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2020 MHSAA Battle of the Fans IX - Saginaw Heritage

Feb 18, 2020
welcome to


high school and the


of the


9 our school has fifteen hundred and twelve students and we play in the


valley league our student section is called the hawks nest let's go inside and take a look everyone starts to sing especially when the game is near it's as loud as it can be like everybody's screaming everybody's together it's literally insane like mind blowing like it makes me get my jokes like i love it these are the three things you need to know about number one Harkness - that our student section is completely student run and the second thing you know you're a super unique student section we have special chairs like our hot to Saginaw here and our intro we have the lights on and that's a new thing this year and that makes us very unique in all the other broadcast sections and the ultimate thing is the positivity as everyone comes together and is very engaged with the student section, their freshmen and sophomores, the juniors, the Seniors get everyone involved and that's an important thing. the students involved you meet new people I've met like so many seniors I never would have met if I hadn't wanted to be a part of a session soon like people love what they're doing and I love school to the they're going so to show up and show how much school spirit you have just makes me so happy
2020 mhsaa battle of the fans ix   saginaw heritage

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