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2024 Aston Martin DB12 Review // $250,000 Of Brutal Elegance

Jul 10, 2023
Foreign Aston Martin has released teaser images of the new


, however they are quite difficult to see, but don't worry, here at the acceleration car report we never came to an agreement, so we sent our best men to Europe to investigate it closely. oh it's so dark why did they have to make it so dark down here that's the knee that's it oh I can't see anything oh I found it oh they made the leathers very soft it looks like it's my leg oh sorry wait why is it so soft nothing , shut up and help me find the car, okay, oh, here it is, oh, nice wood, I like it, I can feel it against my face, it's like a brick roof, it's really nice, oh, we've ruined this yet like the brick, thanks though. you're looking at the throttle house I'm Thomas and I'm James this is the new foreign Aston Martin


this is the latest Aston Martin it doesn't have any ethereal name like virage or Valhalla or Valkyrie the DB actually means David Brown but the DB nameplate doesn't It needs style, it is an institution of


and power.
2024 aston martin db12 review 250 000 of brutal elegance
It's impossible to think of Aston Martin without thinking of the front- and rear-wheel drive DB engine in a twin-turbo V8 that produces 671 horsepower, propelling it to the top. Speeding at 202 miles per hour, this car may not look brand new, but Astons says it's changed enough to win the 12. The truth is, Aston Martin bigwig Lawrence St. weighed in and proclaimed that the db11 already existing with its outdated interior and old Mercedes technology. It just wasn't good enough to justify the price, so under its maple syrup, its fist, and its watchful, brooding gaze, Aston has tightened the bolts again, so to speak, to produce a car that, they claim, , is now too good to be considered a grand tourer. the world's first super tour, so for the starting price of 250 Grand, let's see if it wears a cape, let's call


s, track tests and a lot of fuss, so subscribe, hit Bell's foreign absolute monster, the north of 60, the 3.5 second time betrays the absolutely absurd power figures this car has from a twin-turbo V8, there is no hybridization, there are no electronics and it makes 671 horsepower with 590 pound-feet of torque, that's more power than The Roma has more power than the Bentley Continental GT V8. more power than a competition and yet it's hundreds of pounds lighter making it incredibly fast and the last time we were in a DB it was the previous generation DBS and which had a huge, roaring twin-turbo V12, this It doesn't sound so It's crazy that that V8 grows.
2024 aston martin db12 review 250 000 of brutal elegance

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2024 aston martin db12 review 250 000 of brutal elegance...

I missed the V12 we tried at that DBS. I miss it because even in a tunnel it was much more strident, but this still has its own tone. I think of teenage Simba, not adult Mufasa in terms of sound now. a 143 horsepower increase over the outgoing db11 with the V8, that's a 34 jump between generations and remember the regular db11s V12 engine, yes this one has 41 more horsepower than those big numbers to get you guys modified cam profiles, optimized compression ratios with a larger diameter. turbochargers there and to cope they have vastly improved cooling so yes the db12 is just V8 but it is a bruiser the downshifts even in Sport Plus mode are a bit slow with the eight speed click on the paddle a second later, that's not fast.
2024 aston martin db12 review 250 000 of brutal elegance
In fact a Golf R DSG is faster than that, but the upshifts are nice and quick, it feels big, it feels very big on this road, the sides, but it doesn't feel like heavy big Tours shouldn't be so funny, they shouldn't be so funny. or composite, sorry, it's not a grand tourer, it's not, it's the world's first super tourer, says Aston, so although I can do all that, if I turn this little dial here, I can comfortably drop it and everything calms down , the throttle mapping calms down. the exhaust calms down the suspension calms down and Thomas and I have been touring with this around the hills of Monaco and it's been lovely, this is a crazy rear wheel drive lion that can calm down and turn into a little antelope and even go into antelope mode where everything is quiet, it doesn't let you forget what's in that engine, there's always this sound, there's always that feeling like you're in a dragon's mouth, so it may not have an s in the name, but of course fact drives every part of the DBS. in that sense, it's a bit familiar and that's not the only aspect that's familiar and that's because the Aston Martin db12 isn't so much a new car as it is a very aggressive facelift, except when you look at it it's not really It's an aggressive facelift, but hey, at least chassis rigidity has been increased by seven percent by improving underbody reinforcement and, for the first time in a DB model, it has a locking limited-slip differential electronic and it has the new generation of adaptive dampers and it has stiffer stabilizer bars, they basically took what they had and made it the best they could because you know what is really good in these corners, even in these incredibly tight corners of the European Rally of Monte Carlo, still a marvel, oh my goodness.
2024 aston martin db12 review 250 000 of brutal elegance
I have the suspension on the stiffest mode right now but the ride is still pretty well damped, it's a little choppy but it's not as bad as the DBS we just drove in California was, it doesn't shake me to bits and it doesn't It feels like there's iron in the shock absorbers, but you know, the most impressive thing of all is that the car feels much lighter than it is, the car feels very sharp, the steering is a little dead, it doesn't weigh as much. enough even in the most difficult moments. mode, but the front end is so precise that it doesn't feel heavy, a tremendous amount of grip from those new Michelin Pilot Sport five or whatever they're called, it's the new generation of the PS4, the chassis combination stiffens the damping, this limit It is a differential. on these tires means it's an immediate confidence to get into this car, yes we cruise with it, yes it can be very quiet and smooth and a great ride, but honestly it feels like the ultimate version of this chassis, it feels like They've maximized what this thing can do, it feels like they've had enough time to make it perfect for what I'm basically saying is if you ask me the question Hi Thomas, are you having fun driving an Aston Martin? db12 on the Monte Carlo rally stage in the sunny south of France the answer is yes.
Thanks for asking after I've had my fill of Grand Touring through the French mountains. James called me and told me to meet him in a nearby town square unfortunately he didn't tell me how difficult it was going to be to get there sorry, excuse me, sorry, at least the locals were in love with the db12 instead of getting upset , not a bad place you picked, you know, picturesque, it definitely is. It was a bit of a pain walking in here, yes, but you get the juxtaposition of the newest Aston Martin with the oldest French city. This is really cool talking about the newest Aston Martin.
Yes, how am I supposed to know that this is a db12? Well, there are There are not many ways, but let me point you to one, okay, because the friendly people in France only know it by the license plate, so they say it's 12, yes, yes, but if you have a sharp eye and you are a big fan from the previous one. generation, you know that one had a clam shell, this one doesn't work, so there's a line here, there's a line there instead, which has given them room to make a nice big grill and modernize it a little bit.
I'm not sure about that. I like that part though, oh it's better because okay, it looks like half DBS, but I don't want that because I like the smaller grill on the db11. Listen. I think it's a very attractive car. I'm not saying it's bad, but I just like it. This is like the classic Aston Grill What are you doing? Where is the other side? I always forget if you open the hood. I just want to take a look now. That's a bit annoying. It's just that the hood used to be like that. really cool it would open like a clam and once in a while it's just a normal hood on a car right yeah im sure it looked good when it was open but yeah the engine is a manual bill of an engine Mercedes in Britain, actually wait back, it's not. hand built the engine is not hand made big button the car is assembled in Britain and that's where the package is located that's where the plate physically appears it's very cheeky Luke Wesley I'm sure you're a great Friend but no You hand built this AMG Luke Windsley, there's no doubt what his favorite cheese is.
Otherwise it looks like they've redesigned the look of the engine bay and if you really compare them side to side the ducts for the intakes are slightly different and there are a few things that are different from before but otherwise yeah , it's not, it's not that different, it looks like there's potentially a little bit of room there for a bigger engine at some point, yes, but they've said it, well, they've said it. the db12 will only be in V8 form and that the DBS 770 was the last DBS was that bird poop that was there just a minute ago.
It bothered me because now it's in this otherwise beautiful hyper-red paint. a little worried that we're going to get food that they put on me earlier it's not fun not metaphorically or I don't know both I guess so anyway we have the hyper red yeah um we've seen it in some fascinating colors yeah it's the iridescent emerald we saw at the launch event with gold rims, it looks amazing, there is a satin illuminated silver which is my favorite yes and i love it, it actually looks like a different car to me, it looks like a db12 now. on the silver one on the right i have seen a lot of dbs in this exact color combination just for me yeah so the car doesn't look that different but this is an exercise of what happens if you just fix the things that everyone they wanted you to do. pretty much fix it, it was already a beautiful car, yes, and the biggest problem we had with this was the interior, this is a great question, let's take a look, yes, okay, is it Daisy?
She likes nice cars, okay, this is completely different, completely different, yes, and it was so necessary because we sat, I remember at the DBS we sat in it now this old interior for 400,000 US dollars felt so unacceptable and what did we say and say that Bentley's Continental GT stops considering this and now They've changed it, yes it's new, so not only is it obviously up to date in terms of technology, but visually I think it's huge, like this, It's just a cool steering wheel, now it's good, yeah, I think that's the case though. They're all new, it's their first all-new Aston Martin infotainment, yes it's a pre-production model so we can't fully comment on how well this works because it's a little slow for us, so the caveat is that in terms As for the rest of the car, it's all final, it's the software and the infotainment is four updates away from final.
Apparently they've told us how they know there are four. I don't know how they know there are four of them. Yes, we fixed it. a couple of times so you know it's probably the fourth time we'll get there, yes we'll get there eventually but there are still things that certainly aren't going to change that are rubbish, like sat nav, like yeah when they were on the canyons, yes, the roads intertwined with just a smudge, but it has carplay and the previous one didn't have it all that well, which is crazy, so what's going to be the same are the materials that are obviously top-notch category, they are very nice the stitching everywhere the stitching up here this is all leather this is a bit very satisfying no, it's good they have finally shown where men may have to put their finger yes, thanks James for opening the mirror to open the mirror because otherwise you just have a full slider and then you don't know we don't need any more details for me yeah okay anyway these are all really good controls except this manual button and I know the button doesn't it's like it barely clicks and speaking of this, I didn't mention this when I was driving the car but even in manual mode it will automatically upshift which in my opinion is absolutely unacceptable for any performance car as it turns out it just does automatic upshifts from first to second gear, every gear after that will hit the limiter, but you are right, touch the buttons here, all except the manual button, the volume is so satisfying, these are all good, have you changed the modes, oh, the ways? no, and when you click on a mode 470 minutes later, something happens on one of the screens yes, it is right now, it's like right now it's quite delayed.
The puddles are very pretty, they are perfect, they exactly match the type of grand tour, sorry, super tour. super tour super tour in the nature of this, what was I thinking? The seats are very comfortable, heated, ventilated, yes the seats are okay, basically they are a little narrow. You know, I have a lot of headroom. I've said that in many cars you should stop eating pizza, no don't stop, it was delicious, so this has the innards and the Wilkin sound system, which is an extra, which is maybe a bit cheeky, because Aston MartinIt should probably become Ya with the best sound system, but it's 15 speakers.
I think the standard is like an 11 speaker system. It's great. We are there. Finally we arrive. This is where we find. This is absolutely modern. world, this is a fantastic car to drive, they've taken this platform and I think I already said this, they've maxed it out, yeah, if you compare it to something like four days later, they've maxed it out in four updates, yeah, like that. if you compare something like the Roma, the Roma is a mess inside, yes, it looks fantastic when the screens are off and drives well in many ways, yes, and the Continental is still a touch above this in interior greatness .Grand Jury, yes, but not coldly, we have already talked about this, the coldness is here, it is not quantifiable, it is not quantifiable, but it is definitely something that exists, okay, it is something tangible that does not exist.
Remember? Do you remember the DB, the DBS era? no dots, no place for the key yes, still no place, still no dots, it looks formed, it looks perfect, yes, they are putting it somewhere, why can't I just put it in? You know what I mean, very few problems anyway. I have this. car, I mean there's a few things here and there, but for me it drives the DBS level of performance now, yes, but it's very fast, but it's not the price of DBS, so this is currently anyway. I'd say it's the grand tourer, oh sorry, super tourer to get.
If you don't want the Bentley, yes, and if you have an atrocious amount of money, I agree, because many always found money and taste with the new db12, we think that's still the case even if you exercise Aston's ridiculous level of customization . and I tried to make striking color combinations. Oh, and did we mention the epic-looking optional high-performance seats? I have no idea about the comfort level, but still look at them, okay, maybe the hardened seat with the magenta exterior and the bubblegum brake calipers aren't like the grass specs. db12, but the changes they've made mean that no matter what color you choose, this car now has the full range of athleticism and liveability that a modern GT deserves, so whether you consider the db12 to be just an updated db11 or a generation completely new, it doesn't really matter because it has become a very desirable car, in fact its existence has founded a whole new class of super tourer.
Well, how about we wait and see if a new version of DBS whatever it's called comes out? Thanks for watching.

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