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$230 Turbo vs $2300 Turbo

Mar 05, 2024
Okay, nobody show them what it's like. This is a Garrett


charger that I bought for two thousand three hundred dollars and this is a td05 20g


charger that I bought for 230. 230 230 but only because this is 10 times more expensive than that. Is it really 10 times better? We are going to install these turbos on our Subaru wrx. We'll get some Dyno numbers and then go head to head on the track and hopefully create some power. better let's find out welcome to Donut I'm my boss we bought two almost identical Subaru wrx's and we've been modifying them to be time attack cars you technically wrecked one and then we had to buy a third one car gets an expensive part and another.
230 turbo vs 2300 turbo
You get the cheap parts, then we test them to find out which parts are worth spending your hard-earned money on. So far, we've installed tires with threaded shocks, seats, and brakes, and these modifications alone have dramatically improved all of our lap times, all without adding anything. extra horsepower, but that all changes today, honey, the formula is simple, a bigger turbo sends more air to the engine, more air allows you to burn more fuel, which means more boom boom, which means more incredible power and ideally that means faster laps, that's a lot of bubble wrap. James, I paid more for that again with the slime bag, it was your slime bag.
230 turbo vs 2300 turbo

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230 turbo vs 2300 turbo...

There is no arcade, obviously, it is much more complete. We have tons of fittings, hoses and lines where Nolan doesn't. We'll have to get hardware. To be creative we are going to have to figure things out. One thing that gives me some hope is that we aren't turbocharging naturally aspirated cars like we did with diseases a few years ago. These are cars that already have turbos from the factory. Yes, they are factory turbo cars known for their reliability, oh yes, and for handling tons of boost without a problem, so what could go wrong? All like this, our goal right now is obviously to make more power.
230 turbo vs 2300 turbo
Currently the low car is making 223 horsepower, not bad and high. The car is making an amazing 190. She's healthy, so that's our baseline. Let's install this and see who ends up adding the most power. Baby. I'm a powerful baby. I have to install some parts, so the first thing we need to do. is to remove some of the old parts, as you would expect, the foreign-sourced intercooler officially shuts down e-o-o every time you remove the exhaust from a car, it's a good idea to turn it on and see how it sounds, thanks, how it sounds good, you know . look around you figure out here we go Turbo won't need that turbo anymore officially officially off two Joe your car's leaking hey man yeah so there's literally nothing we could have done about it there's nothing so, how does a turbo work?
230 turbo vs 2300 turbo
It's a pretty simple but cool thing that makes a lot of horsepower. First of all, it's about airflow. You have the exhaust gases coming out of the engine and entering the exhaust inlet of the turbo and that spins a small fan inside the turbo and that fan spins another fan on the other side called the cold side and that fan sucks in air and then blows it in. It compresses in this casing and then shoots it out the air outlet towards the engine with a larger amount of air to form a pile. power is really simple, it's really cool and it makes cool noises too.
This car is an economy car and comes with a turbo so it can have decent power while still maintaining good gas mileage, but this turbo is an upgrade because it is larger and flows more. I'm afraid that once we launch this, we give this thing a lot more boost, we'll just blow up the engine, yeah, right away, this is not the healthiest engine to begin with and these engines in general have a reputation for blowing up. . Above, we've already blown up one of Awash's from this entire season for those of you who have followed this series, you know this is our second car, it was inevitable, we just needed to buy another one.
I don't think I'm qualified to do it. Do this, I broke the car really bad. I'm starting to feel hurt by that. I don't know what I did to the car gods, but yeah, let's blow this up. Cars are painful, yes cars are paying. at there we go well, all the old stuff is out of the car, it's time for the new stuff to come in. I have some concerns with this kit. I have never worked on a Subaru before and it is very different than a traditional engine the engine itself is very low in the engine bay all the intake stuff is on top this will be a real learning opportunity I think the best way to learn about your car is taking it apart and putting it back together As we've done many times on this show right now, after our last tuning session or dyno session with this car, this thing makes 223 horsepower.
What do we want 300 horsepower to be? I want to generate 350. 350. Yes, that would be it. There's a lot about this that would be a rocket. I think 300 is a good goal for sure, but 350 would be amazing. Yeah, let's go for that cool number now. I think the tall car will give us a little more capacity. I think they might touch around 400, yeah hey, chill, but how reliable will that 400 be? Yes, you want to hear my impression of a tall car. This is what our engine sounded like when we blew it up. You can't just trade in your old Turbo for a new one. bigger turbo and call it a day, I mean you could, but it's not a good idea to take advantage of your new upgraded turbo, you will need to upgrade several other components which we call support mods, so in our case we have an additional 12.
Support mods that we are going to install in each car. The high team spent 8600 on them while the low team only spent $5200 and to be honest we could have spent a lot less on low teams that support mods but we really want to compare the turbos. They play off each other and we don't want the low turbo to lose out just because we bought the cheaper injectors, we could find number one and two, a larger inlet and inlet tube if we left our original inlet on our new turbo. Not being able to breathe well enough would be like going for a run breathing through a number three straw.
A larger intercooler. An intercooler increases the density of the air entering the engine. The colder the air can get, the denser it will be. Moving it to the front and away from the heat of the engine will expose it to more airflow and should help cool all of our charged air number four injectors. We're going to pump more air into the engine, so we need to pump. more fuel to use 5. fuel pump, the new larger injectors are no good unless you can pump enough fuel into them, wastegate number six, the factory diverter valve couldn't handle the higher level of boost we have.
We're going to be manufacturing and our new purge valve is going to sound a lot cooler. Headers number seven, eight and nine, downpipe and exhaust, are all about airflow, so headers, downpipe and exhaust should allow for more efficient flow on the exhaust side of our Turbo system. By allowing our turbo to run faster and sound much better on tall cars we have equal length headers and on low cars we have unequal length headers, the unequal length headers give you that traditional Subaru sound that burbles and although it sounds great , headers of equal length are generally better.
To make power number 10 a tune, and in this case a cob tune, you can add all of these upgrades to your car if you want, but if you don't tell your car's computer what to do with them, it won't. you will get a lot. of them number 11, a larger clutch, if you are sending more power through your drivetrain you will want a higher capacity clutch so it doesn't slip or in our case probably break, we have already done this as a preventive measure . maintenance just in case, you know, and boost controller number 12, this will allow us to more precisely control our maximum boost and how it's produced now, there are a couple of other upgrades beyond this that you could consider as maybe a completely new transmission or a separate ECU coil includes spark plugs, but for the most part those 12 things we listed should allow us to make really good and hopefully reliable power with our big new Turbo, it's bad, everything is bad, oh look at all those peats, we have our new main intercooler. teased like a glove, you know, you really appreciate when the pieces fit together really well, yeah, good fit is good.
I'm right under here in a strange position. The oil drips on me. Something would be missing. Hardware. No instructions included. Cars are painful and me. I'm suffering right now thanks, that makes it somehow worse, we have to use some of this crappy hardware to make this clear and not hit against the cars frame, oh yeah I think all this black will have to come out, yeah , the last time I had to cut some bodywork, we have Squidward's beautiful nose on the low car, the drift car. No, I don't feel bad about that. I don't feel bad about that.
I think it's great. foreigner, he's outta here, he's definitely hitting there, he's still hitting, yeah, so he needs more of the bottom, damn, he just needs a little bit, man, if I don't cut this off, my girlfriend is going to let me fit her and Let it fit, hey, that looks like a beaver. You could drive it to Bucky's parking lot. They think this is a promotional car. Okay, now we have our collector here. We think there might be a clearance issue with our oil cooler here. Yes, it's crushing the filter, so we're going to have to do it. find out something about that.
Come to dad, the oil is dark, it's pretty thick, hey, we have bright oil again, shut up, oh yeah, that's not cool. I could feel the friction, we have shiny oil which means it has metal which probably means wide bearings again. Again that's right, metal in our oil, metal in your oil can mean a lot of different things, metal in our oil seems to be coming from our wide bearings and that means one thing we have to change our engine again and it wasn't bad enough . The low team also found metal in their oil which means both of our cars are officially out of action, we will rebuild them and we will come back and then we will blow them up and then we will rebuild them, then we will come back and we will do it for the rest of our lives because now we are you guys go up.
If you want to save a Subaru, go to now. Make a donation by purchasing one of our t-shirts and that money will go directly to one of these batteries okay so we are in Roberto's workshop it has only been two days since the discovery of all the metal and oil from both Subarus and it has He made a lot of progress in that short period of time in which he took out both engines. Both cars were hard to replace, the short blocks had the head machine putting them back together and I was working on the timing components so I'm here trying to do what I can and I also brought Jerry along let's bolt some on things to these.
The engines try to connect our exhaust manifolds to our fuel injectors and everything we can do without impeding Roberto's work, look at this gunner, yes, that's disgusting, that's disgusting, these cars are not in the best shape, well , I have them fine, but they will be there. put your finger there, but that's squeaky clean, yeah, it looks great on you, dude, does this get gross too? You think here it's probably not that bad if you blow it, you probably shouldn't put your mouth on it and blow it all out. We just got greasy mustaches, it's turbo time as easy as that Jerry and that's how you do it baby cheating, this is an absolute hoax Nolan, your cheap stuff didn't come with instructions, that means you don't get instructions, no I do, I just have to steal. that takes a screenshot of the brain, you can't take a photo, so we come back from Roberto's house and the cars look great.
I'm starting to feel some faith in my gut that we just have a few things left to do, like installing our plumbing. and we are ready for the races. You're working hard, you're putting a lot of good parts into this car. That's how it is. I wouldn't be surprised if we went seven eight nine miles. I feel like that's where it goes without instructions, we're not really sure which couplers go where, so we've had a hard time trying to get this last piece to work beautifully. That's really close, man, this is if all this is tied up and secure in the car, I think it's okay, it's very close, the margins are not very big, but what do you think Eddie is in there?
It's clear, I don't know, move on, he's resting on something, oh no, because the bass equipment is so cheap. intercooler pipe, fitting was quite difficult. We won't have to worry about that big perfect fit, we have an entry. Maybe that's some real mechanical stuff, so we have all the internal cooler plumbing now, it's just the odds and ends the parts and bobs okay, the crank position sensor is on the batteries, good, nice and tight, I installed the Boost driver in the original location which is the same as it ison the tall car, we have our new pump assembly, all together, new filter, new pump, new sock. now we just need to put it back in the tank, time to drill out the resistor, the bleed valve, we have this sick little Greta unit, it looks amazing and should install pretty easily, I hope this starts a lot.
Of uneasiness at this time there is always a feeling of tension before starting an engine for the first time. We've been through a lot with this engine. You know, we started two weeks ago. We just worked a lot on it, so without further ado. Ado, let's start Justin overseas, it's pretty rich, it's running very rich, it definitely needs to be tuned, there's a lot of smoke, which means there's too much fuel in the mixture, we're going to have to turn it off, but the wheel is spinning, that It's good, look. That's it, foreign guys, huh? That was supposed to be good.
It appears that our crankshaft position sensor is disconnected. It's okay, it's not a big deal. You know there's a lot of work that's been done, I can't wait for it all to come back together, see if it starts running on fuel, hey run, sounds pretty good, it's just a downpipe. I still have to put the exhaust on, but you should listen to it, there are no leaks so it's good. At this point, normally we would just put these cars on a trailer, take them to the dinosaur, tune them up, and be done with it, but we have those new short blocks, so we need to break them in with about 600 to 800 miles of driving to do.
What do we need to make them operable with this an access port Cobb already has Tunes loaded these are the ones that really take the WRX to the next level, we connect it to the OBD2 port of the car and we will be able to get it in a State where we can at least place it and condition the engine before tuning it properly. This is a super popular product, seemingly super easy to use, so easy you could use it, so let's put it to the test. We must hack the Mainframe. It's been two weeks and two engine rebuilds, but both cars are now running on big turbos, how do you feel?
Oh, I feel very relieved. I'm very happy that both cars are running, let's train them, have dinner at home, make some big power and then do fast laps for the first time. It's been raining in Southern California so we're waiting for the track to dry, but Adam tuned and tested the cars yesterday and at this point none of us know the final power numbers our producers have given it. guys, six digits that make up high and low cars, new peak horsepower and guys will try to put them in the right order as I talk to you about today's sponsor, eBay Motors, eBay Motors is the online marketplace to go to for the right. parts at the right price for anything you drive eBay Motors has a huge inventory fit for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and more, and because it's eBay Motors, every part is covered by their simple money-back guarantee. money.
You will get the part you ordered or your money back. It's that simple, whether your budget is high or low, get parts you can trust at eBay Motors or just click the link below, well guys, time's up, it's time to reveal the official number of horsepower: $320 turbo versus 3200 turbo, remember our stock cars made 224 horsepower and after riding the incredibly cheap 320 turbo low car, it has made 324 horsepower, 324 horsepower and after 3200 turbo parts, the tall car now produces 105 horsepower, 405 horsepower and now what you guys have been waiting for is this full video for Let's Go Race these things.
It's all going to come down to this, a good old fashioned drag race, this is for all the beans, work weeks 3 200 turbo versus 320 turbo, more expensive means more is better, they have 80 horsepower on us but we really don't We launched these cars, we don't have a lot of experience with that, so anything can happen right now, now, let's show them how weird it is, oh my god, oh my god, dude, no way, this fast guy is going down to the pictures that It was really fun, it's a legit photo finish guys, it's as close as you can get, definitely, uh, spoil the release there, oh, we released as a friend, yeah, definitely, the rematch, damn, I they caught on the throw, which was pretty impressive from Low-Car, now Nolan.
It's got some practice and it's going to destroy high cost three two one that's what I'm talking about more expensive means more better thirty two hundred dollars worth of turbo parts obviously it was better than 320. That time I screwed up pretty bad the launch okay the best two out of three, no one wants to be the best two out of three, yes we should do it, we have always been known for being gentlemen, yes foreigner, it's called punching bag and get used to it, so gentlemen, more expensive means more. better technically, yes, I would say yes, it's pretty obvious, thanks for watching this video.
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