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Jul 06, 2023



should I do? If you have that question in your mind, you should stay tuned and watch this video because I will be showing 25 different


s that this wonderful and amazing creative community has created to help inspire you. your next


, so stay tuned and let's start with the first topic, we're starting off strong, we're looking at the core of the castle. Castle Court obviously took off when 2.0 released the wonderful castle elements and Cherry dog ​​Crossing is an example of this and how amazing. I can see that they took the items and really based the entire island around them and I love it, there are so many castle bills, small castle bills, larger ones and some great views, plus everything on this particular island feels very real, Pretty fancy, but you could definitely take this and give it a twist, maybe abandoning the core of the castle would also look amazing either way, the castle elements are wonderful and here to stay.
25 acnh island theme ideas
Next we have what I will call one of the OG Animal Crossing themes and that is the child core, there are many different variations of this and I will show some of them later but this is the classic child core and I love how bright and colorful what is it. AJ is literally a queen on this topic, so I definitely recommend checking out her YouTube. also, but the tickets on this island you can go to town with it has made a Build-A-Bear a pirate ship you could make a tree house there are so many different things the work for this particular theme you could make it for kids in the central islands repeatedly and you probably won't run out of


, that's why I love this theme so much and it's also super cute, next we're going to talk about winter islands.
25 acnh island theme ideas

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25 acnh island theme ideas...

I love a good seasonal island. I think there is nothing better than it and if you like winter then you will love doing this theme because you can take everything you like about that particular season and put it on an island. Polar Jazz has done a very good version of a winter island that they have definitely added their own style to. this theme by adding touches of pink and different colors throughout. I love it, but it also kept some traditional elements, like having a tree farm. I also love the Little Gnome chorus it has, it's so cute and they even added some winter terraforming in the form of a giant gingerbread man lake, which is so cool and so creative, but like I say, you can definitely take this idea and give it your own setting.
25 acnh island theme ideas
Really go to town with what you like about this particular one. season for number four we're going to talk about the core of grandma, you might be thinking what is grandma, cool, well this is grandma called This is from grandma Rosie and I would say it's pretty similar to cottageco, but It's definitely softer, lighter, you still have it. this type of lace details there are some very pretty light colored floral prints and quite pretty natural tones that spread all over the island and they are also very overgrown, you have a lot of flowers, it is a very nice combination of things, very picturesque, very cozy , I would say. that if you think about when you visited your grandmother or your grandparents' house as a child and everything is Lacy over the top, that's what you're trying to do here, whatever your grandmother would have had, then you should have it on your Island too.
25 acnh island theme ideas
I love this theme, it's very pretty and again you can make many different versions, just make sure you don't leave out the sewing box. I really love a heavily themed island and some of the heaviest themes I've seen in my entire time in the Animal Crossing community, it's been amazing, the pirate theme being one of them. I love this DeVos island, there are two pirate ships, not one but two, there is a nice sail making area, a weapons area and also a barrel type of storage which I obviously love so if you are looking to make an island pirate themed, there is some inspiration for you, but I love how dark and gloomy this island is.
It really is a place where Jack Sparrow would surely feel at home. Another very themed island is this wonderful Slow Town Wisp space island. This is just magical, amazing, I honestly could never. I love how it feels like a community that has been created on the moon. There are little pops of color throughout, which works really well. against the gray background, it's also a great island if you want to use all kinds of industrial looking elements that might not fit with the traditional island themes, that's why this island works great, the plan is really nice, it's really complex, It has so many different levels.
It's also interesting even though there's a lot of gray, it's incredible. I really recommend visiting this island, so go and follow them on Instagram. Okay, next I think it's time for something a little more natural. Okay, very natural. This is the amazing Sparksby Island, which is a lush green swamp. I know there are a lot of swamp islands out there and I love them too, but I love this version so if you're thinking about making a cool swamp, definitely try to weigh your options, this is so green. delicious and the terraforming is exceptional. Can we take a moment of peace to appreciate how wonderful water is?
Terror for me, it's impressive. I love the fact that they have used so many different green paths and they flow beautifully together, the bridges, Terraform everything is perfect, even the beaches are lush and green. I don't know how they did it, but it's wonderful. I would definitely recommend trying this theme if you are looking for something super natural, something you really want to try. Your terraforming skills, because boy, you'll need them for this one in number eight, if you want to explore What Lies Beneath, then an underwater themed island would be perfect for you. This is a great opportunity to use all the mermaid and shell furniture. that may not fit on other islands, this is done by Joshua dot Crossing and I think it's amazing, yes putting all the sand in will take a lot of time but it's so effective I love all the coral spikes they've made. all the brightly colored shells and even the Frozen elements work great here too.
There is a beautiful castle at the back of the island that is like Atlantis, so cool, so unique and I would really love to see more of this underwater theme next. I'm going to talk about Farm core. I really love this theme and I think the addition of the 2.0 elements just elevated it with the crops, the new industrial looking vehicle elements and of course the wheat fields, who can forget them? I really love this theme. and I also love that it's set in fall. I don't know why there is something that is cozy and that really fits the theme with the idea of ​​Thanksgiving at harvest time.
I love it all and I think sometimes maybe bills can be Really interesting, you also have things like chicken coops and farmers markets, and nothing beats an OG strawberry field or a blueberry field. I just think they're amazing builds too, so you can really let your creativity run wild with this one if you fancy yourself as a storyteller or maybe you're a true crime fan, then this next theme is definitely for you. Peyton's Amazing Corner has created this murder mystery style island, but it's also a game if you want to find out. how to play it, then you'd have to go and watch her channel, but I'm really highlighting how you can really take an island theme and really elevate it to the max.
I love the idea of ​​having a backstory and a full game. dedicated to a theme, this whole island really fits the theme and everything is quite dark and gloomy, like something bad really happened on this island, so I really love that it's beautifully done basically, so if you want to up your game from Animal Crossing. and really go to town then this is definitely something to consider, maybe you can't decide on just one theme and if that's the case why not try a multi-themed island? Tay dot Crossing has so many different themes all in one. Island and it's done fabulously, everything flows, it's so perfect and looks amazing, there's also a gyroid element to this so he's incorporated all those different gyros into the area to really make it feel Enchanted, so if you're stressed about choosing just one theme, please don't, here is definitive proof that having a multi-theme island really works and can look amazing for number 12, let's talk about elegant core, this is a wonderful theme, yes you want something, there's a little more.
Feminine and delicate, but it really impacts what you build, so when I think of an elegant core, I think of statues, fountains, flowers, structured paths and lots of gardens everywhere, really very pretty little plaza areas. Brooke has done this fabulously with her. everose island and I love the way she incorporated the pink, there are so many different areas she has done here and it's wonderful, I love it. I would also say that a graceful core means symmetry, so if you're more of a natural person, you can This seems a little more difficult, but definitely, if you can pull it off, it works wonders.
If the chic core isn't right for you, then unleash your inner witch by making a dark and spooky witch-themed island. These islands tend to be quite natural and have small bills, I think they are very rustic and overgrown ruins, they work very well on this island, the terraforming here is wonderful. Corey Dune has made a fabulous island. I have done a complete tour of the island and you can also check out his channel where it is. I have many builds on how to create the perfect witch-themed island. If you are a fan of mushroom and porridge themed furniture, then this theme will be for you.
I'm going to call it mushkore because I think that's basically what it is. The island works wonderfully. I really love that the red color popping against the green looks amazing and all the little porridge details here, even like the porridge pond, it's so cute, everything is just adorable, it's a bit fairytale-like. Feel it, which is also good. The next topic I'm going to talk about is Cottage Core and you're probably thinking why Emma, ​​everyone knows what Cottage Court is. Yes, you are right if you have been under a rock. You don't know what Cottage Score is.
This is where it started for a lot of us and we still get a lot of inspiration from it, but I just wanted to include it because I wanted to tell you if you're thinking about going to college. Squad Island, do it, but maybe put your own spin on it. Mars has done a fabulous job of doing just that on this island by adding different accent colors. It's not every day you see yellow and blue accent colors completing an island and I really appreciate it, it's a nice, bright and airy light, if you're a fan of literature then you'll love the next theme, this theme is Dark Academia and, To show it off, I bought you two cozy Chase Dark Academia Town set in autumn.
So it's really nice. I love this theme. It's so structured. There are so many warm, slow tones. I love all the accent designs with the bookcase. The museum looks wonderful. All the simple panels with lots of brick details are just amazing. This is definitely it. somewhere I want to dress up and just wander around town, our next island theme is perfect if you want to feel the summer spirit or maybe need a vacation, so creating an Animal Crossing island is a great alternative to that and that theme is, of course, tropical. I love this theme, it's always so bright, fun and very energetic, which is exactly what I want when it's summer and hot.
I love that you can really do a lot of different builds with this Sarah guy. She dedicated each individual area to her Villages which is a nice touch and also has boardwalk areas with things like a surf shop. I love the way the sand looks. I love all the cute path she chose. Everything tropical really makes me feel. cheerful and sunny, next we will see an overgrown natural island, this one is next to Acnh Peach Bay and this is a beautiful and delicious Green Island and there are so many details here that make it look like the island is being reclaimed by nature. weeds, flowers, many bushes, even wheat feels really contribute to that feeling of overgrowth.
I love the terraforming it's wonderful, the past choices are perfect, there are a lot of trees and you can say, well this is just Forrest Gore, right? I think it is. It's very similar to Forest Court, however the building options feel a little more rusty and the ruin effect on the museum helps make it look like it's been left to rot in nature and I think that's what helps affect the change. between the two themes, but either way, they are both great themes and I love them. Next up for number 19, we will talk about one of the most popular themes on the island and it is the Sprinkle Sprinkle theme, it is a wonderful theme, it is very clear and pastel. and many flowers that I love.
I think it's very quaint, very cozy and a great theme for spring islands. This particular one is from Bordenia cookies and you will find them on Instagram. Is really nice. It really shows off all the flowers. wonderful kind offeatures that a spring island has, really cozy little buildings, lots of details, just a wonderful island and definitely if you are looking for something cute I would recommend this theme if you are a fan of everything cozy or terminal and latte flavored things with pumpkin spice, then you'll want to make a Fall Island. Fall is a wonderful time of year, and I personally think it's one of the best times of year in Animal Crossing.
The core of fall is basically everything that screams Fall, so there are a lot of things like hey, mazes, pumpkin patches, cute little ones, fall, build coffee shops, lots and lots. There are a lot of different things that can be incorporated into this theme and it's all in that beautiful fall palette. I love it and this one from Kira really amplifies that theme too with a bit of a city feel, which is great. You are visiting a fairy island, this is fantastic if you are a fantasy fan, you love fairies, anything like that with a kind of Otherworld tradition, then this is a theme for you, lots of natural things, soft pastels, butterflies, they definitely add magic.
Add to that kind of fairy tale aesthetic and Elle has done a fabulous job here, there are some wonderful builds with lots of colors that I love and the use of vines and other elements to help give it that fairy tale feel. Come across a beautiful and beautiful version of a fairy core for our next scene. We are back on one of my islands and this is my coastal city 1.0, but I love this theme so much that I am now working on a coastal city themed 2.0 and I love the main type of aspects of coastal cities.
I really think it's trying to keep them cozy and quaint. I also think of small English or maybe American towns like coastal towns, if they are a bit rustic and then you can really build your buildings. around and do some really nice terraforming. Really nice beach decor. I love it, it's so cute. Blues and whites work perfectly for this theme, but you could obviously incorporate some red. I think those nautical touches are perfect. The next step is that we will visit the 90s. Island inspired by carrot cake and I love this island, it is great, all the nods on this island, the constructions remind me a lot of the 90s and being a child of the 90s means a lot for me, Toys R Us is probably one of my favorite tickets, but I love the whole kind of theme.
The colors they have used are just wonderful and really remind me of my childhood. It's just perfect. Jackie's cheese, we don't have it in the UK, but I still appreciate it. That this island really made me think about why we don't see more islands inspired by the decade. You could do a 60s hippie island like a 50s retro diner. I'd love to see more of that in Animal Crossing. I think it's a fantastic idea for the second to last topic in this video, we're going to talk about the core of the forest, this is another classic topic and Canada Crossing has done a wonderful job with this topic, the claw of the forest, as you can imagine, is based largely on nature and the forest. trees, there are also some really nice builds that can be made with this.
I think Danny has taken a beautiful version of Forrest Gore. One of the buildings on his island also includes a decaying forest that is very similar to a darker Twist which is also nice, but overall I love this aesthetic. There's a good mix here. You can definitely add some mushrooms and things like Danny did. It's just a wonderful natural theme if you want something that's not too complicated and relies heavily on nature. then this is definitely a good topic for you and our final topic is Japanese rural butter highlight. A H has done a fabulous job on this island.
I love all the notes, it still feels quite urban, but you have so many different rural elements that really make it. make it stand out and of course there are Japanese themed elements to all of this which really gives me the idea that I'm in a small rural Japanese town which is amazing the farm setting is wonderful and it's something that you really can't see it. On the normal Farm Court islands, where everything is irrigated, there is a lot of terraforming around, which really contributes to that kind of rural feel, so I think it's really good to include this, it's just amazing and I definitely recommend visiting this island.
Sure, guys, that's the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed looking at 25 Topics with me and I hope it gave you some inspiration. If you want more, keep your eyes peeled on my channel because I have 25 more island themes on the way. for you very soon, so don't forget to subscribe and also like the video, which helps me know that you want more, have a great rest of the day and see you soon, bye, thank you.

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