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2022 Porsche 911 review in-depth – NEW tech & colours for the 992 | What Car?

Jun 06, 2021
this is the


911 and if you ignore the audi tt and mazda mx-5 this is the best selling sports car in the uk believe it or not


sells more of these than boxsters and caymans combined and that's a crazy if you think about it. It's because the 911 range starts at just over £80,000. It's worth it? Are there better options? Which of the many different versions of the 911 should you buy? That is


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2022 porsche 911 review in depth new tech colours for the 992 what car
This is the latest generation of the 911 and is codenamed 992 and has been around for about two years. This real car is the entry level Carrera model and usually when we borrow cars from Porsche directly they are worth £10 or £20,000. options on them, some of which are very popular with buyers, but many are on this car, very unusually, it hardly has any extras, it is painted white, as you can see, it is one of the four colors for which it does not you have to pay more. It even has the standard alloys, they are 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear.
2022 porsche 911 review in depth new tech colours for the 992 what car

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2022 porsche 911 review in depth new tech colours for the 992 what car...

In fact, the only extras this car has are a black 911 logo on the trunk, decorative strips on the GT sports steering wheel with a high-gloss finish and reverse gear. sport and chamber seats, too, which actually means they have a little more support around the shoulder area. There are a few other options we recommend adding, in addition to anything else, to make your 911 more desirable when you sell it and we'll explain what they are a little later. This is the hardtop coupe version of course there is also a targa and a proper convertible with a fabric roof and you can have a lot more power than the 380 bhp you get in the race if you want we think this is the choice , although unless you are desperate for a manual gearbox, you can't have one of those in the Carrera, you will have to go for the Carrera S or the Track Focus GT3 version that is about to be released.
2022 porsche 911 review in depth new tech colours for the 992 what car
Both cars are available with a seven-speed manual gearbox. Now one of the most famous things about the 911 is the location of its engine, it is here over the rear wheels, this has been the case since the The first generation car went on sale in the 1960s and, although


nically it is not good for The weight distribution, which is why rivals like the LDR8 have their engines in the middle of the car, helps make it one of the most practical sports cars. So there are a couple of back seats, they are absolutely tiny so I'm not even going to try to get into them and the space is useful for throwing bags, coats or anything else you can't be bothered to put in the boot.
2022 porsche 911 review in depth new tech colours for the 992 what car
Actually, while in the R8 and Jaguar F-Type there is a bulkhead directly behind the front seats, so there's not really room to store anything. In fact, you can also fold down the rear seats and that gives you a shelf to put a game on. of golf clubs or a couple of suitcases, the only slightly annoying thing is that you can't access that space from the back of the car, so you have to slide things past the front seats. Here's another trunk over here at the front and it's also quite big, in fact it's almost big enough to fit me or rather a couple of suitcases or some shopping bags, so overall it's really very practical by sports car standards.
The biggest changes for the latest version of the 992 are definitely in Here you have a much more modern looking dashboard with this gloss black center console here and these digital instruments behind the steering wheel, although you do have to crane your neck from side to side a little to see them properly because otherwise the edge gets in the way so it's a bit annoying but you get a great view of the analogue rev counter in the middle there's also a small digital speedometer let's face it that's what you really need to worry about to see in a Anyway, a sports car like this, the overall quality is very good, certainly much better than in an F-type Jaguar, so you have this leather-wrapped dashboard up here and more leather on the back. top of the doors, and leather seats are standard. in the 911, but at no extra charge, you can have these partially leather seats, so they are very nice.
They are called sportex. I love these metal shift paddles behind the steering wheel. They feel very high quality here. In fact, the only thing that is a little. Disappointing are these door handles because they are painted the same color as the shift paddle, so naturally you assume they will also be metal, but they are actually quite cheap plastic, so it's a bit disappointing, but apart from that. Really really impressive here, now all 911s have this 10.9 inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard and the screen resolution is very good, it responds quickly and for the first time in a Porsche, the new 911


comes with Android Auto, so far Porsche has only catered for iPhone users when it comes to mirroring smartphones, but now it doesn't matter what kind of phone you have unless it's a Nokia from the 1990s.
Storage space is not there evil. The door pockets are quite small, but there are two on each side of the car. and there's also a fairly narrow tray under the center armrest. This pretty funny looking cup holder can only hold pretty slim cups and bottles, but if you have something this size you'll find it won't fit, but you can open it. throw it somewhere and then it will fit perfectly, so that's not really a problem and if you think it's a little disappointing that there is no cupholder for your passenger, don't worry if you press this part of the dash.
It appears apart from the type of roof you have on the 911, there are effectively five different versions to choose from, there's the basic Carrera that I'm driving here and then there's the Carrera S, that car uses the same basic three-litre turbocharged engine. Flat six cylinder engine like this one, but it has more power, 444 bhp to be exact. Now both races are real for the driver, but you can pay, you should have four-wheel drive if you want it and it's confusing, although as I just explained both cars. They are turbocharged, there are also two turbo versions of the 911, as well as the turbo and turbo s.
That name is due to historical reasons because from the 1970s until a few years ago, in reality, only the most powerful versions of the 911 were turbocharged. Both are incredibly fast and the turbo s, which has 641 brake horsepower, is literally one of the fastest cars on the road. It won't do anything from 62 in 2.7 seconds and that's not a wildly optimistic statement either - it will do it in almost anyone's hands because it has all-wheel drive and launch control, so it just absolutely hooks and flies, and the box The 8-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission found on all versions of the 911, which is also brilliant, is actually very smooth when you're driving quite smoothly, but when you want to push a little it starts to shift very quickly and, Obviously you can also take control using these paddles behind the wheel, but this is what I'm in for the cheaper race version with rear end. all wheel drive as I have already explained and does not have launch control which comes as part of the optional sport chrono package.
It's also pouring rain outside and it feels like nothing 60 in 4.1 seconds. Do you really need anything faster than that? First time I drove a 992 without the optional sport exhaust installed and you know what I don't think you need, it sounds good pretty muted when you're in normal driving mode but if you press the sport button up here then the dash opens a valve and it effectively channels more induction noise into the interior and starts to sound absolutely fantastic, particularly when you rev ​​it hard high up in the rev range, it really howls, although we'd say if you're looking at the turbo versions of the 911 or even a Carrera S Well equipped, then the rear-wheel drive Audi R8 is worth considering.
That car has a 5.2 liter v10, one of the best engines ever and it's brilliant to drive too, or maybe you want to. We have to wait for the new GT3 version of the 911. We haven't actually driven it yet, but if the previous generation versions of the car are anything to go by, then it should be pretty special. The 911 isn't just about going fast on a straight line. although it is brilliant to drive in other ways the steering is weighted perfectly there is no silly button to change the weight making it lighter or heavier it is exactly how you want it as soon as you start the car it is actually very precise plus there is a Silly amount of grip, even on the standard wheels and tires this car has, is better suited to fast corners and switchbacks than very tight, twisty roads.
The lighter and cheaper Cayman and Boxster are better there, but they certainly compare to similarly priced sports cars like the Jaguar F-Type, you can watch our video by clicking above and then the 911 is on a completely different league. You get adaptive suspension as standard on all 911s and normal mode or the most comfortable setting, that's really nice. in the city because it gives you a little more compliance and eliminates the bumps and means you generally get pushed around a little less, but when you're on a country road like this, even if you're not driving hard, you'll want to switch to the firmer setting because otherwise there will be a lot of unwanted body motion floating around, especially at the front of the car.
We're switching to the firmer setting which just locks things up, obviously it improves handling too, but crucially. It doesn't make things too firm, maybe it's a bit of a shame that there isn't a wider bandwidth setup, but it does give the 911 that duality that it can be a great sports car when you want it to be without being too obtrusive. If you live in or travel to a city, which many 911 buyers do, there's a lot of road noise in the 911 that you can probably hear and always has been if you're looking for something a little more relaxing.
It's a little quieter for long miles and then maybe take a look at the BMW 8 Series, although note it's not in the same league as this one in terms of handling, but here's our take on how to spec the perfect 911. Instead, opt for the entry-level Carrera and you'll also be better off with the lighter, cheaper rear-drive version instead of the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4. Add metallic paint, there are eight shades to choose from, though if you want some. They're a little flashier and you're prepared to shell out nearly £2,000. You can choose from five more special colors, including Shark Blue, which is new for the


model year.
Add the 14-way adjustable sport seats, standard seats, and sport seats. The seats besides those installed in this car are quite comfortable, but they do not have adjustable lumbar support. Definitely add power folding outside mirrors and a reversing camera. Consider adding keyless entry, the 930 Leather Package, GT Sport Steering Wheel, and optional Bose Audio. system, the Sport Chrono package is also worth considering because, in addition to the dynamic engine mounts, you also get launch control and a knob here on the steering wheel to select different driving modes. Don't waste your money on having the key painted the same color as the car or the noise-insulating side windows, because you still hear a lot of road noise inside the car, definitely don't pay more for the carbon fiber documentation folder, so if you buy a 911, aside from the fact that it's obviously incredibly desirable and quite sensible.
Things like the fact that it won't depreciate too quickly, it's a brilliant and versatile sports car, particularly in its base racing form, we think the six-cylinder GTS Cayman is even better to drive, but it could do with a bit of additional practicality. and a slightly nicer interior than the 911 is a fantastic buy, but for much more information on the 911, visit and read our detailed 16-point


which you can access directly by clicking the link below at the top of the screen, we hope you enjoyed this video, if so we would really appreciate it if you gave it a like, leave us a comment below if you have any questions about the 911 or anything else car related and other than see you next time

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