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3 Cool Gadgets - You Can Only Pick One.

3 Cool Gadgets - You Can Only Pick One.
it's been a busy couple of days we had big Samsung launch triple upload shoutout to the team but a lot of stuff has continued to show up somehow you don't know what's gonna arrive so where to even start here we go we have a we'll do special well do you know what this is I remember this company this company makes crazy expensive cases it's the alter-ego from grey we've showcased it in the past year whoa this is more than the bumper style this one goes on the entire back of
3 cool gadgets   you can only pick one
the device that is look at that thing that would go well with your cyber truck I think cyber case just like in the past the installation procedure somewhat mechanical you have to remove these little screws here got to have a special screw tip as you can see they include the screwdriver okay let's get the real price on this well while we're at it we might as well what it is actually two to three grand yeah it appears to be milled out of a solid piece of titanium these two cases
couldn't be more the opposite obviously as slim as possible to protect the identity of the device this one it's a whole different story I'm gonna pull these off but this goes like this look at that I can see the grooves on the inside there it has an interlock so on one side the piece fits over the top and on the other side it slides underneath really gotta get lined up damn you know I think there's a screen protector on here that's messing it up Oh F it's better it's
sliding on way easier now without that screen protector so just keep that in mind it's also insane from the standpoint that your case is worth more than your phone so if you drop your phone you're more worried about the case getting damaged that's true the whole thing got heavier obviously let's go show we'll do it well that's the same what do you think well cyber phone are you ready so I come from like a C&C background Hey amongst all the other backgrounds that's
incredible and this is really nicely Milt like really specific tools to do so Wow you never cease to amaze me well you know so you're gonna buy one then yeah Kurt your turn I like the look it's funky well I just feel like it's gonna be really hard to get out of the pocket let me try pocket test yeah it can it can it can snag look see ya pull your whole pocket with it it has been in the past the world's most expensive phone case obviously people are buying these you start to look
at a case as a way of personalizing the thing and this is just the most extreme form of that it's crazy it's wild it's certainly not for the masses the cyber case what else do we have going on this is will this is will destination Canada unit value ten dollars ten box we don't really do special all right smart bracelet tws earbuds bt 5.0 watch with fully wireless earbuds in it it's a watch that wait a sec where do the earbuds go smart bracelet comes with the earbuds never
3 cool gadgets   you can only pick one
mind look at this oh the earbuds charge inside of it and there's a mirror you check yourself out real quick as you charge your thing you like yeah I'm looking alright it's gonna give you a pedometer it's gonna give you calories burned and you can change the watch face oh it'll give you your heart rate and your blood pressure and it even has an alarm clock okay USB cable a magnetic connector to charge it up that's kind of


all right BAM charging a sim tool put SIM card
in it the main thing I'm interested in is how these earbuds actually fit inside oh they got a pivot a little bit that is kind of genius the earbud has to pivot a little bit that's obviously so you could get it in your ear in a fashion that makes sense but then also it can fold down enough to fit into the charge case and boom there's no buttons on it it's part way up look at that it's part way up makes you think it has some juice but maybe that's just the way animation is
it doesn't say anything about a power switch it did it just blew it up on its own okay maybe he just needed more battery life Oh check it out all right that's better looking than I thought this dude running your calories the BPM on your heart rate we can test that out all right let's see if it can


up an accurate BPM right now oh yeah we have a BPM fitness tracker type of watch sort of barely a SmartWatch I mean this is the fun part would you look at that you just yank that open
will and all of a sudden people are paying attention for you it's like superhero status it I don't think it actually works that way but so this is on Kickstarter right now how much how much will this run yeah or IndieGoGo 60 bucks all right but do these headphones even work oh there we go em7 I'm just guessing this is called m7 I can get some tunes go in here I got tunes the expensive case has some wobble to it on the table by the way hmm I mean they don't sound great that you
didn't expect them to that's not news if I try to watch youtube videos with it that's fine a little bit of tin eNOS to thing but you're talked to a guy who does you really like the sound of the air pod so here comes jack here comes Jack time out speak to the world really do what you got on this this is from aliexpress no oh okay so it's an Aliexpress item that then goes on to indiegogo some look good I think it's


anyway there's some science fiction aspect to the
3 cool gadgets   you can only pick one
two-in-one device even if the execution could use some work you got to give some points for the idea existing in general okay let me ask you this what would you rather buy if you were forced to buy one or the other tell the truth tell the truth right now well you agree right everyone's taking this not regardless just because of the price tag on this one which is reasonable and fair and I can appreciate so you do one more this the Thunderer rocket it's a phone case with a with a watch
charger that weirdly somehow works but I wonder how bulky it's gonna be that's my concern at this moment double wireless charging charging port for Apple watch one two five supports all wireless charge devices Corner protection durable material snug fit all right Oh super glossy indicator for the watch over here and I guess that's where you drop it on there's no paper working Oh update it was crowdfunding but it got cancelled it's an early version that's for certain
that's a type-c connector but it's not an o-type see must feed the wireless charger and then that pumps through to your iPhone it's bulky it's got weight to it obviously the downside here is your wired connectors gonna charge the phone faster so but I guess you don't care cuz this is at night time it's on the side table you feed the single type C you're charging the phone over wireless you don't care about speed because it's at night and then you drop the
watch on top oh that does not start wireless charging oh it does simply have a connection to the type C but you're charging the phone wirelessly so it does work as I expect it that way you could also just drop anything on there and there you go see so it's charging so this is a wireless charge Mac plus case all-in-one you have an Apple watch or you just have yeah you can't find an Apple watch no did whoever unpacked the box from the house there was they're all gone it could be
even an old Apple watch one two five any Apple watch you want to go with him and look for an Apple watch so go with him and look for an Apple watch I don't know where we'll just how many likes to take yeah I expected some remedy called head down here I really do just reach for the first box he reach for it are you and Kurt gonna be able to sort friendship over this is actually a


charger it's a company called volt and it comes with a triple headed cable and there it's nylon
braided so it doesn't tangle oh and it's quick charge 3.0 let's just put the type-c in a type-c is immediately gonna start charging the phone over wireless now what if we drop the watch on a magnet and sort of grip it sort of grabbed it for sure this Apple watch is very dead from ages of sitting in that box but there you go indicator it's charging look at that set up with the right cable version too I suppose and I don't know what happens if you do this well if you take your
lightning into the actual phone while having the type C still connected it keeps charging who knows if it's pulling from the wire or the wireless and then the last potential scenario you could pop the phone out completely and then this becomes a wireless charge Matt and then that charges your air pods I'm gonna say of the products that we looked at here today get appreciate the idea of smacking it slapping it all in there would I use it no because I'm not a fan of cases that add bulk
to the phone obviously we've a baby we've been over that it's pretty clear I want the thinnest case possible if you could shrink this a little make it a bit thinner and be able to charge the watch on the back it has some potential but what does it matter at this point will do says they're on hiatus I guess you could go shout at them if this is something you absolutely need that's three unusual tech


that's the life though