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297. SheleeArt Swipe Technique—A Case Of The Blues / bloom technique / ????????? ???????

Jun 01, 2021
hey guys this is karen from waterfall acrylics how are you doing Today I'm going to review some slides I did over Christmas when my husband and I were looking at summer 2021 vacation plans to go to Hawaii or Iceland or somewhere with water. and i did a couple of small paintings these are going to be on my cascading acrylics website today for sale i did a couple of these little rounds in various shades of blue and gray by payne there was one and then i posted them i think , on social networks. media and there's the other little one and I'm like oh I'm so in love with those colors and I miss the beach so much that I'm going to wear all the


today and I'm going to slide the


into a wave like people like a big wave but kind of wavy so I'm going to do some wavy stuff and yeah let's start off right so first I'm going to try a little experiment in a white on white just because I'm dying of curiosity so I'm going to put a little puddle of paint from my house like t he is like this and then this is my titanium white amsterdam mixed with my australian floetrol as usual the color markings recipe will be at the end of the video on the screen and what i have done is this is about one part paint to about three and one half parts Australian flotrol and then I thought it would be fun to give it a little shine so I added one eighth of a teaspoon of art blinget color pigment called abalone which is just a bright white , just for a bit of dazzling and I'm just going to pour a little bit of my white they won't be able to see it on my canvas and I'm going to stick my spatula in it and slide it and see if we get white blood cells and tie and see what happens because this white is a different shade than the white of the house paint so I'm dipping I'm dipping dippity dip and we're going to go and make a little pattern there's blue in there where did that come from? de let's cover it up why are there spots of blue i should have like a little blue po wder on my canvas from my um for the next pour oh dammit dammit can i stick my finger in there i see it i'm going to stretch it out but first i'm going to try to get those little specks of blue out before I stretch and make it bigger I'm not really sure it's a good idea to film because I don't know if you guys can see or not maybe I'll turn this around and see if there's another little speck of blue and i'm holding it close you guys can see what that is i'm having all kinds of trouble what is that um because it was in the background of my house paint oh my god i'm going to go again and let me do it this way like this here's my spatula and let's just make sure I don't get anything left on this oh my gosh wait I forgot to clean it up.
297 sheleeart swipe technique a case of the blues bloom technique
It's a very good start, am I not quite right? Remember to call a mulligan, so let's put some of this like this, we make sure we don't have anything on it. hite ok take two ok i got a nice pattern there let me scrape my spatula let that come up i think i'm going to do it again in this spot i got like a little wave let's see if i post this segment because uh i'm not so sure what can see what is happening. I'm loading my knife again, not so much paint this time, just something like this, just so I can slide here, there we go, I like that. give it a second to stitch it up let me hold it up and see if they can see it i'll have to play this does it show up maybe up close? forgot to put the wet paint on oh my gosh I'm going to post this and just call it the blooper roll oh my gosh it's a I'm pouring in the morning and you guys know I'm a late night person so how about maybe that's my problem cause i'm still not awake ah lemme lemme push it down now there should be paint in there and give it another spin it's ok it works but i don't know i think it's pretty boring let it wait i'm not keeping this but I wanted you guys to see, I mean, maybe if they put a glaze on it when it's dry because they can take the art color pigments and use them as a glaze and glaze it. and highlight color because it would probably become two different shades because you have two different types of paint here but that's what you see guys it's very very subtle to say the least so I'm not sticking with it. i'm going to leave that there and use that paint and i can get on with my my blues that i'm in the mood for so bye little white on white action and let's get started with this is golden's payne's gray mixed with some primary elements pigment in payne's gray just for a little bit of glitter i'm going to do that and then we'll do this is a primary element pigment from their new line of glitter called bellagio blue i think i use this gate in the live show there is bellagio and let's do a little bit of teal and finish with a turquoise guy like that wipe my knife ok im making myself a clean puddle ok clean puddle no not clean it still has a little bit of blue on it I'm loading my spatula with the white and let's smear this around something. so give me a second i can still see the white lace from below oh i love the colors oh my god i love love love the colors. because you can, you can mess up the paint on the house real quick, but I'm going to go ahead and give it a little torch right in that area just to see like that real quick before the heat, you know, before it has a chance to fry the paint. or anything just to pop those bubbles and get more cells right there that look pretty good lemme look at this I'm going to stretch it a little bit I want to twist it maybe a little baby twist lemme see what that looks like a little bit more oh my gosh I love it okay and t The funniest of all I'm going to show you when we get closer after we're done is this little bit right here where it goes like this actually continues in a perfect little shape and those cells are the light leftovers. ones and there's like five perfectly formed white on white blood cells right there that looks amazing like I can't do that again in a million years this is a winner for me I'm going to say ta-da and uh set it aside and what do i have today I have a smaller one and then I have a 12 by 12.
297 sheleeart swipe technique a case of the blues bloom technique

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297 sheleeart swipe technique a case of the blues bloom technique...

Wait, oh my gosh guys, I just have a warning. I dropped the spatula. He was trying to use it to pick it up. up and i know better cause i got a big old i got a big old uh flipper so i'll cut this out of the video or just leave all the bloopers on i don't know um wow shoot not very professional today am welcome to the world of pain on tour where some days you just want to say fuck and pick up a paintbrush, okay? that can be grumpy i'm not going to lie now i'm grumpy let's see if we can pull ourselves together i'd like that too let's see if you can do it again here let's get our act together karen you i kept quiet because i was mad yeah like i totally shut up there for a second, right?
297 sheleeart swipe technique a case of the blues bloom technique
Oh okay and then a line of turquoise let's start the other end go this way like some curly cues what the hell okay? I really wanted to um say a lot of bad words like oh for god's sake that really meant uh I'm putting my target on my buckshot knife tilting it around making the shorts on the edges we'll cover everything this time there Let's give a second to pick up I'm going to spoon myself I don't need the paint um I just don't like this line I have a lot of paint on this canvas I don't know if I like the composition of this one at most we'll see I have my cells clear again love how quiet my new cake spinner is let's put a scoop of white on it just a little bit my little sil icone spoon right there lemme look at this one for a second ok i had to spin a little bit of that white there we go those colors just won't refuse, I'm tempted to spoon white as if I could. a real s like here i dare and ditch that bright blue and just make it like that and just let me play with the composition for a second with my finger more finger paint i like that and then i'm just gonna spray i'm gonna use a little spoon let me take a little spoon and scoop up some white house paint with my little teaspoon here and just fill in that space this is a very fine line what do we think so? that's a killer that's the color that's a keeper for me ok let's move on to the big one place it next to it's sister ok a lot of y'all gonna shoot me um this is a little small let me bring them down a bit. this back up because i'm not happy with it i love it and where i set it on fire it does like different types of c ells of this and i don't like it with the two different types in one painting.
297 sheleeart swipe technique a case of the blues bloom technique
I just don't like it. Don't be mad at me, but I'm going to delete this and we'll redo it and then we'll go to 12x12. I'm going to call this video the blooper video and, yeah, what are you going to do? I mean it's just a nice little plastered support panel you know what I mean like it's a nice piece of substrate so I want a good paint on it and that bothered me too much so I don't disparate and could change the order. I'm going to start with the um, the turquoise. I'll do it like this and then I'll do Mr.
Bellagio blue and turquoise and then the paint is gray, okay, let's try this again, no burning, putting my white. on my spatula scattering it everywhere yeah i like the uh i think i prefer the uniform i'm sure going to use a teaspoon of white in this corner just a little bit here and there and i think i'm going to tip this one real nice , guys, see, make sure you stay in the right frame, I'm going to remove this part, I'm going to come out of this corner, and then flip it over to the other corner to keep that shape.
I need to remove some paint and I need this paint here in this corner to remove it. Oh, don't be a coward, Karen, here we go. it's a cool wave this part is doing it I don't care if I lose the negative space you know it's basically white bikini corners as long as I have the movement here um one more turn it doesn't have to come all the path, but there's like a blob of white paint right there, I guess I could scratch it off, but I need coverage on my sides in this


, so I want the paint to run off the bead and I love the movement. like this guy that was a good call i think to scratch it up i think that was a good call and i like how dumb you are yeah you are like a b drop of white paint go away we'll put some on it or you'll look stupid i'll put white if it looks stupid or i'll squish a bunch of paint in there so when i twist it it goes flying that's what i'll do yeah because it looks stupid where's my little teaspoon or half teaspoon to put the white back on and then i will shall we take a walk or maybe just put white in both corners and leave it?
I wasn't a morning person, I was just, um, when I was in between takes, uh, and I'd look at this one before I scraped it, I was thinking about rinsing, figuring out how cheerful she is in the mornings on her channel and she always says good morning to everyone as it would be as if so that she and I are total opposites. We've talked about it before and we've texted each other and it'll be like you know it's 8am. m. in the Netherlands and I'll still be awake. from last night and we both laugh so yeah I'm definitely better at night I say ta-da I really like this lemme put it aside and we'll get the real big one this time okay I've got my canvas gallery wrapped 12x12 spins here perfectly one more let's make a big one let the painting gods be with me im going to do that. for now and i guess i like that order so let me do the same order and start with the cobalt turquoise again.
I'm running out of paint from all the, uh, all the iterations. me in the mornings we just don't get along it's monday and my daughter is still you know it's all online learning and mondays are her asynchronous days so we get up usually i get up with her and mondays She only has a 10:00 login, so we're up at 8:30, which is early for me, and I helped her do her work and then I was like, now what do I do? So I decided to paint and help her read and other fun school activities. but this will be the last morning painting you'll see of me with some groove type in the teal color today so putting a little more in I'm also going to switch to my larger palette knife what am I missing? uh to top it off the gray of the paint not so much thats good enough though im going to use my biggest spatula my freestyle palette liquitex knife i'll load this up with the rest of my cell activator i'll tell you what i'm not trying not to cuss myself but like if i mess this up i'm killing all my white blood cell activator if i mess this up and have to go again and make more cell activator.
I'm going to change it to purple, okay, hopefully not, that doesn't come to that. I'm just going to put this here and I'm basically just smudging I'm just going to die like I'm going to keep taking that while it's selling all over the place that's what the back of my knife looks like when I run out of white okay I'm not going to add I've got my white blood cells back that's so fun to me I'm not going to add paint I'm going to To spin this first and then add paint when I need it we bought a dehumidifier because our house is very dry and even with my art covered in boxes and canvas, I still have minor cracking issues, so I want to minimize the amount of paint.
I'm using, we have like a split wave and that's all these white blood cells. I don't like this obviouslyso let's operate right there if you could push it a bit. I just didn't like how it unfolded so I'm going to command it and drag it down let me remove some of that there and she parted and that should spread out um I need some paint here I think I'm going to give it another spin first to see I love these white cells here my negative space my line held steady there i need some paint that's bare canvas here wow lemme put it this way so it's bare here and this is a bear and i don't think i don't know if i'm going to get there.
I'll see if I can get there. With the pain that I'm in, I'm just going to add something to this spot here because he's misbehaving, he's being naughty, let me do this here and push that there and I'm going to turn and see if I can get the paint. to roll, if not I'll add a little more like I said. I'm trying to make this super skinny. I like to see this part of the wave or whatever come up a bit. let it spin for a second that should be good enough that part got almost to where it needed to go i'm going to have to add paint here because i have to account for the sides so let me do that um i think one more turn and we're good love it , I really love it so I'm just going to spray a little bit of white here I never have a nice clean canvas on the side with the white paint there and there's one last little twist and this is a keeper for me you guys are just going to let it go alright oh come on i got to my this ends perfectly let me look see how i like orientation my way which is how i like it is backwards um for you sure i love love love um let me look at the other two i'm happy with all three now it took me a minute to get there i blame it on the morning he left me uh clean up and put them down good guys close up on these guys i'm so happy with them they were just good for my soul today these colors they don't broadcast there's a big swathe of let me see if i'll get closer if it shows up you can see the glow but this is teal and it looks cool I hate my phone sometimes because it doesn't look true to color, although there is some shimmer, is it coming off a bit?
The lacing is phenomenal I'm very very happy with the movement actually I'm very happy with my spatulas because just when you have the right tools it makes your life easier let me um stop on that guy sorry those colors aren't convenient maybe when I show the dry results um you'll be able to see them all better but there's the big guy and then here's the one I redid and I also love the movement of this one especially like down here where the white has been mixed up and it's become a very light teal color to the bead elsewhere as well where the bead is that shade of teal really very very nice great move and that guy and then here's the first guy i forget how many bugs there's in this video but I'm going to leave them all for a change so she's not a morning person huh and there's the last love that one too trying to figure out the orientation of that one but I think that one will go like this but super happy with the three and I hope y'all enjoyed and don't mind putting up with me let me say goodbye to everyone right that's all for me today hope y'all enjoyed the blue series actually i have one more canvas so i'm going to play dumb maybe i'll film it, I don't know I'm going to play around with a few different layouts besides that way maybe I'll launch the camera we'll see and then I'm going to take a nap in the afternoon because look how bright my kitchen is because it gets a lot of light in the morning but I'm tired , it's like 10:30 in the morning and I'm like done that's so ridiculous anyway come back tonight pouring the next video for sure unless i do this anyway uh help me get the 50k i'm at 49 that close like that that please share and subscribe thanks for all the comments keep them coming i read all uh love love love it's a great way to chat and uh guys watch where i'm looking yeah I'll see you next time chill guys i'm back with the dry results of these. three blue pieces um let's start with the first three 12 by 12 things I really love about this other than the colors it's one this whole area here just the way the colors have faded into each other gives a 3d effect really cool in the one where it looks like it's up hopefully that shows up on camera too which I also think the composition is really really nice and three is like a little hidden gem only the owner would know about this whole triangle right here this white area when you look at it in a certain light you can see all the white over the white cells and the beading all the way through this triangle that part makes me smile huh this is 12 by 12 so there's that one and then the guys little six by six everything dried up perfectly is this one here i love the movement of this one i think this is my second favorite because it has more negative space um again with the white on white cels fading here and then I taped the sides together so it really shows.
I really like the clean edges of this with the white on blue so yeah that's definitely my favorite too and then I like the third one because of the swoosh this one here you can't deny the colors and the lace on this guy this one I left have the paint run down the sides on this uh there they will all be for sale on my website and i'm not surprised if you see another one or there's another bigger blue video of me maybe at least like an 18 by 24 or something with the big swoosh so until then take care see you soon.

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