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23 Year Old Designer Gets Job From Posting Daily On Instagram

Jun 04, 2021
just try it and try it, do these


challenges well, so this is the thing about


challenges: they force you to be creative every day and yes, you are expressing it. maybe your own art, your own vision, your own passion and who's going to criticize, criticize that, like what's wrong with exploring your voice and trying something you haven't done before, so that when you need to apply that specific style to that client is not the same. The first time you do it, the alternative, let's look at the alternative: you never do any work and then this new style that you have to do for this client, you will try to learn that style on the job, what is your confidence? being able to do that, it's like that, so I think it's the opposite, if you only do certain types of work and don't spend time experimenting or trying new things, you're more likely to do it.
23 year old designer gets job from posting daily on instagram
Lean on that solution because the fear of doing something new and different is too scary because the risk of failing is too great, so that's a weird question. I think it's mainly because the idea of ​​doing a daily challenge is very scary for a lot of people. I'm going to try to listen with a little empathy and I understand, but why am I trying to shoot down that idea? Okay, I don't think that's a really fair question. There's one more question enough to bust this one right now and if you have anything to add, be my guest, Arrow Sander asks you how you strike the balance between copying and making your own stuff when you are inspired by another


now. arrow unless you live in a white universe i.e. blank space white floors white ceiling with no textures or patterns you have never been exposed to a single piece of visual material in your life then I guess you are not copying or taking inspiration from anyone, but I think it's silly to think that if you don't immediately look at something you've created an original work.
23 year old designer gets job from posting daily on instagram

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23 year old designer gets job from posting daily on instagram...

I think we have to let go of this idea that there is such a thing as original work. We all are not. We are all a byproduct of our experiences, our influences of our culture and the things that we see here we learn and read and we are told why we hold on to this idea and I think Paul Ryan said this just stop trying to be different just try to be Good , because being good is very difficult, just be good and if being good means stealing work like an artist, you steal like an artist for a while, totally fine and then eventually you can't, you can't help it, but when things happen by your hands. and through your eyes and your brain you change things, it is very, very difficult to make an exact copy.
23 year old designer gets job from posting daily on instagram
I don't know if you know, but people are very good at counterfeiting, like making fake bills and certificates, they have a very high IQ. Don't know. Don't pretend to have that kind of IQ to know what it's really not that easy to copy someone exactly and a lot of it has to do with your intention to do it because you're learning and developing. Don't show that work, just do it on your own, keep doing it, people allow you to influence and inspire you, that's the goal. You're on the show watching people for inspiration. You can go home today, you get one. one day every day that's the point just let go of that idea because it's hurting you as a creative human being more than anything else Roy, do you want to add anything to that before we end the show?
23 year old designer gets job from posting daily on instagram
I think you did a great job. of my favorite quotes is the same, yeah, don't worry about being original, just worry about being good and I definitely take it very seriously, beautiful, okay, before we say goodbye to Roy Roy, thank you for coming on the show, I apreciate it. What are you doing? I think there are some future collaborations that you and I can work on. You know, when you get bored with your job, let me know what you want to do. Okay, here are some points I made. I don't know if this is 100% accurate, so forgive me if it's wrong.
What allows Roy to do what he does is that he collects many ideas, words, images and fragments and puts them in different buckets, whether it's on his desk or that one. giant folder of inspiration, old junk or ideas, a notion, write them down, he said it's very important to capture them while they're still there because they'll disappear and in the beginning, like many things in life, don't worry about feedback. Don't worry about other people's opinions, just do it, Mikey, are you calling us? It's okay, just do it and the key to all this is to be consistent so that you can develop a habit.
I think the magic point is 40 45 days, as some scientists have done. told us so you can develop that muscle memory we're talking about you want to use constraints this is actually more liberating than you think use constraints a time constraint is fine or you can only use two colors and one font use those constraints a your favor and his real breakthrough, his real breakthrough on Instagram and getting that growth boost that he had was using the tools the way they were meant to be designed, you have to teach the software, you have to teach the platform how to recognize your work.
So if you look at work you admire and are a bit adjacent, only look at the hashtags if they have a large following. Those hashtags probably work and you want to teach your software that we're related if you follow it. person, you might also want to follow this person, that's what you do when he learns all the rules, now he's pretty liberated to break them all and it's kind of important in terms of the sequence in which you do it, in my opinion the young fools try it. to break the rules and then they are going to learn them later and that is a backwards way of doing it and I think you said that you would participate in some kind of competition I don't know if it's 30 days of tight but it sounded something like that, it was 30 days to write , it was 36 days of OK, 36.
I was missing six there, OK, so 36 days of Type, let me correct that because the Internet is going to be mad at me. Enter a competition like 36 Days of Type. and do a great job because you are going to make it to the top. He said every time he did that he was you know number one, number two or at least in the top five, so he saw job opportunities coming up and people asking him about your design heroes. and inspiration, you said David Carson Chris Ashworth Ashworth has been on the show. We'll have David Carson here at some point and other people like the Masters.
All the Masters are out there and this is going to burst some people's bubble because there are shelves. For the media you can't buy food, which I was in terms of the media, he always speaks well of my social networks. I think Roy is buying food through social media. He got almost all of his leads by


freelance jobs on Instagram that led to leads that now led to his full-time job now living large in New York City New York City that's what he's doing and the last point he What is doing is that they don't just look, study the damn future, apply what we teach them if they want to get in touch. with Roy Cranston at Nike are you listening Google Apple Adobe whatever Roy is under underline Cranston on Roy underline Cranston you can also go to work in progress right now it's under construction Roy Cranston comm you guys thank you so much for tuning in this Friday where we added I hope you are doing well I just want to remind you of one thing: your past does not define you, the future is what you make it, don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and press the bell notification, I love you guys, the donation.
See you later holding the members my music there let's make a little mistake on the pad here it's like sticky little sticky fingers guys, right, thank you very much, thank you very much, that was amazing.

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