select the second option which is double tap to open Bigsby and then tap here tap once and then select the app you want to launch tap this transparent icon and then select the app you want from this list, for example if I select Instagram if I press the big C you see it launches the Instagram app so let's come back here so you guys get an idea and you can select your app favorite lication from here and yes you can select the music player too if you want but I'm ok with the camera because it's pretty convenient ok guys thanks for watching this video hope this video was helpful and I hope that you are now familiar with the camera of your Galaxy S ten plus and again if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section. below and I'll be more than happy to answer them so thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos on Samsung like 10-plus
30 awesome galaxy s10 camera features and tips you must know

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