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Feb 23, 2022
alright alright y'all alone and i got a juicy build drop the rock triforce machines ready oh my gosh yeah that's a farmer too so let's find a guy with no armor he's got a armor than code no. We know that our last insight means that everyone is in the works, this is just going to hurt a little friend, the Triforce with the e is beautiful. I'm going to cum, how are you? Actually, we're playing whack-a-mole. My gosh, these things are so scary. I like it. off buddy the


defense is a good offense now we know hopefully he won't die again had to keep finding the squishies and keep him off the mat so that's good they commit like that and don't kill me they're screwed with their backs Here I'm playing thrush eighty.
3 hrs of my best thresh plays urf movie 9   bunnyfufuu
I'll hit you good. Someone to impress our maybe we hit him with that card. Honestly, this is a compliment. Either way, it's not fun. pretty good i mean look playing pretty good i wanna get mad you spit bought though lee ever get good we got shirley's boys by our side we should be good should be good gonna find it don't bunch like crazy in the shit alright they want to go very hard, min dog, you have a memory, we are very cold once it is good that it is very good we are going to come a room I wanted to do it so I had all the perfect element someone is good I have bought again we are good in you come with me mmm we have to push the bottle it's going to be a lot of nothing the old man would be crazy 46 kills we have to close this pup and now dead for a while why did you leave me we have to go find them while they are alone if they all don't move they don't move Don't move, don't move, my God, thank God for that, stop me.
3 hrs of my best thresh plays urf movie 9   bunnyfufuu

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3 hrs of my best thresh plays urf movie 9 bunnyfufuu...

Now we are talking. There are many things we need inhibitors. I kinda think it's good that there are still three dead for a while it should be enough for these two names if we hesitate we'd just lose I don't want to lose that's a bad time to get out of here the old man drag is just going to be the extra room for the dude pop it's going to be a lot this is going to be a lot it's good oh y'all sure time was running out upstairs after snagging some risky red powder 58 in the dark Harvey around 50 kills could be our AP record honestly give him my beater ap register this sneaky little dog oh wait the car is a joke you don't need to use it next game would you go all the time to snag some loot from sun oh my god honestly malphite looked so much scarier all six right now not the Who else commits a crime on the planet, but please, no one pays, the pressure is and I'm obsessed, too obsessed too.
3 hrs of my best thresh plays urf movie 9   bunnyfufuu
I told you I'm the reboot right now. Otherwise I expect to take up too much time. way to take the bait that way they often make a very tough decision we will follow the flash as you saw it i want a wig if i get one more curtain or not or one more splash it might drop later my friend oh yeah some nice items thank you all the waves in a perfect spot nice nice nice I'm going to get in hot they're probably too scared honestly I don't blame them very well one or two points and bucket then the pain train would say three and our F is all you really needed for Thresh because the cooldown is so ridiculously low as four champs one is honestly very good that's like a boom like dawn on board that slipped and hit the nuts but that's going to hurt real good real good rick has done the loot bob oh boy , you're actually on my brutal leash, I feel a little sick first, Thresh, that's not something you can do, you're about to feed so much on the water dragon in the bag to do it.
3 hrs of my best thresh plays urf movie 9   bunnyfufuu
Eating the cake just to stoke the fire, Malphite, don't you dare, don't go in there. Oh, I guess someone's paying the price now, officer. I bet that's probably the smartest thing to do there, but hey, say hello to everyone, good, good, Adams Storm Rain Check, it would be nice to secure the Authority article, you know what I'm going to do. sit on this earth for a while i think its actually not bad if i quit check this out oh my gosh i wanna see if i won chowder lets go ahead and hook a minion like this all that didnt work definitely not we're the latest hit with her so fast oh my god that was on nam prik. that my friends weren't food we nod to break down the barriers find me throwing the big ones oh my god that's awesome beautiful team slow our pace down teemo agenda 88 ok more points and he'll allow us one. -shot if I had another verse from point II which is Sona that Otto really killed her without the crit how crazy is that yeah Adam oh quick slap Andy really dude gold gives us so far I want to hit a hook in my head it's hard those Malphite no let's take them off right then and there I made a card I know I'm digging the AG fresh honestly alright it's time somebody fire a hit no one for this they ready for this just wait for a crit those they were not critical.
Not sure what to think about this, all good mid-boards. I will be so strong. I bet you. you're embarrassed behind you oh god i just got here tonight i wanna hook someone fly all over me that would be sweet i just wanna get this plating and peace damn i got it i got a baby oh my god If that? the point is this too much food is fine and clumped he let his bone sink in for a second he's not going to die super fast we're just going to have to dodge that edge of the night it's going to be perfect against that guy but for now come on with this damage, maybe we don't have the idea or rapid fire yet and literally just rely on one shot at them as a single shot.
Oh ok ok this is interesting remember to save our cars for the enemy champions. in a fellowship where others are dirty dogs all the right groups come oh my god i don't wanna save that for the clips max rangy i'm one out just one shot for all i have another blast of Aida - the thrush is ridiculous. I'm not going to leave it until oranjee once we buy next time - I'm coming for you kill Borg, they need to go like boots of speed or something. I think we need to go up because of that, yeah we went to process our ship faster, maybe mobis, honestly I never sink because of it.
I'm sure if there is someone we are not. y'all set jack eat that oh my gosh my hooks are longer they're longer because of Swain baby this is going to be a sick combo actually a sick combo you want to think about it but it's probably going to be a exaggeration on the hooks. I don't care give me souls and give me a colles oh my god I thought what a hit we actually have two kinds of hugs now this swing and mine too oh boy I really need to Flay oh that's going to hurt oh my god right around the minion dudes balls jump on me why not oh this place really floats not bad I don't think we're going to build a post ok that's an embarrassing start. -kill hey I tricked him he told me up you know I'm saying all we have to do doing everything right t What didn't work out once we turned pro things are going much more according to plans without it being a small move from window.
You're not dying on my watch, are you? im hooking up this guy right now the fucking connections nonce all we gonna get up he wrote about how much gold you got to point something im falling right now get tanky hey dummy remember thats what he didnt do my fault one of those thats one Boy, come here, let's go to the melee range. I think, honestly, we've lost a good flame. I really want you to take one. They are definitely afraid of us. that we just have to get on top of them so let's be creative in how we do that there we go we hook it once we super hook it so honestly the protobufs will be so nice so nice I wish you would take my rose. tiled better alright they're doing it now they're mad now once I die I'm screwed we mess up I really just gotta run oh yeah I waited long enough to get a little dazed it hit me dude it was the


, well you were the worst, we played so well until we bring the game, that's the epitome of that, all good, magic goes. do the plus proto bail or max build if i hadn't been so greedy that would have been perfect either a big day where the hell you gonna take the clasp has so much gold if we can buy it soon great and im one of those bad boys early i dont care if i do i don't care if i do oh level six you know what that means big damage times i'm not using all these planes and flips and dunks and dives and dashes what's happening that i Kali wasn't stationary for a very split second alright alright first of all we're doing second of all you know what i should play that very well i have to give it to him you take that and i want Come on in i skip find an easy way to do it.
Check this out, no the fucking ending is too long, are you kidding? I'm going to have to clean up the classic Swain, classic, classic, joke, classic, oh let's go for this we definitely do it now it looks like an Air Drag oh my gosh yeah let me do it. come in Oh poppy, how are you, you're new here. I am ready for this. We should be fine now. Your sweet moment It could take a hook which would be unwise. No one tries at home. You stung me when I was on the wall. Are you serious? God laughs.
I understand. Let's do this. I understand a group and I fight more. Oh why hello. my favorite ARF dragon especially when you have a champion who uses it oh so good they ate a shot King our second good good good dude oh my gosh I'm so confused she goes all over the place she's ok, we actually deal damage to towers now. so it's going to help with our goals and we have to oh god we got a little game over you r hands drop deep boy check i want to get this art engine yet but we need to prioritize hi bobby you're so good you could have fleas and ducks and dives we have our ridiculous alright DTaP required a lot of them just acting we're going to start picking up all the jazz.
I wanted to pick up on that so the foot of the width is the best it's ever been. Where do you think you are going? Hey, Axel. about the place and I respect it shame is to play how shermer should actually play it's not backed by a doggy I was in the state to stop record stay to grab the lantern definitely happy that's hooks are getting connecting and we need to go get this now this is going to be our wind condition it will surely give it so much survivability with how fast it really is let's look at the yatta yatta yatta junction and look at this poppy it's building the wrong resistance , my friend, deep down, I wanted a hook too. drunk but it did go wrong oh boy it's alright um new plan you're playing this blue jackpot it'll save us volibear we're on swings a Mimar. if we need more survivability I'm curious how it's going to work out all I know is we overstepped a bit in the bot lane and I'll gladly join Club Jex how the hell did you do right?
Keep in mind how quickly this stacks up. i have to not stop using a billet houston we have a problem that's why you have to stay on the offense because you end up wasting as much time on an enemy as Jack to the mates of us and they bought Baron with that so I can't i'll turn you down because the lyrics didn't come together and go crazy again thanks primary spam skills for the bass let's make them respect there's a better memory that's a lot daddy it won't leak oh we got whatever dude me and what we do a quad she's already all IDI I took so much damage and I'm not happy about it fi ne fine fine fine while we're flying you're no fun at all yeah let's just skip this part.
We got our spot, just take 'em up to the tower, baby. I know my dairies freaked me out a bit, but I love Thresh, you'll love them too. Changed enough of this guy? I don't have enough of them. Let's get this place so we can start doing some dirty, dirty stuff. I almost almost have it. the amount of slapping you can land on the face is pretty scary we imagine people being wild let's go ahead and dive in and do something zoe we'll be back with some juicy items honestly ummm a dagger would probably have felt really good just turn the car off a lot faster she's after the genie for him i skinned him in that bubble e and i messed up the hook so bad a lot of good luck bad that fight but it's focusing on the guy and moving forward i got so much armor ridiculous little fly hit a roofer c'mon to do that get some armor is moving towards the points and the hook is what i like and we end it with more game of pointing and a flavor for the creek not the Ranger oh baby so much CeCe Pass Lane change I don't blame a guy from a bed so she's Thresh and that doesn't stop the points in place so we can hit d-down with a juicy fat car.
Hey, she's dodging such grace money. They have killed me. Good flash accessories for him. we can I think this slow will be very good The speed is very good Very good Understand that and that right now our one car will slow them down completely fucking group look at this let's bark and straight to theface now fun to play it's not fun at all you really have a split second decision you need a split second decision find the perfect time to flash it's nice the flight after the car it's just to make sure he came running to me .
I wasn't going to work one bit. Let's do this. I'm like this. Wait, stop. We got plates. Davee Thresh is rightfully busted now we can afford this I mean Namie meets the seals with Nami they're so damn because I'm investing everything in hitting, hitting and damaging right now literally everything so we're doing the hard work. much appreciated I love how we still get so much ap better flash that will hold it more I don't care buddy yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my god haha ​​no no no no I can't drag oh my god he just stole that right on those damn we like the tapes try this in fact you have to respect and fear my hook is sign tastic my jaw up locking and punching and i don't know what to say about it honestly buy this and let's buy this say hello to the one shot one shot booty box guys stack up the car and let it three cars three shudders are sealed off the tank man should dive into it with the way yeah we load our passive more we're going to complete a shot that's what it's all about Penta my Penta is coming we show this a little life steal gotta oh my god oh my god oh my god okay no go bets go go actually died thank you we died a little like that from base attack speed.
I wonder if this incorporates into my face. Actually, that would be. No, my best ice boobs, baby. we just want the


to die if you complete in one go hahaha we only do so only one person can hit us at a time we are clear do you want to go right now oh my god that bubble actually wasn't that bad there's nothing remember what we just talked about we didn't incorporate that at all like literally what i found myself i got shot it was bad so let's not do it again maybe a death stance but give me a better survival rate hey cassidy know the one shot comic wonder okay let's hit this undead okay let's take these slow and step in time we got a jet stop now that will make our life so much more enjoyable.
So will this water boy. Sometimes Bush. I would laugh so much. Steal it. Oh my God. I thought we lost that. we can i think we keep it cheap we promise it takes three of us to do this kind of thing thats a lot if you die bruised and stuff as we talk here that dance helps alot hopefully our team can put up with that oh my god they cant oh my god No way, okay and check this out, adventure squad ready to rock, this is working, everyone's blinking. I'll bring them back, don't trust Home Depot like that.
I like it. those who were worth it that were going crazy Wall Slugfest Kanwar putting on a cinch this will be interesting this will be interesting Wow where they have a death I'm not too happy about it nice nice this flashes now it's ok not where I thought it was young what are you making? Who shined? Not what you want to do big boy see if they can keep their end of the deal in that boss room to the alkanes perfect dessert bad for that boy oh god i leveled up faster than i ever could have . i shielded them but yeah no no no no no no i wish they had more it's the same damage on gear because i get so much armor so much armor from my step here so let's pick up some goodies that listen to have many. ad I'll tell you a lot I had a pretty nasty go go throw my skills pushy Randy has a really honest point I'm in I'll get in touch with several people who are down I love being late to the game especially on the thrush technique until the whole soul my favorite thing to do what the hell just happened very nice very nice everything sejuani scission money wants to come play come on where the hell are we champs?
I have been interviewed. I am complexed by my hair. I leveled up re4 the super large size. Interesting observations. car - not too happy about it running around doing some dirty things oh germans hitting right at me yo good up that's ok actions going down those and a red burst for the road it hurts us so much i charge it my ticket is one- shot wonder waiting for happen yellow grocery smack him down he will eventually win. I just have to get to my W, such an important point where I can survive thanks to it. Mainly, you have the seen in action. beeps jelly oh god oh god stay up kassadin that scares me to become friends im coming that guy car followed them and we have to focus hard on the chills honestly thats what we gonna get our souls and more souls we got the shield the bigger the shield the bigger the less likely we are to die so that matters a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot i think straight out he's scared for a good reason i asked let's do this field we run her down or you don't hate zoe keep stacking it let's see yellow what are you doing oh dude that's too good he personally takes the cake imagine having a aimed hook that deals more damage is basically what my autotext is i mean he's still hooked i have to give him that floors for days are up 132 one it's 31 and our shie lds get much stronger, later soon we will be constantly protected by this amount and that's when you don't die in fights, are you never ready to get to that point in the subsonic thousand shields floating every second we climb hard? thank you thank you thank you mm-hmm so so oh so good okay they're pushing the hard glass top adorns the plate what I know you see that's good that's awkward whatever I guess I just did anyway she's the one she's going to hit her oh yeah this J is going to be huge remember dave pancakes dance tipped me this way you know if I post that and she's going to die and I gave the hook straight to her that would have been a crazy, absolutely crazy, oh, there's enough for a while. they can get here they said they have aged a lot yes the casting time is over.
I actually killed her, it's a hard path to follow. protects us for three instead of doing three extra damage dont ruin my dream you win good thats good its all a good counter buddy a great day say check it you know this so quick period im going to do the last dirty job they can take the deal see if we care see if we care no no it's not good and so are these little friends more chills more chills we've done this before but it's almost good if they take us to Hibbs to get more chills to our base Honestly I didn't like the service.
What are you doing down there? Thresh does it all? The fight begins. Finish the fight. God is only near the minions to allow me to gather the soul and therefore 369 souls here is our shield right now, but why is it already so big? Oh mountain drains know what I think I want to leave this for BT our shields will be huge. mound dragon plus BT plus this you're not really going to compete with Is there any other Silva at the core of why he was always going to stay on top of the mound online? B.p. online W online. even higher too which is why every one of these souls matter so much y'all geared up for retro style i was a beetle i'm in love with the seal dude really in love with the shield the boss is here to touch eliza I'm blind, right?
You may need to start placing blue trinkets literally everywhere. I'm going to start now. I will see you later. Nice back door. I'll put another Ward here. him so fast we have three places we can't do much if i think iron elixir worked better for me the less i had CC the more damage i can do on them they all go on baby stutter could be good i feel like they are starting to protect this area not too We just gotta protect these little friends oh boy well we didn't understand I got my diet here they fucked us good good good good let's go home home sometime let's get on with our crepes oh my god . boys had a heart attack our blue trinkets everywhere so those four days oh we got merch making sure they don't delete our stuff we're in full keeper mode right now full date keeper no one doing bias oh hi oh no that way we can't leave our base you made a big mistake chasidy don't lock down hmm i think the acid and the bum are probably your best bet if we were jess thats not it from all angles all the towers are down its pretty risky for sure i think i like this build better to calm this down bt2 good mountain dragons . - nice try at sweeping the vt rock shield when you post this oh my god haha ​​guys she's so crazy i don't think i'm going anywhere in blue jeans for days it looks like Rito is finishing it for us on this one but that's it one ending, next game here we go, okay they're twisted, they fought, oh well that didn't quite work out dude. hookers are in town bro well one got it right almost got the prediction seems like we're stuck with not everything is right instead sometimes i wish i could copy the parsing mechanism and just hook myself to the walls take the hook, honestly, is probably him. jealous of the distance it could get to chills like this I like how it does two poles on the Thresher because you can take it instantly and be so much better I need to make my game so bad not for a bigger team mate well how is it my fault? mmm they're just close someone's coming the flash note dad really brutal Wow actually Joop I put that in a place where I made sure you couldn't go right but he ran the perfect distance go right knowing it ain't ok watch out buddy chum it's ok i'll play it's hard enough if he's his god we'll see how that


out though once we get the top five for little belt that's when we go home . this one thought boom-boom when i buy four items i like to buy the components even though i can't buy what i'm waiting for anyway but i don't know why it's something i like to do proto belt only GA is it going to be huge or not J sorry our last y'know huge bro get the oh god alright so check out the proto double dude yeah yeah yeah break and count on me on that come over here trouble breeds four days and I'm still in the broken place in that Tower hit me.
It would have scared the hell out of me. They get the knockback power. We have these pillars that were not the best. Thank God these pillars are scary. him dude pretty sure trouble trying to help i'm pretty sure not quite sure but i'm pretty sure he caught him caught him i'll take i caught him in the air look at this y'all gonna laugh oh my gosh that's so sick oh yeah if i check this look at this yeah every point now he's right there and line him up oh my god wait tunnel you saved me my hero right out of me sit down yeah man this is just a wild card right now over how much it really helps, oh yeah i think we're good. well it's definitely worth a lot of gold right now what's still spent we should oh we're good ah I could have buried her to stay alive there guys don't you dare fool this thank god it's ok ability power thank you merc tracks what else what else what else what else another book for sure why not everyone no more is right here they think i'm alone hi big surprise i hate to do oh the zippers just didn't pull it and it was legit pulled see you later my boy wow big wow our build is expanding rod of ages Check we're going to beat your late game build with an arrest. on the way out coming back here walking back with the play it's beautiful god it's actually oh boy oh my god flay's CC got me enough to turn off the car but now this guy is dancing in front of us so close yet so far we almost made it if it had been professional to do it sooner.
I think we could have made it. It's hard to crash the party. Mitch Steph threw mmm. let's go in I wish I wasn't drinking so I'm cool yeah man that spinning pillar really works he won this thank you for free peace girl scout I know it's all that or all I saw was that and all that . right, nothing more, nothing, I love how fast you can cast the boat with the hook. Honestly, it's a good thing. This thought. i want to get it i'll hold on once i die so that's exactly where my last power goes the problem is brutal take dead hug buddy now we don't need we don't need why it's efficient yesterday halo flash hello mantheon pantheon has hit birthday oh my god , love it, dude Oh my gosh I wanted to hook up die on air that would be so sick ok ok bored come save me where you are oh my gosh WL I was home free ok definitely none of those and the archangels What are you going to do for free?
Looks like the shooter just shot him. Killing a bard is somewhat difficult. Archangels. Veins.You and I. god it's a trick from his team, robbed killer, man, i love that seven can use my art, but piece, nice try. he don't die yeah I just heard you hey you are if you wanted to get through What cold would they have fixed you for that? You know that the slope of the university is really that strong. Oh my gosh, that's going to hurt someone. This is loot. your back, man Theon Pantheon, grab that huh, we're good, we're good, we're good, okay, what? might as well almost know the origin of those pretty curtains, oh, you left here and now that our life comes ahead.
Wow, I pushed for our last no five, I could have doubled our cost with the Bartle if I used it. correctly anyway didn't come close to death tab serifs it's right around the corner it's at 600 out of 75 listening stacks so incredibly fast oh man oh man oh man it's alright our towers are alright we're doing a good job al keep it full party which is nice a full party full and a cow being tired, though hey how are you? i'm doing it was sweet i had to destroy some towers ourselves our shield works fine the comet barely breaks it we're fine i already played this cap D though because we have that it's this many souls hello my age is almost up and now it's all i you had to get out of here i have to get out of here the veins are popping happily that buckley hurt so bad oh my god he kept jumping on me dude i tried that pillar i just messed everything up honestly i wanted a fake flash on this here they go this way i'm home free from blame it's not what happened let's skip this i'm here to save y'all here come the bonuses dude i'm so addicted to freshness and bard is having one in total city right? now hello if someone who thinks of going here is in trouble put the W and these pillars are blue oh my god I have you broke is that the more I change it from here thanks more shields more shields more field in the city for which I really trembled so much and i don't even notice literally don't even realize it just gets so bad older equals more earning okay okay let's see there's a lot of dead did she show you the whore machine that's always been done from the water?
I miss him already hello that slow and brutal kazakh mm that ain't saving you the big beans jump and they're all on offer that's what I do I'm gonna play get to the side I'm proud to lose one but no one saw it boom boom boom boom if you want to be busy fighting we're busy taking their treats the archangels have transcended that's slow but it makes me watch every single one of my time oh my god if only oh my god i was close to that deal literally right where i was standing well good old man don't let the shoreline sink or flash you're just going to jump out of that flash that's the problem maybe now i just have is oh my gosh it's going At this point oh he was still CC. he's dead, no, no, no, I'll help myself go crazy, would you go out with him, baby, baby, don't you dare die? this is one of 16 that will probably stay with my thread or go banshees right 1.2k AP currently expect games to look pretty juice we are harvesting souls right now and its time for some inhibitors which is certainly a strong protocol because we do for lack of AP offers through our passive oh i'm trying to pull the sweet hose that one is not so sweet the beeps are everywhere it's too hard to function it's like working in the area of ​​the diner you know i just eat nice things and clean them crawls around nothing oh my dad has double hug between a couple days of spawning i cant help it right?
Isn't he in trouble? It's clutch, downshift, you pull down the whole truck and I take over, okay, no, that doesn't smell like a joke. 280 of our souls, this is the game, David, make big, pretty, big bells for me, I'm not going that way. I'll tell you I tried this house so long dude this one of those and roll bites is what we need so we're gonna do our best to dirty all the stupid critters can't find it oh my gosh dude this is what 1380 friends looks like in the CC he does it for free you still have to help the service is good because you can archangels a lot of the damage karthika wants the deal oh my daughter's clothes haha ​​god that one has Than be my favorite too, damn yeah no no thats bad if kelly approaches us it could mean bad news except for a HP like this ok its going to draw a lot of people to help get this guy off me oh my gosh Ian will get fucked Right there, thank God. we got a lot of pressure and late game issue with vena ruski we're going to skip this and beat hard be naturally his major jay not on my watch just imagine i still watch this to save the world ewing of god ok and the nick hopes to go to my head it did oh my god i just went up and back down i can still take it it's you applicati sighs i love bart holding them good thank god we have pressure right now or else we have been in a lot of trouble, but yeah i'm dead i'll be fine you're safe but they're definitely gonna go to baron for this we'll fight then the lung will blunt them we'll finish are we doing this or what i have to bleed this purpose towards the lion appealing to no avail all not just stop those jobs bard it hurts so much i love it she dropped the shield buns keep dropping the shields I'm taking care of this oh my god it's ok we definitely need three names T omme the damn thing hold your head and use it mm-hmm also prostrat for rift herald on towers this only happens when taking armor into account but you don't want to use your rift herald too early if you still want to continue to the tower we'll have to do a whole video on how to know i watched something from LCS made a lot of sense we'll dive into that later but for now we'll grab his goodies so anytime what are you doing? that slow view closes please thank you they have so many troops flying at their base and i love it i love it i love it i still didn't get that mr.
Inhibitor those, so let's make your little trip prohibit. I found a doorbell for you, friend. I found a doorbell. if you just fight it when we get access to it we're good to go not how you want the old bingo with his shuttle to god but his stop drop and pop you need you to go through the back door crack Pam Holton is right for this 376 Souls from my passive. Did you get 420 points? She's not some underdog who wants to go save them okay she'll probably get a flash for that but happy 4/20 sold we could die here let's be a little careful 3:96 all set for this oh, God ok got time to air bask dry sniff cool off we need to get home 24 more passive did MLT got super speed in ten seconds I'm pretty new to this VR speed thing now we're good you know i enter the runaway ok we're doing good we didn't find what you picked up a pot out of air- dry available 402 over 300 armor and mr has given us crazy buddy miep god here these they would give us something good oh god ok they got that dragon we need 18 more souls mates 18 more souls 408 oh this will definitely give us one let's try to find the sweet spot in the baron dance too hard science is it possible to dance hard my daughter's clothes third time's a charm baby kill the wrong target my friend that's a conclusion 417 429 ok how did i get so many? that's awkward, soles on soles right now.
I love this. Oh hi I may need to do some roundabout maneuvers we have for you don't eat I have an archangel we cause so much damage right now. hit the button and don't forget to give away $100 see you on the air thumbs up leave a comment below could be anything love you guys and see you tomorrow peace of mind

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