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3 Easy Methods to Prepare for The Final Shape | Destiny 2

May 30, 2024
Playing Destiny in 2024 is like working on a puzzle without seeing the


image beforehand. That said, the


form is just around the corner and, in a generous turn of events, Bungie has decided to remove the paywall from several expansions. Queen Shadow Keep and Beyond Light mean we have plenty of content coming our way and a maze-like path ahead, but fear not, you don't have to worry about collecting every last Ingram exotic or red-barded weapon before the 4th. June. You won to enjoy all the free content Bungie has to offer and be sure to do it at your own pace, but if you have some extra time left after completing the expansions or would like to get a head start on the finals. way, then I have you.
3 easy methods to prepare for the final shape destiny 2
I'll explain what I think the new lights and returning players should focus on as we head towards our final showdown with the Witness as a bonus. I want to inform you that Bungie just released a twid yesterday. For those who don't know what this week in Destiny means and there was an important element that I think most people overlooked and I want to make sure you know because it greatly affects free players so you want to stick around. around to figure out what's really quick before I get into what I'm doing to


. I'll tell you briefly how I got here because I think a lot of people can relate and I want you to know that even at my stage.
3 easy methods to prepare for the final shape destiny 2

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3 easy methods to prepare for the final shape destiny 2...

In this game we have a lot of time to


for the release of the latest expansion. I'm not technically a free-to-play player, but I'm pretty close. Let me start from the beginning. I played this game at the time of release in 2017. I fell in love with the core gameplay, shooting, looting platforming, and even PvP. I was hooked from the beginning and that Zeal carried me through the entire first season of Forsaken. Now I knew we were about to enter. a new dark and more serious tone to Destiny's narrative and I'm all for dark Grim stories with real consequences, but I wasn't happy with the direction they decided to take after Kade's death, the game lost a lot of enjoyment and personality, I mean, just. watch this clip and appreciate what we used to have so it's all gone your stuff my stuff the most important thing my stop today we know our enemy's name is Gary or Gil Glenn is like that I don't know it's something with g go I know you See me in times of danger , but this is not just my battle, which means that if I don't see you out there, I will kill you myself, it's time to avenge this injustice because that is the duty of all Guardians.
3 easy methods to prepare for the final shape destiny 2
Worst case scenario, die, but who knows, maybe they won't, so I ask who will be with me, yeah guys, that was inspiring. There will also be a ton of loot, that's when I decided to step away from the game and moved on at the end of 2022. I decided to revisit Destiny because I heard they had switched to a somewhat free-to-play model and at the same time there was a 50% discount on the game. new expansion, which was the Witch Queen, which I had. I heard that it somehow had a connection to Orex, who is my favorite Destiny 1 villain, but even then I turned on the game and had no idea what was going on campaign-wise, obviously, and I was instantly bombarded by quests and scenes.
3 easy methods to prepare for the final shape destiny 2
Honestly, it was content overload so just turn it off again. I didn't even play an hour of the game. I don't even think I've gotten to the first Witch Queen story. The mission jumped to the beginning of this year 2024, which is 6 years since I played the first season of Forsaken a. A close friend of mine decided to jump into the game for the first time and started streaming it every day documenting his experience and thoughts while waiting to see all the content, so I decided to reinstall and play some of the PBE modes with him in At first I thought it would be something which we would play occasionally, until Onslaught was released and instantly everything changed.
This was a mode that I could somewhat understand, but most importantly I could fully enjoy and invest in all the rewards I received that way. they were given out for weapon items and XP in the Hall of Champions, which meant I couldn't create a State because the Hall of Champions was accessible through the same Overworld menu as Onslaught every time I completed yes, I completed a run, okay, all I had to do What I did was open Chess in the Hall of Champions to exchange my Brave trophies for Loop


, so I started playing every day, but I never played any of the campaign missions nor did I go to any other destination.
I alternated between Onslaught and Gambit, there were honestly so many options that I went into analysis paralysis with no idea where to start and an even greater fear of doing something wrong, completing things out of order, or wasting materials like exotic G-grams and legendary shards, things. like ciphers, alloys, weapons with red patterns, they meant absolutely nothing to me, but after a little guidance from a friend and the avalanche of new content from Bungie that is no longer paid, I knew it was time to dive in and start working on this looting and shooting behemoth, so let me get one thing out of the way right away.
I'm not a minmaxer. I don't have multiple characters. This is just a summary of how I can digest what needs to be completed before the final form arrives and I know this will be helpful for any new players or returning players like myself first. We want to earn as much XP as we can through rewards. I keep it simple and focus solely on the rewards you can get in Zavala tower Banshee 44 and Shacks, they are nice side by side so collecting these rewards is quick and


now we want to collect these rewards, complete them and turn them in because we are trying to qualify through the season pass and we are not just getting top row rewards.
Bungie has opened up the lower or premium tier so everyone can receive these awesome materials and rewards, so now that I've done that and reached rank 100 I can think about keeping my completed rewards and waiting to turn them in until the final form is released , that's what she said and why. Doing that is because, just like this season, we want to rank up next season as quickly and easily as possible and as our seasonal rank increases, the artifact rank will increase and our light level will be able to do all of this. on day. one means it will give us an advantage over most Guardians and we will earn a multitude of rewards in the process.
Most of the XP will come from weekly vendor rewards. These contain the XP Plus+ reward. Just be sure to read the rewards carefully because some of them can only be completed within the same week you collect them, so you'll want to complete the reward before the weekly reset; otherwise you will be out of luck next. I'm stocking up on materials and it shines now what materials you might be asking about, specifically. I'm accumulating exotic ingrams, exotic ciphers, and ascending shards. Luckily for us, the season pass is a passive way to earn all of these rewards as we play and climb the ranks. season pass, so the rewards I talked about before we are also collecting the main currency for the final form.
Thank goodness Bungie unlocked the premium version of the season pass, not only that, but those same rewards increase our reputation with each respective vendor and those vendors. Rank boosts are a sure way to receive exotic G-grams, man we're tripping, huh man, we're triple dipped with those rewards come on, so the main reason to stock up on those materials is because of the drastically different way in which that we will interact. With Raúl and the new expansion, he will have a reputation like most vendors have now and the way to increase our reputation with him will be by decoding exotic ingrams.
We will be able to unlock precision decryption and advanced decryption by spending exotic anrs and ascendant shards and after upgrading the reputation track to a certain level, we will be able to purchase any piece of exotic armor in the game and all it will cost is an exotic Ingram and a Exotic cipher that is amazing in addition to the Prismatic subass. that have announced I think the update to Raúl's decoding is the second biggest change I expect in the final form talking about Raúl. I recommend purchasing three Ascendant Shards through their special order section.
This is the quickest and easiest way to choose. I upload ascendant shards weekly now, after all that material hoarding you're probably wondering what material I can spend and that's where the legendary shards come from. The currency will no longer exist after June 4th, that means we have to spend everything personally. I'll spend them buying everything I can from Zur, even if I don't have an immediate use for it, then buy as many raid banners as I can from Hawthorne, and finally convert them. As many of my legendary shards shine as I can now. I know there are many more ways to spend these Legendary Shards that you can discover by watching dedicated streamers or content creators and I encourage you to do so if you're looking. for a more in-depth recommendation, but for me I'm happy with these three simple


for spending shards.
Lastly, I'm going to go out and play those three expansions that were previously blocked by the paywall, that being the witch Queen Sombra. keep and Beyond light now I mentioned at the beginning of this video that Bungie dropped a bomb freeo playy es player with their latest twid and Bungie's own words when the final form launches on June 4th the campaigns for Shadowkeep and Beyond light along with Stasis Subass will remain available to all players at no additional cost. Bungie has been losing more Ws lately than Kobe Bryant was losing points against the Raptors in 2006 and I'm all for this, one thing I should mention before, but I think it's worth sticking with.
In mind, XP and materials are things you'll passively collect while playing your favorite modes in the game, at least. I think the most important thing about this video should be that you can play Destiny 2 the way you see fit, play the things that are fun and exciting and constantly draw you in the more you play the content that interests you the more rewards you will get because it doesn't matter If you're trying to optimize your Bounty prep glimmer and postmaster inventory stash, if it's not fun and you end up closing the game in 1 or two days, you're 1000% better off and yes, I did the math by playing the missions, the modes and exploring the areas you want, you'll have a much better time and earn some loot in the process now that Bungie brought me back.
I will be releasing more Destiny 2 content on a regular basis; However, as I detailed above, I had a six-year gap where I didn't touch Destiny. 2 there were a lot of other games that I was playing and had reached a high level at the time, so if you are interested and have seen other games that I stream, review and create content, like League of Legends or valerant, click on one of these two videos here on the side thanks again for staying until the end of the video enjoy the rest of your day and I'll see you next time.
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