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3 Creepy True Online Dating Horror Stories

May 03, 2023
after breaking up with my first girlfriend when i was 21 i had been single for about a year it was my first time being single in years so it took me a while to get used to it again eventually i decided it was time to get back on the scene


so i started downloading a bunch of


apps one of the apps i downloaded was OkCupid which was the one i used the most. I vibed more with a girl I matched with named Brenna based on her interests and her bio. He liked many things. I was interested in that she was a very pretty black girl with light skin, we had talked for a while and we agreed that she would pick her up at her house to go out and get food.
3 creepy true online dating horror stories
I got to her house on the west side of town at 6:30. It was about 10 minutes after sunset, so it was really getting dark. I texted Brenna and it took her a while to respond. I said my car was actually looking at the conversation for a bit waiting for the text bubble to pop up when she finally did. She answered. saying, "Hey, I'm sorry, my brother is going to meet you outside, he's being really annoying and protective. I showed her how upset I was and how much I didn't want to have to meet her brother, but she kept saying that I'm sorry, she's making me I saw the front door of the house I was parked in front open and a guy walked out into the driveway as he looked at my car significantly darker than Brenna's to the point they didn't even look not related at all shook my hand and introduced himself like there didn't seem to be anything unpleasant about him at first glance and he seemed friendly enough to get started Talking about how he just wanted to make sure I trust where he was about to take his sister out on standing guy.
3 creepy true online dating horror stories

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3 creepy true online dating horror stories...

We talked for a bit and he seemed pretty normal. I guess he finally asked me to come inside to meet Brenna. He led me. I went into the house and closed the door behind me. He told me to wait right there in the living room while he was going upstairs to find Brenna as he was walking up the stairs i looked into the living room and noticed there were two men sitting on the couch some kind of look i just didn't like i said what's wrong one of them nodded slightly He nodded but barely made it from above he yelled that he was trying to find Brenna which was weird I turned to look at the room next to the living room which was the dining room to my surprise there was another man sitting at the dining room table also looking at me staring instinctively I stepped back and grabbed the doorknob without even turning my back on the three men one of them yells grab it When they saw me reach the door at that moment I flung it open and ran to my car, I don't know They were left behind, in fact, I got to my car with just a second before they were outside my doors kicking and kicking.
3 creepy true online dating horror stories
I hit my windows trying to break them. I was able to drive around the block, but keep in mind that this was on a public residential street. I have no idea how it didn't cause more of a scene on the street. Get home. telling my mom and dad what happened still out of breath they weren't surprised and almost didn't believe it and they recommended me to call the police i did i reported the house and the incident to the police one of the neighbors vouched for my story anonymously because they saw the group attacking my car when i escaped the police arrested three of the four men i saw in the house one of them was will or whatever his name was the other guy couldn't be found or identified i didn't stop using apps dating after that i was much more cautious from there at the time of this story i had already met a total of three people on it really didnt work out with two of them and the third one i dated for four months after of my break up I wanted to take a break from commitment and find something more casual, so I was matched up with a girl named Kylie who I got along with pretty well on the app.
3 creepy true online dating horror stories
She seemed like she just came to my apartment. and hang out at night she showed up about half an hour later and seemed very calm in person we hung out in my bedroom upstairs in my apartment most of the night we talked for a while while watching tv in the background there there were a lot of awkward silences but i did my best to fill them with new conversations in the back of my mind the whole time i was wondering if we're going to kiss if she expects me to lean in for the kiss how do i do it but Hours after talking, I began to realize that something was wrong with this girl.
She became more and more numb. She was looking across the room and talking slowly about things getting deeper and darker. She then she said something surprising. She thanked me for allowing me. Apparently, she slept over when I told her she could come over for the night. She had intended to literally stay the night. She got up from the bed and asked what blanket she could use for the floor. I grabbed a couple of blankets and pillows and made a kind of bed for her on the floor she thanked me and then she lay on her side with her back to me I assumed she was ready to go to sleep I turned off the television and closed my eyes we didn't say a word one word and I have to admit it was very awkward I fell asleep probably half an hour after turning off the tv when I woke up randomly in the middle of the night I sat up and looked at the floor and I could see that Kylie didn't look like she would no longer be lying on soil.
I turned on the lamp and looked around the room. It wasn't really anywhere, but at that moment I heard that there was debris on the floor below. It looked like it might be Kylie. All the walls in my apartment are paper thin so noise travels. quite easily and quietly i walked out of my room and stood at the bottom of the top of the stairs listening to what kylie might be saying all the lights upstairs were off but she was talking softly i just couldn't tell for sure what exactly was she saying i thought she was on the phone with someone but still i went downstairs to check i went into the dark kitchen and there she was but she wasn't on the phone she was


sitting on one of the chairs facing the wall she seemed to be still muttering to herself I was frozen all I could say was Kylie turned her head towards me slowly she looked at me for a few seconds then turned back to the wall I quickly went up the stairs to my room and got into my bed to call my dad I had He had to call at least three times before he finally answered, obviously sounding worried.
I told her in a silent panic that some random girl from the internet was staying the night and now she was sitting in my kitchen muttering to herself like a crazy person, she sounded confused as hell but she told me to call 9-1 -1 if it looked like she was having some kind of episode to get her out of there safely then I looked up and noticed a figure standing by my bedroom door in the dark it was Kylie all I saw was the outline of her skinny body she stood there for like ten seconds all i heard was my dad on the other end of the phone waving over and over the next thing i saw was kylie silhouette at my door she suddenly charged me on my bed as she started screaming, she lunged at me and put her hands around my throat trying to strangle me, however, I was able to quickly overpower her and pin her against the bed.
I yelled at my dad. to call the police i was able to drag the crazy girl downstairs when the police arrived they took her to fill out some paperwork i think it's safe to say you should always meet people from websites and apps in a safe public first of all i've been single the most part of my life however i have used apps like tinder or bad news just for fun for a long time i have met strange people yes but nothing could have prepared me for what happened in feb 2014 dead of winter and the time of year these apps they are perhaps more useful if you are just looking for some casual fun when you can't have fun outside I was using the app yes and at any given time I would be messaging at least five different girls just because I know nine out of ten conversations would end up dying one conversation remained going strong , however the girls name was Maria every time I heard that triple note and the badoo notification said that Maria sent you a new message. i actually got a little excited i asked her if she was going to hang out tonight she said yes and asked for my address i gave it to her without hesitation she said she would be right back i said wait give me your number so we can text but she it didn't reply after a few minutes, it said it was offline, the app did that when someone was not active for a few minutes, so I thought it would be back soon and waited patiently while I went back to watching TV. app to see if it came back


, but it got offline an hour later and now it was getting a bit late for it to come back, plus I was a bit tired so that was a fun idea.
I went to bed the next morning. I woke up early it was raining outside and it was still a bit dark I looked at the clock and it was 6:30 in the morning I was thankful it wasn't like 11:00 and I was able to go back to sleep However, I chose to open my phone to check if there are new text messages and junk. I saw some notifications from Badu. Actually, Maria had messaged me several times. I open the app while rubbing my eyes. :20 a. m. He said I'm here at 4 am. m. she said im looking at you and i noticed she was


too and then the triple tone rang which means i got a new message from her it said how did you sleep darling.
I started to run and felt an uneasy feeling in my chest and head and immediately looked out the window to see if anyone was hiding in the bushes outside and closed the blind. I typed who the hell is this ten seconds later. I got the disturbing message check your closet and found out I looked across my room to the closet door that I know was closed last night the closet door that was now ajar I was so shocked I could hardly breathe then the door opened very slowly , I revealed the dark interior of the closet. I started yelling at my dad.
I had to run past the closet to get out of my room when I got to my dad's room to find the bed empty. I had completely forgotten that I wasn't home because of the However, over the weekend my older brother was home and he came running over to see what the commotion was, so I told him to go through the closet with me. me and realized my stupid self didn't lock my window the night before things made a little more sense now i went to the police station to show the messages on the app hoping they could trace to the person, but apparently it wasn't that easy, you would need court orders in such an order for bad news to be required to disclose user information.
I refrain from doing anything, however thankfully after a long week of sleeping in fear nothing happened, I was able to move on with my life.

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